The Fanfic The Mark of Athena (book 3)

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Title: The Mark of Athena (book 3)
Rating: T
Main Characters: Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Reyna, Leo, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Octavian, Thalia, Nico, Tyson, Clarisee

OC: Anthony Sharp: son of minerva more info soon
Eric Willow: son of apollo more info soon

Synopsis: The arrival of the Greek demigods in Rome sparks some tension between everyone. Ther are plenty of anti-Greek people at Camp Jupiter *cough* Octavian *cough* there is a prophecy that needs fulfilling

""Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.
To storm or fire the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.". And another made by Ella the Harpy

"Wisdom's daughter walks alone,
The Mark of Athena burns through Rome."

Nobody really understands the prophecies yet they all seek to fulfill them. They know from Thanatos that the journey must go to Rome first. But what is waiting for them there? Then something worse must be waiting for them in Greece, right? I mean what could go wrong demigods flying halfway around the worls in boats. Some of the most powerful demigods that exist all near each other. Jupiter, Poseidon and who else's children will represnt the gods. And what gods will help bring down the giants?

Disclaimer: All rights go to Rick Riordan, aka the best writer ever because he was the on who came up with the idea of PJ that we all love soooooo much!

A/N: This is my first attempt at a fanfic. I've written a few ideas down here and there so i decided to attemp a fanfic. Previously located in The Heroes of Olympus
I will post every Monday and Thursday.
If i get ahead i will post extra chapters here and there
I LOVE you comments... So comment it up in here!!!!!!!!!
Hope you like it so far
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over a year ago fireuser66 said…
I will i am starting now (and by the way your comments are what motivate me to write so the more comments the quicker i will post)
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Chapter 7
It was time. Around an hour ago i was able to send a message to the Roman Campers saying we would be there soon. We were about one minute from landing. Hazel. What should i ask her first. Does she even know who my grandfather is? I think she will be angry at me for some reason. So many people allways end up angry at me. Maybe it's because i am impulsive and don't allways think about what i do before i do it. Oh gods we are landing.
1 minute to go before all hell breaks loose and i have to stop it. All by myself. I feel like i am constantly alone. I wish Hera never messed with my memories. It would be so much easier. If i ever had the chance i would attack her. It doesn't matter that she is a god i could still best her. i just know it somehow. Oh gods we are landing.
Well i'm almost back home from a short absence. Only 1 minute to go. Nobody probably noticed. I doesn't matter to me. I got to meet Piper! Ahe was perhaps the most marvelous person ever. She was beautiful, witty and best of all powerful. She could stop people in their tracks by simply speaking. She was mezmerizing in more waus than 1. Oh gods we are landing
Only a minute before i get to finally be back home. Was it really even home any more? I felt just as obliged to Camp Half Blood. I would stand by them in a war between the Greeks and Romans. I know it seems wrong, but it feels right. Reyna. Something still felt weird about my memories of her. Almost... Almost as if Hera was still blocking certain things and changing others. I'm not going to lie. I don't know what to expect when we arrive. Oh gods we are landing.
1 minute untill i get to see him. 1 minute untill i get to kiss him. 1 minute untill i get  to kill him... 1 minute untill i get him to explain. What happened while he was away. He better not be too close to any of the Romans or else i'd have to kill him again. He was an idiot. But my idiot, if anyone tried to steal him they'd end up seriously injured or dead. Oh gods we are landing.


