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Book 1: The Beginning
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Ariela Fosters, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez
OC: Ariela Fosters
Synopsis: It has been 3 years since the war with Gaea and the Giants. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have been living in peace: very few monsters had attacked them and there were no prophecies said yet. But, their peace ends when a new prophecy is announced that a new demigod will succeed against a war with the monsters. The monsters have gotten stronger and smarter each year, no longer held back by a leader, creating chaos.
*A/N: The demigods won the war against Gaea & the Giants, Hazel and Frank died, and Jason and Piper are a couple.
this forum is chapters 6-end. chapters 1-5 are on the Heroes of Olympus club

Book 2: Rise Above
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Emily Greenwood, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez
OC: Ariel Fosters (from Book 1), Emily Greenwood
Synopsis: Two years ago, Nico DiAngelo attempted to bring back Ariel Fosters, but failed. He has recieved banishment from Zeus, who had done this job without any of the other gods' consent. Some are on his side; others are angry. The gods are fighting constantly ever since this dispute, wanting Zeus's throne; they are disrupting the mortal world with hurricanes, volcanoes erupting, and major earthquakes. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter must work together in order to stop a possible World War 3; but who is the mysterious new demigod, who seems to have all powers of the gods and other powers that are unknown?
Disclaimer: Everything from Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus belongs to Rick Riordan.

to EVERYONE reading this forum and commenting, you guys are AWESOME. <3 thanks for keeping this forum on Popular Content for most of the time! :D

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over a year ago hollistergurl said…
Hello everyone, I am posting again! This is one of my better chapters (in my opinion)
@nicecatch42: umm, okay... i assure u that doesnt happen :P
Enjoy guys!

Chapter 14: Nico

Not only was Nico surprised and worried, he was mad. The monsters had completely ignored the other demigods, sprinting straight towards Ariel and attacking her. He summoned the dead, feeling the thump, thump, thump of the train tracks underneath the Amtrak, and below that the ground. Suddenly, his army of the dead was here, and formed a straight line around him, and he ordered the skeletons to attack the monsters.

He took his stygian black sword and charged, and noticed the others doing the same, trying to distract the monsters from Ariel. Only Piper wasn’t fighting, since she was doing her charmspeaking, encouraging the demigods to fight harder, to know that they indeed can beat these monsters.

Nico glanced at Ariel and was horrified; she had cuts, gashes, and bruises all over her body, but the girl didn’t seem to back down, even in her state. He looked closer and saw she had a strange aura around her, and knew it must be Apollo helping her in this battle.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see a hellhound charging towards him, but of course, Nico was once again distracted by Ariel’s fighting skills. The hellhound trampled him, refusing to get off. Nico cursed.

‘How could I have gotten into this situation again? How?! First the Cyclops, now the hellhound!’ He thought, groaning, thinking back to Camp Half-Blood where a Cyclops had trampled him before.

‘Camp Half-Blood,’ Nico thought. ‘What’s happening to them now?’

He struggled to get up, and his sword was halfway across the train. Nico grunted. He wasn’t going to let some stupid monster win against him; no, he wasn’t. Using all of his might, Nico managed to bring up more armies from the dead, and the skeletons fought against the hellhound, eventually breaking Nico free. He dusted himself off, and then went on to attacking the hellhound, immediately sending it back to the Underworld after slashing it with his sword.

Fifty monsters slowly descended to only ten, and Nico got a resurgence of power; they could do this, they really could.

‘Only ten more left.’ He thought.

But, he spoke too soon. More monsters came in, about one hundred, making the room inside the train very tight and claustrophobic.

Nico cursed. He saw about half of the monsters going towards Ariel, and quickly stood by her side, the two fighting together.

She glanced at him and smiled, sending more power to Nico. He fought with renewed resilience, slashing whatever monsters came their way. But even as his confidence was rising, Nico knew that the demigods couldn’t keep fighting for this long. Even he was losing his energy, and saw that Ariel was starting to slow down, her breathing hard.

Piper was still charmspeaking all of them, but even she was losing power. Nico had no idea how talking could cause you to lose power, but then again, anything could lose energy. As soon as one monster was killed, ten more would come in, sending the demigods into despair. He heard Percy yell in exasperation, and could feel the ground rumbling.

Annabeth was using her invisibility cap to fight the monsters, and sometimes out of nowhere one would have a surprised look on its face, then crumble to dust. Jason was fighting hard with his gladius, but Nico had no clue why he wasn’t using his all-powerful I’m-the-kid-of-Zeus lightning powers. Leo was shooting fire from his hands at every monster, making the room that much more heated and claustrophobic.

Nico glanced around. There had to be some way of defeating these monsters, without constantly having to send them back to Tartarus. The demigods had to escape this train.

‘But how?’ Nico thought. ‘Think Nico, think. Use your awesome, deadly, I’m-that-awesome-son-of-Hades-powers. Think.’

Nico could swear that his head was about to burst, and out of the corner of his eye saw a dracaenae coming towards him, but Ariel quickly shot a bow in its head, sending it to dust.

There was more rumbling heard from the ground, more fire, and suddenly, a little spark of lightning.

