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Opinion by roxstar225 posted over a year ago
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Ranveer Shergill also called 'RV' and 'Nonu' by his best friend, Panchi, is a wealthy playboy who has his eyes set on every girl in the Royal Academy, and all the girls love him for it. He wants to date every pretty girl on the campus and does not like to get involved or commit to anything meaningful leading him to leave behind a lot of broken hearts. He often gets support from Panchi Rastogi who covers up for him when he wants to land a date with a girl or when gets into trouble in school. He has a passion for music and played it for the school radio station, before it got shut down by the school vice-principal, Banga. He is good friends with fellow class-mate, Samar Singh but has a mutual disliking for Keshav "KD" Desai. Ranveer is unbeknownst to the fact that Panchi is in love with him, he in fact, does not think of her as something more than a friend and states that they could never have a romantic relationship. After he gets into a serious relationship for the first time with a girl named Aisha who he met via internet, his long-term friendship with Panchi falls apart. Aisha on the other hand does not take Ranveer seriously but only pretends to do so. It is revealed that he in...