I gathered all of my things, which was basically a backpack filled with numerous items that demigods find useless, pictures of my dad and I, and my new necklace. Why did i feel like i was going to need it sooner than later? Oh well. I went up to where we were meeting before we ledt the ship.
I was too excited to see Percy. I hastily grabbed Daedulus' laptop, my hat, and my backpack. I sprinted to where we were meeting. Then i remembered Nico. I went and got him. Hopefully they'd be able to do something.
I needed nothing. I was home. I casually left my room and headed to the randezvous. 
Here we go! I was excited. I couldn't wait to meet the Romans and show off my ship. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they find out that i was the one to make it! Time to leave and meet up with the others.
Well i had nothing so o headed straight for the others.
We all stepped off of the ship. The first thing i saw was Percy. He was just plain awesome-looking! then i saw Reyna. for some reason my eyes watered violently. Must've been my allergies. We stood staring at each other before Percy said,
"Welcome tp Camp Jupiter. Reyna and i are praetors of the camp. Oh so they replaced Jason... Well i guess they had to do it. Then a pale boy in the crowd rushed forward to an empty space. The spot composes of just dirt and other aspects of the earth. The boy slowly transformed. His skin and even eyes now matched the shades of the earth. He wasn't in control he was being posessed. He ran behind Percy before Percy understood what just happened. The boy took out his sword. He stabbed Percy straight through the chest.
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OMG!!!! I am speechless!!!
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A/n So... We are #9 on the popular content list!! Lets try to climb that ladder and make it to the top 5!!!! Also comment!!! I know there are more than swimmergirl17 and annabeth523 out there!! Please comment other unknown people.
@swimmergirl17 thanks for following the story so far. Your comments keep me going :)
Here we goooo!!!!

Chapter 8
Oh gods! How could this happen. This would start a war between Roman and Greek demigods. The quest will never happen. This is my ROLE i have to do something. It is why i am here. I just know it.
"NO!!!!! PERCY!!!! Somebody help! Do something!! Just someone.. Someone... Someone help..." screamed annabeth collapsing to the ground as she fainted. I needed to do something quick. But what? Oh gods, the other Greeks are going to attack soon. Wait! My gift from my mom. I knew it was time. This was the ROLE i am taking. But how do i use it. 'when you need it and only need it take a role.' take a role. Take a role. TAKE A ROLL!!!!! I ripped the square off of my necklace, and thew it like a dice. I could see it in the bright day. A shining diamond stared at the sky. The diamond seemed to be taking in the sunlight. Then it started to glow! YES it was work- BOOM!!!!!!!! the small square exploaded. Then un-exploaded if thats even a word. Then it flew into my hands. Annabeth rose from the ground. She stopped screaming and looked stunned. Then Percy rose from the ground, the blade stuck into his body up to the hilt. Then the blade slowly began come out! Life returning to his body. His eyes opened. He was confused. The boy changed back to his original form, and returned to the large crowd. Then time paused. I could think but not move. I could see annabeth out of the corner of my eye. Somehow i could tell what she was thinking. 
'Percy is alive! But how should we stop the kid?' thought annabeth.
I realized that everyone still remembered what had just happened, just like Deja Vu. Maybe this is how Deja Vu happens. That means Percy would be ready for the attack, and I trusted that he would be able to defend himself this time.
What the Hades just happened? I think i just died, then time unwound. The boy that killed me. He is an agent of Gaea. I will be ready this time. I will kill him. Payback looked like just what i need after dying. It is not fun. It causes you to panic. Your soul is ripped from your body. The feeling is terrible. Being without a body was the most uncomfortable i will ever be. It feels as if you are at the will of others to move. You can't even move an inch by yourself. Worst of all i saw the dissapointed looks of those i love. Annabeth. My mom. Tyson. Grover. Nico. Thalia. Even Poseidon. It was awful. It made me feel like i should have done more to stay alive. I felt ashamed of myself. Now i am back. The process of becoming alive again was just as bad if not worse. My soul had to reattach itself to my body. Now i'm here and i'm ready this time. Time unfroze. Most of the people looked confused. Then the boy ran out and transformed into Gaea minion form. Nobody ran out to stop him, almost as if they knew it was my battle to fight. I reached into my pocket and took out Riptide, however i did not uncap it. The boy rushed towards me. Still i did not uncap it. It wasn't time. The boy was a few feet away. Still not time. The boy pulled his sword back to stab. In one fluid motion I uncapped Riptide and cut the boy's head off. All before he was able to move his sword-arm. I would be okay. Reyna shot me a nervous look. 
Octavian burst out screaming, "Look he has killed one of our soldiers. Declare war with the filthy Greeks! I demand it!"
"Octavian! How dare you? He was attacked first. Also if you used your brain to look past the obvious you would notice that the wasn't a resident at Camp Jupiter, but rather  a minion of Gaea! You disgust me! Leave! Now! You are no longer wanted at the greeting ceremony. Goodbye!" yelled the angered Reyna.
Octavian scampered off like a scared puppy. He deserved it. Trying to start a war that nobody wanted, not even the war gods. At least i was alive. I know if I wasn't there would be a war, and too many would die and Gaea would claim both Rome and Greece.
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Awesome !! post soon !
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THAT WAS TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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omg this is a great story!!!!! y r u only like 9th or something! post soon plaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeessssssseeeeeee!

