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Book 1: The Beginning
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Ariela Fosters, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez
OC: Ariela Fosters
Synopsis: It has been 3 years since the war with Gaea and the Giants. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have been living in peace: very few monsters had attacked them and there were no prophecies said yet. But, their peace ends when a new prophecy is announced that a new demigod will succeed against a war with the monsters. The monsters have gotten stronger and smarter each year, no longer held back by a leader, creating chaos.
*A/N: The demigods won the war against Gaea & the Giants, Hazel and Frank died, and Jason and Piper are a couple.
this forum is chapters 6-end. chapters 1-5 are on the Heroes of Olympus club­oly­mpu­s/f­oru­...­ver

Book 2: Rise Above
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Emily Greenwood, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez
OC: Ariel Fosters (from Book 1), Emily Greenwood
Synopsis: Two years ago, Nico DiAngelo attempted to bring back Ariel Fosters, but failed. He has recieved banishment from Zeus, who had done this job without any of the other gods' consent. Some are on his side; others are angry. The gods are fighting constantly ever since this dispute, wanting Zeus's throne; they are disrupting the mortal world with hurricanes, volcanoes erupting, and major earthquakes. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter must work together in order to stop a possible World War 3; but who is the mysterious new demigod, who seems to have all powers of the gods and other powers that are unknown?
Disclaimer: Everything from Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus belongs to Rick Riordan.

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Here's a character extra. hope u guys like, comment more please! (thanks percabethrules for commenting lol)

Character Extra 3: Piper

For some strange reason, Piper wasn’t scared of going into Medusa’s lair at all. Maybe it was the smell of hamburgers, since she’s a vegetarian. Maybe it was a gut feeling that things would go right in the battle. Maybe she just didn’t feel that terrified by monsters anymore, having gone through her quests and the war with Gaea.

As they entered the room, she immediately saw Jason look hungrily towards the tables that mysteriously had greasy, fast food on them. Piper instantly knew what she had to do in this battle, how she could get their side to win against Medusa’s food and her snake-headed ugly eyes.

“Jason, don’t go near that food! It will make you less focused!” She ordered, and noticed him become more alert.

Percy and Annabeth nodded at her, and she knew that they understood what her role was in this. Piper had only used Katropis once, and felt that she wouldn’t need it again on this quest.

She saw Leo inch towards the food, taking a fork out of his tool belt.

“Leo Valdez, don’t you dare go near that food!” Piper commanded, and saw Leo flinch but walk away.

For some reason, Ariel didn’t seem to be intrigued by the food like everyone else, either. Piper didn’t know why, but had a feeling it had something to do with her father’s godly powers. Nico was slowly inching towards the food, but hadn’t begun to have that rabid look in his eyes yet. Percy and Annabeth weren’t really that bothered, since they had obviously been here before.

The door to the kitchen slowly inched, and she saw Percy quickly run around the room, looking for something. He grabbed four clear, glass balls and three big, sharp knives, handing the clear, glass balls to himself, Jason, Annabeth, and surprisingly, Ariel. Piper thought he would give the last one to Nico, and Nico himself looked hurt, probably thinking he could handle the object pretty well. Percy gave the knives to the rest of the three, and the seven got out their weapons and were ready to attack through the reflection of their objects against whoever came out from the door.
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Haha Ariel just pwned Nico
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Oh, and I think that was a chapter, not an extra- it still carried on the plot and all. I think extras are more like random stuff going on in someones head.
Whatever, it was still epic! POST ! SOON!
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yeah, the one before this one is a character extra, basically just like u said nicecatch: whats going on through the other people's heads, cuz im only doing chapters based on Ariel, Nico, and Percy.
so, i cant believe this, but this forum is #4 on the popular content! thanks for all of u who have been reading and commenting on this [:

now for some ACTION(finally lol). hope u guys like!

Chapter 10: Ariel

Ariel quickly averted her eyes to her reflected ball as soon as she saw the shadows of three monsters. She groaned.
‘As if just one monster, especially a well known one, wasn’t enough, there had to be more!’ She thought, losing her confidence.
When she glanced at the other two monsters—gorgons they seemed to be, Ariel couldn’t look at them for long. She didn’t know why, but only that even though their glares weren’t as tempting as Medusa’s, it was still enough for the demigods to avert their eyes to their reflected objects.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t my two favorite demigods and their delicious friends: Percy and Annabeth.” Medusa said, and Ariel saw her smiling through the reflection of her object.

“Free cheese ‘n’ wieners anyone? They’re even free!” A gorgon yelled, but the other gorgon just slapped her and the first one whimpered.

“Stethno and Euryale.” She heard Percy say. “Apparently you two just got uglier, since I can’t look at you for long.”

Nico snorted. “Isn’t that obvious?”

Ariel saw Percy glare at him, but didn’t say anything back. She smiled at the thought of Nico’s confidence and his sarcastic ways.

“I know; isn’t it wonderful?” One of the gorgons said, the one with the cheese ‘n’ wieners. Ariel somewhat had an appetite when she got into the store, but when she glanced at the cheese ‘n’ wieners on the gorgon’s plate, her stomach suddenly went silent.

