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Alright; so, I figured that the HoO spot would have enough new fanfictions if the plug hasn't been pulled, and that the Mark of Athena is after the Son of Neptune. So I posted it on the spot for those fanfictions, then looked at my profile and saw this on my clubs and went 'ooh!' and moved it before anybody could comment on the first. But this is a permanent address now- all is good, my mistake.

Title: The Mark of Athena
Rating: C
Type: Adventure, friendship/romance, humour if I’m really good…
Characters: Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Reyna, Hylla, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Quinn Hunter, Octavian, Ella, Tyson, their egg (no I’m kidding!)
Synopsis: If Percy and Jason had thought that climbing mountains and glaciers was hard- it’s because they hadn’t tried reuniting natural enemies with only the two of them who fully agree with everyone else on both sides. Will they prevail? (I leave you with that typical synopsis ending so you can move on to the story).

Disclaimer: The story base, character and settings base was created by Rick Riordan, who owns the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus rights.

A/N: Last time was great, and I’m hoping you guys will stick with me for a whole new ride. Will probably be shorter, might not be as good, you read, you tell me.
Alright; so, I figured that the HoO spot would have enough new fanfictions if the plug hasn't been pu
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over a year ago HecateA said…
Previously located at link but then I remembered this club, thought it was cool, and changed it.

Okay; here's how this is going to work right now;

1) You're going to forget about Gwen Madi, Hazel, Carmen Attwell, Bobby Peverell and so forth. Kay? I'm working with Rick Riordan's characters, none of my past original characters will be coming back. (If you have no idea who the heck I'm talking about, that's fine.)

2) I'll post links from 1 chapter to the next, and to the last chapter because it's easier if I get as many comments as last time's avalanch- which I don't know whether or not I will.

3) Just for old time's sakes and by force of habbit I will post on Fridays.

4) You're going to read this and hopefully enjoy, knowing that this is probably going to be a bit different then my other forum- which I am very sad to leave alone. Don't worry; I'll keep checking when I feel gloomy becasue I loved it so much.


Jason looked like his grin was going to crawl off his face (which as painful as that would be- probably wouldn’t make it any smaller), Annabeth looked like she was going to be sick, and Leo seemed about twice as hyper as usual.
Super, Piper thought.
Now that it spread across them as the giant ship touched down, Piper could really appreciate what they’d gotten Jason to describe for the last few months, even if her stomach didn’t feel right.
Temples and buildings with red tiled roofs and domes mingled with coffee shops and stores and other normal buildings in the city. It was amazing, and the most impressive thing Piper had seen since she’d first seen Camp Half-Blood. Well, not exactly… There was the Argo II that was pretty impressive.
Cabin 9 had worked their butts off on it. Leo had nearly become an insomniac (don’t let that fool you- you still couldn’t get him to sit down for more than 5 minutes at a time) and Nyssa was on the verge of a nervous breakdown since week 21 of building- which beat most of them, actually. Hephaestus cabin had been overworked, overstressed and barely seen outside the forge or the beach for the last 8 months, yet they still managed to roll out of bed and pick up a hammer every morning. That was the part that blew Piper’s mind. She’d never even known Leo had it in him- she’d never known anybody had it in them, actually.
The boat had a low and narrow hull, supposedly to make it go quicker. Rows of paddles lined every side of the ship, and there were ballistas –including something roman that Jason had talked about called a scorpion ballista- mounted on deck, as well as a dozen other fun deadly toys. The mast head was Festus- Leo had insisted on wielding it himself- and it looked like the dragon was wearing a bed sheet because of the billowing white flag. There were two sails- the bigger one in the center, and a smaller one in the back. The front of the ship had a forky bit called a ram, and it was used to punch holes into other ships. It was 114.a lot feet long, and Piper couldn’t believe how quickly and effectively cabin 9 had put it together. If there was a curse before, she hadn’t seen it in them as they cheered the boat’s departure.
A ring of soldiers immediately formed a ring around the ship- yelling to each other in a mix of Latin and English, as they spread out like a well-oiled machine, holding spears pointed towards them.
Fear clogged up Piper’s throat- what if something went wrong? If they shot? That was one of their two options at this camp; Chiron, Jason and Annabeth had all said it.
They’d either welcome them, or shoot them. A 50/50 chance supposedly.
Piper noticed a group of people making –although the word should’ve been more like ‘struggling’- their way through the crowd and at some point, something in Latin was shouted and the crowd parted quickly, as if the girl who’d yelled it had a bomb strapped on her chest.
Piper studied Jason’s face, a face she knew well now. The scar above his lip, sky blue eyes, close-cropped blond hair. His smile was brighter than ever.
“Well, now what?” Leo asked, joining everyone at the railing.
“Wait.” Jason said. The girl in the purple cloak raised her hand and yelled an order in Latin- Piper could hear it so crystal clear it sent a chill down her spine. Pila pone.
It must have meant ‘lay down your spear’ or something because that’s what the ring around the ship did.
“They’re not shooting,” Jason said. “She ordered it. Come on. You first, Annabeth. I think someone wants to see you.”
Eyeing the crowd, Piper saw that one of the people in the group pushing through had black hair and eager and intense green eyes, and the only other time she’d seen him was in a picture. Annabeth’s stormy eyes brightened and she tried not to smile.
“O… Okay.” For the first time the daughter of Athena seemed nervous. She’d pulled her blond curls out of her face and she was wearing the top of her bronze armour. Her grey eyes were intense and dangerous looking, but she definitely sounded nervous. Piper hoped she had no reason to be, it would destroy her right now…
She took Jason’s hand and he jumped over the railing, his wind powers bringing them both smoothly to the ground.
Piper jumped over the edge and landed the fall. She smiled to herself. Tripping would’ve felt beyond stupid in front of all these Romans.
“Show off.” Leo sniggered. But he jumped it too. It was so much faster than a ladder, and so much more convenient.
They walked past the ring of Roman soldiers who looked at them with looks that reminded Piper of Jason when he was sparring- except there were 20 of them and they could all kill her, which Jason wouldn’t.
It chilled Piper to the bone- it was like a pack of wolves. Ready to attack any moment- without failure as an option.
She raised her hand in a tiny wave before going on, Leo at her side.
They froze and eyed Percy and Annabeth. Percy smiled and stepped forwards.
“I remember,” he reassured her.
Annabeth closed the gap and threw her arms around his neck.
“Oh my gosh- thank the gods, I was so worried!” She said. Percy wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair. Percy tilted her chin up and kissed her.
“I’m okay, I’m sorry.” He said.
“You better be Percy Jackson, that was insane!” She said letting go of his shoulders. “A few days of total panic and confusion camp-wide until we pieced it together thanks to Jason, 8 months of more confusion because none of us had any idea, then I assume you were on some sort of quest because we couldn’t keep a tab on you for the last few days, so we were panicking because we know how you and quests go!”
“I was,” Percy said. “It was so weird without you and Grover. Everything was- but it ended up okay. Right?”
“Guess so,” said a girl with curly hair and… were those gold eyes? Whatever they were; they were rigged on Leo behind Piper.
“About,” the guy next to her said. He was a bulky Asian boy, with a babyish face- but Piper guessed he was older than he looked.
They walked up next to Jason who was giving a hug to the girl in the purple cape.
“I’ve missed you,” she said.
“I’ve missed you too.”
“I don’t need to tell you how stupid it was to let yourself get kidnapped?”
“No,” Jason promised.
“Good, I don’t have my knife.”
“Funny; I hope you’re kidding.”
“Of course I am, I’ve missed you.”
Another few people ran through the crowd and the first was a girl with thick blonde hair and a radiant smile. She threw her arms around Jason who swung her around to recover from the impact.
“Whoa-Gwen, I’m fine!”
“We were so worried, we thought you were dead, we thought you were gone!” Gwen said, only hugging him harder.
A guy with curly hair stumbled across and tripped, but Jason caught his hand to stabilise him.
“Dakota, don’t hurt yourself.” Jason said.
“Hey man, good to see you.” Dakota said, his mouth stained with red and his eyes looking hazy. The next guy slapped Jason on the back.
“I’m feeling the urge to kill you for that, but that doesn’t seem like such a smart move right now.” He said.
“Thanks Bobby.”
“Gwen, you’ll kill him, he just got back.” Reyna said. The blond girl who must’ve been Gwen let go of Jason, buzzing with energy and smiling up to her ears.
That’s when everyone started spazzing. Crowds were pushing against each other and Piper started feeling a little claustrophobic. Whoa-
“Romans!” Reyna called strictly. “Back! He has just come back, no need to overwhelm him, or out visitors! You see that he is unhurt, and you’ll be able to talk to him after the senate meeting.” Reyna said.
She turned back towards them.
“Percy, Jason- this is the guy you’ve been replacing.” Annabeth told the two in questions once the crowd had backed off a bit. They both turned towards each other.
“So you’re-” they both started saying. Piper bit her lip to stop herself from laughing.
“Umm, that guy everyone’s been talking about.” Percy said.
“I was going to say the same thing. Jason Grace,” he said holding out his hand. Percy shook it.
“Percy Jackson,” he said. “And I’m assuming you know mostly everybody- but this is Reyna, Hazel and Frank. Gwen, Dakota and Bobby are right here, and the harpy with Tyson is Ella.”
Annabeth smiled and inclined her head. Piper followed her example and Leo said ‘hi’ with a stifled yawn included.
“And this is Leo, Piper and Annabeth for the rest of you.” Jason said.
Percy’s eyes were hovering from people (read: Annabeth) to the ship.
“Beauty, eh?” Leo asked, still rubbing some oil from his hands. “A pain to build, but beautiful.”
“It’s amazing.” Percy said in total awe. Piper half expected him to start singing ‘hallelujah’ or something. His eyes swept over it. “Built for manoeuvrability and speed, right?”
“It’s a trireme. The best war ship of the Mediterranean.” Annabeth said. “I thought you might like it.”
“That’s the boat you sent the message from?” Hazel asked Leo. “The one the seven are going to go down?”
“The Argo II; that’s her.” Leo nodded proudly. He had total rights to be proud of that thing.
“Well, now you’re all on the same page,” Reyna said. “Come; to the senate. We were just about done.”
“Umm, Jason… Before we go in, you should know that…”
“You’re praetor now?” Jason filled in for Percy.
“Yeah…” Percy said awkwardly.
“Congrats,” Jason said. “I’ve failed them by being away for so long, Reyna couldn’t be alone.”
“I appreciate that you thought of me,” Reyna smiled sadly.
“If you want your job back, no problem I’ll just-”
“No, they elected you,” Jason cut. “You’re the praetor.”
“It was your job first.”
“It’s your job now.”
“Yeah but-”
“Stop arguing,” Annabeth said. They both shut up.
“Perfect;” Reyna said. “You’ve had practise. Let’s go.”
They all fell through to the senate, blending in with a procession of kids in togas. Actually they didn’t blend in; Piper felt so self conscient, as everyone looked over at her. Was she not walking straight enough or something? Either way, her stomach was missing in action.
Jason drifted in the line, closer to Reyna and the other Romans. Piper had sort of seen that coming. He was bound to miss his friends, and they’d have missed him. She tried not to let it bother her.
Percy and Annabeth hung in the back, holding hands. Annabeth looking half stunned seeing her fingers laced with another’s hand, but she smiled whenever she looked up at Percy’s face. Piper smiled herself but looked forwards.
The younger Roman girl drifted behind to her and Leo.
“I’m Hazel Levesque,” she said, looking Leo in the eyes.
“Sweet, I’m Leo V and this is Piper McLean.” Leo introduced. Hazel nodded, but Piper could tell that was not the answer she’d been looking for. Did she know Leo already? He had traveled around a lot, maybe she was from a foster home he’d forgotten.
Hazel’s intense gold eyes and the crowd of romans intimidated her, so she looked down, like that’d make them go away. Just as Piper was reasoning to herself that this was like school, looking down made nothing go away, she saw a diamond in the grass.
“You have diamonds here?” She asked.
Hazel looked down sprawl-eyed at the stone.
“That’s… That’s just from the feast, last night, it must be, guess they missed one.” She smiled even if it looked fake to Piper. “Just… Don’t touch it. Don’t touch any of the diamonds you see. Or any other jewel or metal lying on the ground. Especially if they look suspicious.” Hazel said nervously.
“Do jewels on the ground ever not look suspicious?” Leo asked. She bit her lip and turned around. Leo and Piper exchanged looks.
“Is that a Roman thing?” Leo asked Piper quietly.
“I don’t know; ask Jason.” Piper whispered back. She didn’t think it was. She and Annabeth had read up on a lot about Rome recently; sitting in corners of cabin 6 when they weren’t needed elsewhere and exchanging factoids, and taking notes in Hilroy notebooks. Sure; Piper had felt way behind because Annabeth seemed to know everything already; but it’d been fun. It reminded Piper a bit about learning so much about mythology with her Dad.
Thinking about Dad made Piper feel a little guilty- but not the same guilt as last winter. This time she was lying to him. About why she couldn’t come home for Christmas and Easter, why she couldn’t spend summer in LA with the handful of okay girls she’d made ties with… It was a lose-lose situation with Dad, apparently, and with being a half-blood. Someway you ended up lying to someone.
Piper pushed those thoughts away.
“So Hazel, who’s your parent?”
Hazel smiled glumly.
“Pluto. I think you call him, umm…”
“Hades,” Leo said. Hazel blushed but she seemed hooked to his voice.
“Yeah, that’s him.” Hazel said.
“Cool, you’re Nico’s sister!” Piper said. “Where did he go off to, anyways? He was supposed to be here, once he sort-of mentioned that there was a Roman camp to the rest of us.” Hazel looked at the ground, which didn’t make Piper feel too encouraged.
“Complicated,” she mumbled.
“Hey! You there! Newcomers! Boat people!” Someone yelled. Piper spun around and she saw a marble statue- a man from the waist up with curly hair and no arms. “Over here!” He said.
“Is that a god?” Piper asked.
“Terminus,” Percy nodded. “The OCD god of boundaries. Come on, you really don’t want to get him mad. He killed a giant.”
“Killed a what?” Leo asked in shock.
“Long story,” Reyna said. She shooed the senators to the senate house and accompanied the others to the god.
“We should fix him.” Leo said. “Extreme plastic surgery, umm, marble surgery.”
“ID ready, single file, and I heard that, short boy in the back!” Leo’s eyes sprawled for a second and Hazel bit her lips as if to keep herself from laughing. Piper eyed her suspiciously. Spending 8 months in Aphrodite cabin, she’d heard her fair share of gossip and then some, so she was seriously wondering if Hazel…
“What do we do for ID?” Piper asked, snapping herself back to the important thing, not the Cabin 8 thing.
“Camp necklace,” Annabeth said, fingering hers. “It’s the Greek identification. But you two don’t have any… Well, Chiron said to wait but…”
She took two letter strings from her one-shouldered bag.
“No beads yet; but Chiron said that if we were still on ship and, well, alive by August, you two should get these.”
“Oh yeay, string. That’s fully credible.”
“You’re talking to the girl who has 9 beads, Leo.” Percy reminded him. “She takes these things seriously.” Annabeth turned to him and smile.
“For someone who’s been on his quest a few days ago; your memory is really good.” She said, kissing him on the cheek. He put and arm around her and kept her near.
Piper tied the string around her neck. She wondered what the bead would look like. Some of them were cool, and some of them confused her profoundly- like the centaur in the dress? Piper didn’t even want to know. While others made her sad just by looking at them, like last summer’s bead with the Empire state building, and all those names in Greek. Piper really hoped this summer wouldn’t be sad; but the chances weren’t looking good.
“Complete ID for anybody who comes in this city, and I don’t care how! On foot, chariot, horse, Pegasus, pogo stick, boat- do I honestly need a sign? Good; now who do we have here? Reyna, praetor of course- and oh look, it’s Jason! Finally my boy!” The statue said.
“Hello Terminus,” Jason said, his tattooed arm still held out.
“Where have you been? You know; they don’t tell me anything anymore. I’ve just heard the gossip. ‘Gone, disappeared, disaster, government conspiracy, died in battle, kidnapped’.”
“More like stepmom conspiracy…” Jason mumbled. “I’m fine, Terminus- and you’re still a god to us. Pass the others?”
“ID?” Terminus asked.
Piper fingered her necklace.
“Sorry, we don’t take that kind.” Terminus said. “But we do take international passports, health cards or blood samples.”
“Blood samples?”
“I’ve got it,” Annabeth said. She took out 3 passports from her bag and handed them to Terminus.
“No hands,” he said annoyed.
“Oops,” Annabeth said opening them each. Terminus scanned them.
“Get your arms tattooed for the next time.” The statue said. “So much easier- get with the times, I say. Percy Jackson, second praetor, of course, I saw you earlier, nice tattoo by the way.”
“You got it?” Annabeth asked.
“Umm, yeah.” Percy said holding out his arm.
“It’s very nice, been a while since I’ve seen the trident on one’s arm… And listen up, you 3, weapons aren’t allowed in the senate.”
“Since Julius Caesar, right?” Annabeth guessed.
“My, someone’s smart.” Terminus said. “That was a bad day. Julia- Julia!” He called. The cutest little girl pounced out of a bush and held up a tray for them.
“All weapons?” Annabeth asked.
“All of them.” He nodded. Piper untied Katoptris from her waist, but it was too long to fit in Julia’s tray.
“Can you hold onto that for me?” She asked. Julia nodded with a smile- her two front teeth were coming in.
Piper thought she shouldn’t be giving this 6 year old a deadly weapon but she was most likely trained not to touch it, and Terminus seemed strict enough. Besides, Romans didn’t like celestial bronze. Piper had never seen Jason touch the stuff during his whole stay at Camp.
Annabeth dropped her knife, and Leo took off his tool belt as she wrestled with something in her hair. She finally took out a few simple grey clips.
“What?” Terminus asked, confused himself.
“They connect to human brains,” Annabeth said. “One thought and whoever is touching my head gets an electric shock that makes Zeus think ‘owe’. A good-luck gift I guess, from Malcolm.”
Why Annabeth kept that in her hair, she didn’t know, but it seemed like one accessory Piper could live with.
“Yesterday that little girl was all like ‘I want to be Percy Jackson when I grow up’.” Hazel told Piper and Annabeth. Piper cooed and Annabeth laughed.
“What?” Percy said.
“Nothing, that’s just really cute.” Annabeth said. “Bet she doesn’t know you drool in your sleep.”
They continued into the city and sat in the senate- which Piper thought looked like a High School lecture room.
Piper watched what everyone was doing before she sat down, as Percy and Reyna took the stage in 3 seats, and Percy made Jason go up too. They didn’t sit in the chair next to Reyna, they both stood behind. Reyna rolled her eyes and made a comment in Latin. When everyone seemed seated, she got up.
“Well, we’re back.” She said. “With the Greek delegates this time, if we may call you that. We welcome Piper McLean, Leo Valdez and Annabeth Chase into our camp.”
There was a polite round of applause, but that’s what it sounded like to Piper. Polite.
“And of course our returning soldier, Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, consul to Rome.” Reyna said. Jason got better reception, which Piper wasn’t much surprised at. She clapped too.
Stories were exchanged. Jason told the senates about the quest to find Hera. He invited Leo to talk about the Argo II’s planning and construction. The harpy behind Piper mumbled.
“Trireme- minimal marines, many oars, too many oars for marines.”
“Shh Ella.” Tyson said softly.
“Ella will sshhh for Tyson.”
“We’ve had some sour patches here and there because of Gaia, but we got the boat blessed my Hephaestus and stuff-” Leo said.
“Who?” Someone called out. “Speak Latin, man.”
“I can’t,” Leo said annoyed. “Anyways, Hephaestus is the Greek Spock.”
“Vulcan.” Jason said.
“Yes!” Leo said. “Anyways, we should be okay now.”
“Should?” Piper swerved around to look at a tall and blond senator. Piper guessed he was older than he looked by the number of bars on his arm, and everyone listened when he spoke. But not everyone looked comfortable with that.
“Octavian…” Percy said.
“I’m Senator- I can talk, Jackson.” He said.
“You also respect the praetors.” Jason said. Octavian carried on.
“This is your boat, yes?” Octavian said.
“Leo frowned. “I like to think it belongs to cabin 9 of Camp Half-Blood, but okay. Yes.”
Piper bit her cheek. She did not like the sound of Leo matching up to this guy in the speech domain. Just the way he made his words looked so superior and sophisticated…
“Then how do you not know if it’s blessed or not?”
“Umm- we’re sort of in a silence. Gods don’t talk to us, we don’t talk to gods much, that kind of thing?” Leo said.
“Wouldn’t it be better if someone with a clue led the ship?” Octavian said. Leo scowled and opened his mouth but Piper got up to stop Leo from saying something rash.
“Leo here is the best Camp’s got for this ship,” she said quickly before Leo could speak. “He has this ship weaved in his destiny, and he’s senior counsellor of Cabin 9, the Hephaestus cabin. If Leo can’t be sure of the ship’s blessing then nobody can.” She tried to put every single ounce of belief in Leo she had in her words. Yes, Leo was an idiot sometimes, but this was something he was good, born and devoted for.
“I’m an Augur by the way,” Octavian said. “I-”
“See the future,” Piper finished. “Yes I know, but our oracle wouldn’t be able to fly that ship so I don’t see why you would. No offence.” She added at the end.
A whisper went around the room worried, like when it started raining.
“I know things, Piper McLean.” Octavian said. It sounded more like a threat than anything else. “I could find out the future… Or the past. Of things… Or people.”
Piper felt herself pale.
“Octavian, sit down,” Reyna said sharply. Sharper than she’d spoken yet.
Octavian did. Annabeth leaned into Piper.
“I don’t like him. His words are venomous when you look past.”
She nodded and listened again as Percy explained his part of the story. From waking up in the Spring, making his way South, the quest up North, the girl Hazel who’d come back from the death, Centurion Frank… Piper looked at Annabeth who shut her eyes and held her forehead in her hand like ‘oh boy’. When she opened her eyes; Piper saw the gears spinning so hard they smoked.
The silence was a bit awkward and Piper surprised herself when she broke it with a ‘now what?’
“Leo, Piper and Jason are prophecy children. I’m guessing so are Hazel, Frank and Percy.” Annabeth said. “They have to go back to Greece and Rome.”
“What about the seventh?” A senator asked.
“We have to assume that it’ll come clear.” Annabeth asked.
“Do you expect yourself to be part of it?” Octavian asked. Annabeth stood to match his level and just then, Piper remembered and appreciated how imposing the daughter of Athena could be, when you weren’t her friend. Her intense grey eyes, the grey streak of hair, the stern expression, killer look… Octavian didn’t budge though.
“No. I don’t. I don’t see greatness for myself in this prophecy.”
“Are you implying that I do?”
“Your ideas are filtering in my words,” she shrugged. “You suggested it- do you think so? I said nothing against you, Octavian.”
There was a bit of a stare down that had the rest of the senate uncomfortable.
“We have a flight path already drafted,” Piper said to break it. She could feel the tension between Octavian and Annabeth, and she didn’t like it one bit. It made her feel like she was watching two very chemical substances being mixed right under her nose.
“We’ll see to it,” Reyna said. “In the meantime; today isn’t the day to think of those things.”
“She’s right,” Jason said. “If Percy only got his memory back and confirmed the rumours yesterday- there’s still a lot you guys don’t know that you should, and a lot that Camp Half-Blood’s people don’t know either. Secrets I was honour-bound to keep. I think everyone is willing to give this a shot. Everyone realises what would happen if we don’t. If not, speak up freely and we’ll figure something out.”
The senate was quiet but Piper was sure Octavian was biting his tongue against the ‘I!’
Frankly, if this guy was the high-held Centurion role model for all the other Romans, she was biting her lips nearly as hard.