Something clicked inside of Nico. He looked at Percy, at Jason, and at Leo. An idea formed in his head, something that was very dangerous, but what all of these kids could pull off.

“Percy! Make the earth rumble more, bring out your anger and shake the earth!” Percy looked puzzled, trying to comprehend why Nico was giving this order to him.

“Jason, strike lightning from the sky onto the train! Not yet, but when Percy starts to shake the earth, that’s when!” Jason, too, looked confused but when Nico glanced back at Percy, he could see the gears turning in that seaweed brain’s head.

“Leo, when I say GO, use your fire to burst the train, sending it to flames! Now, everyone get outta here!” He yelled, opening the emergency door in the back of the room, which sent off a lot of alarms and yelling from the conductors.

Nico glanced at Ariel, and saw that she looked scared. He had no clue why, but he couldn’t think about that now; he had to get every demigod out of here, and fast.

As soon as everyone got out, the monsters slowly understood what his plan was, and charged towards them. Nico was faster though, sealing the door shut with super glue (he somehow had it in his pocket) which left the monsters inside.

But, just to make sure, Nico asked Piper to Charmspeak the monsters to stay in there. The train had stopped for some reason, probably because of opening the emergency doors. Now, Nico knew, was the perfect time to set up his plan.

“Percy, shake the ground like you’ve never shaken it before! Let all of your anger out!” He commanded to Percy, and the demigod listened, the ground beneath Nico shaking so hard that he almost moved half a mile from where he once stood.

“Jason, summon lightning from the sky and blast it to the train! Leo, you will throw your fire stuff at it too, and that will all happen when I count to three!” Nico said, trying to keep his balance from the shaking earth.

‘Wow.’ He thought, ‘Percy sure must be really angry.’

“One. Two. THREE!” Nico counted, and that was when all hell broke loose, the train bursting to bits, exploding everywhere, covering the demigods in burnt train parts, sparks flying everywhere.
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Post soon!
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Whicked!! Love it so much!!! That was just plain awesome!!! Can't wait for the next one!!
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over a year ago hollistergurl said…
Hey guys! Glad you liked that chapter. So, I'm posting another one today, and once again, if I get 4+ comments, I'll post again later... or on Tuesday.
Personally, I don't like this chapter. But you know, sometimes you need drama between two people so that's kind of why I made this... but the drama is kind of pointless :P oh well. Hope you guys like!

Chapter 15: Percy

Percy closed his eyes at the sight of the train exploding. When he opened them, some rubble was on top of the demigods, but most of it was scattered along the train tracks. He looked around at the others, and noticed two things: Ariel had a shocked, scared face. Nico on the other hand, had a triumphant look.

Something clicked in Percy’s brain. The people sitting in the same room as they were, the people who boarded the same train as they did, the people who fled the train after seeing the monsters.

These three images formed a fact in Percy’s brain: the mortals were gone, dead, and it was the demigods’ fault.

His sadness and guilt slowly turned to anger, and Percy found himself walking over to Nico, and the next thing he did surprised him. He slapped the triumphant boy in the face, and hard.

Everyone else was shocked. Nico looked up at him, anger in his eyes. “What was that for? I just saved your life! I just came up with the most brilliant plan ever, by the most brilliant son of Hades ever!”

“Did you even CARE to think about the INNOCENT mortals inside? Did you?! Look at how many lives we cost!” Percy shouted at him, and he felt the earth shaking beneath him.

Annabeth stood next to him, putting her hand on his shoulder. “We all forgot, Percy. It’s not only just Nico’s fault.”

Percy knew that she was right, but he couldn’t help but feel broken and helpless. He sat down on the hard, Maryland ground. There was nothing to be seen around them, no stores, houses, nothing. He knew that they had to get into town right away to find their next transportation.

“Does this mean we’re walking on foot to Florida?” Leo asked, trying to lighten the mood. Piper glared at him, and Leo just raised his hands, basically saying, ‘Hey, I was only trying to help!’

“We can’t walk on foot, Leo. Camp Half-Blood probably needs our help. Plus, we’d be exhausted if we walked all the way to the sunshine state.” Jason replied, sarcasm dripping on the word “sunshine.”

‘Oh gods.’ Percy thought. He had totally forgotten about Camp Half-Blood. ‘What kind of monster am I?’

Annabeth seemed to be reading his mind. “Percy, it’s not your fault. I’m sure we can Iris-message Chiron. Let me just find some water.”

There was a stream nearby where the demigods were, and they all crowded around it.

“Leo, could you throw fire in that water? We got to make steam first if we want to Iris-message.” Annabeth told him.

Leo did as he was told and as soon as the steam was rising from the water, Annabeth tossed in a drachma and spoke these words:

“O Iris, goddess of the rainbow, except our blessing. Show us Chiron, Camp Half-Blood.”

The steam shimmered to an image of their camp, but Percy was shocked to see the state it was in. The image showed the Big House, where tons of campers lay in the infirmary, injured, the Apollo campers trying to heal everyone as quickly as they could.

Percy spotted Chiron in his centaur form and called out to him. “Chiron! Is everything okay?”

