The Fanfic Forever: Book 2-- Rise Above

hollistergurl posted on Nov 10, 2011 at 08:05PM
Book 1: The Beginning
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Ariela Fosters, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez
OC: Ariela Fosters
Synopsis: It has been 3 years since the war with Gaea and the Giants. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have been living in peace: very few monsters had attacked them and there were no prophecies said yet. But, their peace ends when a new prophecy is announced that a new demigod will succeed against a war with the monsters. The monsters have gotten stronger and smarter each year, no longer held back by a leader, creating chaos.
*A/N: The demigods won the war against Gaea & the Giants, Hazel and Frank died, and Jason and Piper are a couple.
this forum is chapters 6-end. chapters 1-5 are on the Heroes of Olympus club­oly­mpu­s/f­oru­...­ver

Book 2: Rise Above
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Emily Greenwood, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez
OC: Ariel Fosters (from Book 1), Emily Greenwood
Synopsis: Two years ago, Nico DiAngelo attempted to bring back Ariel Fosters, but failed. He has recieved banishment from Zeus, who had done this job without any of the other gods' consent. Some are on his side; others are angry. The gods are fighting constantly ever since this dispute, wanting Zeus's throne; they are disrupting the mortal world with hurricanes, volcanoes erupting, and major earthquakes. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter must work together in order to stop a possible World War 3; but who is the mysterious new demigod, who seems to have all powers of the gods and other powers that are unknown?
Disclaimer: Everything from Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus belongs to Rick Riordan.

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over a year ago DMLIME said…
Awesome! But let's have an action chapter again cos they're fun!
Post soon! :)
over a year ago DMLIME said…
Holy Poseidon! I've never started a new page before! :D
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
big smile
over a year ago SenorMcCool said…
I agree with DMLIME. I don't mind too much dialogue. As long as there's romance or humour in it. But still, we need more action and drama.
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
Ahh, don't worry there will be action... :) just remember that I am a girl who likes romance.. TEEHEE!
I will post tomorrow (it's my birthday tomorrow! teehee!) :)
over a year ago number1pjfan said…
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Happy early birthday!
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
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happy early birthday and i LOVE romance!!!!! tee-hee!!!!!!
over a year ago the-time-thief said…
Sweet! I like romance on a certain level like a very nonserious level. Lol. Post soon! And
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over a year ago MisterPerfect1 said…
Well, I am a boy who likes romance. Feliz Coumpleanos!
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
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aw a sensitive boy jkjkjk!!!! what was that last part MisterPerfect1???
over a year ago number1pjfan said…
Wow, just stay clear of the hunters...
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over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
HPpy early birthday soz can't sau anything else bout to run out of charge yr.
over a year ago SenorMcCool said…
Feliz Cumpleanos~! (It means: Happy Birthday!)
over a year ago DMLIME said…
Feliz Cumpleanos!!! Also thanks for becoming my fan! Hope you post soon!

And I don't mind romance either, but I am mainly a guy of action.
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over a year ago number1pjfan said…
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Have some cake!
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
big smile
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
Happy birthday!!!!!!
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
Awww thanks guys I feel so loved :) CAKE & CHAPTER for everyone! :D (it has some action in it) Enjoy!

Chapter 21: Percy

Percy was not a happy camper when he woke up. Everyone around him was asleep, and he just realized he had left the gas on the whole time he was sleeping, which was around six hours; now, the gas tank only had one fourth of oil left. Along with that, when he checked the very back seat to see if Ariel and Nico had come back, they were still gone. Percy grabbed Nico’s iPad to check the time, and it read 10:40 PM.

There was still time left to find them, and plus the demigods needed to move fast. Percy turned off the engine in the car, and left a note to Annabeth where he was just incase she woke up and found him gone.

Percy got out of the car and started to search for them, bringing Nico’s iPad with him just incase. The light of the electronic device guided him through the forest, and although it was dangerous to bring anything electronic with demigods, he took the risk since he had no flashlight on him.

