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Book 1: The Beginning
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Ariela Fosters, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez
OC: Ariela Fosters
Synopsis: It has been 3 years since the war with Gaea and the Giants. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have been living in peace: very few monsters had attacked them and there were no prophecies said yet. But, their peace ends when a new prophecy is announced that a new demigod will succeed against a war with the monsters. The monsters have gotten stronger and smarter each year, no longer held back by a leader, creating chaos.
*A/N: The demigods won the war against Gaea & the Giants, Hazel and Frank died, and Jason and Piper are a couple.
this forum is chapters 6-end. chapters 1-5 are on the Heroes of Olympus club

Book 2: Rise Above
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Emily Greenwood, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez
OC: Ariel Fosters (from Book 1), Emily Greenwood
Synopsis: Two years ago, Nico DiAngelo attempted to bring back Ariel Fosters, but failed. He has recieved banishment from Zeus, who had done this job without any of the other gods' consent. Some are on his side; others are angry. The gods are fighting constantly ever since this dispute, wanting Zeus's throne; they are disrupting the mortal world with hurricanes, volcanoes erupting, and major earthquakes. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter must work together in order to stop a possible World War 3; but who is the mysterious new demigod, who seems to have all powers of the gods and other powers that are unknown?
Disclaimer: Everything from Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus belongs to Rick Riordan.

to EVERYONE reading this forum and commenting, you guys are AWESOME. <3 thanks for keeping this forum on Popular Content for most of the time! :D

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over a year ago DMLIME said…
That was brilliant!
see what I did there with the bold....ahh I found it funny.
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over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
over a year ago DMLIME said…
No she said there's one sad......
over a year ago crazypegesus980 said…
SEQUEL!!!!!!PLEASE i love ur writing style
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
lol wow you guys want me to write a sequel, huh..? hmm.. i'll think about it :)
and yes, the next chapter i post is the last chapter.
and tortillialuvsrr, you'll see.........
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
guys, i edited the stuff at the top, you can see some additional info (;
*cough* book 2 *cough*
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over a year ago crazypegesus980 said…
awwwww thanx for book 2
over a year ago Kronos429 said…
ahh, idk if you should make a sequel. :/
Just let me make the title, k?
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
I love the chappie!! And I vote for a sequel!
over a year ago DMLIME said…
When are you posting?
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
crazypegasus980: no problem :) i was going to miss this forum anyways lol
Kronos429: :P i thought you might say you didn't want me to make a sequel.
but yes, please come up with a title for me; "Unknown" just sounds.. weird. lol
Kaia143: thank you :)
DMLIME: posting tomorrow :)
over a year ago universalpowa said…
sorry i havent read this in a while



that. was. so. epic.

i vote for you to WRITE A NEW STORY!!!
continue it plz :D

plz continue it!!! :D :D

and why is it percy's last pov?
*saddness XP*

im worrying now....
so yeah!!1 plz post soon~~~~~!!!!!!!! :D
over a year ago swimmergirl7 said…
Love it!!!
over a year ago Kronos429 said…
You WANT me to say don't make a sequel?
"Don't make a sequel?"
Does that make you happy?
You're so strange....
over a year ago universalpowa said…
yay post soon!!! :D :D
over a year ago universalpowa said…
so you need a title?
so do i...
but my story's not as finished :P
and a little more unpredictable
dont you just love being the author and you know everything that will happen, and people make wild and upredicted guesses XP

some of them are pretty accurate...others are just completely random
hmmm...sound familiar hollister? *inside joke*
post soon!
and a title for yours could be erm...
"Virtue" or...
"Freedom" or "Liberty" or something patriotic...
yeah! go americans!!!! :D
how about "Vibrant" or something spiritual..
well it's your decsision :D

post soon!!!!!!! :D :D :D XD
over a year ago crazypegesus980 said…
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^ wha...?

n e ways, hollister plz post soon!!!! :D



*hilarious inside joke none of you understand*

over a year ago hollistergurl said…
swimmergirl7, thank you :)
Kronos429, yesh, i am strange :P idk you're always against me somehow.. lol :P
LMFAO. that makes me laugh xD
yes, i use potty words :P
and yesh i love it when i know everything that's gonna happen in the story and no one else does :D
and thank you for the title options, but i think i'll stick wit "Unknown"... it sounds mysterious :)
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^ you got that right


yes you do use potty words...
which is why there is now a dedication to you for my next chapter in the Heroes of Olympus forum....(universal's mark of athena :P)

post soon!!!

and good luck with "Unknown"

over a year ago hollistergurl said…
^ lol yaay dedication :D
okay guys, here is THE LAST CHAPPTTEERRRRRRRRRR. OF THIS "BOOK 1", so to speak..
on Thursday, i'll post THE FIRST CHAPTER of "Unknown"
please enjoy :)
oh and THANK YOU to EVERYONE, especially those who have been reading this from the start and commenting (i'm looking at you Kronos; i think you're the only one.. oh and tortialluvsrr!)
and thank you for voting for a sequel (except *cough* Kronos *cough*)-- i would miss this dearly if i didn't continue..
well, i'm rambling, so enjoy this chapter! :D


The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. The air felt crisp and clean. If you saw this image, you would think that everything was fine, right?


Six demigods returned from their recent quest to the Sea of Monsters, which took about a week. A minute after Charybdis’s mouth had blown up, causing her to spit out everything she sucked in, the monsters that had been attacking Camp Half-Blood had retreated.

That’s good news, right? Well, it is, for the Camp. No more monsters attacking them, and now they have time to tend to those in the infirmary.

There was much hustle and bustle as the six demigods returned, all of them tired, their clothes ragged, their eyes droopy. One especially looked major depressed.

The campers that had been awaiting their return ran up excitedly to them, congratulating on their good job of defeating the monsters. The prophecy had been right, too, they found out.

The chaos of monsters has invaded,

The monsters went wack-o, having no leader and basically trying to kill every demigod. Well, that’s their job, but they went crazier with their job this time.

The final chapter of Olympus must be raised.

Olympus must be preserved, and that job is done; the world is back to normal, and the mortals decided their whole world falling apart was basically a mini apocalypse. Apparently the world is going to end soon in December 2012, though.

All is in the hands of a child of mixed families

As Nico had said, that child is Ariel, and her actions did decide the fate of the world.

And to the Sea of Monsters is where the battle lies.

Sea of Monsters + Charybdis & Scylla = battle = ‘nuff said.

The job will get done by seven,

The seven being Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Nico, and Ariel; the job has been finished by them.

And although romantic ties will be kept, one will be broken;

Ahh, the prophecy line everyone was curious about. Percy and Annabeth almost failed; jealousy had always been inside Annabeth. Jason and Piper, well, they weren’t much of a trouble, mostly just making out. Leo, he’s err single (and still available).

So, who’s left? Ah, yes, you’re right: Nico and Ariel. The prophecy does not say that a couple will break up; it does say that romantic ties will be kept, but one will be broken.

So what does that mean, you say? Well, you’ll find that out later.

The goal will be succeeded,

Yes, yes, the goal has been finished.

But the true meaning will be defeated.

What is the true meaning, you ask? Well, you didn’t expect after the bomb had exploded Charybdis’s mouth, everything in it would survive, right? Of course, the important monuments somehow were able to survive after being spit right back to their original places.

But what about the other smaller things that were inside the moment the bomb had blew up?

Wasn’t someone inside at that moment, fully knowing what risks were to be taken?

Yes, someone was inside, but didn’t make it. I’m sure you know who that is.

And now, the prophecy makes full sense; the demigods that returned know that, too.

And as day turns to night, the campers go to the Mess Hall to eat—tonight’s activities have been postponed, for the burning of a shrine must occur.

As the campers head toward the campfire, one lone demigod slips away silently, walking quietly, then slowly breaking out into a jog, and finally, a sprint.

At the campfire, the fire is a dark black color, resembling the sadness of what had happened. The other five demigods who were on the quest hold their heads low, and had all decorated the shrine.

They didn’t realize one of them had left.

One of the five, a boy with dark, curly hair, feels guilt-stricken; he was the one that had thrown the bomb, causing the explosion. But was that the right or wrong thing to do?

Another, a girl with long, brown braids, is nervously twisting her hair—she feels sad and grief-stricken, but is also relieved that she and her partner were not the couple in the prophecy.

The boy next to her, with short, cropped blond hair, feels the same way, too.

And then, there’s the girl with curly blonde hair, who feels the guiltiest of all—she had been jealous, jealous of a good plan that had not been her idea; jealous of the girl who was the child of the prophecy, how everyone had looked at her in awe of her beauty and in respect, even when she had first came. This girl felt sad and wants to apologize—but of course, she can’t. But there’s another thing she’s thinking about: an upcoming marriage.

And finally, the boy with dark hair and sea-green eyes looks sullenly at the shrine that is being burnt, remembering the girl who had sacrificed her life for them. He’s also thinking the same thing as the girl next to him was, about a marriage. But there’s a part of him that’s wondering what’s going to happen next, and a part of him knows something big will be coming.

Now, the boy with the dark hair and sullen eyes who ran away from the burning of the shrine, into the woods, wants to escape what had happened in the last twenty-four hours. He wants to be with that person again, and he feels the same way he had years ago, when his sister had died.

The boy wants to bring her back. And he’s going to make sure that she does come back, no matter what the consequences.
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over a year ago crazypegesus980 said…
HAHA yes amamzing cant what until thursday
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
the details for the sequel are up :D
crazypegasus980, thank you :)
over a year ago universalpowa said…

epicest. ending. ever.

like. ever.