“Enough with the talking, Stethno. I’ll enjoy taking down Percy Jackson.” The other gorgon said, who seemed to be Stethno’s sister, Euryale.

“As will I, Euryale. But, my revenge will be sweeter. Stethno and Euryale, take down the others. I’ve got the son of Poseidon covered.” Medusa said, her face a little girl’s nightmare—no, everyone’s nightmare, Ariel thought. She saw the monster smile evilly and knew Percy couldn’t be alone in the fight; even if he had defeated her before, she could sense her power radiate through the room.

Ariel knew she couldn’t use her bow and arrows in this fight, it would take too much time to perfectly shoot the gorgons in the right spot, and they didn’t have the time. Plus, it would be hard to see clearly through the clear ball, since it is a little deformed. She took off her chain bracelet and to her command the bracelet became a five foot, celestial bronze-imperial sword, almost as big as her.

Nico whistled at the sight and she smiled, also acknowledging its impressiveness. Suddenly, she saw Medusa lunge towards Percy, but he managed to get back and slash at her to prevent her from coming closer to him. Ariel knew it was Percy’s fight, but she had an urge to fight Medusa, for some strange reason. But, she knew that the others must fight the other two gorgons first, and then they could come to Percy’s aid.

Stethno lunged at Piper, but Leo managed to divert the monster from harming her by throwing fire. Jason was using a gladius and Annabeth her knife, both of them trying to make good contact to defeat the gorgon. Nico and Ariel took care of Euryale, while Leo, Jason, and Annabeth were fighting Stethno, with Piper encouraging them on with her charmspeaking.

Nico hacked at Euryale, and Ariel did the same, both of them fighting side by side, as if they were meant to fight together. The gorgon was a good fighter, using two steel swords as her weapon and her glare as another, too. Both she and Nico couldn’t get a cut on Euryale for what seemed like hours, but finally Ariel managed to slice part of the gorgon’s hair, sending it into pitiful screams of how she now had to pay more for her beauty salon expenses. Ariel wondered where she went to get her hair done—possibly Medusa’s Scissor hands? Ugly Betty’s Monsters?

Euryale sent her a murderous glare, one that was enough to make Ariel in some sort of a trance. She tried fighting back just as hard as she did when the first started, but she felt her muscles tighten and her body become sore. Nico couldn’t do the fighting just by himself, Euryale would overpower him. So, it was no surprise when Ariel felt a cut on her thigh, and she heard herself yelp.

“Ariel, you okay?!” Nico asked, frantically slashing and hacking at Euryale, kind of distracted.

“I’m fine, I’m fine—Nico watch out!” Ariel called, and before the gorgon could cut off Nico’s head, Ariel looked straight at her and managed to slash her head off, and the monster’s body went slack.

She breathed heavily, still mesmerized by Euryale’s stare, almost as powerful as Medusa’s, but not quite to turn Ariel into stone.

Nico kept on asking her if she was okay, and Ariel heard herself say yes, yes, but wasn’t sure if she really felt that way. She chanted a healing hymn for herself, and felt a little better. Ariel was glad her healing powers didn’t drain all of her energy like before, when she had somewhat cured Chiron from a long distance. Leo, Annabeth, Jason and Piper had finished fighting Stethno about the same time Nico and Ariel did, and the six of them rushed to Percy’s aid.

Ariel saw a huge amount of worry on Annabeth’s face, since Percy had bloody gashes and cuts all over his body, while Medusa only had two on her arms and three on her leg.

She laughed brutally, and Piper started to Charmspeak to Percy, urging him to fight stronger, that he could do it. Eventually Percy’s back started straightening, and Ariel joined Piper’s charmspeaking with her own healing powers, and now most of the cuts were gone from Percy.

Medusa glanced at them, and everyone quickly turned to their reflective objects.

“Ah, so my sisters Euryale and Stethno were defeated, it seems. Figures, since they were not as feared, powerful, and ugly as I!” She laughed, and suddenly, the lights in the store flickered and everything went dark.

“Fools! You cannot use those reflective objects if you are in the dark, and my glare is still powerful against all of you!” Medusa yelled triumphantly, cackling.

Everyone started to look down, trying to avoid Medusa’s glare, wherever the monster was. From here and there Ariel could hear the hissing of the snakes on Medusa’s head, and the sound helped her to detect where the monster was, although it was still hard without the light. She used the blade of her sword for light guidance, and noticed the others, even Piper, did the same thing, except for Leo, who used fire.

Ariel saw Leo reach for something in his tool belt, and saw him take seven objects out.

“Guys! I’ve got these night vision goggles that will help you see her, but the glass is tinted so it won’t be her full reflection!” He whispered, giving the goggles to each demigod.

When Ariel put them on, she felt relieved that she could see in the darkness. She noticed the others sword fighting against Medusa, but knew that that would be no use, since the demigods would need a whole army of sword fighters against someone as strong and powerful Medusa had become. Piper was charmspeaking everyone, shouting words of encouragement, which lifted Ariel’s spirits. She had a plan, and was quickly going behind Medusa’s back, where the monster couldn’t see her.