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I am starting chapter nine now so i will post it soon. Thanks for the comments!
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Ok I'm here! You can post now that I've commented! I<3 ur stry
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A/n: thanks for the comments guys. Be ready for an exciting chapter!!!
Here we goooo!!!!

Chapter 9
Thank you mom! Wow thats sounds kind of weird. Me thanking my mother. Haha i guess there is a first time for everything. I looked down to see if my necklace was even still there.. Thank gods! It was!... But the diamond face of the square was cracked. I knew what that means only five more uses, and i have a feeling each one does something different than the other. Only the fates knew which it would land on. Hopefully they are looking out for me. Diamonds are the most valuable so i guessed that it had the most powerful effect, and i guess preventing a war that would end up destroying the world would count as important. No big deal. I saw Percy walking towards me. He knew i had done something.
"Hey you" he wispered
"I know you did this how?" he asked quietly
"A gift from my mother." i said showing him my necklace. "I honestly had no clue what it would do, I-I sort of panicked. My mom said some confusing things when she gave it to me. I rolled it like a dice, then time unwound." i replied
"Thank you I owe you about a thousand. Anyways what is your name, and who is your mom?" he asked
"Oh sorry, I'm Piper McLean and my mother is Aphrodite." i replied
"Well it is nice to meet you Piper, it feels weird to owe my life to somebody who I barely even know." he said, his mind seemed to be drifting off. I could see him glancing over where Annabeth was talking to Reyna.
"Hey, I'm pretty sure you have other people you want to talk to. I'll catch you later." i said walking away
"Oh... Yeah thanks bye" he stumbled out.
I needed to find an Apollo person from Camp Jupiter. Nico was still on the boat. I saw Reyna wondering around. Annabeth must've saw Percy and gone crazy or something. Reyna. She would know somebody. But I don't think I like her. Stop! You don't even know her! I told myself. It's because of Jason! And it wasn't his fault either. Blame Hera. It was entirely her fault anyways. I talk to myself sometimes in case you haven't realized for some reason. I walked up to Reyna and said, "Hi Reyna I am Piper daughter of Aphrodite, i need a favor." i said confidently.
"Hi Piper. What can I help you with?" she asked
Wow she was really nice, i could see why Jason fell for her.
"I need a camper, hopefully and Apollo camper that is really good at healing, our friend, Nico, appeared on our ship. He is in really bad condition. He is still on the ship. Please he really needs help." i stated
"Oh okay. I will go get Eric, he is our best healer, son of Apollo. I better go get Hazel. Oh, and by the way at Camp Jupiter we are citizens, not campers." she said politely, while walking away. I rushed to Nico's room so that whatever happened i would be there.
"Hazel, you are going to want to hear this." said Reyna popping out of nowhere.
"Huh? Oh. What is it?" i managed to say. 
"You won't need to go looking for Nico he is on the ship. But.."
"He is!!!" i interrupted
"Yes but he is not in good condition- oh ther you are Eric we are going to need you Hazels friend, Nico, isn't doing so hot." said Reyna.
How could this happen? Where was he? Oh gods what would i do if he died? I loved Nico like a brother. I was basically his replacement sister. I felt an extra bond to him ever since he brought me back. I was so scared that i would be banished back to the Underworld when Thantos returned. I would give my life for Nico if it came to that, i mean i allready died once, what would the difference be. Before i even knew it we arrived at Nico's room. Reyna slowly opened the door not quite knowing what to expect. Then I saw him, he was so calm. There was a girl sitting in the corner. She was REALLY pretty, but it did not appear like she tried to look good very hard. Her shoes were muddy, he hair cut badly, her clothes not matching. Somehow it made her look better than the most dressed up, make-up attacked super model. She also had a sense of power around her. She was intimidating. 
"What happened to him?" asked Eric