*Burdge-bug's, she rocks, thought it had something to do with this.

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Anyway, the first chapter was amazing! Can't wait for the next one :-).

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id just like to know that without your story i would have been staring at the wall for most of the summer evenings, so i thank you, it is both an honour and a privilage to read your work and i hope you put your awesome writing skills to work someday, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, or even 5 years from now, you have to at least write a little, you absolutely, positively, completely, truly, undeniably, CANNOT let your skills go to waste because if anyone can write an entire series of fanfics in less than a year[by the way your SoN on the 28th will turn 1 year old] must have talent that cannot be wasted, do not ever stop writing, as you say [only changed a little]

Forever Commenting,
over a year ago darkrai6543 said…
and i have decided to hold a writing contest. anyone who wishes to nominate themselves or others will report to The giant war my version in the SoN club. it is writen by me, but please nominate!
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everyone please give her a round of applause
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SHAMAZING chapter, by the way. It was a good entrance—I was glad to see the Argo II's crew again. If RR's first chapter is half as good as yours, I'll be happy. :DDD

Also, it's amazing that you had written Reyna as a daughter of Bellona. I'm wondering if you're not secretly RR… xDDD Just kidding. CAN'T WAIT for the next chapter!
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i loved your version of son of neptune, it took me so long to finish it, but it was so awesome! now im hooked on your version of the mark of athena. it makes it easier to wait until next fall. thanks.

yours faithfully reading,
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Keep up the good work, the humor, and great characters.

Are you going to make an OC character? Will you reuse any of the ones from The Son of Neptune fanfiction you wrote?
I will probably not forget Karen, Carmen, Zane, Bobby, Hazel, Evan, and Gwen.

Anyway, I loved the first chapter. Keep posting. Amazing.
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the best Mark of Athena have read :) (but thats what I expected) I mean, ur just really,really talented and this is great and i cant wait for next friday!!! :) yayyyy!!!!

oh, and I LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH!!! i was literally spazzing out before i read this. like i stared at the title for like 30 seconds in a happy daze before reading it:)

i also really liked how it wasnt corny- and all the characters seemed perfect- and i like how annabeth doesn't assume she's part of the seven- STUPID OCTAVIAN! grrr i hate him more than luke. - and as much as I would have LOVED for Rachel to be on the boat and there to be an epic (rachel is better) oracle fight that wouldn't have rreally made sense.. so yeah:) great storyy!!! so good I lovedd it!!! ill stop rambling nowww
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The way your reunited Percy and Annabeth was also perfect. You made it so cute, yet you didn't put pressure on it or anything was perfect. Then Tyson and Ella was just adorable even though they only said a few lines.
Oh and you got me all tipped over on what'll happen; This... or That? My predictions of what are gonna happen are driving me crazy!!
Anyways... Awesome story, perfectly plotted and very well described.
Amazing as always
Can't wait for your next post. :) <33

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Btw i think octavians i spy even though they say hes "loyal". Also in your story will piper and octavian meet? Hopeyful she can talk some sense into him...

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over a year ago AnnabethC said…
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I can't wait for you to post again. What is it? Every Friday? Can't wait and great story.
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okay, can you stop complaining on how we comment, ive read thta story a million times and i know what she said, some havent, so quit jumping to conclusions, im not saying it should go on, but please stop nagging us, if it really bothers hecateA the she will tell us, BUT DONT SKIP THIS COMMENT WIERDO2, READ IT, ITS MEANT FOR YOU!
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"I can't wait for the next update Hecate! Hope you can post it soon."
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EVERYONE!! im pretty sure she is posting on friday! on her first post on this forum in number (3) it says "just for old times sake and force of habit i will post on fridays"!

now that was a direct qoute from the master^! she is awesome!
if you already read what she said please do not call me stupid! some people just skip ahead to the fanfic part!

-Kaity_daAwesome has spoken! i love your fanfic HecateA!
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I really suggest you post in as it is basically designed for fanfiction. Well the main reason is that it is mobile phone friendly (well with thousands of Fanfic for Percy Jackson, my parents will have my head for being on the computer too long.)
Great beginning and keep updating
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thank you so much for the link hecate i really apreceate it i loved you son of neptune and it was amazing i just couldn't comment on it because it was to late but amazing job with the first chapter hecate one of your new fans<3
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*runs to catch up* I'm here!

Last: link

@green-art-ac-pj- The same Latin pic- what?
@wierdo- VSP… I like that! Sure, go for it!
@paulion89- Sure
@1. Yeah! You're writing another one! –Yes I am
2. *suluts* Yes sir I have forgotten your old forum already –Well, not forget, but, umm..
3.You know you were right about Reyna being the daughter of Bellona.... –You brought it up…. I’m kidding, I thought that too, I’m like ‘STYX!’
4.I love Percy and Annabeth's reunion EEEP!!!!!
5. Frank where are you? Piper doesn't focus on the cool guys does she? –I couldn’t make her focus on everyone, could I? And Frank is sort-of… Staying in the shadows for now.
6. I'm glad Piper's not drolling over Jason like in your old forum no offense or anything but she seems more stronger in this forum than the other
7.^Sorry! I brought up the other forum (oops! I did it again)
8. Can't wait till your next chapter!
9.Ella will sshhhh.
10. I think....forgot (Aw Shucks)
11. I'm the first comment on your forum!!! (never mind)
12. I'm glad your doing another one btw ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY –HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
@nicecatch42- They’re already proclaimed Tysella, no?
@darkrai- Please don’t say that, because it won’t change my schedule.
@Kronos429- Thanks!
@darkrai- :)
@Athenabeth- I was literally scared! I didn’t check my email for a day and I get a string of 19 emails telling me someone’s replied here. I’m like- o_O This is going to be a long forum if so many people keep coming around... (like my stalker friend who’s sitting next to me and telling me she’ll get a Fanpop for the specific reason to bug the snot out of me)
@rapunzeleah- Shamazing? I love that! And I swear, I was as surpised as the next dude! I am NOT RR!
@Starlight1o1- This is the only description of the Argo II I’ll have, unless it like, explodes or something like that (which I’m NOT saying it’s going to happen, or that it won’t). Thank you very much! Jason and Reyna have a complicated relationship to write- but I am totally going for it. And awe! Thank you!
@Asmadasahater- I will have one OC character that’s going to come up and play her part. As for Gwen Madison, Carmen Attwell and Bobby Peverell- they’re not coming back.
@luvseaweedbrain- I checked my wall right after reading your comment :P And Rachel coming up is a deleted scene from the chapter :P I decided I rather have Annabeth and Piper on Octavian’s back then Rachel.
@unknownquestion- Aww thanks!
@AnnabethC- glad to hear it!
@annabeth5800- In my head he’s not wearing a toga… Not a roman citizen, right? In my head it’s just a cape, but you know, my head…
@goatlypowers- Your. Username. Is. Epic.
@hayaku14- I know, eh?
@Piper_ofArtemis- I’ll post 1 or 2 at a time, so that I’ve always got my head above the water.
@foreverpercy- I’ll explain at the bottom notes.
@darkrai- Hey, not everyone has already read on one of my forums before and I don’t mean to insult you in any way, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but you occasionally spam. It’s just something that never hurts to remind people. And I don’t tell you guys to stop it, because I stay silent during the week until it’s posting day or unless somebody swears at me. Then I speak up for myself, but… I rely on people to quiet everything down.
@myth-freak214- Don’t worry about your comment!
@luciaholly- Hi! I’m glad you liked it!
@Sarah25- Yeay! I haven’t looked them up yet (o_O) but I will! White Knuckles… Hmm… Like that title, I might steal it for something at some point.
@childodaeolus- :DDDDD Awww!
@wamakima5004- I do have a account, actually. It’s just that so many people on fanpop read this, so I decided to keep it near them.
@_reyna_- :D

I’m sorry I’m a little late today but I had an intense chocolate milk craving and it could not wait. And I had to walk over to the Metro, and 3 pages of comments is a lot to reply to (holly shist guys- 3 pages and 60-some comments, really? That made my day! Oh and just found out that this is top on the Most Popular Content. For real?) Then I had theatre practise, and I was behind because of the whole ‘replying to you guys’ thing that I like to do.

