So michael had just asked maddy to marry him so they start planning for the wedding and where they want to go for the honeymoon.

At the bridal shop: Maddy: what do you think doesn't it look beautiful rose? Rose: That dress is so beautiful and I am so happy for you and michael. Maddy: speaking of michael where is he? isn't he supposed to be here by now? Rose: Him and chris are picking up their suits for the wedding silly. Maddy: oh yeah I forgot. silly me. (after the dress fitting maddy and rose go home and relax for a while then the boys get home and mike and maddy leave to go and arrange everything else) after everything is done they finally go to bed and dream beautiful dreamns. the next day it's time for michael and maddy to get married.

At The Wedding: Maddy I am so nervous but I can't believe I am getting married! Rose: I am so happy for you sissy! I can't wait till you guys have children. Maddy: I know it I can't either. (the music starts playing) they head out and everyone stands up when the bride walks out she finally reaches the alter and their wedding begins. the preacher says the words and just like that they are married. then they go on their honeymoon.

On The Honeymoon: michael and maddy finally get some alone time. michael and maddy are in bed and the moon is out. Michael starts to get a really good feeling that they should make love to each other so michael pulls maddy close and starts to kiss her neck. then he kisses her body and undresses her and she undresses him. then they both make love in the moonlight. they both maon because their love keeps growing bigger and bigger. and then they fall asleep in each others arms both satisfied with the feeling of lust and eternity. a few days l;ater maddy gets sick and throws up.

At Neverland: Maddy takes a home pregnancy test and finds out she is pregnant but can't help but think how michael is going to react. Maddy: michael can I talk to you for a second? Michael: of course baby what is it? Maddy: well I- I'm pregnant. are you mad? Michael: (shocked) I am gonna be a daddy! I am not mad i'm happy. he picks her up and spins her around. a few months later maddy is ready to give birth and she calls michael so they rush to the hospital and maddy is tooken to the delivery room emidialtley.

At The Hospital: Nurse: maddy push! Maddy pushes, and pushes, and pushes, and pushes then the baby comes out and it is a boy. Maddy: I am going to name him Daniel. Michael: that's a great name. maddy has a second baby to deliver. Nurse: maddy push sweety! Maddy pushes 4 times and she gives birth to a girl. Maddy: Oh elizabeth. she lays back to rest. Michael: I love that name too. you did good honey... you did good. maddy and michael leave the hospital the next day and they live happily ever after with their two children.

Hope you like it MJpixy! I love you!