His trainer turned around and saw them, a defeated look on his face. “Yes. And by that I mean only a few campers have died, many are injured, and the campers from Camp Jupiter helped us greatly. They are still here, you know.”

Everyone breathed a slight sigh of relief that there had been help from the Romans.

“Percy, where are you now?” Chiron asked him.


Chiron looked devastated. “Mr. D had apparently just turned on the TV, and the news was on. Were all of you on an Amtrak train going to Virginia?”


The old centaur was swinging his tail back and forth, which Percy knew meant that he was nervous. “The headline of the news was, ’16 Year Old Girl Blows up Maryland Amtrak Train.’ Apparently she is a fugitive from New York who has been missing for four days and had apprentices with her, but they only caught her face on camera. And who do you think that is, Percy?”

He glanced around his friends, and his eyes immediately turned to the hopeless face of Ariel’s.

“Oh my gods…” Percy heard her whisper. She had a scared look in her eyes and as soon as she looked at the scattered parts of the train, she started running away.

Percy couldn’t believe it. There she was, the important demigod, Ariel, and she was running away. He ran after her, and found her sitting on a rock, her head in her hands.

He sat next to her, but didn’t know what to do. “Hey… it’s okay… you’re gonna be okay.”

Ariel shook her head. “If my mom finds about this… she can see through the Mist, I know it. I just know it. She probably knows that I’m a demigod, and she’ll come looking for me here.”

Percy didn’t know what kind of mom was Ariel’s, but he could tell it wasn’t like his mom, one who bakes him blue frosted cake for his birthday and gives him blue apple juice on a hot, summer day.

He awkwardly placed an arm around Ariel’s shoulder and brought her close. “We’ll keep you safe from your mom. But right now, we need to discuss our quest plans. Just hang your head low, and try to disguise yourself from the mortals. Being a fugitive is hard, but hey, when you’re a demigod, everything’s hard. Plus, you’ve got my awesome son of the sea god knowledge to help you, ‘cause I’ve been through this before.”

Ariel looked at him with hope. “Thanks, Percy… I guess we should go back now.” They both got up and saw Annabeth there, an angry look on her face.

Ariel looked nervously at the two and walked awkwardly away first, which left Percy and Annabeth.

“What?” He asked her. “Is something wrong?”

She glared at him. “What. Did. I. Just. See. There?”

Percy was surprised. “You mean between me and Ariel? Chill, Annabeth, I was only comforting her. You know, being a fugitive is hard.”

“Oh sure, Percy, like comforting her is putting your arm around her, and her leaning on your shoulder!” Annabeth spat at him, sarcasm dripping in her words.

“Annabeth, I was only trying to make her less scared.”

“Sure, Percy, sure! I really believe you! Of course a FRIEND wouldn’t put their arm around someone and hold them close to them!”

Now Percy was getting angry. Here his fiancée was, and she was blaming him for something he didn’t even do.

“Annabeth, like I told you, she was scared and I was just trying to help her. Why can’t you, out of all people, understand that?” Percy asked her, genuine disappointment in his voice.

Annabeth seemed to be getting his words. Then she broke down, tears streaming on her face, and sat on the hard ground. “I-I’m s-sorry, P-Percy. I-I just don’t w-want u-us to b-be the ones in t-the p-prophecy.”

Percy sighed. Two crying girls in one day was definitely weighing him down. He crouched next to Annabeth and put his arm around her, hugging her fiercely.

“Hey, we’re engaged now, Wise Girl. I won’t let ANYTHING happen to use, nothing at all. Nothing can stop us. We’re Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl, the perfect combination.”

Annabeth looked up at him and sighed. “I was stupid, getting mad at you for that. It’s just the quest… I have a weird feeling like something really bad is going to happen.”

Percy knew exactly what she was feeling and didn’t say that. “It’s going to be okay; everything’s gonna be okay.”

Annabeth looked doubtful. “But, Percy, what if everything won’t be okay?”

Percy knew there was a chance of that, but he helped Annabeth up from the ground and kissed her gently on the forehead.

“Like I said Wise Girl, I won’t let anything happen to us.”

But even as Percy said that, he had to admit there was some doubt running through his mind.
Ugh, I hated that chapter... :P On another note...
Everyone read my friend nicecatch42's fanfic, its called Jason Grace and the Avenger's Spear, and it is amazing! Go check it out!

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I love it!! Sorry it took so long for me to reply to your story!! It rocks!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!! Oh and I love the Jason story by your friend!! I awesome too!!
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
first off, epic chapterrrrrrrrr! PARIEL FTW! Seriously! KILL ANNABETH!
Second of all-YOU ADVERTISED FOR ME? DANG, YOU HAVE NERVE!!!!!!!!!!! lol, but you don't need to go out of your way to advertise my pathetic excuse of a fanfic ;P
Thnx, though
Post soon!
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YAY! Now you have to post! And seriously, make it Pariel! It would be really coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
As promised, I am posting another "chapter" (its really an extra... which sucks :P) Sigh. Two bad chapters in one day. :P
@nicecatch42: 1. I can assure you that someone will be killed, but I'm not guarenteeing its Annabeth.
2. I advertised for you cuz you deserved it. lol and yes, I have nerve. (not really)

Character Extra 5: Jason

Despite everyone else’s problems, Jason was relieved he didn’t have anything going on in his life, yet. He wasn’t worrying about his and Piper’s relationship; no, everything was going fine. They talked everyday, they talked battle plans everyday, and it wasn’t awkward at all.