Random stuff: chocolate milk :) And I’m finishing my second chapter story on on Monday, it’s called link, click on the blue words if necessary and here’s the precious summary;
Son of the Lord of the dead, survivor and soldier of the Titan War, demigod, son and brother of 2 dead women; Nico knows all about death. But when the girl who stole his heart is terminally ill, Nico isn't sure he can take any more death.
Anyways, just thought I’d let you know. Also; other chapter of The Last Song was Perfect.

Okay; commonly asked questions (I know its frequently asked questions usually but I’m special).
First: thank you! I’m glad my reunion wasn’t mushy! It might help that I’m not a mushy person and the ‘and then they rode off in the sunset on the magical unicorn’ stories about Percabeth or anyone make me sick, but still.
Second: Frank wasn’t in this- yes, I know. I like Frank A LOT, I swear I do! But he’s going to be laying low for today as well.
Third: I’m going to post on Fridays only for a bit so I can get a lead with this. I said I’d write at least 5 chapters ahead of time, and I’m not going to over-use. I want to be in the lead. When I started ‘The Fire’s Revenge’ I’m pretty sure it was either end of book 2 or early/mid book 3 on the forum. I want you guys to always have something even if I have a crazy/chaotic/hectic week and I can’t write. I hope you guys get that.
Also; expect rash changes in PoV, because I decided I hated writing in third person for this. So… Yeah… On to what you guys are really here for;

It was all the same. All of it. The city might be a little destroyed from last night’s battle –which Jason was super mad at himself for missing- but it was home. Walking across either the forum or the fort- he recognised everything. He was with people he’d grown up with, in a place that he knew like the back of his hand, and he was with people that he’d missed a lot.
It made Jason feel like everything was finally right, but he chided himself for it. He’d never been in enemy grounds.
It still felt like a weight off Jason’s chest when he touched the ground and saw Reyna standing there. When she smiled at him whatever resistance he had left crashed and he just though ‘home’. Getting tackle-hugs from Gwen, catching Dakota because he was drunk… It felt good for Jason that some things were still the same.
Reyna introduced him to her sister- whom Jason had only heard about- briefly. Hylla looked at Reyna with a raised eyebrow and then shook Jason’s hand like she was trying to crack fingers.
“I have a sister too,” he mentioned.
“You’re kidding,” Reyna said.
“No, her name’s Thalia.” Jason said. “She’s lieutenant of Artemis. And Greek- which is why I haven’t heard from her. She thought I was dead or something.”
“The hunters?” Hylla said; wide eyes. “Gods of Olympus- black hair, blue eyes, punk clothing, big mouth?”
“That’s her. I guess.” Jason nodded. Hylla swore.
“Man, I have issues with that girl! Is she coming?”
A shadow passed over Jason’s face and he felt shaky saying it.
“No,” he said. “I’ll… I’ll explain later.” He promised. The flow of people coming in was too wide, and this was something he needed to tell Reyna before anybody else here.
She looked at him and a flash of understanding passed on her face. She squeezed his hand quickly before letting go.
When his new friends saw the mess hall Jason had nearly laughed. A few people were already on the sofas, and a few plates were zooming around thanks to the aurae. Leo nearly got nailed by a plate of curry.
Annabeth was looking at the war banners on the ceiling and mouthing the Latin inscriptions as she read.
“Common, fifth cohort’s that way.” Jason said, nudging Piper’s arm towards the back. It was still the spot near the kitchen and so forth, but it’d be too weird if he sat any other place. Jason had eaten at that corner for 6 years straight.
“This is a fancy set-up you guys have.” Leo said, bouncing up and down on the couch.
“This? You should’ve been here yesterday.” Percy said.
“The Feast of Fortune still happened?” Jason asked.
“The battle ended quickly enough.” Reyna shrugged. Jason noticed she’d deserted the praetor’s table to come sit with them, and he was silently thankful to her. He just really hoped she wouldn’t refer to their last conversation right now…
It was sundown and nearly everybody at Camp had gone to bed already, after the senate had adjourned. Jason had seen how frustrated Reyna had been so he hadn’t let her go home where she’d probably just break something and go to sleep made, and had taken her to the green between the praetor’s houses where they often trained together.
Twilight was a good time for them to train. It wasn’t overly hot, it wasn’t too dark, but the sun didn’t flash off armour or blades, and nearly everybody was sleeping or getting to it; so they could rough play all the wanted, and trash talk like sailors.
Reyna slashed the head off another dummy so fiercely that Jason thought it was a good thing that the first cohort was a long way’s away.
"Good job," Jason said. "That's about 12 more than last time you were mad at Octavian."
"He's getting worst." She grumbled mad, kicking away the limp dummy. The sweat made strands of black hair stick to the back of her neck and her eyes were deadly cold. "Well, a better speaker, but that's worst for us."
"I know, but the people chose us. They know we can do it; they know Octavian can’t, it’ll be okay." Jason said. Reyna still wasn't convinced, and Jason wasn’t either, as he remembered the various assassinations and betrayals, uprisings and tricks of Rome Lupa and centurions had told him about.
He put a hand on her shoulder to get her to look up at him.
"We're a strong team; he won't change that, not him out of all things."
Reyna smiled, and she leaned in and kissed him.
"Sorry- I, I just… I've wanted to do that for a long time." She said.
"That's fine, because so have I." Jason said.

He didn’t regret the fact she’d kissed him, or the fact he’d kissed her back. Not at all. The only thing he did regret was that it was one kiss and then off to random places for 8 months. Even Reyna wouldn’t like that. But right now, Piper was right there, and she’d noticed Jason getting more distant after his memory had come back. Which he’d needed to figure things out and get used to the idea that Octavian’s paranoia actually meant something, and to stop feeling so home sick. She’d left him some space. A lot of space. Jason still wanted to be her friend, she was cool, but Piper didn’t exactly get that, and now she looked at everybody in the room under a microscope.
“Jason.” Reyna elbowed him. He snapped out of it and met her eyes. They scared most people off, and they scared Jason too sometimes, but most of the time they drawed him in.
“Are you going to eat or are you fasting?” She asked.
“Oh right, sorry. I was just…”
“Overwhelmed?” Percy guessed.
“Big time.” He nodded. Percy looked overwhelmed himself, an arm around Annabeth and looking at the Greek weapons and armour and demigods.
Chiron and Annabeth and Jake had told him about Percy. Actually, everyone had told him about Percy. He’d been one of the three big subjects of talk at camp with the Argo II and the romans being the second and third, which got Jason a lot of questions about Rome- which was especially frustrating when it was something he was honour-bound not to reveal (Stoll brothers? Yeah- they didn’t get what that meant).
This guy looked okay, like someone Jason would actually trust. At any rate; Jason could sympathise with him. Plucked out of where you fit like a puzzle piece and trying to fit into the last’s spot, in a picture that wasn’t even the same? It wasn’t easy. As much as Jason had wanted to make Camp life work for him, it hadn’t been as smooth as he’d have liked it to. Like it or not; he had instincts, and his instincts weren’t dying down anytime soon. He’d even sleepwalked West once, and would’ve died in the forest if a hunter hadn’t caught up to him (he’d sort of become their general brother to all).
He wondered if Percy had had anything like that to deal with.
“Dude, this place is huge!” Leo said looking around. “How much time did this all take you?”
“4 days, a legion’s trained to build and rebuild elsewhere.” Someone said. They all spun around towards the person who’d spoken, and the girl blushed. She played with her hands and readjusted rectangular glasses with black rectangular frames on her nose. She played with her hair when she got nervous too- but it was tucked under a dark blue bandana right now.
“Umm…” She turned to Annabeth. “Hello. My name’s Quinn, from the fourth cohort. And I heard that you were a daughter of Athena- who is Minerva, and that’s my mom too, except in the roman form, so… I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to camp, and here.” She handed Annabeth a book.
“We have a big stock of books here, except not many in English, and I wasn’t sure how much Latin you knew –although I’m sure you’re really smart, you look smart, like a, a, strategist- but I-anyways, I figured you probably knew Ancient Greek, so even if it is about Rome because I wasn’t sure how much you knew, umm…” She spoke really quickly and got lost in her words, stuttering a lot.
“Thank you. I’m Annabeth.” She said holding out her hand. Quinn caught her breath and shook Annabeth’s hand.
“Quinn.” She said. “Quinn Hunter.”
“Pleased to meet you.” Annabeth said. Quinn nodded anxiously.
“Umm, I’ve got to go, my centurion’s, well, yes. Bye.” She said before scurrying away.
“Her centurion’s what?” Leo asked.
“Probably afraid of the Greeks,” Reyna said. “A lot of them are. It all branches up to your friend Octavian, from the senate. Most of it anyways.”
Annabeth turned back around smiling to herself and reading the title.
“‘Ancient Rome in Basics and in Depth’,” she read. “That was really sweet of her.”
“Page 50, Romans first encountered the elephant in 280 BC. Pyrrhus had transported twenty of the beasts to Italy by ship and, at the Battle of Heraclea, the unfamiliar animals routed the Roman cavalry; "their horses, before they got near the animals, were terrified and ran away with their riders" (Plutarch, Life, XVII.3).” Ella muttered.
Eyes turned towards her. Annabeth flipped to page 50 and looked up at Ella.
“Word for word,” she said impressed.
“Ella has an awesome memory.” Hazel said, fingering one of the harpy’s feathers.
“Ella smart.” Tyson muttered. Both he and Ella went beat red and Jason exchanged a look with Leo. Leo muttered something like ‘mini winged Cyclops- watch out world!’
“Do you remember the number of days it took to build this? 3 to 4 seems really little.” Leo asked.
“Not here long. Ella running. Weed whacker before.”
“Pardon?” Piper asked.
“Phineas was going after the harpies with a weed whacker. Not quite sure why.” Frank shrugged.
“Phineas will have weed whacker. Not long, nope, nope, not long at all.” Ella said shaking her head solemnly. Looks exchanged.
“What do you mean, Ella?” Annabeth asked. “Is Phineas going to… come back?”
“Come back for Ella. Ella smart.” The harpy said, agitated. Jason was confused. He’d never heard of a smart harpy, he didn’t think they came in smart. Obviously they did now that he’d met Ella, but still, the way she said that made Percy, Hazel and Frank look uncomfortable. He decided he’d ask later- they were obviously not yelling secrets from here.
“That’s okay, Ella, we like you smart.” Hazel said with a smile. The harpy smiled and Tyson passed her a half of his peanut butter sandwich. She held it in her claws and munched on tiny pieces at a time.
The first 10 minutes was pleasant talk and catching up and introductions. Jason was actually relieved. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but Piper laughing at Bobby’s new lame joke of the week, or Annabeth and Reyna comparing notes on weaponry, Leo and Frank talking about… Well, he lost track of that conversation pretty quickly, with Hazel actually talking to people… Well, that hadn’t been it. He crossed Percy’s eyes for a minute. The son of Poseidon’s eyes widened in ‘wow’. Jason nodded back at him and paid attention when Leo asked him a question about why he wasn’t nicknamed Fulmy for ‘armed with lightning’. Hilarious Valdez.
But Jason hadn’t missed the way Leo had flared up with Octavian. He was sure that if Piper hadn’t been there Leo would’ve burst into flames. Honestly; he couldn’t blame the guy. Octavian was just aggravating, and Jason saw him as bad news for this since the beginning. He’d talk to Reyna about it later.
Nobody mentioned a giant, a quest, a flying ship, or any problem until…
“I actually thought Octavian was going to throw the knife at you.” Dakota told Piper. “That took guts, kid.”
“Kid?” Piper pouted. “I’m two years younger than you!”
“Kid.” Dakota repeated, taking some more Kool-Aid. “But seriously, Octavian’s been… Locco.”
“That’s not for you to say, buddy,” Bobby said, “But seriously, he’s been driving Reyna nuts.”
Reyna shot him a look.
“I was doing fine until he got in my face.” She said.
“Mm-hmm, that was how many hours after Jason disappeared?” Dakota said. Reyna looked like she was going to snap his arm in two but she relaxed.
“Five and a half.” She said closing rubbing the sides of her head with a hand, picking a nacho off her plate with another.
“Score one for the drunks,” Dakota said showing two fingers.
“You know what, you’re pretty cool.” Leo told Dakota.
“You too.” Dakota grinned. He held up his hand but missed Leo’s by a longshot. That was the most Dakota-like thing Jason had seen in a while; probably why he stole the flask.
“Hey!” Dakota complained.
“Stop it, that stuff’s not good for you.” Jason said.
“It is!”
“Only for your taste buds.” Reyna said. Dakota made a wild reach for the flask but Jason tossed it to Reyna, who pulled off the cap.
“It’s for your own good Cody,” she said. Then she tipped the flask and poured it onto the floor. It disappeared as it went.
“Water,” Bobby said, pushing a glass in front of him.
“What?!” Dakota said like ‘what the Pluto you making me drink here?’
“H2O, it’s good for you, I promise.” Annabeth said.
“I don’t like it.” Dakota said.
“Water’s the best for you.” Percy sustained. The discussion flared and Dakota decided to go find somewhere where he’d be allowed to have Kool-Aid.
“It’s Kool-Aid? I thought it was wine!” Piper said.
“No, but the sugar in that is as bad as the alcohol.” Reyna said. “Mix it with the ADHD and he always looks drunk. Nice guy though. Sometimes.”
“He hasn’t been sober since the attack on Othrys.” Bobby said, “He lost his sister. It hasn’t been going great with him.”
“A hero’s soul cursed blade shall reap,” Ella muttered. Jason frowned. He’d heard that at Camp Half-Blood, but never here. Where had..?
“What was that, Ella?” Annabeth asked, although Jason knew that she’d heard perfectly. Frank, Hazel and Percy exchanged looks.
“Annabeth, common, I’ll introduce you to… Someone.” Percy said. He took her hand and they got up, Percy dragging Annabeth away by the hand. Leo wolf-whistled and Percy turned to make a face, Annabeth gave him a look.
There was something about Ella they weren’t telling Jason. Same thing about Nico; he should be here. He promised himself not to bring it up because it was held secret for a reason; he’d ask later.
He felt Reyna’s eyes on him.
“I’ll explain later.” She said softly, like she’d been reading his thoughts, (which wasn’t a first). “You’ve… Missed a lot.”
Jason nodded, even if he was pretty sure he was the only one who heard. He felt other eyes on him too; the other romans staring him. One of them was elbowing her friend, as if to make her go forwards, but the other refused like the floor was dotted with land mines.
“I’ve got to go,” Jason said. He got up.
“Where?” Leo asked.
“See some people,” Jason said. “Everyone goes around at meals and well, I’ve been gone a while. You can go too.”
“Umm…” Piper said.
“Sure!” Leo said. “Point me to my peeps, Jason.”
“Peeps?” Reyna asked.
“Siblings.” Jason said, although it felt like translating. “Umm… Morgan’s over there eating that sloppy Joe, Hanna’s got the blue hair, Martin’s got the toolbelt, Jacky is the girl over there- no not there, there- yes her… Yeah, that’s them.”
“4 of them? That’s it? Well, see you Pipes and people.” He said before totting off. Jason hoped Leo wasn’t going to say something stupid. He was pretty sure if he called either one of them children of Spock he was going to lose a hand.
After making sure Leo got to Morgan’s table and got himself a seat no problem, Jason went off.
“Hey, can I sit?” He asked some kids form the fifth cohort.