As soon as he entered the forest, Percy could sense something was strange. There was an eerie quiet, but he swore he could feel the presence of a small army, around forty-sixty.

Percy took cautious, quiet steps. He could hear some growling and shushing, and knew instantly there was an army of monsters in the forest. If there was an army, that would mean Ariel and Nico would be close…

Percy took out Riptide, and he could hear hissing behind him. When he whirled around, there was a whole army of monsters, around fifty hideous things.

A dracanae glared at him. “Wrong perssssson. Not the one.”

Percy frowned. ‘Not the one?’

“What do you mean, ‘Not the one?’ Or are you too scared to fight me?”

The dracanae and other monsters hissed at him. Percy carefully dropped the iPad a few feet behind him, so he wouldn’t get it damaged (or else Nico would seriously kill him). The army of monsters lunged at him, and Percy fought back hard.

Riptide gleamed in the dark, frightening the monsters a little bit of its celestial bronze glow. Percy rolled under legs and stabbed monsters in the back, and used more of his sword-fighting tricks. He slashed and parried, sending most of the monsters to dust.

He was getting tired, though. He could hear himself panting and his breath coming in little puffs in the dark. The monsters could sense that, and it must have given them encouragement because they fought harder, giving Percy cuts and gashes.

Percy looked desperately around for water. In the dark though, he couldn’t see any, and he felt hopeless. His arms were getting tired, and his eyes were drooping, even after the six hour nap he just had. Percy shook his head to stay focused, and tried to fight with renewed strength.

There were now just twenty monsters left, but that was just enough to overwhelm him. All of them lunged at him, sending Percy to the ground. He tried to defend with Riptide, but many got through his defense and were able to make more gashes on him, and he winced.

Suddenly though, he heard the whizzing of a bow and the telkhine next to him disappeared.

Percy managed to look behind him and saw Ariel and Nico rushing towards where he was. Nico was summoning armies of the dead, while Ariel was using her bow and arrows. It only took five minutes for them to defeat the whole army, and they helped Percy up.

“Thanks for that…” He told them, gasping for breath.

Ariel looked worried. She murmured something, and Percy felt a whole lot better and noticed his gashes turning into little scars.

“Is that my iPad over there?” Nico asked, looking at the rectangular object on the ground.

Percy glanced over. “Oh, yeah. If you don’t mind, I used its light to guide me through the forest.”

Nico didn’t look too happy with the dirt stains on his sleek white cover, but Percy didn’t care about that right now.

“We should get back to the car and get to a gas station and set up camp somewhere. It’s been like, three days since we left Camp Half-Blood, and we’re still halfway to Florida.” Percy told them, already moving towards the direction of where the Audi was.

He heard someone’s stomach grumble and looked back at Nico. He grumbled something about being hungry, but Percy decided he would take care of that problem later.

When they arrived at the car, Ariel and Nico immediately rushed inside, flopping down on the leather seats and sighing. The others were awake now, and looked confused.

Percy saw Annabeth staring at him, probably waiting for an explanation. “I’ll explain later. First, we need to get a move on with this quest.”
over a year ago Kronos429 said…
pshh you made Percy too weak D:
Gys, ther's wayyyyy to MUCH action right now!
I mean, fights every other chapter? >_>
And Nico is just...... >_<
And Ariel, what the heck is happening to her
more than half of the fights involve her getting attacked.
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
Post more but I agre with kronos429 to many fights
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
You guys will see... this will lead up to the event that will happen at the end... teehee!
And yeah, I know theres a lot of fighting, but it will get toned down--somewhat.
Remember: this all will lead up to something BIG, everything that happens in this story is meant for a reason.. so if the characters seem different or whatever, theres a reason why I made them that way.
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over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
Awesome chapters!
And mini-fights are ok, such as just encountering a random squad of monsters, but still, just keep the action more spread out-like very OTHER chapter or something.
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
big smile
over a year ago the-time-thief said…
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That was awesome!! I love it!!! So post soon!! Please!