The sun fell on Amber's face and she woke up by the heat of it. She rubbed her eyes, trying to orientate, as she saw a man sitting next to her. He looked familiar. As she tried to recall she felt an insistent pain in her neck. She lay her hand on it, to see what it was.

"I bit you, that's why you're in pain" Stefan explained. Amber looked at him. "Who are you?" she asked, crawling backwards. Stefan reached out his hand. "I'm here to help you" he said softly.

Amber shook her head. "No, stay away from me!" she said terrified. Stefan didn't move an inch. "You need help. You're in transition, it's not a nice feeling if you don't feed anytime soon. I bet you're starving" he said.

Amber shook her head heavily as her stomach rattled. "I'm going home" she said with a breaking voice. "Leave me alone!" She scribbled up and staggered away from Stefan.