AMAZZING!!!! 0.o!!!!!!!!

i was! ariel died!!!

but im guessing that nico brings her back...just becauase OC says : Ariel Fosters (ffrom book 1)so nico is a naughty naighty boy :P
over a year ago swimmergirl7 said…
Love the end!! But so sad. Tears r of me crying for poor nico, tears of happiness for percebeth, and sadness for poor ariels death. And nico and Ariel ending. So don't mind me with the tears but I still love the chappie!!
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
universalpowa, thank you! :D
and i just put Ariel in OC because she's mentioned in the sequel.. you could be wrong..
or you could be right.. (;
swimmergirl7, awww thank you and you know what's weird? i hate sad endings, but they're always so well written.. and i like writing dramatic/sad endings lol
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
thank you once again to all who have been reading this! :D
i can't believe we've come to an end..

"It was the end of a decade
But the start of an age
Long Live the walls we crashed through
All the kingdom lights shined just for me and you
I was screaming Long Live all the magic we made
And bring on all the pretenders
One day, we will be remembered."
~Long Live, Taylor Swift <13

just felt like putting in those lyrics that i love <3

the whole song (if you feel like listening to it-- you should! :D)
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over a year ago DMLIME said…
I see what you mean about the dramatic endings...even so....Nico is pretty badass. Awesome at the same time, great ending. Looking forward to thursday.
over a year ago Kronos429 said…
ha. Great chappie. And thx for the dedication..... I think...
hmm, whenever you're on chat again, I'll think up some epic names.
Don't forget, I thought of 2 epic names for Darkness Rising. 3, if you include the name of the sequel. Jace's name. Darkness rising anddddd (I can't say, the title to the sequel of darkness rising is a secret ;p)
over a year ago swimmergirl7 said…
Can't wait tiltimmarrow!!
over a year ago universalpowa said…
post soon!!!! :D
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
Kronos, i forgot the sequel name..
i'm just that stupid sometimes :P
well, most of the time :P
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^ told you nico was a naughty boy....
banished by the gods.....will he ever learn?

and what happens to annabeth and percy? do they get married? :P
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
^ lol you'll find out..
there are surprises in store..
*dun dun dun dunnn*
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^ why are you being mysterious like i always am!?

i am...mysterious!!! XD

so now your feeling all ***Rachel-Oracle-Mysterious?***

post soon!!! i wanna know what happens!! or at least a sneak peek.... :P
over a year ago universalpowa said…
u said u were gonna post today?
why u no posty?

me sad :'(

good nite Zzzz
over a year ago universalpowa said…
post soon!
like my new icon?

i luvvvv converse :D <3
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
I love the end!! But it was really sad. But good transition to the next story.
over a year ago DMLIME said…
I don't mean to be pushy or anything but...ITS FREAKIN THURSDAY!!! Why no post???
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^ exactly!

i hope she posts soon....i wanna know what happens...

***luvvv converse! :D <3*****
over a year ago universalpowa said…
post soon!!!! XD

plz!!! :P

why cant u post??
u must have a good reason---(see heroes of olympus talk show)

like----HOMEWORK!!! XP

*dies of homework*

jk, i had no hw tonite cuz....
well we had a two hour delay...
and then my english teacher slipped in the classroom and broke her arm...

so day! XD

jjk lol
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
sorry guys, i'll post after dinner! promise!
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
Kaia143, thank you! :)
DMLIME, it's still Thursday night, 7:00 PM where i live right now, lol.. time zones.. you live in England right?
universalpowa, yesh, hw.. ergg. your english teacher slipped in the classroom and broke her arm? whoaa. lol
well, as promised, here is the first chapter of "Unknown"! it's a prologue (and short), so hope you guys enjoy :)
i think i'll post tomorrow too, if not, Saturday


Two years ago, Nico DiAngelo attempted to bring Ariel Fosters back from the dead. He had paid the Stolls for them to get him some McDonald’s happy meals (stealing them, of course).

He had run away from the burning of Ariel’s shrine, sprinting into the dark night of the woods. There, he had murmured a few words, bringing upon the death. As he poured in the food, the dead souls reached out to him—his sister and Ariel had warned him not to do this, their voices whispering in the darkness, calling out to him to remember the consequences.

Nico DiAngelo did not listen.

He had continued on with his chanting, trying to reach Ariel, possibly his sister; he failed. It was raining, and he slipped, falling into the pit; some ghosts managed to escape, and as fast as he could, he halted the chanting.

But the damage was done.

Of the souls, two harmless mortals were brought back to the world; however, King Midas escaped also, prompting some arguing between the gods.

For a week, Zeus had thought over and over for what he should do; being the king of the gods isn’t an easy job.

Tired of the arguing, Zeus decided for himself to banish Nico for trying to bring back the dead, making him fend off on his own in the world, not allowed to go to the Underworld.

As for the Stolls, who provided Nico with the sacrifice, Zeus ordered that they would not be allowed to go on any quest, whether for a war or not.

He had also decided to kill off the mortals again, raising some questions.

When the other gods found out about Zeus deciding by himself, some took his side: they felt that since he was king of the gods, he deserved to make his own decision and felt his choice was right.

Others, however, like Poseidon and Hades, did not like their brother being greedy; they wanted a new ruler. Some other gods joined their side too, and for months, the gods have been fighting, causing major natural disasters: hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis, volcano explosions, earthquakes; it is now still going on, and the demigods must come together once again to try to stop a possible World War 3.
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^ wow...
but you still didnt tell us what happened to annabeth and percy! XD

plz post soon!
(even though u literally just posted *checks* 2 minutes ago :P)

over a year ago Kaia143 said…
I love the prologue!!!!!
over a year ago DMLIME said…
Yeah I live in England. But I bate being in differnt time zones cause you post when im asleep. :( It looks good....but I need more!
over a year ago universalpowa said…
post soon!!!

and if you dont i will call in ELMO and DORA!!!!
*ignores the strange looks*

(check the Heroes of Olympus talk show! nicecatch was soooo funny!!! XD)

over a year ago Kronos429 said…
ha! sweet prologue
and ill tell you some names next time you're on chat.
And I guess I can tell you all the name of the sequel to darkness rising. It doesn't matter

The sequel to Darkness Rising will be called:
The Darkness rising: Resurrecting Evil
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
Kaia143, thank you! :)
DMLIME, aww, i'm sorry.. lol do you have a British accent? :D (i'm guessing yes cuz you live in England, which i find is really cool!)
universal, lolllll; and i'll post soon after i check all my updates :)
Kronos, ahh you spoiled the sequel name! :P
oh and thank you :)
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
hey guys, posting Chapter 1.. official chapter! so please enjoy and if it sounds strange, well, remember that i write everything for a reason :)
this is mostly an information chapter, and i TRIED to incorporate some humor so... yeah, not the funnest chapter, but i hope you guys like!
oh and i'm still working on Chapter 2, so not sure if i'll post tomorrow, but i'll try!

Chapter 1: Emily

Emily mindlessly twirled her hair, thinking about her past, for once.

It had been a month since she arrived at Camp Half-Blood. The place is still depressing, but she’s come to love it; the strawberry fields, the canoe lake, the sword arena, the rock climbing wall, the archery, the mess hall, the woods.

In fact, Emily seemed to have almost every one of the twelve major gods’ powers.

When she first arrived, the place seemed warming but depressing; the two demigods who had escorted her, a guy named Percy Jackson and his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, were talking to each other the whole time about something disastrous or whatever, taking a few glances at her.

Emily guessed something horrible must have happened at the Camp before she had arrived, but no one would tell her. She had even tried talking to Chiron, but of course he wouldn’t answer.

There was one demigod though, that provided some information to her: Leo Valdez, a son of Hephaestus, who was one of the seven in that major war with Gaea and the giants. He was pretty funny, too, and they got along pretty well. It was pretty hilarious when he kept on screaming, “Flame On!” during one of the campfires sessions.

But the atmosphere was still pretty depressing; for a month, Emily hadn’t gotten claimed, and everyone was distressed about it, but Percy seemed the angriest.

And, maybe she was supposed to be mad about not getting claimed, but the thing is, Emily wasn’t mad, and the campers thought that was kind of weird. But, she did get along with a lot of people, including the five most powerful campers: Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, and Leo.

The funny thing is, Emily had never gotten mad if things never went her way; it was a weird trait. Even when she never knew her parents, even when the mean Orphanage lady told her her parents had abandoned her, hadn’t loved her; she wasn’t mad.

She actually felt pity for the mean Orphanage lady, because somehow Emily knew that story wasn’t true; she remembered her father and mother, a few bit pieces here and there.

Her life at the orphanage wasn’t fun; most people avoided her, and others teased her for her “goody goody” style.

And of course, the monsters started popping up when she was ten; it turns out that mean Orphanage lady was a dracanae.

Go figure.

But somehow, since ten-years old, Emily was able to single-handily defeat the monsters; she had no clue how, because she would start to feel herself glow, and BAM!, when she opened her eyes after the feeling of glowing subsided, the monsters weren’t there anymore.

That was nine years ago, and that was when Emily started realizing her powers; which she still wasn’t sure of.

Emily abruptly stopped twirling her hair; what seemed just like mindless twirling turned her hair into a fancy braided updo, and she was now wearing makeup and a fresh new dress; she had no clue how that had happened.

But she had no clue about her other powers, either.

The changing makeover-type thing; that sounded like what Aphrodite does, sometimes giving makeovers to her children; Piper had told her once about that.