"Gaea's servants captured him. While he was escaping they used some type of weapon. He had a hard time controlling his energy, and was able to shadow travel here. After he became concious we were attacked by skeleton pirates. He thought he would be okay. Nobody could stop him. He was able to banish the skeletons, but lost his control after. He passed out, and has been unconcious ever since." the girl explained.
Then her necklace popped over her shirt somehow. That is weird it was just under her shirt, then i realized what it was made of. Diamond. Emerald. Saphire and more. Oh no. The necklace was attracted to me. It was now pointing right at me still around her neck. No one else realized it yet. Then it ripped off of her neck and flew to the ground next to me emerald facing up. Oh gods! How embarresing! WHOOOSHHH! A blinding green light filled up the entire room and I collapsed. I heard three more thuds, and I figured the others collapsed too. What just happened! The light began to fade. I could see the outline of the room. My brain started deciphering different colors, when all of a sudden a familiar feeling vanished. The slight tug i allways felt in my stomach was gone. I felt energy flush into my body. My curse was gone. I was ecstatic! It was gone! Finally! I love this girl; i was pretty sure that necklace was special! I fell out of my daze, and so did the others.
"What just..." said Eric
Then Nico stood up.
"I feel- I feel much better. Whatever you guys just did- it worked. Thank you." said Nico
Nico was all better! My curse was gone. This was so good it had to be true! Haha that may sound weird, but so much has gone wrong in my life. It was about time something went right. 
"Nico. It's gone!" i said 
"What your- oh i mean yeah. Wait! That's great! This is great!" he said
"Wait what happened?" asked Reyna
Nico looked my way. I gave him a nod. He told them the story of how i would attract precious things, but they would be cursed. It felt kind of nice having more people know about it than Nico.
over a year ago swimmergirl7 said…
Awesome!! I luv how u got rid of hazels curse!
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that was so totaly amazing but I have to go now because i'm suppost to be typeing my essay's rough daft.
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Hey peoples! I will probably post tomarow night! So keep reading! :D
over a year ago fireuser66 said…
So guys i have a plan. I am going to stop posting.... As soon as i finish a chapter. This will definately help my writing in case i need to change aomething without confusing you guys. Also i am going to try to make my chapters longer because i am falling way behind on my outline of the chapters (only up to 17 or so). And i will be posting on thursdays and mondays from now on. if somehow i get really ahead i will post more but only ecpact chapters on mondays and thursdays. This is mainly because i realized that the story is going to start getting harder to write once things pick up a little more. I am going to try to finish my outline so i know exactley where this story will go. Although new ideas hit me all the time so expect a little randomness here and there! Also i love writing twists in my story. So expect the unexpected. But when you do that i will still surprise you! See you guys thursday

Ps i love your guys comments feel free to say anything in them! Comment as much as you want the more the merrier i am and the better the chapters!
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over a year ago annabeth523 said…
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So heres the scoop.... I wont be able to post tonight... I know. Im sorry. My english teacher (who i absolutely hate) decided to give us an essay due tomorrow and i really need a good grade on it. My weekends are usually busy but if i have ANY free time i will post. Thanks
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I will be checking all weeked to see if you post
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Ok. As long as u try. Hope u got/get a good grade! I hate english teachers. Don't u? Lets see. 1 pool. 1 rope. And lots of lava...
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I don't like english teachers etheir because when the class is bad(not including you) you have to write a paper about boaring topics. i personally think a packet of math homework for one night is better than getting a week to write a half a page on a good topic.

