Carter's son,Alex,had just meet the new girl to Brooklyn House. He couldn't even breath a word when he first saw her.She was tall and slender,short brown hair and a lizard hair piece.She had a super cute smile and a soft laugh.He was taking her to her room."So does everyone have their own room,or is it like dorms?"The new girl asked."Own rooms,oh!i forgot to ask,what is your name?"Alex said."My name is Kialeana,but just call me Kia."Kia said smiling.They reached Kia's room and after an hour,they saw each other again."Well,if it isn't the first person I met!Alex right?"Kia asked smiling."Yep!"Alex replied.A few days pasted and all the boys and girls were sitting on the couch,Kia was drawing while Alex was reading."Hey,who wants to play truth or dare?"Alex's sister,Lily asked."I will!"Half the other kids said.Soon it was Kia's turn."Truth or Dare Kia?"Lily asked."Dare." "I dare you to tell me who you have a crush on!" "Okay." She whispered in Lily's ear a name."Wow,really?Him?"Lily said with a questioned look on her face."Yep,him."Kia replied.The game ended,but Alex kept wondering what name Kia whispered.