But Emily was no Aphrodite girl; she hated shopping, hated makeup, hated anything fake; it just wasn’t real.

And then, there was her excellent archery; obviously supposed to be a kid of Apollo, right?

Wrong. Emily couldn’t sing, nor heal, nor was interested in music like the other Apollo kids were. Or poetry, which they’re all bad at.

She had excellent war skills apparently, told to her by Chiron; she was good at sword fighting, and that was a trait of Ares supposedly; she had even beaten Percy Jackson twice. But, she wasn’t hot headed like the others.

Hermes kids were fast, and so was she; but she wasn’t into pranking others like the two most famous prankers, Connor and Travis Stoll, were. She didn’t really get what was so funny about putting a whoopee cushion on someone’s seat to make it sound like a fart.

Plus, sometimes when she walked around the strawberry fields, the plants went a little crazy, just like they do when Dionysus walks close to them; but Emily hated grape juice, grapes, and anything with the word “grape.”

And when she put together Piper’s broken iPod in fifty-four seconds (a Hephaestus cabin all-time record), everyone was sure she was going to be a daughter of Hephaestus.

But, they were wrong. Emily could put together broken parts, but she wasn’t good at molding swords and other stuff like that that required a lot of heat and pressure.

When Chiron looked over her report card (for some odd reason), Emily had straight A’s through the tiny tutoring classes she took at the orphanage; obviously smart, so pretty much a daughter of Athena.

Wrong again. She wasn’t good at making up plans, nor had the blond hair and stormy grey eyes like all Athena kids have.

And just like all of the Demeter kids, she could make flowers pop up anywhere; but she just wasn’t a true tree hugger like they all were—and she hated cereal.

Demeter wouldn’t have been proud.

She could even bring up small armies of the dead—like ten to fifteen skeletons. Some campers thought she would be a daughter of Hades, but when they saw her bright, cheery smile and bright, red hair, it was like saying Justin Bieber is a good singer.

And then, when the campers gathered around to see her being able to control the water, they were obviously thinking, “Percy has a sister!”

But were they right?

Well, if they were right, it was like saying Taylor Swift is emo.

The problem with Emily being a daughter of Poseidon was that she could only control the water; she couldn’t talk to horses, and didn’t have sea-green eyes and black hair.

And then finally, that left the campers with one other choice: Zeus. She had been able to fly in the air, and even beat Jason in their fly-race. But, she couldn’t use lightning and didn’t have electric blue eyes.

There were other things that Emily couldn’t explain. Like when she was happy, the sun was always shining; when she turned sad or moody, the weather was gloomy-like, raining and the sky a depressing shade of grey.

Plus, her body temperature seemed to be responding to her emotions; when she was excited, she could feel herself heat up a little; when she was really sad she could feel her temperature cool down.

And her eyes. Her eyes seemed to always change color; when she looked in the mirror, her eyes had gone from blue to green to red to black to brown to hazel to gold in a matter of a minute. It was weird, and it wasn’t like Piper’s kaleidoscope eyes either.

She was still thinking about who her parents and what her powers were and what they meant when Leo was running into her, and ended up falling over her, taking both of them down.

“Oh… whoops… Sorry… Got a little excited there.” Leo said, standing up and offering Emily a hand.

She took it, and brushed herself off. “So what’s wrong?”

Leo looked at her, and Emily swore she could see some drool on the tip of his mouth. “Uh, umm, wh-what?”

“Did you run all the way here to me to say ‘Uh, umm, wh-what?’”

Leo was still staring at her. Emily looked at her hands, touched her face, her hair, to see what was making Leo stare, but she couldn’t find anything wrong.

“Well, what is it?”

“Oh… Um, you look… beautiful.” Leo said, blushing. That was the first time Emily ever saw him blush.

“Err, thank you? Oh, this? My updo and all this makeup and dress? Yeah, I was just twirling my hair and this happened, somehow.”

“You have weird powers. I still can’t think of a nickname for you.”

“I don’t think I want a nickname that was devised from you?”

Leo pouted. “I’m offended. Oh, and Chiron told me to get you, and basically all the other campers; we’re meeting at the sword arena. Rachel’s just told a new prophecy.”
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^ aweshum!!!

and awwww...leo has a crush,...

well, actually thats not new
but i see what your gonna do hollister
sneaky sneaky huh?
i can see the future---just dont kill her this time!!
(*sniff* ariel *sniff*)

POST SOON!!! that was soo awesome cant wait until you post again!!! :D
over a year ago universalpowa said…
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
i just realized my forum went down to *checks list, counting* 12..!
stupid Popular Content -.- and it's smaller than usual :P
oh and thank you universal :)
are you sure you know what's going to happen..? *wink wink*
over a year ago crazypegesus980 said…
someone beat percy O.o............
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^^ u did better than me---Number 13 on the HoO fanclub
and yes, i think i do *wink wink*
although, we both like to give random surprises XD
post soon!!! :D

remember --

life is unpredictable
life is a rollarcoaster
but thats why we make the most of it
so dont give up
keep your head held high
and no matter what
always remember there is light
and you can always conquer the night
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Chapter 2: Percy

Percy was swinging Riptide nervously, almost chopping off Jason’s “beloved” hair. He had guessed that something was definitely wrong on Mount Olympus, but this talk about a new prophecy basically just clarified his thoughts.

What else was going to go wrong?

It had been two years since he had proposed to Annabeth, and they still hadn’t gotten married. It just didn’t feel right with what had happened…

Percy shook his head, trying to forget. But how could he?

First, Ariel had died. That was just a damper on the whole quest.

Then, Nico had attempted to bring her back just like he had with Bianca; but this time, he actually tried… and failed. And now he’s banished, just when they needed every strong demigod at Camp Half-Blood.

And the other stuff along with Nico’s banishment: the Stolls not being able to go on quests and the innocent (except King Midas) mortals getting killed… again. The only good thing was that the Stolls were pranking less and less, but Percy somewhat missed their whoopee cushions and explosive ice cream.

And now, this prophecy, a new one. Percy dreaded it, wondering who might die this time.

He shook his head; he had to think “optimistically” or else he’d get like, depressed or something. Maybe anorexic. Okay, not the second option; he ate like, ten times a day.

But there was another thing that was bothering Percy, one that came coming back to his mind.

He had been having dreams lately, dreams of not Kronos nor Gaea; thank the gods.

But of other Titans, the ones who had not been wiped completely, but just hidden; no one still knows where Kronos’s remains are, and Gaea went back to sleeping in the dirt.

Titans like Oceanus, Prometheus (bribing him with Pandora’s box or jar or whatever it was again), Krios, and Hyperion.

They were threatening to avenge Kronos and Gaea—or at least that was what his dreams told him.

The dreams were always hazy, the Titans’ voices dark and mysterious; but the message was always clear: they were coming back.

Percy wasn’t sure if there were more Titans coming back (hopefully not), and he wasn’t sure if they were fully awake or still hiding.

Almost everyone was in the sword arena now, waiting for Chiron and Rachel to come. Annabeth rested her head on his shoulder, and out of the corner of his eye, he could see Leo and the new girl, Emily, rushing to find a seat.

Percy kept on swinging Riptide nervously, and was always missing Jason’s hair by an inch; Jason was glaring at him now, muttering something about having to buy new hair gel.

Everyone was talking, and it suddenly grew silent as Chiron approached with Rachel, who looked dazed.

Chiron cleared his throat. “As you all know, Rachel here has ordained a new prophecy; the first one since two years ago, as you all remember.”

Percy gulped. He didn’t want to remember that.

Chiron continued. “Now, Rachel will repeat it, and soon the quest members will leave tomorrow morning.”

Rachel cleared her throat this time, and opened her mouth, her eyes glowing green and speaking like three Rachel’s at once.

”To the west of the Camp four must go,
Bringing together again an old foe
Beware the ones hiding with a box
Against the four they will have many blocks
Heroes unite to bring the peace
the fighting and hatred within the family will cease
And the unknown mystery of the new one
Will soon be discovered, solved and done.

There was silence as Rachel collapsed, but Percy and Annabeth were close enough to catch her and put her in her special Oracle chair (a comfy beanbag that had the Big Time Rush logo printed on it).

Then suddenly, everyone started talking at once, the chattering loud. Chiron stomped his hoof, beckoning for everyone to become quiet.

“As you all know, the prophecy calls for four people to go on a quest, one that goes to the west.”

“That rhymed! You’re a poet and you didn’t even know it, Chiron!” Leo shouted, receiving some glares from Chiron.

“Err, yes, child, I suppose that did rhyme. Now, we must decide who the four will be to go on the quest, but first we must choose the leader.”

All at once, everyone started chanting, “PERCY! PERCY! PERCY! PERCY!”

Percy blushed, and Annabeth gave him a knowing look, something like, You knew this was coming, Seaweed Brain.

Chiron stomped his foot again, and smiled knowingly at him. “Percy, choose your other three quest members.”

Percy nodded, standing up and scanning the crowd. He already knew one person he was going to take.


Percy saw him comb his hair into place (there was one little tuff that he had accidently cut off), and then he stood up, Piper grinning at him.

The next two were hard to pick. The prophecy had said something about “the new one,” and the only new demigod was Emily… so if she came along the quest, the mystery of who her godly parent is might be solved. But how would Annabeth feel?

He glanced down at Annabeth, and an understanding seemed to pass through them; she didn’t want to go on a quest this time, and plus Percy knew that she and the others should stay to guard Camp Half-Blood incase of any attacks and such, and finding out more about the gods and their moody problems.