Piper was with a bunch of people she didn’t know now, but she had a feeling that it wouldn’t be the last time so she tried to make do.
“So you’re one of the praetor’s?” She asked Reyna. Reyna put her glass down.
“Yes,” she said. “Thankfully.”
“Why thankfully?” Piper asked, legit curious now.
“Oh great- repeats, I’m out. Anybody know if Becca’s out of the infirmary yet? I’m sure a dashing legacy of Cupid would cheer her up…” Bobby said, getting up and leaving.
Reyna shook her head and turned back to Piper.
“Because with Jason gone… All I’m going to say is that not everyone can say no to Octavian.” Reyna said. “He’s been pestering me over and over for elections. He said I was trying to suck up all the power of Rome and bring it back to a Julio-Claudius era.” She rolled her eyes.
“I… I don’t know, I never really believed Jason was dead. Ever. I didn’t know where he was, what he was doing or why he wasn’t here; but I knew he was doing something. Does that sound stupid?”
“Not if you know Jason.” Piper said. Reyna smiled.
“I guess not. Anyways, I resisted but when the Feast of Fortune came closer, I had to do something. Percy seemed like the only one who could even come close to praetor. I don’t know yet if that was a good idea.”
“What do you mean? I’ve never met him, but everyone at Camp Half-Blood said he was a nice guy.”
“Oh he is,” Reyna said. “I believe that 100%. But he’s off again on this boat of yours. You won’t stay here long, will you?”
“I don’t think so. I’m not in charge of this much, but I don’t think that was in the plans.”
Reyna nodded like she’d just been confirmed a horrible piece of news.
“So this is only a temporary solution for you, right?” Piper said. Reyna nodded.
“A few days at the most,” she sighed. “And then Octavian will pounce back, except worst.”
“He’s been stung, Piper. When they raised Percy –a filthy Graecus to him- on the shield instead of him, it was a nightmare. His pride was wounded and that makes any man dangerous.”
“Are you going to have to have an election this time?” Piper asked.
“I don’t know.” Reyna said. She passed her hand through her shot of black hair.
“But you can’t be alone, can you? Not for as long as this quest is going to take us. It’s not fair to you to have to keep this up.” Piper defended. She felt bad for this girl she’d just met. She was basically holding the whole camp –fort, city, everything- on her shoulders and trying to keep it safe by herself. That weight deserves at least two people.
Reyna smiled sadly.
“Can you keep a secret, Piper?”
Piper nodded.
“I don’t have a choice. Look; do you know why Octavian wants to be praetor so bad? Because every kid looked at a praetor at some point and thought ‘oh cool, I want that’ but not all of them want it as much as Octavian does.”
“No, I just met him.” Piper said although it seemed obviously written to her. “Hunger for power?”
“As much as an Empousai is blood thirsty, yes. And he’s ready to do just about anything to have things his way- and things his way are about as pleasant as high heels and being sewn in a bag of snakes. Fact is; somebody has to keep Octavian back and little people will, and in that number a smaller portion can. I won’t take the risk to leave just in case one of those people don’t make it here. I can’t. I want to keep this alive.” She said looking around the mess hall. Piper followed her gaze.
Kids were laughing and hoping tables and pointing and talking at, to and about the new arrivals. Some kid was teasing Ella with -cheese? - sending her into mumbling about arachnophobia, claustrophobia, apotemnophobia, coulrophobia, and a lot of other ‘ias’. Percy and Annabeth had found a new spot, talking to a couple of kids from the third cohort, Annabeth holding on to that book. Leo was pointing to the blue hair of the girl he was talking to. The food whirled around and smacked the kids who got up too quickly to go share news or gossip.
“I can’t think of this as dead.” Piper told Reyna.
“Me neither, but it can happen. It happened with all the other legions of Rome.” Reyna said. “But that’s just my problem right now. What’s your story?”
Piper told her about meeting Jason at the Wilderness school, but she decided to leave a little part of the fake memories out. Not. Willing. To. Yell. That. Out.
“Charmspeak, hmm? That’s cool, and it can be really powerful. I only heard rumours about it, but I guess they aren’t now, hum?”
“There are two of us at Camp who can do it. Me and, well, my sister Drew.” She felt uncomfortable just talking about Drew. She’d had to hand over the counsellorship to Drew when she left and she didn’t like that. Not for Mitchell, Lacy, or any of them. Reyna sensed it.
“I’m guessing this Drew isn’t as great of a sister as I am,” Hylla said, sitting down on a couch and stealing a nacho from Reyna’s plate. Reyna smacked her hand, and caught the falling nacho.
“If she’s anything like you I pity Piper.” Reyna said, eating the nacho.
At the other end of the mess hall there was a ‘ZAP!’ and someone yelled ‘Fulminata baby!’ as fireworks went off inside the dinning pavilion.
“Should’ve seen it coming,” Reyna said as people started applauding. Piper joined in, watching the sparks go around and around in spirals and then BAM!
It happened so fast; Piper wasn’t sure how her senses had even picked it up.
The fireworks slammed into a heavy banner- two bars of iron at each end of cloth, held by a chain. The chain cracked and the banner came rushing down towards the earth.
Piper pounced to her feet knocking over the table, and tackled Reyna- and the banner fell exactly where she’d been sitting. That’s when the two metal rods at each end exploded into bright green flames that Piper had seen before- Greek fire.
Hylla had somersaulted out of the way fine, and she rushed to see her sister. Piper got off Reyna’s back and saw that the table had been smashed by the banner, and burnt and scorched by the explosions.
“Gods of Olympus- Reyna, are you..?” Hylla asked in a rush.
“I’m fine Hylla,” she said, just a little shocked as if someone had given her a cake and yelled ‘surprise! Happy birthday!’ and not ‘you just nearly got smashed by an unusually heavy explosive war banner! Fun!’.
Jason ran up and knelt next to her.
“You okay?” He asked, helping her to her feet.
“I’m fine, I’m fine. It didn’t hit me.” She said, waving Jason aside like he was annoying with his worrying. Percy and Annabeth ran up.
“Are you-”
“If anybody else asks me that there will be injuries.”
She turned to face Piper.
“Thank you,” she said. “I… It shouldn’t be heavy enough to smash the table- it shouldn’t have been explosive with the- what was that?”
“Leo!” Jason called. Leo himself jogged back to the table and crouched next to the banner.
“And you say these things are made out of what exactly?” He asked the praetors.
“Just regular fabric.” Reyna said. “Cotton, satin sometimes, wool…”
“This ‘aint fabric. Looks like some of the threads are actually plutonium- heaviest metal on earth. And they’re all part of this Hades-complicated trigger system- the two rods were filled with Greek fire, just ready to get a shock and explode. Why do you have that weaved into your banners?”
“I don’t know. And when did Rome ever fight ‘die Graecus’?” Jason said reading off the banner.
Piper felt like she lost some important parts inside her stomach and chest area. She turned to look at the other Greek half-bloods; Annabeth, Leo- even Percy looked a little queasy. But he hid it.
Jason helped Reyna up and the wind spirits put food delivery on hiatus to clean up the table.
“Whoever did this you are going to be found, and you are going to pay.” Reyna said, fiercely. It made Piper quiver a bit, even if she’d just been talking to Reyna fine ten seconds ago. “The Greek half-bloods are under the protection and aid of Rome. You are more of an enemy than them by doing that. Who set off the fireworks?”
Someone whimpered, and as all eyes looked back; Piper saw it was a faun with an afro.
“Don?” Jason asked. “What- why are you even here?”
“Looking for, you know denarii. But I swear I didn’t do it yo, the funny Greek boy gave me this awesome coin thing, and the Percy kid is like, cool, so, I didn’t do it!”
Looking at the silly faun with his Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, Piper couldn’t bring herself to believe it was him. She didn’t buy it and she was about to tell Reyna and Jason that, when Percy did.
“Reyna, it couldn’t have been him.” Percy reasoned. “How could he have done it? How could he have gotten his hands on fireworks anyways, he’s homeless.”
“That’s a good question. Don, where did you get those fireworks?” Jason asked.
“I had a dream.”
“A dream?”
“Do fauns get dreams like half-bloods?” Reyna asked, wiping peanut butter from the hem of her jeans.
“No, which is why I was really crept out.”
“And you didn’t tell anybody? With all the higher powers going around and twisting minds- you didn’t think of that?” Reyna sighed and calmed herself down. “What was your dream, Don?”
“Well, just a voice. Telling me that, you know- fireworks would be cool and there was a box nearby.”
“Don- what was the voice like?” Hazel asked him, sounding pretty afraid. Don scratched his head.
“I don’t know…”
“Was it, like, sleepy and hollow? And a girl?” Leo asked, pale.
“No, it was a dude, it was a dude…” Don said. Leo and Hazel seemed to exhale- two at once. Piper felt relieved herself. Not Gaia. They were still safe from Gaia in here.
“Don; if you get another dream, you have to tell us.” Jason said. “And in the meantime… you might want to get out of here before the Lares get aggravated.”
Thunder rumbled, which covered the sounds of hooves running out.
“Well,” Octavian said. “That was unfortunate.” Piper didn’t like the sound of it. His definition of ‘unfortunate’ sounded a whole lot different from hers.
“Unfortunate, yes.” Jason said. “An accident? Not at all.”

Ella’s random splurge on the elephant: [link

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She’d followed Percy blindly out of the barrack. Frank was there too, which reassured Hazel that she wasn’t in trouble (at least not in that much trouble), and so was Annabeth. That was all she could make out in the night, until she realised where they were going.
“Why are we going to the praetors’ houses?” Hazel whispered.
“To talk.” Percy said.
He knocked on the door and Reyna opened up. She was still fully dressed, and her eyes were murderous. Hazel tried to look at something less terrifying- like the ground, or her sword, or Frank’s fully loaded razor-sharp quiver.
They walked inside and Hazel felt excited- even if she knew that this couldn’t be good. She’d never seen the praetors’ house before, nor had a lot of people- totally off limit.
There was a kind of vestibule but Percy dragged them into the atrium.
It was a big room and the center part had a huge chunk of roof missing. Right under there was a pool of clear water. The floors were mosaic tiles and the walls were a rich purple colour with golden metal etchings of heroes and beasts and monsters on the walls, with plants hanging in every corner, wrapping around a flat screen television, a small altar called a lararium found in every roman house, and black leather couches. The place seemed to lead into beautiful roman gardens that made Hazel wish it was light out so she could see them better. Benches were installed and you couldn’t see a sign that Reyna lived there, except for lights turned on.
It seemed like such a big place to live on your own, and so much of it was left empty. No wonder praetors always got closer to each other, being alone in here all the time would scare Hazel.
“Jason just went to get Piper and Leo,” she said troubled. “But we need to make it quick- it’s hard to do anything behind Octavian’s back.”
“Behind Octavian’s back?” Frank asked. Ella was perched on the edge of the water basin.
“Trickery,” she said. “Schemes and tricks. 50 Tricks to Teach your Dog-”
“Ella, shh.” Tyson said to calm her down. The harpy took in a deep breath and calmed down a bit.
“Sophie Collins.” She finished.
“This isn’t trickery Ella,” Reyna said. “Octavian is trickery. Octavian is scheming. We have to counter-scheme against it or we’re all dead.”
The door opened and closed. Jason led Leo and Piper into the atrium.
“Let myself in,” he told Reyna. “Hope you don’t mind.”
“Never have.”
“Good; because we have a lot to talk about.” Annabeth said, troubled.
Leo looked at the roof. He’d thrown on some clothes and you could tell he was still asleep because his shirt was inside out and his tool belt buckled too loosely around his waist.
“You want me to fix your roof or something?” He mumbled. Hazel rolled her eyes, but inside her, half of her was laughing, the other half screaming like it was under torture. That was such a Sammy thing to say- but was this really Sammy?
He was a Valdez- and gods he looked like Sammy. Hazel was ready to bet that if he kissed her on the cheek again, it would be just as electric. She wanted it to be Sammy so bad too…
But he was 70 years younger than Sammy was- and Sammy was dead anyways. Gaia had said.
Gaia also said Percy was a pawn. She said she’d make everything okay. Gaia is a liar. Could she have lied about this?
“The atrium is partially open roofed to allow sunshine in and to collect rainwater, Leo, it’s not broken.” Annabeth said.
“And you’re here as honorary prophecy child- you’ll see its super fun.” Percy said, his voice dripping sarcasm like rain clouds.
“First thing’s first- the banner. Who changed it?” Jason asked eyeing Reyna cautiously.
“It’s so high up- you’d need a ladder to get there at least. And a disturbance like that would be noticed.” Frank said.
“He’s right, plus you’d need somewhere to hide the banner while it’s being made.” Annabeth said. “Whoever did this had to have at least 3 things- height, material and privacy.”
“Speaking of material- where does one get plutonium?” Hazel asked. That’s when everyone looked at her. Hazel felt like everything inside of her stopped what it was doing.
“You don’t mean…”
“It’s a metal, Hazel. It’s from the earth- people will put one and two together and, well, you control the earth.” Percy said, trying to be nice about it.
Hazel’s insides went into a death drop.
“I didn’t!” She said. “No! I’ve been on a quest with Percy and-” She was going to say something about Leo, but that would have sounded beyond suspicious. It was already awkward enough that Frank and Percy knew about Sammy –especially Frank- but Leo… She had to figure things out first. Then she’d talk to him. Maybe Sammy was his grandfather –the thought made her heart ache-, maybe it was just a freak coincidence, or… Her brain whizzed with panic, indignation and questions that made her want to scream.
Thankfully Percy cut her anyways.
“Hazel- no one is blaming you.”
“Nobody here is blaming her.” Annabeth corrected. “That Octavian? I don’t like him, and I have a feeling that it’s a mutual thing.”
“Yeah, ditto. Thinking he can work a flying boat just because he’s got godly authority to destroy kid toys.” Leo said. He’d obviously taken that remark to heart.
“I know what an Augury is and everything,” Piper said, “But what’s his story?”
“His mother was a child of Apollo,” Reyna grumbled. “A good one at that; she was praetor of the legion once, and she made it go far. He has the gift of prophecy, and he’s our augury. Centurion of the first cohort and all- but that’s not good enough for him, he sweeps titles up and demands higher ones. He’s been after the title of Praetor forever- since the last two died in the war and Jason and I were raised on shield. He’s been pestering me for the last few months ‘Reyna you’re just vacuuming power, you need to declare elections’. I think he’d have redone the Titan War if he could get his chance.” Reyna said, disgusted. “I was beyond relieved when the legion raised Percy- Percy’s not a schemer, he’s not a backstabber and he’s not a liar.”
“And Octavian is?”
“He’s also a jerk.” Frank offered.
“But enough of a jerk to try and kill someone?” Piper said.
“There’s something else about Octavian though- he’s believed the rumours about Greek demigods since he heard them. He is incredibly suspicious of you, and he is incredibly mad because his ideas of extermination were discarded. But he hasn’t given them up. He hates the Graecus.”
“Oh…” Leo made a face. “Okay, that… Is he popular? Do a lot of people believe him?”
“Yes.” Everyone who’d spent time at Camp said at once.
“Okay… But is it really him?” Leo asked.
“I don’t know.”
“There’s no way of knowing, if he’s as smart as he thinks he’ll have covered his tracks and erased any possible evidence.”
“It was probably an immortal,” Piper said. “Don had dreams.”
“We’re not getting anywhere.” Reyna said, shaking her head.
“I have something else to bring up. Ella.” Annabeth said. “What’s up with her?”
“What do you mean, ‘what’s up with Ella’?” Reyna asked. “We told you exactly where Ella’s from.”
“So here’s one question- where in Olympus did Ella learn to read?” Annabeth said.
That hit everyone like Mars’ grenades and Hazel smacked her forehead. They hadn’t thought of that. Ella was a harpy- a kind of monster- starving in Portland. Monsters were barely ever half as smart as demigods- so how did Ella read? It was the most obvious thing, but nobody had thought of it and it seemed so stupid to everyone now.
“I…” Percy looked at she and Frank dumbfound, like maybe his memory just had another blank and they would know.
“We never thought of it.” Hazel admitted. Annabeth nodded, as if she hadn’t really expected an answer.
“But there is something about Ella that we haven’t told you, we just haven’t had time to.” Percy said.
“Secrets- tricks- magic tricks- The magician gives two volunteers each half a deck of cards and leaves the room (or turns his back)…” Ella went on in her own little bubble as Percy told them about the prophecy lines Ella knew. He looked at Annabeth the whole time, staring in her eyes like she’d understand something they didn’t.
“So she knows these books? She knows what’s going to happen? By heart?” Reyna said shocked.
“We think,” Hazel said. “What other prophetic book that got burnt?”
“But… How old does that make her?” Leo said. “If these books were lost in Ancient times… What the heck?”
“We don’t know, but those lines mean something.” Frank told him.
Jason, Leo and Piper turned to Annabeth straight away.
“What?” Frank asked.
“Frank; my godly parent is Athena; the goddess of wisdom.” She said. “It…”
“It sounds like it’s talking about you.” Piper said, frowning.
“Well, you’re the only daughter of Athena here.” Percy said. “Anybody else like Quinn is a daughter of Minerva, right?”
“I don’t know, Percy, I’m not Wikipedia. And even if I was; Wikipedia is full of faults.”
“Wikipedia. Anyone use. Anyone change. Ella doesn’t like- Ella doesn’t trust.”
“And you’re right on that one, Ella.” Piper said. “But I have a question too- where’s Nico?”
Hazel felt like something inside of her was cracking. She’d tried long and hard to figure out where Nico was, but all she got were tantalising and scary images of Nico being tortured or starved or up to his ankles in raising lava or some other apocalyptical event that had ‘GAIA’ written all over it.
Percy and Frank looked at her discreetly just to check for hairline cracks.
She took a deep breath and spoke up for her brother.
“He went looking for the doors of death,” Hazel said. “And now Gaia’s got him somewhere.”
Eyes widened.
“Nico is gone?” Tyson finally said in total shock.
The earth shall take what the seven want.” Ella muttered. Hazel’s concentration flicked back to the harpy, who kept counting the scale-like rings on her talons.
“Was that another..?”
“Yes,” Percy said. Piper nodded.
“He’s a kind of hostage then.” Annabeth said.
“A prisoner of war.” Reyna said.
“Don’t worry Hazel, we’ll get Nico back.” Hazel’s attention flicked back to the 3 children of war. They were all so different, but so alike at the same time.
“Seriously- what do we do?”
“Look; the reason we’re here in the first place; Octavian.” Reyna said.
“She’s right,” Annabeth said. “If Octavian’s power dies, the quest against Gaia will be stronger and we’ll get Nico and whoever else the earth will take back.”
“We need to do something about that guy.” Percy said.
“You think he’s the one who set off the fireworks?” Hazel asked. Reyna hesitated.
“I don’t know about that,” she said. “I can’t wrap my mind around the idea he’d try to actually hurt someone.”
“Didn’t Julius Caesar get killed?” Frank said. Reyna, Percy and Jason stared daggers at him.
“Look; whatever happened, it’ll probably happen again, and near-death experiences are only the tip of the iceberg.” Reyna said.
“She’s right,” Annabeth said. She looked at Jason with half a smile. “You had no idea what Greek fire was when you came to Camp. You guys don’t fight with that, do you? It’s a Greek thing.”
“So that makes it look like we were the ones who set the trap and wanted to make Reyna a pancake.” Percy said.
“I really don’t appreciate the way you say that.” Reyna said coldly. “But Annabeth is right- it does. Nobody knew what it was until Leo called it ‘Greek Fire’.”
“I shouldn’t have said that…” Leo muttered.
“If you wouldn’t have given an answer we’d have looked secretive and tricky,” Piper said. “You couldn’t win in this one, Leo. I don’t think anybody could.”
“She’s right,” Reyna said. “Just like nobody can get answers just yet. All we know for sure is that you guys aren’t supposed to be here; and it’ll show big time.”