The crew walked into Baltimore, Maryland, the nearest city. Ariel looked shaken up and had her head down, while Nico looked uncomfortable walking next to her. Percy and Annabeth were talking intently to the side, probably discussing plans for the quest. Jason could see Leo was working on something, and when he squinted to see the thing, it looked like a tiny robot.

There was only one thing that was bothering Jason these days. A line from the prophecy: But the true meaning will be defeated…

Jason wondered what the true meaning was. If the quest was for the demigods to defeat the monsters, wouldn’t that be their real goal? Or is there a goal behind the real goal?

He was frustrated. Finding out the meanings of prophecies was hard, and Jason knew he shouldn’t toy with them. But, that didn’t stop him from thinking about it, it was natural.

The grumbling of his stomach brought him back to the future. Jason hadn’t eaten since last night, skipping breakfast this morning.

Piper seemed to hear his loud stomach. “Hungry?”

“Yep. Hey, guys, why don’t we go eat something?” Jason suggested to everyone.

Percy didn’t seem so sure, but Jason could see his stomach was also ruling over him.

“There’s a donut shop nearby, we passed it a few minutes back. Hopefully, there won’t be demon chocolate frosted donuts awaiting us there.” Percy joked, trying to lighten the mood, but no one, not even Leo, laughed.
One of my worst writings ever. :P
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
It wasn't poorly written, it was just like a filler, one of those chappies that does not mean much, but is still cool. LOL IT WOULD BE LOLLLLL if you made them get attacked by Demon Chocolate Frosted Doughnuts in the next chappie!
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^^???? Anyway, awesome chapter extra!!!! Loved it! It was kind of weird I my opinion. It maybe just me. Sigh...
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haha i agree with nicecatch42......not w/ the "pariel" thing though about the demon chocolate donuts!!!
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That would be awesome! FORGET ABOUT ABOUT ANICO! PARIEL FTW (For the win, lol Hollister)
Post soon!
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okay, so I really love these songs and they're covers of these songs, and they're AMAZING, so go check them out!

1. We Found Love

2. Skyscraper

3. Last Kiss

Btw, I am posting tomorrow! (probably)
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Okay, I'm posting. :) Hope you guys like this chapter! (cuz it's one of my favorites!!)

Chapter 16: Ariel

Ariel tried not to look at the TV at Ms. One Eye’s Donut Shop. The news was on, and her picture was being shown. Everyone had ordered donuts, but there was something about this place that made Ariel suspicious. Maybe it was that all of the waitresses were wearing sunglasses, even though outside it was cloudy and the shop was inside? Or maybe it was because she thought she saw a chocolate frosted donut with legs move in the kitchen?

There was an uncomfortable silence at the table, and Ariel desperately wanted to break it.

She cleared her throat. “So are we really going to walk all the way to Florida now?”

Percy and Annabeth glanced at each other, and then Percy said, “We were thinking of renting a car, since we have some mortal money and stuff.”

Nico raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you mean steal a car? How are we going to get it back to them in a day?”

Percy looked exasperated. “Well, if it’s stealing we have to do, then stealing we’ll do. We already have enough attention.”

Ariel knew Percy didn’t mean to say that about her, but she couldn’t help but feel guilty. Nico looked like he wanted to punch him, but she had no clue why. Maybe it was a son of Hades mood swing?

The waitress came with seven donuts, and Ariel could swear she saw Nico’s chocolate frosted donut move... Plus, she also thought she saw one eye behind the waitress’s sunglasses.

‘Could it be…?’ She thought.

When the waitress gave Ariel’s order to her, she smiled evilly. “Enjoy your treat, sweetie. Cook’s specialty.”

Ariel had her suspicions, especially after seeing the moving donut and the one eye. She told the waitress, “Um, no thanks. I decided I’m not that hungry anymore.”

The waitress sneered. “Oh, but you must eat!”

Everyone was now staring at the strange waitress. Ariel narrowed her eyes. “Why do I have to?”

“Agh! Demigods!” The lady said, and she took off her sunglasses, revealing one huge Cyclops eye.

At the same time, Nico had his chocolate frosted donut in his hand, ready to stuff it into his mouth when it suddenly moved and spread chocolate frosting all over his face. Nico looked surprised as the little chocolate frosted donut ran away, catching up with its friends of other chocolate frosted donuts at another table to freak out whoever was eating there.

As soon as the Cyclops took off her disguise, Ariel unhooked her bracelet and it turned into her bow and arrows. She shot an arrow at the monster, sending the mortals screaming. She knew she might blow her cover if she fought, but she had to protect herself and her friends. The arrow landed in the Cyclops’s eye, sending it howling in pain and dissolving in monster dust.

The other employees also took off their sunglasses, revealing approximately thirty Cyclops. Ariel saw the others taking out their weapons, and they all charged at the monsters.