Percy took a deep breath. “Leo.”

There were murmurs as Leo stood up, yelling, “Leo Valdez, cooker of awesome tofu burgers, Supreme Commander of the Argo 2, winner of all Just Dance 3 modes accepts! Flame on!”

Chiron stomped his foot, getting everyone to shush. “Percy, your last quest member?”

Percy looked at Annabeth again, and she smiled at him, nodding.


Chiron didn’t look surprised, but the campers started talking loudly, chattering away. Annabeth stood up, and whispered in his ear, “Good luck, Seaweed Brain. I think you’ll need it, and try to stay out of trouble, will you?”

Percy rolled his eyes but smiled, gently kissing Annabeth’s forehead. “Hey, that’s my specialty, staying out of trouble.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Sure, sure. Just try not to get killed for me, okay?”

“Will do.”

He watched her walk away to her cabin, and Percy turned to talk to the other members of the quest.

Jason was still combing his hair, trying his best to hide the little tuff; Leo was talking with Emily, using wild hand gestures, while she looked like she was trying her best to pay attention.

Chiron looked at Percy. “I’m not surprised that you picked this as your team, Percy.”

“You’re not?”

“No. It’s a good choice, actually, though I suspected you might have picked Annabeth to come along, too.”

Percy felt himself turn tomato red. “Err, yeah, um, yeah… So tomorrow we leave?”

Chiron nodded. “Argus can take you as far as Manhattan, but you’ll have to choose your way going west from there on your own.”

Percy nodded; hopefully, they won’t lose anyone on this quest.

Maybe they could actually go through a quest without any real damage this time?

Highly unlikely, but hey, if you have a team of demigods, one who cares about his hair, one that cooks tofu burgers, and one who is overly friendly, nothing can go wrong, right?
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well, here's the preview, and i'll try to get it done by Friday! (maybe earlier if possible!)
enjoy :)

Preview: Chapter 3: Leo

Leo was humming happily as he put his things into his backpack—a pair of clothes, ambrosia, nectar, a few drachmas, some mortal money, a Just Dance 3 video game, his xBox with Kinect, and yep, that was about it.

You never know when you’ll need a Just Dance 3 video game and an xBox with Kinect.

He had been wondering if he should bring a toothbrush, but then his backpack would be too bulgy. Besides, Leo was too lazy to care about his hygiene.

He was surprised but excited to go on this quest—his pants almost got caught on fire, but luckily they didn’t. Leo didn’t want to embarrass himself even more in front of Emily.

Speaking of which, now was the perfect time for Leo to get the girl to like him—he was still available, sadly. Now he had a chance to get a girl and not be the only one who was lonely.

Nyssa glanced his way. “Why are you packing your xBox?”

“Well, you never know when Leo Valdez will get bored.”

“But we use that xBox to play on too!”

“What?! You’ve been playing on my xBox without my permission?! Do you know how many germs there could be on my precious?!”

Nyssa was silent. She just left the cabin, probably going to the camp’s forges.

Leo spent the next three hours polishing his xBox and Kinect. Antisocial, maybe, but hey, those were his prized possessions, and if his siblings were using them, who knows how they could have tainted it?

The sun was starting to set now, and Leo finished polishing and got ready to go eat—finally. Three hours of polishing in the same position made him hungry.

He rushed out of his cabin, bumping into Jason and Piper who were holding hands.

Leo grinned. “Ah, the lovebirds are holding hands, how cute.”

Piper rolled her eyes. “Leo… you don’t want me to smack your head, do you?”

“No ma’am, nope at all, Beauty Queen. I think I might have a concussion.”

“That explains your bad nicknames.” Jason said, snorting.

“Hey, they’re not that bad!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, Repair Boy. Oh, and did you remember to pack a toothbrush for your quest tomorrow?” Piper asked.

“Geez, Beauty Queen, you sound like my mother.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Leo rolled his eyes. “How is hygiene important on a quest?”

“It’s very important!”

“I really doubt it’s more important than my xBox.”

“Don’t tell me you’re bringing your xBox to the quest.”

“I am, so HA! I’ll bust off my dance moves on the quest!”

Piper and Jason groaned. “Leo, no one wants to see you shake your butt.”

Leo winked rapidly. “The ladies do.”

Jason rolled his eyes. “It looks like you’re having a seizure, winking your eyes that fast.”

Emily came over to them, looking confused.
dun dun dun dunnnnn.. i left you guys off in a (sort of, not really, nope) cliffhanger :P
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^ yes! pfffftttt
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girls rule!!! XP
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Chapter 3: Leo

Leo was humming happily as he put his things into his backpack—a pair of clothes, ambrosia, nectar, a few drachmas, some mortal money, a Just Dance 3 video game, his xBox with Kinect, and yep, that was about it.

You never know when you’ll need a Just Dance 3 video game and an xBox with Kinect.

He had been wondering if he should bring a toothbrush, but then his backpack would be too bulgy. Besides, Leo was too lazy to care about his hygiene.

He was surprised but excited to go on this quest—his pants almost got caught on fire, but luckily they didn’t. Leo didn’t want to embarrass himself even more in front of Emily.

Speaking of which, now was the perfect time for Leo to get the girl to like him—he was still available, sadly. Now he had a chance to get a girl and not be the only one who was lonely.

Nyssa glanced his way. “Why are you packing your xBox?”

“Well, you never know when Leo Valdez will get bored.”

“But we use that xBox to play on too!”

“What?! You’ve been playing on my xBox without my permission?! Do you know how many germs there could be on my precious?!”

Nyssa was silent. She just left the cabin, probably going to the camp’s forges.

Leo spent the next three hours polishing his xBox and Kinect. Antisocial, maybe, but hey, those were his prized possessions, and if his siblings were using them, who knows how they could have tainted it?

The sun was starting to set now, and Leo finished polishing and got ready to go eat—finally. Three hours of polishing in the same position made him hungry.

He rushed out of his cabin, bumping into Jason and Piper who were holding hands.

Leo grinned. “Ah, the lovebirds are holding hands, how cute.”

Piper rolled her eyes. “Leo… you don’t want me to smack your head, do you?”

“No ma’am, nope at all, Beauty Queen. I think I might have a concussion.”

“That explains your bad nicknames.” Jason said, snorting.

“Hey, they’re not that bad!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, Repair Boy. Oh, and did you remember to pack a toothbrush for your quest tomorrow?” Piper asked.

“Geez, Beauty Queen, you sound like my mother.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Leo rolled his eyes. “How is hygiene important on a quest?”

“It’s very important!”

“I really doubt it’s more important than my xBox.”

“Don’t tell me you’re bringing your xBox to the quest.”

“I am, so HA! I’ll bust off my dance moves on the quest!”

Piper and Jason groaned. “Leo, no one wants to see you shake your butt.”

Leo winked rapidly. “The ladies do.”

Jason rolled his eyes. “It looks like you’re having a seizure, winking your eyes that fast.”

Emily came over to them, looking confused. “Hey, guys—do you know what I’m supposed to pack for a quest?” She was fidgeting and looked nervous, and for some reason, Leo felt nervous, too, even though he hadn’t before she came.

Piper nodded. “Oh yeah, I’ll help you with that after dinner—we can skip the campfire, I don’t think I want to hear the Apollo campers singing ‘Baby.’ I’ll come over to the Hermes cabin with a complete packing list, okay?”

Emily smiled, and the temperature seemed a bit warmer than it had a minute ago. Weird.

Leo rolled his eyes. “You’re not gonna make her bring a toothbrush, are you?”

Piper glared at him. “Hygiene is important!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. So are we gonna go in the mess hall, or what? I’m starving.”

“You’re always hungry.” Piper grumbled, and she and Jason went to the dinner line.

“So I’m guessing you didn’t pack a toothbrush?” Emily asked, turning to face him. Leo’s heart did a little dance when she met his eyes; they were changing colors, and her hair was now in a simple fishtail braid, and she was wearing flip flops with skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt—how Leo knew all this fashion stuff, he didn’t know. He never even watched Project Runway before.

“Uh, yeah… You know, I don’t consider hygiene the most important thing on a quest…”

Emily shrugged. “I guess not. So what else did you bring?”

Leo suddenly felt self-conscious—what was she going to think about his Just Dance 3 addiction?

“Err, well this game, it’s called Just Dance 3—“

Emily’s eyes brightened, and Leo swore the temperature felt warmer than it had seconds ago. “I love that game! That was always the free activity I did back at the orphanage; apparently they had enough money for a Wii and Just Dance 3 game, but not enough money for lots of clothing.”

Leo gestured to Emily’s outfit. “Then how’d you get all of this?”

She shrugged. “It just appears somehow… like if I start twirling with my hair and my mind is on something else, sometimes my hair and outfit changes at random—it’s weird. It’s kind of like what Aphrodite does, doing random makeovers, but I have no clue how I can do this.”

“Huh. I remember when Aphrodite makeovered me… Yep, I was hot stuff before but then I was SUPER hot stuff.”

Emily laughed, which made Leo feel like laughing, too, for some reason.

“We should go eat, I’m starving.” He said, rubbing his stomach and crossing his eyes.

Emily laughed again. “Yeah. Nice talking to you, Leo.” She walked off to the line, getting her food, while Leo was still standing in the same spot.

His grumbling stomach reminded him to go inside and get his food; today’s dinner was salmon (ugh, something healthy), asparagus (ugh, something healthy), a hamburger, and chocolate pie (yes!).

Leo went to the sacrifice fire, giving away most of the salmon and asparagus, but the juiciest part of the hamburger and the sweetest part of the pie.

