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Opinion by AoifeF1 posted over a year ago
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Sheldon was raised in Galveston, Texas by his mother, Mary Cooper, an overtly devout Evangelical Christian and George Cooper. The only member of his family to have encouraged his work in science was his grandfather, who died while Sheldon was still a child. His aunt also encouraged Sheldon by giving him medical equipment, "in case his work in physics failed."

He was interested in physics from an early age, and was a child prodigy, although due to his behavioral quirks and his lack of humility about his superior intellect, he was bullied by classmates and neighbors. Sheldon entered college at the age of eleven, and at age fourteen he graduated from college summa cum laude. From then he worked on his doctorate, was a visiting professor at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, and was the youngest person at the time to receive the Stevenson Award. Sheldon is now a theoretical physicist doing research at Caltech.

Opinion by bradetown posted over a year ago
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Opening Scene

Penny, Bernadette, and Amy are out on the town, celebrating Penny getting the next set of Preparation H commercials. Raunchy jokes centering on “alternative” uses of preparation H are exchanged. Bernadette makes a comment that Howard likes how it helps “awkward” itches but makes his jewels smell “fresh”. Amy alludes to how Sheldon can give every possible use of KY jelly but what’s it’s really used for. [Laugh track] Penny consoles Amy that she will be satisfied some day. The bar tender brings a tray full of shooters and leaves. Bernadette comments on his tush and Amy responds that Penny’s is nicer….

Fade to drinks and loud music……

Scene II

It’s morning and Penny is in bed in Amy’s bedroom. She stirs, moaning about another hangover. She looks under the sheets, realizing she’s nude! She exclaims “What the hell!” Camera pans to right, showing Amy with a wistful smile, calmly asleep. Penny creeps out of bed and sneaks from the room. Camera next shows Penny finishing getting dressed as Amy enters from bedroom, wearing her bath robe. Amy smiles and asks “how’s my BFF?” Penny...
News by sgsmo posted over a year ago
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On 25 April, drama and comedy series, The Big Bang Theory is going to premiere twenty first episode of its sixth season. The interlude is named as ‘The Closure’. The scoop of the episode is available here! Sheldon’s upcoming favorite television gets cancelled and when Sheldon comes to know about the news, he feels sad and thinks that he is lost.Amy is trying to make him feel good and tells him that the show will
be premiered very soon. Things go upside down for Raj, when he finds that his love interest, Lucy has some secrets, which she is hiding from him.

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