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@Wierdo2- *cue cheesy author catch phrase* That’s for me to know and you to find out.
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@luciaholly- I’m funny? YEAH!
@partypony- No I got that- and same here. I don’t ‘hate’ Octavian I just really, really don’t like his character. But I’m sure there’s a reason. I don’t believe anybody is born evil, I think you become mean, you become a bully, you become sneaky and vile…
@unknown- You need to do the bold like this [ b] and then you keep going and go [/b] at the end. Ignore any spaces I put- and thank you!
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Writing is my element; yes. Words, characters; yes. And I have an account on I’m HecateA there, same spelling and icon and everything. And aww- thank you! My only worry: if I get published, will I still be allowed to write fanfiction? Because I love that…
@MaximumRide12- Hi!
@athena305- Waiting until fall 2012 is much crueller.
@AmazingPercy- Aww, thanks! I’m glad you enjoy!
@MisterPerfect1- Agreed, nobody is better than RR and Rowling right now, which includes me.

This one is long. But the first chapter was meant as a 100-chapter post thing, but I didn’t get to that because I had a frankly horrid week. Then the second one only made it 6 pages and that’s no good for a Friday, and I’ve had a bad week as mentioned, so I try to maybe highlight at least the time it takes you to read this, so now you’ve got three huge chapters… So I won’t post when I get to 100 pages… Maybe on Halloween… I haven’t decided.
Whatever, enjoy, and please review!


He stuck around with Reyna after the others left for the barracks.
“What’s wrong?” Reyna asked him.
“What do you mean?” Jason asked.
“You’re happy to be back,” she said. “But at the same time you’re worried.”
“You nearly got killed, and this looks like it’ll blow up in our faces. I think I have total rights to be worried.” He said.
“I know, and I get that. But you look worried for more. Come on, Jason, I know you. I can read your face. Even this morning you looked nervous, when you were telling Hylla about your sister. Thalia right?”
“Yeah,” Jason said.
“And you weren’t worried just because you met my sister, like the rest of camp,” Reyna said. She didn’t ask Jason for an answer, but just the way she sat down straight, facing him, and looked at him told him that she was waiting for one. Actions always worked better for Reyna.
“A lot’s happening,” he finally said.
“Your sister didn’t come,” Reyna said. “Is that why?”
“I haven’t seen Thalia since we separated at the Wolf House,” Jason said. “Nobody’s heard from the hunters, nobody can contact them, we’ve tried to prey to Dianna, well, Artemis, but she’s as silent as the next god…”
“Oh no…” Reyna said.
“I don’t think they’re all dead, but… But bad things are happening right now and Thalia wouldn’t just ignore the whole camp. Not when Percy was missing, and she just figured out I was alive, and everything else...”
Reyna took his hand.
“She’s going to be okay. Trust me: all-girl power groups are a force of nature.”
Jason smirked.
“Besides, even if she’s Greek; you two are still related. If she’s anything like you, she’s going to make it, and she’ll make sure everyone does in the process.”
“Thanks,” Jason said. He could see her point. He’d seen the hunters battle an army of undying monsters and keep it up; they weren’t going down without a fight anytime soon. “You always know what to say. Or at least with me.”
“Are you making fun of my public speaking skills?”
“I missed you.”
“I missed you too.”
This time Jason was the one who leaned in for the kiss. Reyna wrapped her arms around his neck and Jason wished that would last forever. Everything was so much simpler with Reyna then it was with anybody else, any other time, any place. It was so confusing, but his ideas were so much clearer with Reyna. She could get him to put a million thoughts in line and sort the good from the bad- and that was something Jason needed right now.
“You going to be okay?” Reyna asked when she walked him to the center green.
“’Course,” Jason said. “I’m ready to sleep home again.”
“Sorry to keep you up,” she joked. Jason made a face at her, wished her goodnight and crashed in his bed the second he walked into the house- which felt so incredibly good it should have been illegal. In that 5 second span between lying down and falling to sleep, he didn’t care about the fact that Percy should technically have the house (which he’d been arguing with Percy about for the whole day), about Octavian, hate, or anything. He was just home.

Piper really wished Reyna wouldn’t have been right about what she’d said last night; because that meant a lot of rudeness and near-death experiences.
Jason had flown up and checked up on all the banners in huge detail, but they were all okay. Except for the one that had nearly killed Piper, Hylla and Reyna. Still- Piper felt nervous at meals.
After lunch nobody had eaten any more. Classes had restarted and they’d gotten a tour of the fort, and of the city. It was such a different feel from Camp Half-Blood… Like reading two books from different perspectives; but the story was the same.
Or at least she had thought so until she had gotten to the city. She’d seen families, and babies and toddlers running around the city. A little boy had been running around with a shirt on his head and Jason had been the only one quick enough to catch him and return him to his mother- a woman in her twenties.
“Thank you,” she said. “Long time no see, Jason.” She smiled before returning to an older woman who was waiting by a fountain of Cupid- water dripping from the arrow point.
“How old are the people here?” Annabeth asked. Percy turned to her and grinned.
“I said the exact thing; as old as they live.”
“The city here, New Rome, is a good place to go to college, live and have a family if monsters are a pain for you,” Reyna said. “Of course some people have dreams in politics or travel, and they can’t live here; but a lot of people live here permanently. It’s why we have descendants of demigods here. You guys don’t have that at Camp Half-Blood?”
“Nope,” Leo had said popping the ‘p’.
The whole day they’d wandered around and Piper had thought that eventually, Annabeth would see some structure that she couldn’t take and she’d completely crack. She saw the gardens, the shrines, the temples and it took her breath away. Percy smiled at that.
Jason had excused himself to go to the temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, and he’d caught up with them at a place that sold over 20 types of ambrosia in different formats.
“Da-yum,” had been Leo’s only verdict.
But the whole time the banner haunted Piper’s mind the whole day yesterday, and she was pretty sure Leo and Annabeth and Percy were just as worried.

As for near-death experiences; Piper didn’t get shot at or anything, but she always felt like she was being watched, which led to a night of very little sleep.
And then there was the rudeness…
Piper had tried to introduce herself to a bunch of happy looking kids, who were laughing their togas off when she walked into the mess hall. She’d asked if she could sit down but they’d looked at her like she was asking them to do algebra or speak Chinese.
“Okay, guess not…” Piper said. “Have a nice day.”
She turned back and went to sit with the fifth cohort- seriously upset. It wasn’t that she wasn’t used to mean kids- she’d gone to school with Isabel and lived with Drew, didn’t she?- but she didn’t expect just a blank look. At least talking to her and saying ‘no’ or making a Graecus comment would’ve been appreciated.
“What’s wrong, Piper?” Reyna asked as the aurae flew in with plates. The place immediately started smelling a million times better.
“Nothing.” She mumbled, playing with the cherries in her fruit salad.
“Did someone give you a hard time?” Percy asked.
“Sort-of… Don’t worry about it.” She said.
“Who’d you ask?” Jason asked.
“Those kids over there,” she said nudging her head. Reyna smiled.
“That’s the first cohort,” she said. Piper raked her memory.
“Octavian’s cohort, right? Well that explains it.”
“Yeah, sorry.” Reyna said.

Piper’s breath was cut the second she saw the legions assembled.
Five rows of forty kids- all heavily armed, heavily armoured and standing straight stood in front of their barracks on either side of the Via Praetoria. If Piper had felt queasy when she first saw the crowd when they landed; her stomach was probably on the verge of explosion now.
The gold and red shields in front of every legionnaire made Piper think of dominos, and she was nearly tempted to push on one. She knew the equipment they wore; the pilum, the gladius, the dagger called a purgio, and the armour. But it was so much more impressive to see in person.
A few guards stood with Annabeth, Leo, and Piper at the side, watching it unfold in front of them.
“That’s a lot of man power.” Leo breathed. Piper agreed with him.
Centurions were calling roll, and sorting out the house spirits who were half-way inside people, but standing way away from anybody Greek- which included Percy.
He, Reyna and Jason were catering back and forth –because Percy wanted Jason to be praetor and Jason insisted it was Percy’s job now, so in the end they just had one big conflict about that. In the end, Reyna had gotten sick of it, and she’d told them to share the title. It’d never been done, but never had anything that was going down in the last few days. Except for the murder attempts- supposedly that was common Roman stuff- which made Piper feel great.
“Colours!” Octavian shouted. Every standard bearer took a step forwards- and the kid with the gold eagle, Jacob, smiled with pride even if he wasn’t supposed to. The legion seemed to smile too- even if Piper had no idea what a gold eagle on a pole could change. She imagined you wouldn’t want to be the loser to break centuries of Roman tradition though.
“Romans!” Reyna said, bringing Skippy the Pegasus to a halt. “As you all know- today we are pleased to great 3 Greek delegates from their home in the Byzantium side of the continent; Camp Half-Blood.”
Her voice silenced even the most daring back-of-the-room commentator. Frank, Hazel, Jason and a few others led the example by tapping the ends of their Pilum to the ground in a kind of cheer. Piper spotted Quinn in those numbers.
“We welcome back our consul, son of Jupiter, Jason Grace.”
Nobody had to lead cheers on that one- it just happened.
“Rumours of their stories, who they are and what they do have gone through the legion, and I hope you heard the right ones. If not; you will be able to ask them in person since they’re all going to join cohorts.”
Murmur broke through the legion this time, and Piper felt a whimper build up in her throat. No way in Hades had they decided to..?
“Romans!” Jason yelled for attention. Everyone froze and shut up.
“Does anybody have a problem with that? Because I am sure we can find something else for you to do than meet our allies if there is.” Reyna said coldly. Nobody objected to that.
“Good,” Reyna said. Jason turned to look at the 3 Greek half-bloods. He met their eyes and seemed to ask what about you guys? Piper nodded- she trusted Jason. This sounded like a bad idea to her, but she didn’t know this place. She was going to have to follow Jason’s lead, even if it looked like she was walking on thin ice.
“Leo Valdez,” Jason called. “Cohort 3.”
“Sure,” Leo said. He wore Greek armour. Chiron had made sure they all had a full set of good armour that fit them, and that they could move in it no problem. It was heavy, bulky, and hot- but somehow, for some reason; Piper liked it. It made her feel stronger- and stronger was something she’d take any day.
There was a sword at Leo’s side but Piper worried about Leo- a sword wasn’t his preferred weapon and he’d been so busy building the Argo II, he hadn’t had that much time to train.
“Later,” Leo said, as Percy motioned for the centurion of the third cohort to come forth. Leo said hi, but the centurion was much colder, bringing Leo to his line. Piper hoped he was nicer than he looked now.
“Piper McLean,” Jason called out. “Cohort 4.”
Piper stepped up and swallowed hard, trying not to shake. She had Katoptris at her side, and a Greek sword. She wasn’t thrilled about having to use the sword first, but she’d practised, and Mitchell had promised that she was okay. She hoped Mitchell just wasn’t being nice.
The centurion for the fourth cohort came up to her. A girl with deadly forest green eyes and a strict brown ponytail.
“Piper, this is Joan Golan, daughter of Mars.” Jason introduced. “Joan; Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite.”
“Who’s that supposed to be?” Joan asked. Piper didn’t like the sound of her voice, but she beat Jason to the answer.
“Goddess of love,” she said. Joan smiled.
“Good; you guys are fun to break.”
“We’ll see about that.” Piper said.
“Yeah; we will.” Joan said. She spun around and Piper followed her back to the cohort.
“At the end,” she told Piper. Piper went to the end. On her way down the aisle, Piper saw Quinn, the girl who’d given Annabeth the book. Piper smiled to herself; at least she knew someone in this cohort that didn’t seem to hate her.
She stood next to a guy probably 100 pounds heavier than her.
“Annabeth Chase,” Percy called. “Cohort 1.”