Dad, Hephaestus, what’s going on in Mount Olympus? Please tell me, asap.

Leo hoped his prayer would work; lately he’d been feeling as if something wasn’t quite right with Mount Olympus. Dionysus had left two years ago, when the weird stuff started happening. Mr. D still wasn’t here, and Leo kind of missed him and his diet coke. Sometimes he’d been able to steal his cokes, and he missed those soft drinks.

Plus, his dad hadn’t talked to him since… well, since the Giant war. Maybe it had something to do with being antisocial, but Leo actually wanted to see Hephaestus’s face and talk to a god, since they were all silent.

He wondered where Nico was now. That kid couldn’t go back to the Underworld, so where would he go?

Leo shook his head, trying to think of positive things, like his xBox and how he was going to show off his dance moves to Emily—speaking of which, while some mustard dribbled down his chin from his hamburger, Emily was daintily cutting her hamburger in tiny pieces—pssh, girls.

Even though Leo really liked her, since she was nice and gorgeous and all, he did admit that she was kind of weird—if he had been unclaimed, Leo didn’t think he would sit there at the Hermes table calmly humming while cutting up a hamburger.

He locked eyes with her, and she smiled warmly back at him, and Leo could feel the temperature rise again—weird.

He shrugged the thoughts off, gorging in on his dinner—boy, did three hours of polishing sure take out his energy.

Suddenly, there was a loud BOOM! outside, and everyone jumped—Connor even shrieked like a little girl.

Rain started pouring down fast, the waves in the lake crashing in, splashing the Aphrodite cabin—the children of Aphrodite pouted, whining about how their precious cabin was all wet now.

More lightning came, and Leo locked eyes with Jason, then Percy—they were all thinking the same thing.

The weather is controlled by the gods, and to Leo, it looked like the weather was working against each other; which could only mean one thing.

The gods are super pissed at each other.
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Chapter 4: Emily

The sound of thunder and lightning made Emily jump, and she felt colder for some reason and the temperature in the Camp felt colder, too. Odd.

There was a lot of talking in the mess hall, with a bunch of screaming and crying from the Aphrodite cabin… except for Piper, who was trying to calm all of them down.

Chiron had to stomp his hoof for the… actually, Emily lost count after the hundredth time that happened.

“Campers! Freak weather isn’t the end of the world, at least not necessarily! Just calm down and order will be restored!”

There was still chaos, and Emily could tell Chiron was frustrated—she was getting a little pissed off, too, and the weather outside seemed to be getting worse.

“Everyone, listen to Chiron or you’ll all have to clean the bathrooms! That’s INCLUDING the toilets!” Percy shouted, standing on the Poseidon table.

The campers shut up after that. Apparently having to clean the toilets wasn’t the best chore in Camp.

“Err, thank you for… shutting up. Now, listen to Chiron.” Percy said, sitting back down awkwardly.

Chiron nodded towards his way. “Thank you, Percy, for that… threat. Now, the Camp usually penetrates the usual weather from making its way inside, correct? That’s a rhetorical question so you don’t need to answer it. Now, the last time that this kind of thing happened was the first year that Percy arrived, and he was about to leave for his quest. Since that was the case, the demigods for this recent quest should leave right away, possibly now if they can, so we can figure out what is going on in Mount Olympus and the mortal world. Percy, is your team ready?”

Percy stood up again, running a hand through his hair. “Give us ten minutes after dinner, and I’m sure we’ll be able to go by then. That okay with you guys?”

Emily nodded towards his way—it wouldn’t give her enough time to pack everything on Piper’s Master Packing List, but it would be enough to pack the necessities (and she was going to bring her toothbrush).

Chiron nodded. “Alright then. Everyone, go back to eating, campfire will be postponed for tonight unless the weather clears up.”

Someone whined in the corner of the room. “What else are we supposed to do then?”

“Do whatever teenagers these days do?”

“You could always sleep.” Clovis added, yawning.

Emily stood up from her table, going towards Chiron—she wanted to get ahead on her packing.

“Chiron, is it okay if I leave dinner early to pack all of my stuff?”

“Yes, child, the sooner you leave, the better.”

She nodded, hurrying out of the mess hall and into the Hermes cabin, where everything was messy: pranks laying around in random spots, a bunch of whoopee cushions, and whipped cream (which Travis didn’t like).

Emily always felt out of place when she was in the Hermes cabin, as was the case with the other cabins. It just didn’t feel right to her being in a cabin dedicated to a god. Plus, she hated pranks.

Emily knew from the first day that the Hermes campers were going to mess with her stuff, so she had the best hiding place—a hole underneath her bunk, covered by a bunch of whipped cream.

Emily took out her purple duffel bag from the hole that she carried all the time, ever since living in the Orphanage. She put in three pairs of extra clothes, a toothbrush (yes, she cared about her hygiene), a hairbrush, and lastly her ring… which wasn’t there—she dug deeper inside the hole searching for it, but her hand only found whipped cream.

Emily started to panic, and the rain outside started pouring harder—she had her ring ever since she was born, and she’d worn it ever since; it was something related to her parents, she could tell, because when she got to Camp and took the ring off, it turned into a sword. The second time she took it off, it turned to a bow, then the third time, a knife, and the fourth time, a gladius. It was interchangeable, she assumed.

Emily ran her hand through her hair when something glinting in the light caught her eye—her ring.

“Oh gods, I’m so oblivious.” She muttered, sighing in relief—she had sworn she put it in her hole, so how did it get back on her ring finger?

Emily mindlessly twisted it, admiring the ring—it was simple, yet so beautiful in its simplicity; there was no bling to it, but just the gold and silver clashing together, making the light bounce off of it.

She realized dinner had just ended, because some campers were heading towards the Hermes cabin—it was still pouring outside, but it had calmed down a little, and Emily realized the rain and lightning had been softer since the moment she found her ring.

She lifted her duffel bag off the ground, and re-covered the hole under her bunk bed; she was going to the Big House to ask Chiron for some mortal money and drachmas, since she didn’t own any.

Outside, the rain was still coming, and the sky was a stormy purple-blue; the oceans over Long Island Sound were still strong, but the waves didn’t reach the cabins.

If it was this bad in Camp Half-Blood, how bad would it be outside in the mortal world? And why were the gods fighting?

Emily reached the Big House, Percy, Jason, and Leo already there. She nodded towards their way, and went inside to find a Ziploc bag of drachmas and mortal money lying on the table with her name on it, so she also stuffed that in her bag.

She went back outside, the sky still a menacing dark-purple; Chiron had now joined them.

“Well, good luck… And I assume you know where you are going?” Chiron asked, swinging his tail.

Percy nodded. “That first line was pretty obvious; ‘To the west of the Camp four must go.’ Camp Jupiter, right?”

Chiron nodded. “Yes. The gods are fighting right now, if you haven’t noticed already. I think what this prophecy is trying to do is bring an ‘old foe’ or many old foes, possibly meaning the Roman campers, to work together and stop a possible World War 3.”

Percy nodded. “That makes sense. So Argus can drive us all the way to Manhattan?”

Chiron nodded. “He is waiting for the four of you in the strawberry delivery car. Good luck, everyone,” He said, and then turned to Emily. “And, Emily, don’t lose hope of finding your… godly parent.”

Emily nodded; it was a tough subject for her, because not only did she not know her godly parent, she never knew her mortal one, either. Maybe on this quest she would find out?

It started raining hard again, the thunder getting louder, so the four of them got into the car soaking wet, ruining the leather seats. Argus frowned at that, all his one hundred eyes looking down at the seats—which looked pretty funny to Emily.

The car got as far as Manhattan, but the weather outside was horrible—hail, gusts of howling wind, you could even see some of the tides from Long Island Sound. In one word, it was terrifying—what could possibly be going on in Mount Olympus?
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Chapter 5: Percy

Percy looked grimly at Manhattan. There were no pedestrians around, barely any cars, and a lot of windows on buildings were blown out.

How long had this been going on and they didn’t know about it?

Percy guessed from all the buildings having blown-out windows that this had been going on for about a year—and they didn’t even know about it.

He wondered about his parents’ apartment close by… were they okay? He was supposed to visit them last summer, but they declined because some weird things were happening—which Percy assumed was this.

“This is… depressing,” Jason stated.

“No duh, Pretty Boy.”


“It’s… true.”

“Geez, no need to be so rude with your nicknames, Hot Head.”

“Guys? Shut up,” Percy said, as the rain was coming down hard—he could barely see out of the windshield—it was only 7, but it was already pitch-black.

Argus nodded at him that he better go out now—how they were going to get to the other side of the country Percy had no clue, but they’ll manage it… somehow. Maybe a Christmas Miracle.

But it was the middle of summer, so that was unlikely.

In fact, Percy hadn’t been to Camp Jupiter since two years ago… he just felt more comfortable being at Camp Half-Blood. Jason hadn’t been there since two years ago, too, so they didn’t know how things were going on, if Reyna was still praetor, and all that other stuff.

Percy motioned for everyone to step out of the car, and thanked Argus, who nodded and drove away in the pouring rain.

They had been out for a second and were already drenched.

“Is weather in New York always this… bipolar?” Emily asked.

“Not really. It’s just the gods fighting,” Percy said; actually, he was the only one completely dry, which was a benefit—Leo and Jason looked at him with envy.

Only Emily was semi-enjoying the rain… she actually looked happy (that kind of freaked Percy out).

