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Give a little time to me (Ten/Rose)

The Doctor and Rose- A Thousand Years

‘In The Weeks Ahead’ (Series 2) Fan Trailer

the Doctor + Rose- wings

Rose Tyler + The Doctor

The Doctor & Rose: Under a Trillion Stars

Only you can save me: Doctor and Rose

[Ten/Rose] - "without her I'm lost"

Rose x Ten // Never let me go

Yellow - Doctor/Rose

Rose&Doctor - Our December

.the doctor and rose | if i believe in one thing,i believe in her .

.ten and rose | hello .

.ten and rose | if happy ever after did exist .

the doctor and rose | miles from where you are .

Doctor Who. | People get burnt.


She is the sunlight, and the sun is gone

Doctor/Rose ~ 'I Knew You Were Trouble'

"Lonliness" »

Dark!Doctor/Rose ► Cold

Rose/10 // Don't Go. .

ten/rose // at the top of my lungs.

ten/rose // between two points

.Ten/Rose. // Rubiks Cube. .

Rose/Ten/Eleven Trailer.

Rose/Ten ► Lost Along The Way

.Doctor/Rose ► A Thousand Years. .

rose/ten. // she might not make it home. .

[Rose/Nine/Ten/Eleven] » Sky's Still Blue.

Doctor/Rose - "curse of the Timelords"

[Ten&Rose] » "That Next Place." .

[Ten&Rose] » Always Find Me Here.

ten & rose {echo}

doctor&rose {forever} .

.back to the start | ten&rose / eleven&amy .

.Doctor & Rose || Home

Doctor/Rose - Human

Last Christmas - Doctor/Rose/Hermione/Harry

She Knows... // Doctor/Rose

Doctor & Rose | Shattered

Iris - Ten/Rose

The Doctor & Rose Tyler | wherever you will go

the quiet chaos _ the doctor/rose

Doctor & Rose - It's Not Over

"If Happy ever afters did exist..." || Doctor/Rose

Holding on and Letting Go: Doctor and Rose

Yesterday I Died - Doctor/Rose

doctor who and rose video

give me someone i like

Mad World • Doctor/Rose

Love the Way You Lie; The Doctor & Rose

The Doctor/Rose- Someone Like You

I Need a Doctor

Never Gonna Be Alone // Doctor/Rose

Accidentally In Love // Doctor/Rose

Nine/Ten/Rose Just A Dream

Doctor Who Ten/Rose - Your Kiss Is Cosmic AU

Just a Dream // Doctor/Rose

Doctor and Rose | Perfect Two

Doctor and Rose :)

Doctor and Rose <3 :)

Time Collapsing

Into Time

Here Without You

Could They Be?

The Doctor's Memories

at light speed...|Doctor/Rose; Doctor Who

His Love Will Conquer

The Doctor & Rose • My Immortal Love

Time Traveller • Fan-Extended Scene (Rose Returns)

Bad Wolf Bay (Alternate Ending) Series 4

Tears of an Angel (Haunting Rose)

Spinnin' & Grinnin' • The Doctor & Rose Tyler

We Will Meet Again (The Doctor & Rose)



Rose with the Tenth Doctor [Children in Need Epiosde 2005]

Breathing Space [Ten/Rose]

[Ten ♥ Rose]-Close Your Eyes-

Ten/Rose - "to let you have your way with me" [AU]

Ten/Rose - All About Us

Need - Ten/Rose

Rose Just Wants A Strawberry

All I Need (Doctor/Rose)

Say (All I Need) - The Doctor / Rose

Weightless - Ten/Rose

Doctor & Rose // Use somebody

Fantastic Rose

Rose Tyler - Her Last Story

The Goodbye Scene Series 2