Ransford Doherty
RANSFORD DOHERTY is one of the few actors pulling double duty these days in Hollywood, popping up regularly on two hit television crime-dramas: as Kendall, the Coroner’s Investigator on TNT’s “The Closer” and as Detective Tim Bell on ABC’s “Body of Proof.”

With “The Closer” coming to an end, I got a chance to find out a little more about this hard working actor, his experience on the show, and what’s next on his horizon (hopefully).

A Washington, D.C. native, Ransford first started his career in high school and was encouraged by his teacher to keep pursuing his passion. He went on to graduate from Longwood College with his B.F.A. in Theatre Performance and six months later, he packed his bags, headed for Hollywood and hasn’t looked back.

Ransford has appeared in several recurring roles on network television shows, including “Jonas,” “Las Vegas,” and “Joan of Arcadia.” He’s also made numerous appearances on top-rated network shows and starred in two action web series, “Caribe Road” and “Safety Geeks: SVI.” On the big screen, catch him in the films “Hostage,” opposite Hollywood heavy-weight Bruce Willis, and in “Something Like A Business,” alongside Kevin Hart.

HOLLY: For those who might have missed a few episodes, tell us a little about your role on “The Closer”?

RANSFORD: I play the role of Kendall, the Coroner’s Investigator. I am charged with examining the body at the crime scene and transporting it to the Coroner's office. I help Los Angeles’s Deputy Police Chief Brenda Jonson (Kyra Sedgwick) and the rest of the Detectives solve the city’s toughest cases. I also have a son which was revealed in a 2008 episode called “Time Bomb.”

HOLLY: What is the biggest challenge for you as an actor working on this show?

RANSFORD: My biggest challenge working on the show is when I have to move an actor that is playing a dead victim from one location to another, without getting any of their make-up (blood) on my wardrobe! That, my friend, is a craft unto itself. For example, in the episode “Necessary Evil,” Derek Webster played a high school principal who was murdered. Now, Derrick is no lightweight! He’s about the size of Defensive End on a NFL football team! In fact, he was cast for the role of OTHELLO, need I say more! Well, when the Director screamed “Action!”, Derrick got into character and played the heck out of this dead victim. I do P90X on a regular, but trying to move Derrick’s limp body out of the driver side of a smashed BMW and onto a stretcher without compromising the evidence or the make-up department’s hard work was no joke! It would have given Tony Horton a run for his money! Every take I broke out in a sweat -- I didn’t need make up for that! Luckily we only did it 3 times, which is nothing compared the real Coroner’s Assistants who do it day in and day out. I really do commend them and I’m grateful for all the men and women on the police force who work hard to protect and serve our community.

HOLLY: What’s been the best thing about working on the show?

RANSFORD: The best thing about working on the show was being able to consistently work with a great cast, great writing and a great crew. 20 episodes? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

HOLLY: Since the show is coming to an end, do you have any final parting words for the fans?

RANSFORD: Fans? I don’t say fans, I say family! Family, thank you for supporting me and thank you for supporting THE CLOSER!

HOLLY: Any chance you’ll be heading over to the spinoff show “Major Crimes”?

RANSFORD: My agent and manager are in talks with them…so we’ll see!

HOLLY: And, where else can your fans (family) find you?

RANSFORD: They can find me recurring on ABC’s BODY OF PROOF as Detective Tim Bell. I’ve done four episodes so far and we’ll see what the future holds with that show. As the saying goes, work begets work!

Okay…fans & family alike…you can all check out more about Ransford Doherty at his website: link

Or watch his acting demo reel: link

Thanks, Ransford! We’re sad to see “The Closer” come to an end…and hope to see you on again on “Body of Proof” or even better -- “Major Crimes”!