The TBBT Rules (part 2)
As I promised, another 50 rules to your life

51. "Mobster sauce" is the kind of sauce that mobsters like

52. If Sheldon says something normal, then that´s a Bazinga

53. If your bedroom says "Die, Sheldon, die", then you should maybe repaint

54. Missing Comic Com is a reason to cry

55. If you like bugs, you´ll never get a Shiksa godess

56. Jewish don´t have hell, they have acd refluz

57. Who doesn´t have a master degree?

58. Do not zaz your mother in esquimal language

59. Don´t ever speak about the nigth that the heat went off

60. To pick up women in a Comic Book store, you have to lear how to draw

61. You can learn swimming in the Internet

62. Don´t ever kid about maths and sex

63. "Fine" is a good word. You put it in front of "wine" or "dinning" and you really get something

64. If you have a coupon from the paper, then go to Olive Garden

65. If you know what "AKF" is, you should know what "OIC" is.

66. Dress up like Catwoman and you´ll be "in power"

67. Galileo did his best discovering while he was drinking wine

68. Smart is the new sexy

69. C3PO does looks like a shinny Sheldon

70. Euclid Avenue is not a good option

71. Most of what Howard says, intend to be humorous

72. India is like and endless Comic Com where everybody wears the same costume. Indian guy

73. If you don´t go dancing every Wednesday, that´s not "Dancing nigth"

74. The elevator will always be broken

75. You should always have an "Sarcasm" letter

76. Dreams are small when you live with Sheldon Cooper

77. Missing the new Star Treck film is also a reason to cry

78. It is wrong to say a tomatoe is a vegeteble. It is very wrong to say it is a suspension bridge

79. Always offer an ice-crem to the sit next to you, even if it´s empty

80. Meitnerium should be called Ekaridium

81. Kissing old ladies isn´t overated. Especially if you are a physicist

82. If you are that smart, you should know who is Radiohead and that Black Eyed Peas is a band

83. You will say things from Star Treck and then you would ask where the hell did that came from

84. If a girl dumps you, you should go to salsa lessons

85. "Vegas baby!" means "Sea world, baby!" to your mother

86. Don´t deceive for personal gain, you will make Jesus cry

87. If you know before eleven, you will get punch on your throat

88. Sir Howard of Wolowits it´s a better nickname than Howdini

89. Always watch the parade on Thanks Giving Dinner

90. Don´t feed the Gremlins

91. Don´t write poems about your friend´s girlfriend

92. The bravest person in the Marvel universe is the doctor who gets Wolverine a prostat exam

93. Bress doesn´t necesarily means woman

94. Have a Visa in case that they cancel your Mastercard

95. You don´t have to thanks everytime you have sex

96. Crocodile is not the same that an alligator

97. Moving with your cousin Avi in Israel could actually work

98. "Wing men" always nod and agree

99. The "Moving finger" is the "The finger"

100. When Raj gets famous, you new friend will be Ironman

Wow! I can´t believe that I wrote 100 rules! Hope you liked it! Probably I won´t be making another one...