anyways this is like the 5th or 6th time i've checked i will be checking constantly.
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A/n sorry i wasn't able to post a chapter this weekend i was busy. But here is a little of what you are going to get tomarrow :)

Chapter 10
What on earth just happened!! Percy- he just died!! But now hes not? Oh gods this is only juat beginning. We haven't even made it to Rome yet! Heck we haven't even left yet! Wow, i really owe Piper for what she did. I really want to know how she did it, but more important things were on my mind... Like Percy. I looked all over the camp for him. He dissappeared really fast. There! he is talking to Piper. I hastily made my way over to him. Luckily him and Piper finished talking to one another. I was close. He didn't see me. 10 seconds away. His back was turned. 5 seconds. Oh gods! I was so nervous. 4 seconds. What if.. No! No more time for questions. 3 seconds. So close! I've been waiting for so long. 2 seconds. He seemed a little... Different.... 1 second. Oh gods! Oh gods... Here we go. 0 seconds.
over a year ago fireuser66 said…
@Annabeth523 sorry but i am a bit confused by your comment. What exactley do you mean by forbiden?
over a year ago fireuser66 said…
A/n well here we go after a lot of waiting! I hope you enjoy it!

Here we goooo!!!!

Chapter 10
What on earth just happened!! Percy- he just died!! But now hes not? Oh gods this is only juat beginning. We haven't even made it to Rome yet! Heck we haven't even left yet! Wow, i really owe Piper for what she did. I really want to know how she did it, but more important things were on my mind... Like Percy. I looked all over the camp for him. He dissappeared really fast. There! he is talking to Piper. I hastily made my way over to him. Luckily him and Piper finished talking to one another. I was close. He didn't see me. 10 seconds away. His back was turned. 5 seconds. Oh gods! I was so nervous. 4 seconds. What if.. No! No more time for questions. 3 seconds. So close! I've been waiting for so long. 2 seconds. He seemed a little... Different.... 1 second. Oh gods! Oh gods... Here we go. 0 seconds. I tackled him with full force to tje ground. Several people turned their heads towards us. I could care less. 
"What the?!?" he said
Wow his voice! I missed him so much
He turned and looked right into my eyes and said, "Sorry, but do I know you?"
Wait what?!? I thoughthe remembered!!!! They said!! Oh gods! "Oh um..." i forced out
Then he cracked up with laughter.
"You should have seen your face! It was priceless!! Hahahahaha!!!" he choked out while laughing.
"Percy! Why!!!! I thought!!!-"
Then he leaned in. I could feel people staring. Who cares! I have waited many months for this. I deserve it. He deserves it. We deserve it. 