When he saw Octavian’s look, Percy suddenly got a bit scared. The way he looked at Annabeth made him suddenly afraid that he would hurt her or make her do triple the work or something.
Then he saw Annabeth’s look and he got afraid for Octavian.
She held her head high and she was wearing her bronze armour, her knife and a sword tied at the side. She held her head high and her grey eyes were so intense under her helmet… Even after 5 years of knowing her the look she followed Octavian with as he came down crept Percy out.
“You’re kidding, right?” He told the praetors softly.
“Quid es quod metuis?” Annabeth said- in perfect Latin no less. That surprised Octavian. “ Quod ego calcitrare vestrum podex?”
“I’m not afraid.” Octavian sustained, taking Annabeth’s taunts seriously.
‘What are you afraid of? That I’ll kick your butt?’
“Good, because she’s in your cohort.” Jason said. Octavian shot us all a dark look.
“Follow me,” he said sharply before turning back to his legion, probably not expecting Annabeth to follow as quickly as she did. Percy bit the inside of his cheek. She was going to be surrounded by kids who were influenced by Octavian every day, kids who believed what he did. But if one person had to be out there to impress them… Percy picked Annabeth out of a crowd of a thousand.
The assembly broke and the cohorts went out to their own classes- eagle training, gladiator training, Latin lessons, paintball with ghosts, endurance building (basically hanging from a bar until your arms felt like pudding, or the activity was over), and a whole bunch of stuff.
He watched Annabeth follow the legionnaires, then Leo, and Piper. He couldn’t tell which one was more afraid- their faces were plain.
“Piper’s got Latin and she’ll be fine because she speaks two languages with Latin roots, Leo’s got endurance and his arms are strong because of forge work, and Annabeth’s got endurance running, which she does for fun at camp anyways.” Jason said, following the three with his eyes.
“They’ll be fine,” Percy said. “I trust them. So what about us? What the heck are we supposed to do?”
Reyna and Jason both smiled and Percy nearly regretted asking.
“Follow us,” Jason said.
Percy figured it out soon enough; they were in the Fields of Mars, away from the kids who were practising falling from eagles without killing themselves. A medic stood there, reading a book until needed.
Reyna drew her gladius.
“Whenever,” she called out to Percy. He drew Riptide and raised it just in time to block Reyna’s sword. Reyna swept at his feet but he hooked one of them around her ankle, and she fell too, he pinned her to the ground, but before he got his sword to her throat she stabbed him in the side and pushed him off. She did that trick that every action movie star does- swinging her legs while she was on her back and getting to her feet.
Percy couldn’t keep track of how he blocked, who stroke, it all zoomed past like the battle was on fast forward. Reyna wasn’t a daughter of War just by title.
She blocked Percy’s strike just in time, but Percy twisted her blade with the flat of his own sword and she dropped her sword. Percy swiped the hand that reached for the dagger and got it under her chin.
“Oh man…” Jason said.
“You have got to teach me that.” Reyna told him. He lowered his sword. “That’s the quickest I’ve been disarmed in, well, in 8 months.”
“Easy once you get the hand of it,” Percy said. “It’s the first disarming technique I ever learnt.”
“The last you need if it worked so well.”
“Keep your options large,” Reyna scolded. “Show, again.” She picked up her own sword and had Percy show it over and over until she felt satisfied. Watching Reyna’s dark eyes follow his hand’s movement, he could easily see how she’d taught herself how to use weapons onboard a pirate ship.
“Come here, Grace,” she said. Jason walked up to her, holding his sword at ready. Reyna lashed out first, and Jason held his ground okay against Reyna. They were obviously used to fighting each other. But in the end, Reyna managed to twist Jason’s blade from her hand with the flat of hers and it clattered to the ground.
“That’s it?” She asked.
“Yeah,” Percy said. “Or at least it worked.”
“I can bring a sword from your hand no problem Jackson,” as fast as the wind she drew her dagger, and in a move that would’ve made her mother, the war goddess, proud, the sword fell from Percy’s hand.
“I just want to know the strategy,” Reyna said. “Or more importantly; the Greek strategy. That’s something new to me, but it’s basically your whole life for you.”
Percy wasn’t sure what to say to that- yeah, he’d already covered sword fighting classes in the arena last summer and winter, but teach Reyna? She already scared him, no need to teach her more moves, for gods’ sake.
“Sure,” he said.
“It’s not that hard; if you’ve trained Roman you can switch to Greek and vice-versa. That’s what Annabeth said.” Jason told her.
“You fight Greek now?” Reyna asked Jason with a smile like ‘I don’t believe you’.
“No,” Jason admitted, “Not naturally when you just charge me. But, you know, I guess I could.”
“Then come here,” Percy said. He felt excited. This was Thalia’s little brother? So in 3, 2, 1…
He caught Jason’s first stab with the flat of his sword and sent it back. Jason didn’t flinch, and stabbed at his feet, which Percy blocked.
He had no idea how long the fight went, but the only focus point he had was Jason’s sword and his feet and how he was placed, which way he’d swing…
“Okay, this is boring just watching you guys,” Reyna called from the sidelines.
“We haven’t been fighting that long,” Jason said, slashing at Percy’s feet with his sword. Percy blocked and tried to hit the blade from Jason’s hand.
“You’re just super impatient.”
“Just disarm each other or something. Percy- Grace always moves the same way and he’s very repetitive even if he knows more than that. Jason- he can’t fight Roman yet.”
Eventually Jason got Percy by surprise and Percy dropped his sword.
“Good job,” he said offering Percy a hand to get up. Percy accepted.
“You fight with both, you know. You stab and you slash.”
“You fight Greek, it rubs off.” Jason said. Percy nodded, and Jason turned to Reyna.
“Okay, now I’m going to have to show this punk who’s boss.” Reyna said with a grin.
“You try,” Jason smiled. Percy might not be a genius; but he realised that they hadn’t had much time to talk alone since yesterday morning. Besides, there was something he felt like he had to do…
“I’ll be back in a sec, I just want to check on everyone.” Percy said. Reyna nodded.
“Probably a good idea.”
“No offence to you two, but I don’t trust everyone here.”
“That’s fine; we don’t trust everybody here either.” Reyna said. “Take Scipio if you like.”
“No thanks, I’m fine.” Percy said. Every time he saw Skippy he started to miss Blackjack.
He left the fields of Mars and stopped by eagle training.
Kids were lined up waiting for the giant eagles to snatch them up. They flew until they passed a rock that looked like a dagger sticking out from the ground and then the eagles let them go. They had to drop without dying- simple. Piper was a few kids from her turn. She smiled when she saw him.
“Hey,” she said.
“Hey. You doing okay?”
“Me? ‘Course. About to drop from a giant eagle, but I’m cool.” Piper said.
“You’ll… you’ll be, umm, okay.” The girl behind Piper said. It was Quinn Hunter, the girl who’d given Annabeth the book on Rome.
“Thanks Quinn. Percy, you remember Quinn right?”
“Yes,” he said. Quinn nodded and tried to not be there.
“They treating you okay?”
“Yeah. Joan’s a little harsh because I’m Venus material, and I’m Greek. Supposedly the ultimate combo package for weak. All I need are crutches. But you know, whatever.”
“Good for you,” Percy said. “Want me to stick around?”
“If you want to see me die from eagle drop.”
“Absolutely,” Percy teased. Piper made a face as the kid in front of her took off. The first eagle had just dropped his kid and was coming back to pick her up. She took a deep breath.
“You can do it,” Percy encouraged.
“I hope you’re- oh my god, okay!” Piper said. The last part was because the claws plucked her off the ground. Percy followed her into the air worriedly, and when the eagle let go she did exactly what she was supposed to.
She positioned herself in mid-air, exactly right and when she hit the ground, turned the impact into a somersault and getting up perfectly. She didn’t even stumble on her feet. A few legionnaires cheered, impressed and shocked, and Percy joined.
“She did it once,” The Centurion who’d moved up next to Percy, Joan, grumbled. He obviously hadn’t been meant to hear that- but he did. He probably should’ve shut up and let Piper prove Joan wrong herself, but he couldn’t do that. She was right next to him and she was picking on generations of heroes that weren’t.
“On her first time,” Percy countered. Joan looked daggers at him.
“That doesn’t make all Greek warriors good, and it doesn’t make me respect any of you. You can’t change that with your praetorship. If you disagree with that; you go do it yourself.”
“I wish I could; but I can’t fly. You should know; you were at the senate meeting yesterday morning, weren’t you?” Joan turned red like a stoplight.
“Yes.” She said sharply and coldly.
“There you go. Have fun.” Percy said before leaving. Piper was getting a pat on the bat from a few kids, holding her helmet under her arm and smiling like ‘holly Hephaestus I did it!’
Percy smiled. He’d have to congratulate her later.
Annabeth had given him the official rundown on all the new kids after he’d told her about Ella the harpy at lunch yesterday. They ended up not going back to eat right away-not until Reyna had nearly been smashed by the banner. They’d walked around the fort instead, talking. Percy had felt horrible; he’d missed eight months of her projects, her ideas, her problems, and generally her. But he was with her now, and that’s all he could have wished for.
Supposedly Piper hadn’t been the sword mistress champion of camp- but Annabeth sustained that she was getting better and working extremely hard for it. Annabeth said it was like Piper had a point to prove or something. Percy wasn’t sure- half of his brain hadn’t been listening and had just been thinking about how beautiful she looked right then, and was still in shock.
He wandered until he found the third cohort. They’d switched activities and they were conjugating Latin verbs- which sucked for Leo. He looked right through the paper.
“Give me some pointers- I don’t speak Latin!” Leo whispered to him.
“Dig deep, you know it deep down.” Percy said.
“I’m digging, but he’s coming my way and I am not there yet!” Leo said, sounding a bit panicky. Maybe it was just Leo’s spectacular ADHD.
“Add ‘um’, ‘ux’ or ‘ilius’ at the end of something that sounds French or English.” Percy said. “It’s how I passed sixth grade.”
“Thanks,” Leo said.
Percy didn’t stick around for long before he went to go find Annabeth.
A Lares pointed him towards the sword arena and Percy grinned. They had no clue what was coming…
Percy slipped into the coliseum- whose backstage harboured corridors to allow gladiators to move around entrances without escaping seeing as most of them were prisoners, and pulley systems to lift animal cages to special doors and release animals into the arena. Percy hadn’t really asked if they ever had animals in their tournaments. He assumed that no, and that the pulley system was just a part of the design, but he’d been surprised too many times in the last few days.
He made his way to the bleachers- where the first cohort lined the front row. Nobody noticed- they all looked over at the fight in the center, which Octavian followed. Well, of course they did notice, but they didn’t care for long. He sat at the end of a row next to Annabeth.
“Who’s winning?” He asked. She jumped.
“Gods, Seaweed brain, don’t scare me.” She whispered back.
“Too late,” he said. She made a face at him.
“The smaller boy- Troy- is good but his opponent- Oliva- is smart and she’ll have noticed that his right side isn’t defended really well by now.” Annabeth said.
Then just like Annabeth had said; Oliva stroke on Troy’s right side and the kid went down. Octavian put his thumb down –no death- and Troy left the arena.
“Next,” he called, looking up at the bleachers. He saw Percy and shot him a look as another kid jumped into the ring. The fight was 20 seconds tops; the kid was big but that seemed about it. Oliva managed to find a chink in the armour too. He was helped out of the arena.
Annabeth got up and jumped into the arena. She walked up to Oliva and Percy couldn’t help but smile. Annabeth was bigger than Oliva, and so far all she’d counted on as far as Percy could tell was her sense of strategy. Annabeth had been watching that for two rounds. She was taller, most likely stronger, and older than Oliva; more experienced. If Annabeth could throw Oliva off with a Greek style…
Octavian gave them the go, and Oliva stroke first. Annabeth fought in a way that Percy had never seen her pull before; she fought like Frank, Hazel, Reyna, Dakota and everybody else he’d watched at Camp. She fought Roman- and she was good.
It was the longest fight Oliva had had, and she was soon on the ground.
Octavian put his thumb down, and called for the next kid.
It took half a second for the next kid to get out.
And the next.
And the next.
Percy smiled at all the different ways Octavian’s eyebrows and mouth were raising and twisting.
Soon; all the kids had passed through Annabeth. She’d switched from Greek to Roman to a mix of the two- which confused her opponents.
“What was that?” Octavian asked Annabeth suddenly.
“Fighting,” Annabeth said.
“We’re doing gladiator fighting. That wasn’t gladiator fighting.”
“Actually Octavian, the Hoplomachi were a type of gladiator. The name comes from the word ‘hoplite’ which is a Greek soldier; and the name comes from a similarity in fighting styles.” Annabeth told him. Octavian frowned deeper.
“All right; you want to be smart about this?” Octavian drew his own sword. Percy tensed suddenly. Octavian wasn’t centurion for no reason, and he’d watched Annabeth since she stepped into the ring, she was tired, and he’d probably been watching her like a security camera since she got to Camp. That idea bugged him for a reason. Shut up, he hates her.
Annabeth got into an offensive position and Octavian stabbed at her chest, but Annabeth swept his sword away. She slashed at him, but he spun around to avoid the blade. Annabeth kept her arm in movement and swerved her arm to his Octavian in the side. He got her in the shoulder and Percy winced.
The sparring went on for a long, long time. The sun had definitely moved in the sky and the rest of the cohort had stopped cheering their Centurion on ages ago. They didn’t look like yeay Octavian! anymore, it was more of a Can I go home now? Both Octavian and Annabeth looked about ready to pass out- but neither of them would.
Another cohort actually came in and sat down waiting for them to be done.
Their Centurion jumped into the rink and wolf-whistled. Only then did Percy see that it was the fifth cohort: Frank was in there.
“Octavian!” Frank called. “Rule of gladiator fighting- if both soldiers were too tired to continue, fight’s over and it’s a tie. Forgot that, maybe?”
Octavian relaxed his position, but Annabeth didn’t. She kept her sword raised.
“Don’t act so smug, Zhang.” He said.
“You should be the one who’s getting down. Years of telling us the Graecus are unworthy and weak and now there’s a truce called in your gladiator fight against one. I’m guessing she thought others before you too.”
Octavian was about to reply something when Frank turned back.
“Fifth cohort- get in here, teams of two, 5 minute warm up and we get to the good stuff, let’s go!” Frank called.
Both Octavian and Annabeth got a hand into climbing back into the stands. A few kids actually looked dead-impressed with Annabeth.
“You did good.” Percy said when she crumbled down in her seat.
“Oh gods, how long was that?” She asked, slipping her helmet off her face. Her cheeks were bright red and sweat poured down her face.
“45 minutes straight,” someone supplied. “And you fought before too.”
“Thanks Skye,” Annabeth told the girl. Octavian seemed to be in his own corner too. Then he got up.