Ariel shot her arrows at every monster that was in a good range, arrow after arrow, instantly dissolving them into dust. Nico came next to her, and they fought side by side. For some reason, whenever Ariel was around him, she felt a surge of confidence rising in her and she shot her next arrows with resilience.

There were only a few Cyclops left, but more kept coming through the back door. Ariel looked up just in time to see one barreling towards her, and she side stepped and shot her arrow in the monster’s back, sending it to the Underworld.

Suddenly, a chocolate frosted donut attacked her, trying to spread chocolate frosting over her face. Ariel didn’t know what harm that could do, but she stabbed her bow in the little demon donut anyways. As soon as it made contact, the donut split in half and its other friends split in half also, which kind of distracted Ariel.

Ariel looked around and saw the TV screen, showing something that made her freeze. She looked up at the screen and was shocked to see her mother being interviewed.

The reporter asked her, “Mrs. Fosters, how does it feel knowing that your child is a fugitive?”

The face of Martha Fosters scared Ariel. “I have always known, Bob, that my child was a no good ADHD kid. Teenagers these days, they disgust me.”

The reporter, Bob, looked uncomfortable. “Ah, yes, well, are you going to look for her? Our reporters say that she is somewhere in Maryland, and the police have been contacted by other people that she is now in Baltimore at a donut shop.”

Ariel cursed. Why did that stupid reporter have to give away her location? Weren’t people with the names “Bob” supposed to be nice?

Martha Fosters’s eyes flashed dangerously. “Thank you for giving me that piece of information, Bobby.”

“Uh, ma’am, it’s Bob.”

Mrs. Fosters glared at him. “Right, Bobby.” Then her evil with face turned to the camera. “Ariel, daughter, if you’re watching this right now, a warning: when I see you, you will find a surprise waiting for you.

The reporter looked nervous, but was able to turn the attention back to the news room.

Ariel couldn’t believe her eyes. Her mother, her mother, her horrible mother was going to come after her.

‘Why did Apollo have to marry that witch? Why?’ Ariel thought, becoming angrier. ‘Why did he leave me alone with her for sixteen years? Why didn’t he do something about her?’

Ariel was still staring at the TV screen that she didn’t notice the humongous Cyclops running towards her, holding a knife in its hand.

“ARIEL!” She heard Nico scream, which brought Ariel back to the present. Her eyes widened at the Cyclops coming towards her, and she tried to get her bow and arrow in place fast enough to defend herself, but surprisingly, the Cyclops was quicker. It dug the knife in her arm, and she screamed in pain as it toppled her, its weight sending her to the ground, filling Ariel with darkness.


The darkness soon became cleared, and Ariel realized she was in a demigod dream at her old house. There was a handsome man at the table, around the age of twenty-four, waving his hand at her to sit with him. She walked towards him in a trance, and knew that the man was none other than Apollo, her dad.

“That was some fight you had there.” He said.

Ariel blushed. “I got distracted by the TV screen… my mom…”

Apollo sighed. “Ah, yes, your mom, who you think is an evil witch devil. And you are probably wondering why I fell in love with her in the first place, don’t you?”

She nodded.

Apollo lay back in his chair, his arms over his head, flexing his biceps. “Well, let me tell you this. You were right about your mom seeing through the Mist. When I first met her, she knew I was powerful. She knew that I was Apollo, one of the Greek gods.”

“We instantly fell in love, you know, of course me being Apollo she was attracted by my looks. She knew that she couldn’t marry me. Then of course, we had you.” He winked at Ariel, and she felt her face turn red.

“Why would you fall in love with Mom? Why?”

Apollo sighed, his eyes turning sad. “Ariel, your mom wasn’t like this when I first met her.”

Ariel didn’t know anything but the mom she already knew, the one that beat her every single day, and was surprised that there was a different woman of the past. “Why did she turn this way then?”

“After I left her, she was so devastated. She was a greedy woman, your mom was, and I shouldn’t have fallen for her. Then you wouldn’t be in this mess right now.”

“Dad, I’m not that injured.”

Apollo had a funny look on his face, like he knew that something in the future that would be more of a mess than what Ariel was in now.

“Well, when you wake up you will feel much pain, but less than you would normally have felt. That knife had poison all over it, but I healed you a little bit, being the awesome dad I am." Apollo winked at her, seeming like his old self again. “And, if you are wondering why I couldn’t come to your rescue… us gods aren’t allowed to interfere with our kids’ lives, so that we don’t play by favorites. I know your mother treated you badly, but trust me, Ariel, she will be a tiny threat compared to what you have to face later.” The god of prophecies’ eyes darkened, and Ariel was suddenly nervous about her future.

“I will leave you now, Ariel. Sweet Dreams.” And with a blinding light, Apollo left, leaving Ariel wondering about what could be awaiting in her near future.
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Chapter 17: Nico

Nico stared up at the foggy night sky and sighed. Ariel was still unconscious in the girls’ tent, and he was starting to get worried. Nico frowned; he hadn’t felt this worried about someone since Bianca and Hazel, and they both had died.

