The Duggar Family second-hand SHOES?!

krmujn posted on Jun 26, 2009 at 05:50PM
now, I may be wrong, but I do believe the network pays this family, just like the Gosslins and Jim Bob has a regular job. I think they could afford to buy the children their own shoes. Methinks purhaps Jim Bob is just a little bit cheap. Imagine wearing someone else's shoes.
How do they ever get ones that fit right? I shutter to think what that is doing to their feet. At least the Gosslins are using the money they earn to buy fresh shoes for their kids. That's like buying someone else's underwear.

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over a year ago gosselinfan626 said…
the duggars buy used and save the difference. That's how they became so succesful. They have 18 kids, a huge house, and are in NO DEBT and not many people can say that.
over a year ago nicjmartin said…
Exactly what gosselinfan626 said. I'm not sure how much they make from TLC - I don't really picture them as the kind to take large amount of money - but, regardless, the way they stay debt-free is buying the cheapest things on the market. And shoes are no where near as bad as underwear.
over a year ago laffratmom said…
I've bought used shoes especially for young kid. They outgrow them so fast doesn't make sense to pay new prices.