“Pick yourself up Chase. We’re already late.”
“We’d have been fine if you’d have remembered the rules of gladiator fighting,” Annabeth muttered between clenched jaws. Percy was pretty sure she’d known that, and that it was killing her now. But she did what he asked.
“I’ll see you later,” Percy said.
“At supper.” Annabeth agreed. Percy watched as she, Skye and two other guys left the coliseum.
He was scared of walking in on Jason and Reyna (whatever Reyna said; Percy wasn’t that stupid) so he wandered around the city.
That’s when he heard barking and squawking and he saw Tyson, Mrs O’Leary and Ella running after each other.
Okay; what?
Percy jogged up and Ella circled down and landed in front of him.
“Dog- large dog- hellhound from Hades- eats heroes, not this one, nope, nope.” She informed him. Maybe it was a greeting… Percy wasn’t sure; the harpy confused him and being outsmarted by a bird somewhat bugged him even if he knew there had to be more to Ella than a harpy. Annabeth was right- how had Ella learnt to read?
“Hey Ella.”
“Hello Friend.” Ella said. “Tyson’s brother, a child of the three elder gods…”
“Shall reach sixteen against all odds.” Percy finished for her. Ella nodded anxiously like she was glad that Percy understood.
“Falling from ice the son of Neptune shall drown.”
“Okay, could’ve lived without the second one,” Percy grumbled. “Why’s Tyson chasing Mrs O’Leary?”
“Chasing, Chase, Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, the son of Neptune shall drown.”
“Yeah, I get it, thanks.” Percy said, not really in the mood about hearing about his own death. Again. “Why’s Tyson running after Mrs O’Leary?”
“The Large dog stole Tyson’s toy.” Ella said.
“Tyson’s toy?”
“Yes. Toys R Us, headquarters in Wayne New Jersey… Toy for Percy.”
“A toy for me?” Percy asked. Ella nodded and took off. She swooped down and plucked something from Mrs O’Leary’s mouth. She hovered around Tyson like a helicopter before dropping her loot in his hands.
“Thank you Ella.” Tyson said. He whipped it with a corner of his faded shirt and saw Percy.
“Percy!” He said. Percy braced himself for a bear hug but it didn’t happen- he still stumbled.
“Hey big guy,” he said.
“Percy didn’t leave again! Yeay! Annabeth not crying this morning!”
“You guys really don’t- wait what?” Percy said. “What do you mean Annabeth’s not crying?”
“Annabeth very sad when Percy gone. Thought Percy was dead. But Percy still here!”
“Yeay, right, guess that rules out the possibility of an Egyptian camp or whatnot.” At the rate things were going- they could use another super-powerful godly army, but guess not. They were already having a lot of trouble uniting Greek and Rome together anyways. He wasn’t ready to tackle Persia or whatever. “Hey- do you know what Ella’s talking about?”
“No,” Tyson said. “Tyson never understand. Only understand why.”
“Ella nice. Nervous. Words make Ella not nervous.”
“What is she nervous about?” Percy asked. Tyson shrugged.
“Words. Words make Ella nervous, but also make Ella not nervous.”
“Okay… Sure.” Percy said trying to figure that one out. Again; always outsmarted by a bird. Everywhere he went. Always.
“I have something for you.”
“A toy?” Percy asked. Tyson frowned.
“Ella’s words.”
“Oh.” Tyson understood. “Yes. Ta-dah!” He showed Percy what looked like a small iPad or something, except square and thicker. It hung on a keychain with a metal blue frame.
“Oh cool.” Percy said. “What does it do?”
“Toy with pictures, Picture to burn, Taylor Swift…”
Percy looked back on the mini-keychain-iPad and saw three buttons.
“That one.” Tyson said pointing to the top one. Percy pushed it and his eyes widened. The screen showed him a picture of his mom and him on her wedding day. She was smiling, and Percy had never seen her look prettier before. He wished she could’ve done that 8 years earlier.
“Percy’s mom.” Tyson said.
“Yeah…” Percy said in a daze. Tyson pushed the button under and it was a family picture with Paul. Then one of Percy –about 6 years old- at a beach that could only be Montauk. Then he saw a picture of Camp Half-Blood. Half-Blood hill, the view from the central green, cabin 3 with Connor and Travis in it…
“Hey- what are they doing in there?”
“Took pictures.” Tyson said. Percy noted that he’d have to search their bunks if his stuff was missing when he got back to camp. He would get back to camp.
Grover, Rachel, Connor, Travis, Nico, a bunch of random pictures showing fingers in the lens and the ground meaning that the Stolls were wrestling for the camera (and just another proof demigods weren’t made for technology), Annabeth Jake and Leo in the forge looking up from blueprints and smiling like ‘okay, now go away so we can carry on’. Chiron, that kid from school Jon that he hung out with, the canoe lake (which made Percy smile), the beach, the fields where Katie was rolling her eyes at Travis who was close enough to put an arm around her, another picture of Travis being pushed into strawberries which meant that he’d tried…
“Everything’s in here?” Percy asked shocked. Tyson nodded with a grin.
“Percy like?”
“I love it. Thanks big guy.” Percy said giving Tyson a slap in the back. It made him feel homesick though. Seeing everything he’d missed, his mom, his friends who weren’t here, his teacher… It only made him promise to himself that he would get back home soon.
Percy slipped it in his pocket and Tyson dragged Percy to show him the fort’s forge- which he and Leo had sniffed out yesterday. It was small, and only two guys were working it. This thing only made weapons; no inventions, no thing-a-ma-bobbers and definitely no flying ships. Leo and Tyson must’ve been pretty disappointed; nothing like camp or under the sea. Then again, a forge was a forge.
They even let Tyson come with them when he asked. By now, Tyson was a master at a forge, and he had the two kids impressed in less than 5 minutes and 2 swords.
“Tyson works, Tyson strong, Tyson protect Ella…” The harpy blushed furiously and Tyson became the reddest Cyclops in the history of either Greece or Rome.
“Ella will go read now- words good- Good to You Marianna’s Trench… Goodbye Percy, goodbye Tyson, Ella leave.”
Percy figured that he should follow Ella’s example and move on, especially when he unscripted the roman numerals on the forge’s clock and saw the time.
“You good here?” He asked Tyson. Tyson nodded with a huge grin on his face.
“Kay, I’ve got to go, muster is anytime and I can’t be late.” Percy said turning around. He froze.
“Oh and Tyson?”
“Yes, brother?”
“She really is a pretty harpy- and she totally likes you.” Tyson blushed again.
“Pretty, smart and nice.”
“3 good things- go for it.” Percy told him. Tyson was still thinking on that when Percy ran to the barracks for muster. Reyna and Jason were already there.
“There you are! Gods of Olympus, where were you? We can’t trust either one of you on your own- I completely agree with Annabeth at this point.” Reyna said.
Jason made a face at her. “You think having no memory and sitting in a school bus is fun? ‘Cause it’s not.”
“Yeah, nor is being asleep… Somewhere for eight months.” Percy said. Reyna rolled her eyes.
“I’m going to get Scipio. Jackson, make sure your armour’s straight or Octavian will make sure we hear about it.” She said before leaving.
“How were they? How were they doing?” Jason asked. “Everyone was okay?”
“I think so. Piper was pawning at the eagle drops, Annabeth got in a gladiator fight with Octavian-”
“You’re kidding.” Reyna said.
“I swear I’m not.”
“How did it end?” Jason asked.
“Frank put an end to it because they were both pretty much exhausted. I don’t know how she is right now but… I’m guessing –well I hope- she’s alright. I think they all are. Well, Leo might have had a tough time with the Latin verbs…”
“Leo can’t speak Latin.” Jason said. “I’ve tried, but just… I think Seymour understood it better than he did.”
“Who did?” Percy asked.
“The leopard. In the mess room.” Jason said. The answer finally popped up in Percy’s head. The stuffed leopard… That creep of a feline hanging in the… That Mr D dug out from somewhere- right. Jason must’ve seen it click in Percy’s eyes because he said;
“Your memory’s still coming in?”
“It’s been two days; I wish Hera would make it hurry up.” Percy said. “Yours took how long?”
“A week or two,” Jason said. “Down to the tiny details like the principia’s ceiling, or Vitellius’ ancestry or whatever. Yours shouldn’t take as long. I mean, you’ve got Annabeth here to remind you of whatever you’d forget.”
“Yeah.” Percy said. “It must’ve been tough. Having 8 months of knowing what you were missing and missing it.”
Jason nodded.
“It was hard. Sometimes I’d just lie awake thinking about how many new kids were making the run from the Wolf House to here, or how bad Reyna was having it with Octavian and whatever.” Jason said. “But at the same time, at least I didn’t lose eight months of my life. That sucks.”
“Yeah it does. Hera sucks period.”
He grinned.
“Shouldn’t be saying it, especially me, but yeah. On that one she does.” Thunder boomed, but both of them ignored it.
“But what sucks even more for you is that we’re not stopping at Camp Half-Blood before going to Greece and Rome. You won’t see it for a while.”
Percy nodded but took out the keychain.
“Tyson gave me this. I’ll make-do, I guess. I got to hear my Mom on the answering machine.”
“You should call again,” Jason said. “When they’re awake in New York. We keep one phone in the principia, so you could.”
“Really?” Percy asked, suddenly excited.
“Yeah, for emergencies and things like that. I’ll show you after muster. Reyna probably just didn’t think of it.”
“Didn’t think of what?” She asked, shouldering Jason on Scipio now.
“Nothing,” Jason said. “It’s not important, really.”
To Percy it was really important, and he started not being able to wait for them to leave as the legions started filling in.
It was just muster; nothing new, nothing interesting, and Percy’s mind was elsewhere. Jason stood behind Reyna and Percy because, as usual, he didn’t want to make it look like he was praetor. Percy has asked him several times if he wanted his job back or something, but Jason said no every time and Percy was starting to believe the guy was honest. In the meantime it wasn’t worth it for him to re-join a cohort because the Argo II was leaving soon. And when the Argo II got back, Percy wasn’t planning on keeping the name of praetor or ‘roman’; Jason could be praetor again.
Piper stumbled over her foot in the fourth cohort, but she got up quickly and kept going. Leo was focusing on his feet. Percy didn’t see Annabeth great from where he was but he hoped she was alright. Nobody collapsed in the first cohort’s ranks and that was as good as Percy could think of.
When everyone started heading to the mess hall, Percy immediately went to see her.
“You doing okay?” He asked her. She raised her arms to try and pull off her helmet but winced. Percy took her helmet off for her and saw how pale she was, sweat trickling down her face.
“My arms are killing me.” She said.
“Common,” Percy said taking her to the first cohort’s barracks. “Let’s ditch you armour and get you to eat.”
Annabeth explained her day as she put her armour away.
“So basically it started off with Octavian telling me that I was out of proper armour. Then I told him that this was proper Greek armour. So he hated me even more right there because I was right and he wasn’t, and it was probably rubbing it in his face that I’m from the original group of demigods.”
“Okay,” Percy said thinking ‘here we go’.
“Second, we had Latin lessons, and the Lares made it go to verbs and he kept cornering me for these things but I speak Latin just fine. Then there was the gladiator thing, which drained half of my energy. Then we did deathball with the ghosts, and they were nearly all after me because supposedly the whole Civil War was my fault. And then the day ended with eagle landings, and for some reason Octavian made me go first which meant that I went once more than the other kids. I landed awkward, my shoulder sort of cracked and he was all over me with a speech I mostly tuned out but sounded a bit like ‘if you can’t keep up you don’t belong here’.” Annabeth said.
“Is your shoulder okay?”
“I’m fine, Skye popped it back into place.”
“But you’re still half dead.” Percy said.
“Yes, but I’m okay.” Annabeth lied. “Common, let’s go Seaweed brain, or they’ll think we got lost.”
“Maybe we could get lost?” Percy offered. Annabeth smiled.
“Just this once?”
“On purpose?”
“Alright,” Annabeth said, taking his hand.
They should’ve gone to the mess hall but they wandered down to New Rome instead.
They saw down on the edge of the fountain with Cupid and watched. It was quieter now around; people were settled at home or at friends’ for supper. A couple was throwing grapes at each other’s open mouths, and the girl at the sidewalk café was bringing sandwiches and soups to tables. A big sister and her little brother were having a picnic on a spread out blanket, and a mother was yelling out her kids’ names down the street until they ran home from a park.
“It seems so surreal,” Annabeth said. “With all these families everywhere.”
“It does.” Percy said. “But it seems so good too.”
“Yes,” Annabeth said. “Maybe one day that’ll happen.”
“To us?”
“Amongst others,” Annabeth said. “But yes; hopefully us.” Percy kissed her.
“I hope so.”
“So you survive the Argo II, okay?” Annabeth said.
“You’re not coming?” Percy asked surprised.
“Well, I told Octavian on the first day here. I don’t think this is about me.”
“What about Ella’s lines?” Percy asked.
“That I don’t know.” She said after hesitating. “But I’m not the only child of wisdom.”
“You’re the only child of Athena.” Annabeth gave him a look.
“I’ve been wrestling with prophecies my whole life and a lot of it was about you, Seaweed brain. Can we just relax this one night before all Hades breaks loose? Times two? I shouldn’t have brought it up anyways.”
She brought her legs up on the fountain’s basin and stretched them out slowly, trying not to wince.
“You’re sure you’re okay?”
“I’m soar; it’ll go away by morning if Reyna takes Piper and me to the bath again. That was new.”
“Tell me about it.” Percy said. “Things are so different here.”
Annabeth nodded and you could tell everything in her head was shifting and rearranging itself to fit. Annabeth’s brain was like an octopus to Percy- it could do eight things at once and still get them all right and he just stood there going ‘what?’ Except he’d never kiss an octopus, and he couldn’t go a day without kissing Annabeth again.
“Not necessarily bad,” she said. “I mean, sure, some things I hate. Like the big opening Octavian has for his trickery and lies, or the fact he’s got all the power over all these kids and he wraps them in lies like Santa wraps a present. But it’s like camp that way. You’ve got the Clarisses, the Drews, and then the kids like you.”
“Okay- what’s his name,” Percy joked. Annabeth hit his arm and laughed.
“Shut up, Seaweed brain. I’m talking about loyal, good, honest people who know right from wrong. And aren’t necessarily the smartest.” She kissed him. “You can be such an idiot sometimes, it blows my mind away.”
“You blow my mind away.” Annabeth smiled and her fingers touched his chest.
“You miss home?” She was pointing at the faded words that Percy hadn’t been able to read before. Now he knew it was ‘Camp Half-Blood’. His heart ached.
“Yeah,” Percy said. “So bad.”
“It’s doing okay.” Annabeth said. “Everyone misses you. I’ve talked to your mom a million times, and she misses you too.”
“I called her. In Alaska. There was a payphone, and I had change…”
“I’m guessing she didn’t pick up because it was night.” Annabeth said. Percy nodded.
“She would have. And having that message on her phone is going to make her summer, Percy. We love you, and we’ve missed you.” Percy kissed the top of her head and she leaned back on him. It was quiet- and for once quiet was good. Actually; scratch that, because when it was quiet things tended to then blow up in his face. Quiet with Annabeth was good.
Actually, right now, even if they were off on the most dangerous quest yet and time was counting down on it, as well as on a big prophecy that looked promising to count both of them into doomsday; anything with Annabeth was good.