How long has it been? It felt like time had stopped. Percy and I were deadlocked in each other arms. Neither of us wanted to ever let go. This went on for such a long time i could hear the crowd that had gathered  dispersing. I didn't care! Hades i couldn't even think straight. I was drunk with love. I started to cry. I don't even know why it just aort of happened. That is when we finally broke apart.
"What's wrong?" he asked
"Nothing... It's just that... It's jist that it has been so long that i have seen you I was scared you would have changed... And i was also afraid that Hera had given you fake memories of having a girlfriend here, like she did to Jason and Piper back at Camp Half Blood." i spat out
"Annabeth i never forgot you. You were the only one that i remembered at first. I couldn't keep you out of my mind." he said
I punched him playfully on the arm.
"Ow!" he screamed
"What how did that hurt you.. You have the-"
"Not anymore... It doesn't mean anything here because it is Greek only. As soon as i carried Hera... Long story, and entered the camp it was gone." he said
"Oh well... I like it better this way anyways... Now you won't be able to beat me in a fight." i urged him
"Oh Annabeth.. I think you are forgetting my awesomeness... Anyways let's go for a walk." he said
I agreed. I planned on spending the rest of my lofe with just him... Well at least the rest of the day. And that is exactley what happened. It was the best day of my life. Nothing else could make me feel better. Together, finally after sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­oo long! We were not disturbed by anyone the rest of the day. Nobody dared to. I bet if either of us were alone for a second ten people would tell us we needed to go to some war council or something, but we were inseperable so no one did.
I have no curse... I have no curse!!!! I really admired that Piper girl. People from Venus (Aphrodite's Roman version) were usually not that high ranked in our military. Most were just absolutely useless to be honest, however Piper was different. I don't know how or why but she, in her own way, seemed more powerful than a child of the big three. If she was given that kind of power by the fates, then i know she would be a key part to the Quest. I also heard that she could charmspeak. We only have one charmspeaker here at Camp Jupiter- Lexi. She was easily the most powerful child of Venus here even though she couldn't fight well. Piper on the otherhand had many scars. The scars worked for her somehow. It's hard to explain, but it does. They are in the perfecy spots that make her look like a fighter, yet they are not large and noticeful which shows that she has never recieved a major injury. I'm going to be straightforward she intimidates me. I was walking alone throughout camp. Nico needed to go to the hospital to make sure he was 100% healed. I knew he was. Piper's necklace must have serious powers if it could remove my curse, and Nico's injury which was probably a lot more life-threatening than it seemed. I am happy i didn't have to find him. It would've been impossible. 
"Hey! Wait up Hazel!" shouted Nico.
"Oh! Speaking of the dev-... Haha well that's funny! Anyways whats up?" i said
"Finally got out of that stupid infirmary or hospital- whatever it was. I'm fine... I feel so strong. After my 'accident' I felt so weak. My energy was being sucked out of me. I think i finally figured out what the weapon does... I think that it sucks the energy from living things around it... And i think i know where that energy goes. It goes to Gaea that's how she is awaking faster this time. That is why she is able to bring her soldiers back from the dead. That is how she is recalling the Giants. With this weapon she can defeat us like a bug on a windshield. She is unstopable with it. I... I have to destroy it." he said
"Nico... I will help you."
"Good I will need all the help I can get. Hopefully this will be a short quest because i want you, Percy, Jason, and Leo to go. All of you are key parts to the prophecy, so this needs to be quick and flawless. I have been thinking a plan. Her army was escaping when i tried to keep them in the underworld. She must have been confident she came up right near here. The main entrance to the underworl. But she headed off toward Yosemite National Park where she still is. I saw many things when i was unconcious, but the one thing I remember the most is the fact that everything around them was dead. It was terrible i could feel everytging dying. It makes me personally want to destroy the weapon. Its only cause is to bring death. Nothing else. We are going to need something to protect us from the weapon, and I think i know what will work. This weapon is geared towards only Greeks, Romans, and i think Gaea is somehow making it work on American lives. She is forgetting something. When I was in the underworld i came across a few demigods from when the gods were in Britain. Their weapons were not celestial bronze. They were not imperial gold. They were some sort of steel. I asked them what it was called. They called it Subliminal Steel. The blades were odd. They could not be seen unless you looked straight at the hilts. They seemed very fond of it. I asked what was so good about it. They told me that it comes from meteors and objects from space. It is than mixed with a special steel that never breaks. The substance from the meteors has some amazing properties. It is unaffected by anything even magic. It also protects the user to a certain extent. It blocks even really strong magic for at least an hour."
"Well that's good and all, but how does that help us?" i asked confused.
"Well when the gods came to America so did the demigods. Therr were actually three groups. Romans, Greeks and British demigods. The British ones were really just Greeks and Romans who believed that Greece and Rome didn't mean anything anymore. Well when the Romans moved to Camp Jupiter the British demigods set up a military base right outside it. The warehouse they used was very hard to find. The British demigods often had far more extrodinary powers than the rest, but they were low in numbers. Their military base still exists. In Oakland. Their weapons are still there. Once we have those i think we might be able to destroy Gaea's weapon. We can do it. The British demigods told me where the base is and how to get in it. Gaea will never expect this. We will destroy her weapon. It will make her volnerable when we get to Rome and Greece!" he said enthusiastically.