“So… are we just going to stand here in the rain?” Leo asked, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Obviously not. I want to… visit my parents’ apartment,” Percy said, his voice wavering at the last part.

The four kept silent after that, Percy leading the way to Paul and his mom’s apartment. The sidewalk was slippery, and Leo fell a lot of times, and for halfway had to lean on Emily for support. Percy heard him mutter a curse about almost dropping his xBox. Since when did people bring gaming stuff on a quest? Other than Leo, apparently. Percy just hoped he didn’t bring Just Dance 3… he’d seen Leo dance before, and was knocked out for three days after being punched with his flaming hand. Not a fun experience.

Percy tried to keep his cool, but he couldn’t help but think if his parents were…

He couldn’t say the word, not even in his head.

“Percy! Whoa, slow down, Kelp Face!”

Percy realized the others were halfway behind him. “Leo… since when was that my nickname?”

“Since two seconds ago.”

“Alright, Valdez, Grace, let’s hurry up so we can find out what’s wrong sooner,” Emily said, grabbing both of their hands and running towards Percy—she was a blur, and in less than a minute, was standing right next to him.

“Hmm, not bad for an unclaimed child, hm?” She grinned, her red hair wet and plastered against her face—Percy had to admit, she did look beautiful even like that… but he wouldn’t admit that to Annabeth. She’d probably kill him. Or worse, make him read a biography on Mark Twain.

Percy shuddered at the thought, while the others looked at him confused.

“Err, yeah, I was thinking of something unpleasant.”

“Like having cake in your pants?”

“Leo… that’s just disgusting.”

“Hey, it’s happened to me before!”

Jason looked at him. “It did? When?”

“Well, I was coming back from—“

“And we don’t care,” Percy stated, starting to walk again, but slower. They were only two blocks away from the apartment.

Percy started getting nervous as they approached the apartment—it looked empty. All the windows were blown out, and there was a lot of furniture that he could see scattered inside the rooms.

“Do you want me to fly us there? It’ll be faster than going inside—plus I don’t think the elevators will work,” Jason suggested.

“Uh, yeah, thanks, Jason.”

Jason just nodded, grabbing all of their hands and flying up the ninth floor—the floor of Percy’s parents’.

They landed softly on the floor of the hallway, and Percy nervously approached his parents’ apartment. The whole hallway was empty and dark, and with the howling wind outside, it felt like he was in some horror movie… hopefully he wouldn’t find a doll with creepy button eyes—Coraline just freaked him out.

Percy’s fist stopped abruptly in front of the door—his hands were shaking; he didn’t want to see the worst.

Emily stepped next to him. “Hey, it’s gonna be okay… like Celine Dion sings, your heart will go on,” She smiled at him, which made the temperature feel warmer, and Percy felt calmer—a little.

Jason and Leo’s shoulders relaxed, too; they all seemed to have an effect on Emily’s smile—weird.

Percy mustered up all his courage and softly knocked on the door—his manners were coming along nicely; four, five years ago he might have knocked down the door.

The door slowly creaked open, and Percy pushed it, and it crumbled. He winced at that, and then took a look at his parents’ apartment.

It was horrible.

Chairs were all over the room, broken. The coffee table was in pieces, and the flat screen TV was shattered (Percy saw Leo shed a little tear at that sight).

He nervously took more steps inside, searching for any remnants of his parents; he checked the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and finally, went into their bedroom.

The bed was turned over, the lamp beside it crushed—but Percy could see a little tiny thing sticking out on one of the blankets—he went over to it and picked it up; it was a piece of paper with what he noticed was his mom’s handwriting.

I don’t know when you’re reading this, maybe when times are tough in your demigod life.
If you haven’t figured out yet, we didn’t let you come over in the summer because of the freak weather—there were always constant clouds over the Empire State Building, and I didn’t want you to cause anymore trouble.

Percy muttered, “Gee, thanks mom.”

As soon as we saw the first building with the blown out windows, Paul and I knew we had to move out—it wasn’t safe. I’m sorry if we hadn’t contacted you, but we knew we had to leave fast.
So many people died, Percy. So many people.
I’m not exactly sure what’s going on up there—maybe you do?
And maybe you’ll be the hero that saves the day again; I know you’ll do great in your next quest.
Everywhere around the world is messy, but America isn’t the safest, since it’s where the gods live.
So Paul and I went to Alaska—I remember you telling me about how that place was the only one where the gods didn’t have control over it. It’s still in America, but we both thought it was the only place to go.
Plus, Paul wanted to see some polar bears—I told him they weren’t friendly, but he insisted he wanted to keep one as his pet.
Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in his head.
But anyways, I love you, and I know you’ll do great and get the world back to normal, because that’s what you always do.
There’s a surprise for you under the dog bowl in the kitchen. Go check it out.
I love you, Percy. You don’t know how proud I am of you.
Love, Mom.
P.S. Percy, it’s Paul. I’m still not exactly sure what goes on in a demigod life, but listening to your mother about you and bonding with you over the past years has been great—stay safe, and remember we’re all a family.
P.P.S. If I do get a polar bear as a pet, I’ll name him Mr. O’Leary, just like that hellhound you have. Maybe they can have a playdate some day.
Stay safe.
Paul and Mom <3

Percy had little tears in his eyes, and wiped them away before anyone could see them—his shoulders were shaking slightly, but this note made him strong enough to go to the kitchen and find his surprise.

“You okay, bro?” Jason asked, looking at the note.

“Yeah. And since when have you called me ‘bro?’ I don’t remember ever hearing that from you.”

Jason shrugged. “I guess it came as an instinct. So… are we leaving now?”

“I have to check one thing in the kitchen—I’ll meet you guys outside of the apartment.”

“Uhh, I think I’d rather stay here where it’s less dark… and cold… but at least it’s safe from the weather!” Leo replied cheerfully, leading the way to the kitchen.

Emily looked at Percy. “Are you sure you’re okay? Do you need anything?”

“Nah, I’m fine. We should go to the kitchen before Leo knocks more stuff down.”

Emily smiled at that. “He’s… high. On something. I saw him drink a can of Coke before we got in the car.”

“How’d he get that?”

“I don’t know—probably from the Stoll brothers; I think it’s just Pepsi, though.”

Percy shivered—Pepsi was a poser of Coke. Shudder.

They approached the kitchen, and found Jason sitting on the table lost in thoughts, while Leo was searching the fridge and pantry—go figure.

“Hey, there’s a lot of food in here! Oh yeah, SCORE! PEPSIS! AND THEY’RE DIET, TOO!”

“Oh gods, Leo,” Jason muttered.

“Oh look, A PACK OF OREOS!”

“Leo…” Percy clucked, looking around for the dog bowl—since when did his parents have a dog bowl?

He found a red dog bowl on the ground, with the name ‘Fido’ written on it.

Percy frowned. Since when did his parents have a dog named Fido?

He shrugged and turned it over, and under the dog bowl were blue Oreos—his favorite, all sealed in a plastic Ziploc bag.

Percy smiled. He loved the blue Oreos his mom made, and seeing them made him feel better. He looked around to see if anyone was looking, and stuffed one in his mouth—he wasn’t going to share these, especially not with Leo; even though there were ten inside, now nine after he ate one, Leo would probably scarf it all down in less than a minute.

There was another note on the Ziploc bag, and Percy peeled it off and took a look at it.

If you found my surprise for you, you found this note. I hope you enjoy your treat, I know it’s your favorite.
I’m sure you’re smart enough not to share these with Leo or Nico.
Good luck, and I love you.
Mom. <3

Percy smiled, and wondered when his mom started drawing hearts in her letters—she hadn’t done that before.

Knowing that his parents were safe (as far as he knew) and eating the blue Oreo made Percy happier and he felt stronger—enough to move on towards Camp Jupiter.

“Alright guys; Leo, I think you’ve stolen enough food to last us for a week. Now let’s get the hel—“

“Hey, watch your language, Shark Boy!”

Percy frowned. “That’s a new one. I’m not even going to ask. Well, let’s get a move on with this quest, hmm?”

“Yep, as soon as I’m done putting these Double Stuffed Oreos in my bag!”

Percy rolled his eyes, but waited patiently. His mood was great right now, and if finding blue Oreos was a good omen, he was sure this quest would go exactly as he hoped it would.
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Chapter 6: Leo

Leo was afraid of the dark. Okay, yes, he admitted it—he’s afraid of the dark, ever since watching Paranormal Activity.

Leo shuddered; they had been walking towards New Jersey for about an hour now, since it was 8 PM.

He hugged the Double Stuffed Oreos that he stole from Percy’s parents; he hoped they wouldn’t mind, since they did leave them behind.

Leo opened the bag for the hundredth time and took out another Oreo—there were only a few left now.

Percy and Jason looked at him. “Dude, you know you’ve eaten like, a hundred Ores in less than an hour, right?” Percy asked.

Leo gulped down his Oreo, then stuffed the box in his backpack. “I eat when I’m… scared.”

No one responded to that.

The rain was just drizzling now, but there was still thunder and lightning—occasionally Leo saw a tree a few hundred yards away tumble down from getting hit.

It was summer, so it was hot and humid—Leo saw Emily was now wearing shorts and a tank top instead of her jeans and long sleeved-shirt; she seemed the most comfortable out of all of them.

Leo just wanted to sit down and sleep and play on his xBox.

“Question. Where are we going to sleep?” He asked them.

“Hmm, I think that’s the first intelligent question that ever came out of you, Leo,” Percy responded.

“Gee, I feel so warm and tingly inside.”

“That’s just weird,” Jason added.

“I was kidding, Pretty Boy.”