He thought back to the monster donut shop, where Ariel had been stabbed with a poison knife. Nico could still feel his anger when he had slashed and killed every Cyclops that was left, leaving everyone else staring at him, either in awe or fear.

After that fight, they had managed to walk south as far as they could go. They were still in Maryland, but on the cornerstone of Virginia, according to Google Maps on Nico’s iPad. He had carried Ariel in his arms all the way until they got to this campsite (which was about six hours), and was exhausted. She was actually kind of heavy too, and he had grunted a few times and shifted her weight in his arms. Nico offered to watch for the night, even though he was really tired, so tired that he could go a night without playing Angry Birds, and he was playing it now.

He heard a shuffling behind him, and quickly took out his sword and pointed it in the stranger’s direction. The footsteps were getting closer and louder, and when he could see the figure he rushed to it, quickly putting his sword at the neck of the stranger.

“Geez, Nico, as if I can’t get some hospitality?” It was Ariel, and Nico blushed, putting his sword away.

“Yeah, um, sorry ‘bout that. Thought you were a stranger, you know, coming to ambush me while I was distracted playing Angry Birds.”

Ariel laughed, which made Nico feel a whole lot better.

“You okay? That knife was dug in your skin pretty hard… it took us almost a minute to get it out.” Nico asked her, genuinely worried.

Ariel winced. “It still hurts, but Apollo said he had healed me a little bit, so that it wouldn’t hurt as much as it would if he hadn’t. But it still hurts.”

“You talked to Apollo?”

Ariel looked tired. “Um, yeah, he visited me and said, um, some stuff about the quest and all.”

Nico could tell she was holding some information back, and even though normally he would press for more facts from other people, he let it slip with Ariel.

“Well, sit down; we can both take watch, if you want.”

She followed him to where he left his iPad, and they both plopped down on the hard ground.

She frowned at the screen of the iPad. “What’s that game you’re playing? Why are you slingshotting red birds at green pigs?”

Nico smiled. “It’s a game, called Angry Birds.”

“They don’t look that angry, though. Kind of cute; I don’t really think they’re angry.”

“Yeah, well, the point of the game is to kill all of those green pigs by slingshotting the birds. Some of them, like the white one, can drop an egg bomb. But the red one is a normal bird.”

“Can I try the game?”

“Oh yeah, sure, I’ll set you at Level One.” Nico was about to slide back to the home menu to get to Level One, when Ariel grabbed the iPad from him.

“Hey!” He yelled, trying to grab it back.

Ariel looked at him. “What, you think I can’t handle green pigs on Level Three? Pssh, I got this Nico DiAngelo.”

He smiled. “Whatever you say. But don’t say I didn’t warn you when you ultimately fail.”

Ariel stuck her tongue out at him, and pressed play. The screen showed two red birds and two yellow birds, with six green pigs on top of some rocks and things. This one was the level Nico couldn’t win, and he doubted Ariel could, either.

Nico saw her try to slingshot the bird, but she accidently pointed it in the wrong direction, sending it backwards.

Nico laughed out loud, receiving cursing and some slaps from Ariel.

She did the same thing with the other bird, and cursed again.

Nico grabbed her hand, and he felt a spark through his veins. “Here, let me show you.” He guided her hand to the yellow bird, and dragged it to the left, a little bit downwards. That would send it a little bit high, but enough to kill at least two pigs. When he lifted Ariel’s finger off the screen, Nico waited a few seconds then pushed her finger down again, speeding the bird up and killing three pigs.

Ariel whistled. “That’s one cool move. I like the yellow bird better than the red one.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “Now do you think you can play?”

She glanced at him. “Um, maybe I need a little more guidance from the son of Hades who is obsessed with this game.”

Once again, Nico grabbed her hand and dragged the yellow bird in the same direction, same spot, but this time it only killed one green pig, and they failed the level.

Ariel frowned at the screen. “This was harder than I thought. I thought this was like archery!”

Nico smirked. “It’s much harder than that. Bet you can’t even get past the first level.”

She waved him off. “Whatever. I’m tired, anyways.”

“After sleeping for like, ten hours straight, you need more sleep?”

Ariel stared at him. “It was six hours, smarty.”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Maybe after getting some sleep you can actually get past a level in Angry Birds.”

She smiled, and Nico could swear his heart was going to melt. They stared at each other for a while, not speaking.

Finally, Nico broke the silence. “Are we playing the staring game or something? ‘Cuz I’d obviously win this one, too.”

Ariel said nothing, but inched closer to him, just enough that he could smell her perfume, even though it had worn out for six hours.

She whispered to him, “Nah, I think me, being the amazing person I am, would win that game.” She was leaning in to kiss him, their noses touching, when Nico heard a crunch in the leaves.

Instantly, a lycanthrope tackled her, sending her to the ground and stifling a scream from landing on her bad arm. Nico cursed; the moment was gone, and now they had an enemy to take care of. The lycanthrope was about to scratch Ariel, but Nico was quick enough to slash it with his sword, sending the attention to him. He heard more howling in the woods and cursed; this was not good, not good at all.