Ariel willed her bracelet to turn into her bow and golden arrows, and it did as she commanded. She waited for the right time to strike her target, and it was hard since Medusa was constantly moving. But, finally, after what seemed like hours, she shot a perfect arrow into the back of Medusa’s head, the weapon making a loud WHHEEEEEEEEE! sound that filled her ears.

Medusa yelped and turned her attention towards Ariel, who quickly backed away, not looking her in the eye, even with her night vision goggles on. She caught Percy’s glance though, and knew he understood her plan. As quick as lightning, Percy slashed off Medusa’s head, the monster shouting in despair as she lost, once again.
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Chapter 11: Nico

Nico breathed a huge sigh of relief. They had defeated their first major threat, the one and only ugly Medusa. He glanced at Ariel and gave her a thumbs up for her brilliant plan. She smiled back at him, and Nico’s heart almost melted. Almost.

He still wasn’t sure if he should get close to Ariel, because everyone he’s ever loved had died sacrificing themselves, and he couldn’t bear it if that happened to her.

“Good job team. That was one heck of a battle. Nice job with that plan, Ariel.” Percy said, nodding her way. Everyone agreed, and Ariel blushed. Nico noticed how she was getting a little bit more comfortable with attention, since she didn’t flinch this time.

“We should set up camp now outside and get some rest.” Jason suggested, and the others nodded, eager to get some down time.

“Don’t forget food! Hamburgers and tofu burgers will be on the way everyone!” Leo yelled, smiling big, rushing to the kitchen to cook some up.

Percy, Annabeth, Jason, and Piper went outside to set up camp, which left Nico alone with Ariel. They sat down at one of the tables, and she pushed the greasy food out of the way.

“Thanks for saving my life back there.” Nico told her, blushing for being so stupid for getting distracted.

Ariel smiled at him. “You would have done the same thing.”

There was an awkward silence in the air, but Nico cleared his throat. “So, uh, what did you think of Medusa?”

‘Gods Nico,’ he thought to himself. ‘What a stupid question to ask her…’

Ariel laughed. “Are you trying to get me to say that she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen?”

His face scrunched up. “Um, no. If you did though, I would have to get you some nectar and ambrosia, because then obviously your brain is messed up.”

She laughed and the sound made Nico’s insides feel warm.

“Speaking of Medusa… we should get rid of her head. I heard that her glare is still strong enough even after she’s dead that it can still turn someone to stone.” Ariel said, and Nico nodded, glancing at the still, headless body of the monster.

They grabbed some gloves from the kitchen and used the clear, reflective glass balls as their guides to pick up the head, putting it in a large box and sealing it ten times with super sticky leopard print duck tape.

Leo noticed the box as the two demigods carried it inside the kitchen. “Nice wrapping you got there. I always loved leopard duck tape. Very sexy, unlike Medusa.” Ariel laughed at his joke, and Nico couldn’t help but feeling a little bit jealous.

“I hope you’re not leaving it in here while I’m cooking up my delicious concoctions!” Leo said, his nose scrunching up at the sight of the box.

“Too bad. We’ve got to put it somewhere, and I doubt the others want to put it outside.” Nico replied, getting a little annoyed with the son of Hephaestus.

‘Stupid jealousy.’ He thought, clearly wondering why he felt this way.

Leo sighed. “Fine. The burgers are almost done anyways; I hope you guys are hungry!”

Nico wasn’t hungry at all after seeing the sights of the uglier-then-before gorgons, Medusa, and of course, the cheese ‘n’ wieners. He had almost gotten close to eating the food on the table when entering the store, obviously set up for them by Medusa, but was glad he didn’t; he wouldn’t have survived the battle for long.

When he and Ariel walked to sit at the tables again, the other four had already come in, and Nico was sad that his alone time with her hadn’t lasted long.

‘Stop it.’ He thought. ‘Stop thinking about Ariel.’

Nico didn’t know what to follow; his heart, or his mind. He sighed. Life of being a Nico was hard, lately.

As soon as the two sat down next to Percy and Annabeth, Nico noticed something sparkly on Annabeth’s ring finger.

‘So that’s why Percy was in such a rush to leave the meeting yesterday.’ Nico thought, and felt even glummer about his life, especially the love part. Percy had Annabeth, Jason had Piper, and well, Leo just tried too hard to get girls so Nico didn’t really envy him. He was stuck whether he should love or not love Ariel, and he couldn’t make up his mind whether to trust his brain or his heart. It was cheesy, he knew, but this situation was real for him.

‘This quest isn’t just for defeating the monsters and kicking their butts.’ Nico thought. ‘No. It’s also figuring out my ugly love life, even uglier than Medusa’s seductive glare.’
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Awesome chapter!
I can't believe it-Leriel! Leo! Ariel! LOL that is cool....but poor Nico
Post soonnn! It was really good!
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actually, Leo + Ariel isnt a thing, I just put in there cuz i felt like it lol. just trying to make nico's life a whole lot more complicated. sorry if that confused u guys... nico + ariel is coming together along thougghh
over a year ago percabethrules said…
i know leo+ariel isn't a thing...POOR NICO his life is so complicated!!
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