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@luvseaweedbrain- Why thank me? RR created her.
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@StormOrFire- Rome was more expanded, so I wanted the demigods to come from more backgrounds than just America. Raphael Semone was Brazilian, Carmen and Jonno were Canadian, Zane’s mother immigrated from Africa- and of course Gwen and her bros were Welsh. I’m glad you enjoyed, I actually really miss those characters.

So, I finished page uno-hundred yesterday at 7:14, but I knew I was publishing today, so I waited like a big girl :DDD

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Halloween is my favourite holiday, or at least tied with Christmas for me so here is a chapter.

This is a chapter that I think a lot of you are going to enjoy, or at least be excited to read (Percy4ever, I’m looking at you amongst others)

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Quinn thought names were incredibly ironic.
Percy Jackson was named after Perseus, the gorgon slayer, and that was the monster he’d churned up in the Tiber the day he got there. Jason Grace was named after the Jason, the one who’d first sailed on a ship called the Argo. ‘Annabeth’ was an anagram of ‘Athena’ with an added ‘b’ and ‘n’, who was her mother. ‘McLean’ –Piper’s surname- was the actor for the main protagonist in ‘The King of Sparta’ which was a story that happened in Greece.
Quinn was short for Quintina, which meant ‘5’ and there were always five problems in Quinn’s life. And one of them, for today, was the small group with all the ironic names.
Sure; Quinn had felt drawn to the small group when she’d seen them all. There was no way she was Greek, but she didn’t feel scared or repulsed like Joan said they all should. Did that make her a bad soldier?
The daughter of Athena, Annabeth Chase, intrigued Quinn the most. Maybe because they were sisters, but she didn’t think so. Quinn had other sisters and they never had that effect. The startling grey eyes were strategizing and Quinn kept thinking that she had to be a part of that.
[i[No,[/i] she chided herself. You’re buying into what the voices say. You can’t start doing that.
Maybe that was why Quinn had gone up to see Annabeth and given her the book that first day. So she could see the Greek group closer, and really access strength. Of course, she’d made a fool of herself. She hadn’t doubted that she’d be tongue-tied the second everyone looked at her, but she got what she wanted.
Or maybe it was because she remembered being new to scary places, and she didn’t want scary places to be scary forever.
When the praetors had announced that a Greek demigod would be in each cohort, Quinn had gotten excited. The fourth cohort was very anti-Greek thanks to Joan, it would only be logical for the praetors to send a Greek half-blood there, in the hopes of changing that. She thought that maybe Annabeth would come, maybe she could be kind, and then maybe she’d get to know the strangers and figure things out.
They’d sent Annabeth to the first cohort, but it made sense to Quinn because the strongest fighter should fight the strongest opposition- which was without a doubt Octavian. The girl called Piper McLean –like Tristan McLean- came in. Quinn was a lot shier around her than she imagined herself being around Annabeth, but she did her best.
Piper even sat with her at supper that night with her best friend Cate, Josh, and Jedediah.
Quinn was very unroman-like in one big aspect; she was a social stub. Parties? Run and hide. Oral presentations or talking to people? Worth moving to New-Zeeland to avoid. Socialising in general? That required a 3 hour reading therapy to get over. She didn’t hop from table to table like everybody else, and that was fine because everyone came to see Cate.
She was a daughter of Trivia- a pretty Arabic girl with the brightest smile Quinn had ever seen on a person. That spread to her personality; Cate Amjad was everyone’s friend.
Cate had been friends with a guy named Josh forever. He didn’t believe he could get hurt until he actually did- maybe because his father was a son of Hermes (Martin Ayano)- and he always had his head in the clouds- maybe because his mother was a nebulae. He had almond shaped black eyes and out-of control black hair.
Finally Jedediah Adams… Quinn had no idea where to start; but it didn’t matter where she would, her heart would go on a little tap dance anyways. He had thick, chestnut coloured shaggy hair and deep green eyes. He could be chatty person, but at the same time he was quiet. He talked but he never said anything. His father was a minor god, Virtus, of bravery and military prowess. Today he was wearing a brown military jacket with an American flag on the sleeve, and baggy jeans- how he managed to look good in anything beat Quinn, but he did. He often looked up at Quinn; they locked eyes, and looked away.
Quinn wasn’t stupid just because she was shy; she knew that she and Jedediah flirted a lot and she knew like heck that she liked Jedediah. But she always looked back down. She had to.
They made a pretty unlikely quartet, but Quinn didn’t mind, she loved it. She loved having people she knew would always let her sit next to them. She’d always been at the mercy of numbers when it came to finding a place in the cafeteria, or group projects before she got to Camp nearly a year ago. She hoped Piper didn’t feel like that in New Rome, but Quinn could tell probably not.
Cate and Piper took off a conversation in no time about… cereal? Quinn didn’t know, but she’d zoned out of the world and into her thoughts.
Back before Camp…
It had just been the May of last year –the 24th- but it seemed so long ago to Quinn. Really; Camp had been with her all her life. She might not have known about the war banners or legion, but she’d always known there was something more deep down. It might be because of the voices.
No; Quinn had counted herself as crazy because of those- even if she thought she was perfectly fine, she answered riddles perfectly, and aced tests. It had frustrated her beyond relief.
Really what must’ve set Quinn off was her mother.
Quinn had never officially met her mother, but if you asked her what the goddess looked like, how she stood, or how she made her words; Quinn could tell you perfectly.
She was about 6 years old. It was dark outside, and Quinn was lying in bed listening to voices. But they weren’t the voices, it sounded like Dad and a… a woman? That was weird; there never were any women around the house if it weren’t for Grandma.
She tip-toed out of bed and peeked through the railings of the staircase, perched on the highest stair. She saw the woman- she had dark black hair braided down her back and she wore jeans and a white blouse. She stood straight and there was something hanging on her waist. A… A sword? A short sword, but Quinn was sure that it was a sword. She wasn’t losing her mind.
“She’s not cursed!” Dad said. “Quinn isn’t cursed she’s perfect!”
“I’m not throwing the word as an insult, Michael.” The woman said. “On the contrary, Quinn is brilliant. She will be so, so great. But I am saying it as a very serious and literal warning.”
Dad sighed and ran his hand through his hair.
“Okay what… What kind of curse? I know there are a million, but...”
“That I can’t say,” the woman told Dad. “I’m not entirely sure what would happen if it was broken, and thus is the origin, isn’t it?”
“I suppose.” Dad said.
“All I can tell you is that it will burden her, and that the consequences will surely be terrible.”
“How… How do I protect her, Minerva?” Dad asked. The woman that must be Minerva seemed to hesitate for a moment.
“Some secrets are heavier known than silent, and it is a warning only to be carried on later. Are you sure you would like to know?”
“Knowledge has hurt me, but never wounded.” Dad said. Minerva smiled a bit.
“Wise words,” she said.
“I heard them from a wise woman.”
“Flattery won’t get you anywhere.”
“Who said this was flattery?” Dad replied.
“If you insist… Quinn must never marry.”
“Never marry?”
“Never.” Minerva said it like the opposite would be disastrous, an early 2012.
“She’s only 6 years old, though.”
“12 years from the legal age,” Minerva said. “For you, 12 years is nothing, but much can happen in 12 years. Bad things will stir in under 5 if my calculations are correct. And I did say that Quinn’s curse was not an immediate threat.”
“You did,” Dad said. “Although knowing in advance won’t hurt. It is easier to prevent then to heal, no?”
“Here; yes.” Minerva said. “But it would all depend on the injury. I would be ready to lose my life in battle and never be healed than to be careful and make the world collapse. Perhaps it’s just me. But just… Be careful with her, Michael. Her future is unclear, but it is rocky and uneven for sure.”
Dad took a deep breath.
“Look, when you gave her to me I figured that I could probably manage, but now… Now you’re telling me that there’s a curse? How do I tell her when she needs to know? Do I send her off to the camp early? How do I do this? Nobody knows about… Nobody knows about Quintina, they only know about Quinn, as a way of saying it. Not my brother –especially not my brother-, not my mother, not my best friend, no one. What if something happens and I can’t tell her? Who will?”
Minerva put a hand on his shoulder.
“You do it like you’re doing it now. Quinn is a happy, loved child. She’s being raised right, you’re teaching her the right things and I love you for it. Don’t be afraid,” she said. “And if you need help… Don’t think of me as gone. Think of me as out of sight. But when you want me gone, I will respect your wish.”
The woman had turned towards the backdoor and as she turned she caught Quinn’s eye. She was very pretty with grey eyes twice as bright as Quinn’s and also very threatening. Quinn somehow knew she’d already seen them, once. Long ago, maybe. But she had seen them. Leaning over her when she was very, very little. Maybe a baby…
For how long had the woman known Quinn was listening? Maybe since she’d tip-toed from her room. The woman didn’t call her out, and she didn’t stop to say something else. She looked at Quinn, and dad walked her out of the house.
Quinn has run back to bed and she pretended to sleep when Dad came to check on her, and close her light. Quinn hadn’t even whimpered when it became dark.
When she’d gotten to Camp when she was 12, Dad hadn’t had a chance to tell her about the curse- the wolves had picked her up as she walked home from school. They’d taken her all the way from Thurso to San Francisco. It had taken days of walking- after all, Thurso Quebec was on the East side, and Quinn hadn’t taken long to stop trying to relax her aching muscles. The she-wolf Lupa had been more aware of her limits then the wolves. She’d fixed Quinn up, and pushed her limits again before sending Quinn to San Francisco.
Quinn had found out that Minerva was the goddess of wisdom and intelligence, and it had made a lot of sense to Quinn. Dad had always wanted to go to college, but money was already scarce because there were 3 boys in the family and his dad had left his mother months before Quinn’s dad was even born. That was why Quinn’s grandmother had given Dad her maiden name and not her father’s, because she didn’t believe on giving her son the name of a man who’d never seen him and never would.
He’d saved up for university, but when his eldest brother Tyrone had gotten sick with stomach cancer, dad had tapped into his university savings for treatment far from home, and then for the funeral when he didn’t make it.
He’d worked more and was about to start taking night classes when his brother had become an alcoholic and he’d had to help there too. As thanks he’d cut himself for the family, or Dad had cut him out when Quinn was born, or something had happened and nobody was quite sure what had happened to Gabe.
So in the end, Dad lost both his brothers and whatever money he had to go to university. But he wanted to learn very badly. Instead of going to college like he wanted to, he ended up carrying on the family shop, ‘Sweet’s Bakery’, something he’d never, ever wanted to do.
He’d learnt from books, from watching game shows like Jeopardy and remembering the answers, listening to people, and reading. A lot. He was already smart. Quinn had always thought that that was how he’d met Minerva- a man who wanted to learn really badly and the goddess of wisdom. It was a no brainer to Quinn. But when she’d been told who Minerva was, Quinn had known right away that it was the woman who’d come to warn Dad about her curse.
“Are you thinking algebra or quantum physics?” Someone asked. Quinn blinked once and realised Jedediah had spoken. She probably blushed because she wasn’t obvious enough as it was.
“History,” Quinn said.
“Awe, close.”
“Not even.” Quinn said. He shrugged.
“It’s from a book,” he said. “I don’t understand it. Your super-brain can. See- basically the same thing.” Quinn laughed.
“History is a study, algebra is math.”
“I’ll remember that,” Jedediah promised.
Quinn had never cared about the curse before. For some reason, the guys at school had always run after Quinn, but she could always outrun them. Literally. Left in the dust, egos busted; they generally left her alone. But Jedediah wasn’t running at her, and even if he was, Quinn wasn’t sure she’d run either.
That was the first time she minded the curse; she didn’t want to run away from Jedediah, but eventually she’d have to. She wouldn’t let herself get close to anyone like that; not in that way. And that was exactly where she and Jedediah were going; Quinn knew it. When you shut off the part of her that remembered the curse and Minerva’s warning; she didn’t mind. She wished she could have that part surgically removed.
“Personally, I think they’re both as confusing. Less than science though.” Jedediah said.
“It’s not that hard when you get it explained right.”
“So explain it right,” Jedediah said.
“Umm… Err… The principle of Archimedes?”
“Whoa- I’m talking, like, sixth grade stuff here.” Jedediah said.
“You’re not in sixth grade!” Quinn said. “What, a-about, umm… The human body?”
“I know all I need to know about the human body. You get stabbed, you bleed. You bleed too much or your organs and junk get damaged, you die.”
“You’re being very one-minded about this.” Quinn said raking her brains. Jedediah laughed and Quinn felt herself smile too.
“Okay; what about the parts of a cell? Or the particular theory?”
“Let’s go with the one that sounds easier to spell,” Jedediah said.
“Parts of a cell then. Well, it depends on the cell, but most cells have 3 big parts; the cell membrane- also called the plasma membrane, the nucleus, and mitochondria.”
“Sound that out for me will you?” Jedediah asked.
Jedediah repeated.
“Exactly. The nucleus is in the middle and it has the hereditary material of the cell. Like its DNA, and it controls the growth and reproduction of the cell. The plasma membrane is a kind of envelope, it surround the cell. And the mitochondria is the part of the cell that feeds it- it breaks down food like your stomach does, and takes them in, like your mouth. There can be thousands of them in a cell, it depends how much energy the cell needs to work. Like, a muscle cell which helps you move and needs energy will have more than a nerve cell, that passes signals to the brain.” She said. “Was that too complicated?”
“Membrane- envelope, nucleus- DNA, mitochondria- food.” Jedediah repeated cautiously. “Was that it?”
“Exactly!” Quinn said.
“Then I guess it’s not that hard.”
“See? You’re not- not- you’re not bad at it. You’re smart.” Quinn wished she could swallow back the compliment. No. “May-maybe the particular theo-theory c-could work.”
“The name scares me.” Jedediah said. Quinn laughed.
“Never had it explained better before, though.” He said. Quinn blushed. Thankfully Cate bailed her.
“Oh my gosh! I forgot to go feed the cat!” She said.
“You have a cat?” Piper asked.
“I have a cat!” Cate said. “Common Quinn!”
She grabbed Quinn by the arm and dragged her out of the mess hall, narrowly avoiding a plate of Meat Lover’s pizza that was zooming towards some guys from the second cohort.
“You really can’t even just, you know, date a guy?” Cate asked as they scrambled down the stairs. Quinn sighed.
“I don’t think so. It’s driving me nuts! Jedediah is… I really like him Cate.”
“Yeah; I know, he knows, Josh knows, Piper’s probably already figured it out. Huzzah! Now we’ve got to figure out what to do about this.” Cate said.
“You can’t tell him!” Quinn said alarmed. “If he finds out it’ll scare him off. I… I at least want him, you know, talking to me.”
“His dad’s the god of freaking bravery. I don’t think a teeny-weeny curse is scaring material, and let’s be honest, neither do you.”
Quinn sighed.
“You’re right.”
“Of course I am. Now; we’re looking for a small Calico male… He’s missing an ear and the other isn’t doing so good…”
“Where did you get a cat?” Quinn asked.
“I can make weird things out of mushrooms and spit,” Cate said.
Quinn looked around. It was getting dark.
Soon it was curfew and Quinn got shivers. Soon…
“You cold?” Cate asked.
“No,” Quinn said. “I’m okay. I just had a mental image of you, spit and mushrooms.”
Cate laughed.
“It’s not pretty,” she said. “Not as pretty as, say, Jedediah.”
“Stop teasing me Cate.”
“If I would do that, I wouldn’t be your best friend, now would I?”
“I wouldn’t be looking for your fungus feline if I weren’t your best friend; but I’m not teasing about your crush on the ambassador of Pluto.”
“Hey- he’s bad boy, I like that. Anyways, you’re right; fungus cat first, complicated but cute boys later. Come.” Cate said dragging Quinn down the Via Principalis.
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