He fought with the wolf, dodging its attempts at biting or slashing him with its claws, and eventually Nico had the upper hand and dug his sword into its body, just as more appeared. Ariel was clutching her arm, trying to get her bracelet off. He couldn’t let her get more injured, not after what she had just suffered six hours ago.

Nico kneeled to the ground and summoned thousands of armies of the dead, the most he had ever summoned. His power was drained, but suddenly felt energy come back to him, and glanced at Ariel to see that she was murmuring a healing hymn.

Nico ordered his skeletons to attack, and fought with them, killing a lycanthrope here and there. He was covered in monster dust, smelled like a dead skeleton, and had bleeding cuts that stung. He heard a WHOOOSSHHH noise behind him, and saw that Ariel had taken off her bracelet and notched an arrow at a wolf, but was wincing in pain.

Nico turned his attention back to the lycanthropes, parrying and feinting here and there, ultimately succeeding. When the final one was sent back to the Underworld, Nico sent his armies back there too, and he sat on the ground, tired.

Ariel came to him. “Gods, two attacks in one day are not good for me. Thanks for the save there, Nico.” He could tell she was kind of uncomfortable right now, and Nico felt the same way.

“No problem, just doing my job of being the most awesome kid of the death god. You should get some rest, Ariel. I think we’ve got a lot to do tomorrow.”

Ariel resisted. “I’m not that hurt… it’s you who should be getting the rest.”

Nico shook his head. “Let that arm heal. Plus, if anymore monsters come, how would you defend yourself?”

She looked disappointed but agreed to get some sleep. Just as Ariel was about to go into the girls’ tent, she turned around. “’Night. Unlock that level of Angry Birds for me, will you?”

Nico was about to respond, but when he turned around she was already inside.

He sighed. Today was a long day, and Nico was still thinking about the kiss that had almost happened between him and Ariel. Almost.
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So this isn't my best chapter, I tried to make it funny-ish so sorry bout the bad sarcasm.. but it has ACTION! enjoy guys :)

Chapter 18: Percy

Percy didn’t like the idea of stealing a car from the mortals, but he knew they’d have to do this in order to get to Florida. Trains were not an option (after that attack in Maryland), airplanes were too risky for him, and walking was well, tiring. He and Annabeth had left the tents early at dawn, before the others had woken up. Nico was still keeping watch, but Percy could tell something was bothering him and his eyes were drooping, too.

From what he was told by Nico, they were still in Maryland but a few hours away from Virginia. Percy knew finding a town with a car rental would take some time, so that was why he took Annabeth with him and left early. They were walking in uncomfortable silence, after the day yesterday.

They were walking for what seemed like hours, until they reached a small town called Accident.

“Well, that’s a nice town to live in.” Percy said, breaking the silence.

Annabeth giggled. “I bet all those people have good luck.”

“And I bet they say ‘rabbits’ everyday.”

“I bet they wish on shooting stars and 11:11.”

They both laughed at their awful sarcasm for the town named Accident.

Annabeth wiped a small tear from her eye. “So, back to the task… Do you see any car rentals around here?”

Percy squinted in the rising sun, and spotted an old rusty shop that said, “Flying Cars Rental Shop.”

“Oh, I see one. There’s one that says ‘Flying Cars Rental Shop.’ Do you think it sounds suspicious?” Percy asked.

Annabeth looked uncertain, which he barely saw from her. “It hurts for me to say this, but… I have no clue. I guess it’s worth risking it and borrowing—“

“You mean stealing.” Percy interrupted.

She rolled her eyes at him. “Borrowing, stealing, whatever. Point is we have to get back to the others soon and get going down to Florida. Even if it means stealing a car from a suspicious car rental store named Flying Cars Rental Shop.”

They walked to the store, and Percy cautiously knocked on the front door. It squeaked open, and an old man who seemed to be blind in one eye was there.

The old man smiled at them, which sent shivers through Percy’s spine. “Hello kiddies. Early morning, ain’t it? What do you children need?”

Annabeth answered for him. “We want a car rental.”

“Oh, right, right. Well, come ‘ere and I’ll find something for you little kiddies.”

Percy side-glanced at Annabeth, and she sent him a mental message, something like, this guy seems crazy.

They follow the old man to the back, and where surprisingly there are BMWs, Audis, Mercedes Benz, and Lexuses, along with some old Toyotas.

The old man smiled at them, once again sending a creepy shiver up Percy’s spine. “Pick whatever you want; I’ll even give you any car for free.”

Percy glanced at Annabeth. Free? He mouthed to her.

Annabeth just shrugged, probably thinking the same thing as Percy, but he knew that she would take the risk and pick one.

“We’ll take the Audi, thank you.” She told the man.

The old man smiled once again. “Enjoy your free ride, kiddies.”

When they left the car rental place, Percy driving the Audi with Annabeth riding shotgun, he asked her what was on his mind. “Do you think taking this car is safe?”

Annabeth sighed. “It’s better than nothing, I guess.”

Percy drove through the forest, with Annabeth guiding him to where the campsite was, the car bumping along.

When they reached where the others were, Percy saw Leo whistle at the sight of the car.

“Whoa, where’d you guys get that hot rod?” He asked them, and Annabeth rolled her eyes.