“Shut up, Hot Head.”

“Peerrccyyyy, you didn’t answer my question,” Leo whined.

“Honestly, Leo? I don’t know. No where is safe if the gods are fighting… we’re just gonna have to find a nearby store that seems friendly to sleep in.”

“There better not be any mutated Cokes inside,” Leo muttered.

“Hey, don’t insult Cokes!” Percy said.

“Pepsi’s WAY better.”

“I actually like Coke better,” Emily said. “The polar bear’s cute.”

“Well yeah, but who cares about a polar bear?” Leo asked.

“Polar bear lovers?”

“Like my stepdad, Paul.”

“Paul likes polar bears?” Jason asked.

“Apparently. My mom said he wanted one as a pet.”


Well that was a conversation stopper.

They trudged along, Leo’s curly hair plastered to his forehead—only Percy wasn’t wet, and every now and then, he could see Jason take out a brush to keep his hair all “perfect.”

“What about we stay in that empty bookstore over there?” Emily suddenly asked, pointing in the distance.

Leo tilted his head. “I don’t see any bookstore… I don’t think I’d want to go in one, either.”

“Why? They’re not that bad. Can’t you see that sign that says Books and Eyes Bookstore? They even sell coffee!”

Percy squinted. “I can’t see anything… Emily, are you sure you’re not on drugs?”

Leo burst out laughing, but shut up when Emily raised her eyebrows at him.

“Um, no. I’m pretty sure I can clearly see the Books and Eyes Bookstore.”

“I can’t see anything!” Jason complained, bringing out his hair brush again.

“Stop worrying about your hair, Pretty Boy.”

“Shut up, Leo!”

“What I don’t get it is why the gods are fighting, I mean, I think it’s pretty stupid and annoying—they could be helping us right now, not sitting around doing nothing.” Percy stated, crossing his arms.

Leo heard thunder rumble more loudly now—not a good sign.

“Oh gods, Percy, you made them pissed off even more!” Jason replied, brushing his hair faster.

“Way to go, Kelp Head.” Leo said, snorting.

“Hey, it’s not my fault, Leo and Jason, that they’re not even doing anything!”

The thunder rumbled even louder now, and the rain came harder—but wait; Leo felt his hair and found a cheerio on his head.

Emily looked up curiously. “Did I just feel a turnip on my hair?”

“Ow! It’s raining garden vegetables!” Jason yelled, raising his brush to protect himself.

“CURSE YOU DEMETER!” Percy yelled, shaking his fist at the sky, which made it rumble even louder, with more cereals and turnips and corn coming down from the sky.

“OW! A potato hit my head!” Leo rubbed his head, moaning.

Emily rocked back and forth. “So, now’s a good time to go in that bookstore that I saw, right?”

“Fine, fine,” Percy grumbled, and they ran, following Emily.

Leo thought she was crazy—until he saw the sign for Books and Eyes Bookstore.

“Why do I have a feeling this is going to go wrong?” Jason murmured, as they entered the vacant bookstore, which was surprisingly unlocked—the owners must’ve been in a hurry when they left this store.

All the windows were blown out, so the wind still came in, but it was cooler inside than outside; Leo stumbled on a lot of books, but found the lights and flicked them on.

“Leo to the rescue—again!” He said, pounding his chest.

Emily scrunched her nose up—which Leo thought was cute.

“Ugh. It stinks in here… Luckily, I found four sleeping bags in your parents’ apartment, Percy, if you don’t mind me stealing it…”

“No, it’s fine—it’s better than Leo stealing all of those Oreos.”

“Hey, don’t judge my love for Oreos!”

Jason yawned. “Yeah, well, I’m gonna crash—walking all this way makes me tired… and somewhat hungry.”

“Leo’s famous tacos and tofu burgers coming right up!”

“Tofu burgers?” Emily asked, looking at him. “And where do you have the food and fire…?”

Leo patted his tool belt. “The magic comes from here.”

Percy yawned. “You sound like… Walt Disney.”


“I don’t know.”


That was another conversation stopper.

In a matter of seconds, Leo had a small fire going (burning some math textbooks), and started with his tacos and tofu burgers—yum.

Emily smiled. “This smells REALLY good. I didn’t know you had cooking skills, Leo.”

“Hey, that’s just another awesome thing about The Flame.”

Jason and Percy rolled their eyes, while Emily laughed—everyone was dry now (well, Percy always was), and they all felt comfortable in the bookstore named Books and Eyes Bookstore.

“Ah, order up dawgs!”

“Leo… you’re not Randy Jackson,” Percy said, clucking his tongue and shaking his head.

“Obviously not, Shark Boy.”

“Since when am I a shark?”

“You’re not.”

“Then why are you calling me Shark Boy?”

“I want my food, Leo,” Jason said, stretching out on some books.

“Geez, always so pushy, Pretty Boy.”

“Shut up.”

Leo distributed the food, putting the nicest taco and tofu burger on Emily’s paper plate that they found lying around by where the coffee machine was.

She smiled at him. “Thanks, Leo.”

He managed to nod slightly, then gulped his taco in less than a second. That went the same for his burger, and everyone looked at him.

“Hey, you can’t blame the hungry stomach,” He said, patting his belly. “Well, Imma go sleep now, peace out, dawgs.”

He lied down in his sleeping bag, hearing Percy clucking his tongue again—but he didn’t care, because now he was dry and warm and with his friends, and he was just tired, ready to crash after a long day of finding diet Pepsis, Oreos, and a bookstore with a really weird name.
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Chapter 7: Emily

Emily looked up from the book she was reading—yes, she was reading a book. She didn’t have dyslexia like most demigods, and she didn’t have ADHD either, but she was really hyper at times.

The guys were snoring, and Leo was the loudest—he was sleeping next to her, and Emily smiled, but then suddenly frowned.

Being with funny and nice guys again reminded her a lot of the boy who didn’t come back to her at the orphanage.

She sighed; Emily hated thinking about her past, because it was so confusing and blurry. Basically all she did was live in the orphanage and fight monsters, and then when she escaped that day, she was found by Percy and Annabeth, since she had been running away from a HUGE telkhine.

She closed her book, already deep in thought about her past, about the boy who didn’t come back to her—Levi.

Despite the sadness she endured when he left, Emily found herself smiling a little—her time with Levi was great, the best part of the orphanage. Then of course, he left.

She remembered him clearly, the day when he came into the orphanage. Levi was fourteen, she thirteen; his mom had died in a car accident, while his dad abandoned them and didn’t want a thing to do with Levi.

They had become best friends instantly, and Emily remembered the girls were always jealous when they sat next to each other at lunch, and vaguely remembered the guys always trying to get in their way—they were the perfect best friends, she and Levi.

They started going out when she turned sixteen, and that was her best year, too. Emily remembered all the nights outside on the roof of the orphanage, just lying next to each other, admiring the stars and pointing at constellations.

That was pure bliss.

She remembered that one night clearly, when they were on the rooftop, and saw a shooting star go by, her head resting against Levi’s shoulder.

”Make a wish,” He had said.

“Do you really believe in those?”

Levi shrugged. “It’s the only thing I can believe in; sometimes, we need dreams and wishes and hope that isn’t guaranteed, because it makes life easier.”

“So what are you gonna wish for?”

“Well if I told you, it wouldn’t be a wish anymore.”

“C’mon, tell me.”

Levi looked into her eyes, smiling. “Well, I’ll tell you what my second-best wish would be—running off into the world with you, just being free from this dump of an orphanage.”

She traced the wrinkles on his hand. “Would you really?”

He winked. “Of course I would. I would never leave you alone, not the way your parents did.”

Emily sighed. But of course, he was wrong.

His uncle came to pick him up one day, when they were eighteen—the night after the small prom at the orphanage, when they had danced slowly to the music and kissed sweetly on the rooftop, falling asleep there.

Levi looked happy to leave, bear-hugging his uncle. Emily had watched from the doorway of her room, watching in sadness.

Just when he was about to leave, Levi had stopped for a second, said something to the woman who owned the orphanage, then ran to her room, smiling.

”So, I guess I’m leaving.”

She had gulped. “I… I guess you are.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll come back to visit you.”

“Will you?”

“After yesterday night? I’m convinced I’ll visit you, the first girl I fell in love with.” He brushed his hand across her face, smiling.

“Is it true?” She had whispered, closing her eyes.

“You don’t think so?” He had asked, quickly taking his hand back.

“I just think you wouldn’t leave me…” She said, her voice cracking.

Levi smiled at her. “I’ve got a new life ahead of me, and, Emily, you’re strong enough to get along by yourself; someone will find you soon enough. Well, I guess this is goodbye then.”

He walked calmly away, never looking back—Emily realized he hadn’t even kissed her goodbye; he was already walking into his new life, forgetting her.

She sighed; love was a tricky thing, and she didn’t like fake love, which was how she felt when Levi walked away from her.

Suddenly, her ring opened so that Emily could see a small touch screen—she had forgotten her ring had held a mini iPod shuffle inside, finding a song fitting with her mood.

She smiled, putting on the earphones that had automatically come out, clicking on the song, then closing her ring.

The music came on, and Emily opened her ring again, looking at the title of the song.

“If This Was A Movie” by Taylor Swift; she smiled—this song was perfect for her mood right now.

Last night I heard my own heart beating
Sounded like footsteps on my stairs
Six months gone and I'm still reaching
Even though I know you're not there
I was playing back a thousand memories baby
Thinkin' ‘bout everything we've been through
Maybe I've been going back too much lately
When times stood still and I had you
Come back, come back, come back to me like
You would, you would if this was a movie
Stand in the rain outside
'Til I came out
Come back, come back, come back to me like
You could, you could if you just said you're sorry
I know that we can work it out somehow
But if this was a movie you'd be here by now
I know people change and these things happen
But I remember how it was back then
Locked up in your arms and our friends were laughing
‘Cause nothing like this ever happened to them
Now, I'm pacing down the hall, chasing down your street
Flashback to that night when you said to me
“Nothing’s gonna change, not for me and you”
Not before I knew how much I had to lose
Come back, come back, come back to me like
You would, you would if this was a movie
Stand in the rain outside
‘Til I came out
Come back, come back, come back to me like
You could, you could if you just said you’re sorry
I know that we could work it out somehow
But if this was a movie you’d be here by now
If you're out there, if you're somewhere, if you're moving on
I've been waiting for you ever since you've been gone
I just want it back the way it was before
And I just wanna see you back at my front door
And I say come back, come back, come back to me like
You would before you said it's not that easy
Before the fight before I locked you up
But I’d take it all back now
Come back, come back, come back to me like
You would, you would if this was a movie
Stand in the rain outside
‘Til I came out
Come back, come back, come back to me like
You could, you could if you just said you’re sorry
I know that we could work it out somehow
But if this was a movie you’d be here by now
You'd be here by now
It’s not the kind of ending you wanna see now
Baby what about the ending?
Oh, I thought you'd be here by now
Thought you’d be here by now

Emily smiled, taking out her earphones and it automatically disappeared in the ring, and now she was just wearing a regular ring.

She sighed, starting to feel sleepy—she slumped down in her sleeping bag, and felt herself black out as a dream was approaching…
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Chapter 8: Percy

Before Percy even fell asleep, he hoped for no dreams.

He didn’t get what he wanted.

Well, that was semi-true.

The first few minutes sleeping, he didn’t hear anything.

And then he heard Emily screaming, which woke him up.

He sat up straight, feeling dizzy when he sat up; Jason and Leo were asleep, but they did stir a little, their faces no longer content.

Percy had looked Emily’s way, and her screaming was terrible—gut-wrenching, terrifying, etc, etc. He had no clue what to do, so Percy just let her scream all she wanted.

Soon enough, it looked like Jason and Leo were starting to have nightmares—Percy could see their faces no longer in a dreamless sleep.

He himself was starting to get sleepy for some reason; wasn’t really loud screaming supposed to keep you up all night…?

Either way, Percy felt himself slowly descend on his sleeping bag, his mind blurry.

As soon as his head hit the pillow, Percy could feel himself give way to a dream—or possibly a nightmare.

It felt like he was swirling down a toilet—not a feeling he wanted to have.

The place was dark, and Percy could vaguely see a person holding up something—the sky, in fact.

He knew all too well who it was, who was holding up that sky—Atlas.

Atlas groaned, the sky on his shoulders. Someone approached him, holding a box-shaped thing.

“Hello, Atlas.”

“Prometheus. What do you want?” Atlas growled.

“Oh, nothing, nothing. Say, would you like to be of some use?”


“What makes you think that?”

“Prometheus! Just tell me what you want!” Atlas grunted, and Percy could feel his anger.

Prometheus sighed. “Why are people so impatient these days?”

“Just say it already!”

“Fine, fine. How much strength do you have left?”

“What is that supposed to mean? I’m holding up the sky!”

“Yes, yes, I can tell. I can tell that very clearly.”

“Prometheus, just say what you want already!”

Prometheus stopped for a second, then lowered his voice. “It seems as though we have a visitor.”

“Was that all you wanted to tell me?!” Atlas shouted.

“No. I was going to ask you for a… favor. But, a visitor must not hear my favor, no?” Prometheus smiled; it seemed like he was facing Percy now.

“And who is our visitor?”

Prometheus smiled evilly. “Why, none other than Perseus Jackson.”

That sent a chill up Percy’s spine, even though he was sleeping—is that even possible?

“Not all of us are awakened yet,” Prometheus said, directing his voice towards where Percy was. “But we’ll be coming for you soon, Perseus Jackson as well as your little… demigod friend.”

“Where’s Percy Jackson?! I don’t see him! C’mere you filthy little—“

“Now, Atlas, no need to curse in front of the boy. I think a… pleasant little dream might be enough for him,” Prometheus smirked, and the scene was gone.

Percy felt like he was swirling down a toilet—again. It didn’t feel any better the second time around, either.

This time, he saw Mount Tam, and the outline of Atlas holding the sky, but no Prometheus. In what seemed like only a millisecond, the debris and rubble of Mount Tam slowly formed into what it used to be when Kronos was awakening—like an evil Mount Olympus.

“Mmm,” A voice said, one that Percy knew he heard somewhere, but couldn’t place the name. “It feels good to be out of hiding again.”

“I’ve been out in the blue even after the war and it doesn’t feel good for me!” Atlas shouted, groaning.

“Shut up, Atlas. You are no use to us,” The voice said, and Percy could vaguely see the outline of ram horns.

“Prometheus wanted a favor from me; how is that not being useless?”

“Prometheus is… quite busy. In fact, he just wanted me to send our favorite demigod some dream; one that will be very fun.”

“Just get on with it,” Atlas grunted, shifting the sky ever so slightly.

“My pleasure.”

Once again, Percy felt like he was going down a toilet—it felt even sicker the third time around.

What he saw before him didn’t please him; his parents were tied up somewhere that was dark, a place he didn’t see before.

He tried to call out to them, but a harsh laugh echoed through his head.

If you don’t back out now, this is what might happen in your near future…

Percy tried to reach out to his parents, but the scene shifted.

He saw Annabeth, Piper, and all his other friends at Camp Half-Blood—but something was wrong.

They were fighting monsters, the Camp basically not a camp anymore; it was in ruins, rubble and debris everywhere.

The scene shifted again, back to Mount Tam, where the palace was growing ever so quickly, that you could see every little detail from miles away. Below it, he could vaguely see the outline of Camp Jupiter, but the buildings seemed destroyed and there was a lot of fire and chaos going on.

The harsh laughter echoed in his head again.

We’re coming for you again, Perseus Jackson. Beware.

The scene faded, and Percy felt himself swirling around, feeling like he was going down another toilet, feeling like all hope was lost.
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Summary: I <3 EMINEM
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Chapter 9: Leo

Leo had gone to sleep perfectly fine. Quite happy, actually.

In fact, no dreams for most of when he was sleeping.

But then, he had heard something unpleasant—like how someone would scream if they found their Diet Pepsi gone in a poof… or at least he would scream like that.

He shifted a little in his sleeping bag, no longer in a content state of mind. The scream sounded girlish, so he knew it had to be Emily. But Leo was too deeply in sleep to wake up and see what was wrong, so he just stayed in the same position. He was also too lazy to get up.

But then Leo felt like he was in a dream, and it was true.

He heard chuckling, and a voice in his head.

So… this is the son of Hephaestus who used fire to help destroy Gaea? Funny little elf.

Leo didn’t like this person, whoever it was. That was even BEFORE the person had called him ‘a funny little elf.’ Leo was not a funny little elf.

Hmm, but he does seem a little… powerful. But klutzy, perhaps?

Now Leo was getting angry—who was this person to call him a klutz?! All he did was knock over a few things, maybe break them along the way.

Ohh, now I know the perfect plot on how to use you, puny little demigod.

The voice chuckled. This is going along quite nicely… quite, quite nicely. And with the gods fighting, this is the perfect time to rise.

Leo felt like squirming. Who was this person?

Hmm, the voice mused. This is going all too well… you demigods cannot defeat us this time.

The voice chuckled again, and it vanished.

Leo suddenly felt like he was bound to something, his arms together—he felt suffocated, and he was claustrophobic, so not the best feeling in the world.

Was this even possible while he was sleeping?

But then again, Leo was semi-sleeping while semi-thinking.

He shivered—he wasn’t asleep anymore, fully awake now.

Who was that voice he heard in his head?

Leo stood up in his sleeping bag, and glanced at the time: 6:55 AM.

Maybe he fell asleep for a little bit after the voice had vanished, because it felt really dark when he heard the screaming.

Or maybe it was just the freak weather from the gods fighting—and Percy made them madder by saying how they were sitting around just doing nothing.

Which was semi-true; Leo hadn’t heard from his dad in a LONG time.

He yawned, bored out of his mind—he blamed ADHD.

He looked over to where Emily was sleeping, and she wasn’t screaming anymore, but Leo could tell whatever made her scream really bothered her by looking at her face—her eyebrows were all scrunched up, which he thought was kind of cute.

He was still bored, and everyone else was sleeping—and it wasn’t like Leo was actually going to READ.

No. That would be last on his “Things to do before I die” list. Which is pretty stupid since he’s a demigod, and won’t finish most of the stuff on his list.

Leo stood up, stretching and yawning—those Oreos and Pepsi really filled him up, and he was somewhat hyper, even though he wasn’t much of a morning person.

His eyes were searching over the library, when they landed on a sign above a white-washed door—it said “Game Room.”

Score! Leo thought, getting excited and taking out his Just Dance 3 game, running towards the room.

For a second, Leo hesitated because he didn’t remember seeing that room yesterday night… but then again, it was dark so he probably was just oblivious.

He excitedly turned the knob, opening the door—the room was small and dark, and smelled REALLY bad, almost like the time when he… never mind.

Leo flicked on the switch, and low and behold him was a smiling empousa, baring her fangs.
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