“We went to this town called Accident.” Percy replied, smiling when remembering his and Annabeth’s failed attempts at sarcasm.

“Accident? Well, isn’t that a nice name…” Jason said, and Piper giggled. Apparently Percy and Annabeth weren’t the only ones with bad sarcasm.

“How much did this cost?” Nico asked, with Ariel sitting next to him.

“Free. No payment at all.” Annabeth said, sounding nervous.

Ariel raised her eyebrows. “Nothing’s free; there’s always a price to pay.”

The demigods let that sink in as they got in the Audi, which seated eight. Percy was at the wheel with Annabeth riding next to him, Jason, Leo, and Piper were behind them, with Nico and Ariel at the very back.

“Where’d you even get this hot rod?” Leo asked, admiring the leather seating.

“It was a place called Flying Cars Rental Shop.” Annabeth told him.

Piper raised her eyebrows. “That’s an, um…”

“Suspicious name? We know, but it’s better than nothing.” Percy answered for her, and they rode the car in silence for a while.

When the car got on a highway, Percy spotted something soaring above in the sky. Everyone else seemed to notice it too, because Ariel just asked a question.

“Did you guys see that…?”

“Yeah, like it was a huge bird?” Nico asked.

Ariel groaned. “It better not be angry.” Percy saw Nico smile at that and knew that something was going on between the death-y son of Hades and the daughter of Apollo.

He noticed more figures flying above, but the other drivers didn’t seem to notice. Suddenly, there was a THUMP noise, and Percy lost control of the car, it spinning around crashing into other drivers.

He tried to press the brake, but the car kept spinning. When Percy looked up, he saw that the figures were griffins.

Annabeth groaned. “That’s why the place was called Flying Cars Rental Shop… Ariel, you were right. The griffins coming after us are the ‘price’ we have to pay for this car.”

Another griffin swooped down on the car, making a huge crater in the center. Piper stifled a scream as she dodged from getting her head smashed as the griffin ripped the crater, making a hole in the car.

Percy cursed, trying to control the car. He managed to pull it over to the side, and everyone got out with their weapons. His eyes widened at the sight of fifty griffins, gripping Riptide more firmly.

The griffin that had made the hole attacked Ariel, but she managed to shoot her bow at it, instantly dissolving it to monster dust.

More griffins came her way, and Percy knew that the monsters that had attacked them since the first day of their quest were only going for her, and not anyone else.

The others crowded around Ariel, all of them fighting the griffins. Percy was slashing Riptide at every griffin that came near him, sending them to the Underworld. Annabeth was nowhere to be seen, which mean that the griffin he just saw disappear was killed by a certain Wise Girl. Jason was flying in the air, using his son of Jupiter powers and gladius. Leo was throwing fire at the monsters, with Piper charmspeaking. Not surprisingly, Percy saw Ariel and Nico fighting side by side, as they had the past few fights. Ariel was taking bows out of her hand and just as fast shooting them, her motions fast and steady. Meanwhile, Nico was summoning armies of the dead (which terrified the mortals) and used his sword.

There was one griffin though that seemed powerful than most. Percy noticed it had Greek and Roman armor on, and had sharper claws than the others.

To his surprise, the griffin was coming towards him, not Ariel. Surprised by the griffin’s move, the bird tackled Percy and sent him crashing on the hard highway road, and he heard some bones break.

Percy flinched but was able to get up again, rolling under the griffin and stabbing it in its back, but remembered that it had armor on. He tried to find an opening in the armor, but it seemed to be covered on its whole body.

The griffin was trying to claw him, but Percy defended using Riptide.

‘If only there was some water around here…’ He thought, desperately searching for a way to defeat this monster.

To his left lay some hills, but Percy noticed that to his right, there was a lake, fortunately.

He felt a pull in his gut, and willed the water to rise over the griffin, leaving it wet.

Percy used this distraction to make a mini hurricane around him, slashing and parrying with his sword, overwhelming the griffin.

However, he was getting tired. There didn’t seem to be an opening in the armor, and Percy was getting frustrated. The only place that was open was the head…

Percy gave himself a mental face palm. ‘Seriously, Seaweed Brain? You didn’t notice the griffin doesn’t have a helmet on?’ he thought, feeling stupidity run through his veins.

Percy knew if he could distract the griffin long enough to think that he still didn’t know about the uncovered head, he could easily defeat it. The problem, was, his hurricane was getting slower and his sword fighting arm was slowing down.

He willed the currents in his mini storm to go faster, splashing the griffin with water. The griffin was resisting, but Percy saw it close its eyes and made his move, stabbing its head with Riptide.

The monster howled and gave him a deadly look as it slowly turned to monster dust. Percy felt triumphant, but when he looked around him on the highway, his heart sank.
Just to let you guys know, Accident is a real town in Maryland (I looked it up on google for weird town names in Maryland lol)

Oh and about the 'rabbits' thing, if the first word you say is 'rabbits' on the first day of a new month, you'll get good luck (supposedly). I said 'rabbits' in november and got mostly bad luck and i said it again this month, so hopefully i'll get good luck this time.
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