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Book 1: The Beginning
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Ariela Fosters, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez
OC: Ariela Fosters
Synopsis: It has been 3 years since the war with Gaea and the Giants. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have been living in peace: very few monsters had attacked them and there were no prophecies said yet. But, their peace ends when a new prophecy is announced that a new demigod will succeed against a war with the monsters. The monsters have gotten stronger and smarter each year, no longer held back by a leader, creating chaos.
*A/N: The demigods won the war against Gaea & the Giants, Hazel and Frank died, and Jason and Piper are a couple.
this forum is chapters 6-end. chapters 1-5 are on the Heroes of Olympus club

Book 2: Rise Above
Rating: C+-- mild language
Main Characters: Emily Greenwood, Nico DiAngelo, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez
OC: Ariel Fosters (from Book 1), Emily Greenwood
Synopsis: Two years ago, Nico DiAngelo attempted to bring back Ariel Fosters, but failed. He has recieved banishment from Zeus, who had done this job without any of the other gods' consent. Some are on his side; others are angry. The gods are fighting constantly ever since this dispute, wanting Zeus's throne; they are disrupting the mortal world with hurricanes, volcanoes erupting, and major earthquakes. The demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter must work together in order to stop a possible World War 3; but who is the mysterious new demigod, who seems to have all powers of the gods and other powers that are unknown?
Disclaimer: Everything from Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus belongs to Rick Riordan.

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Chapter 35: Nico

Nico’s mind was still buzzing, even after they had finished shadow travelling.

What had Ariel’s mother meant when she said Ariel wouldn’t be here anymore in a day?

He tried to shake that question out of his head; as much as he really liked Ariel, he had to focus on the quest, for now.

It was awkward at first after Ariel’s mom had left, but then of course, him being the brilliant person he is, Nico said something clever.

“Well, that was a nice family reunion, wasn’t it? So mushy—but we should get shadow travelling now, before my stomach bursts from hunger.”

Ariel had looked at him like he had three heads, or maybe she was just admiring his abs; Nico wasn’t sure.

So, they had gone into the woods, Nico shadow travelled them, all of that. No one talked much during the travelling, but it wasn’t like they did before; but, Nico did feel a slight awkward presence.

And now, they were in sunny Florida, the Sunshine State. They were in Miami, and he had gotten used to travelling longer distances that Nico hadn’t even fainted. But, his stomach was still hungry. Which, reminded him of something.

“Did anyone else notice we haven’t been attacked by monsters for over twenty-four hours?” He asked them.

Everyone stopped in their tracks, and turned around to face Nico.

“Now that I think about it, you’re right…” Annabeth said.

Nico rolled his eyes. “Of course I’m right; when am I ever wrong, Annabeth?”

“I dunno, all the time?”

“Pshh, naah.”

“Nico, you were wrong about us being bad back when we first met you, remember?” Percy said.

Annabeth high-fived him. “Oh, Nico, you just got owned.”

“You mean pwned.” Percy said, and the two of them cracked up laughing.

Nico rolled his eyes. “Percy, I think you may be watching too much Youtube on my iPad; you think you’re that sneaky? I had full battery yesterday morning and when I checked it this morning, it was almost gone.”

“Ohhkay, back to the real problem at hand,” Ariel interrupted. “So, what’s wrong with monsters not attacking us? I mean, it feels weird but, shouldn’t we be glad we don’t have to fight?”

Everyone was silent. Then, Percy spoke up. “Well, that usually means they’ve got something up their sleeves. What, we don’t know, but I’ve got a gut feeling that we’re gonna find out soon.”

“Does your gut always talk to you?” Leo asked, and Piper rolled her eyes.

“Seriously, that was the lamest joke I ever heard, Valdez.” Nico said.

Leo frowned. “They don’t get much better than yours, DiAngelo.”



Jason cleared his throat. “Maybe we should get back to trying to find a boat?”

“Oh yeah, good idea, Jason!” Piper said, smiling at him. Nico rolled his eyes.

‘The hopeless romantics,’ He thought.

“By ‘finding,’ I think you mean ‘stealing,’ Blond Boy.” Leo snorted.

Jason frowned. “I get a new nickname now?”

“Yeah, I was getting tired of Lightning Boy.”

“Gee, thanks. I feel so special.”

“Your welcome!”

“Leo, that was sarcasm.”


Now it was Percy’s time to clear his throat. “Guys… I think we’ve found our kicka—“


Percy frowned. “Since when was my nickname ‘Water Boy’? And seriously, Leo, you expect me not to curse mildly when I’m 19? Hmm, maybe you need to stop watching Barney.”

“Hey, I don’t watch a purple dinosaur play with little children… Oh gods, that sounded wrong.”

“Leo?” Jason said.

“Yes, Blond Boy?” Leo replied.

“Shut up, will you?”

“Err, thanks for that, Jason. Well, why don’t we get on this beauty of a ship, eh?” Percy said, smiling.

“Percy, you’re starting to sound a lot like Poseidon now.” Annabeth said.

Percy shrugged. “Father-son traits; c’mon guys, there’s no time to waste!”

Nico followed the others as they boarded the ship, and he had to admit it was beautiful. There was a figure in the front, though he couldn’t see what it was. The outside was gleaming, glinting in the sunlight; there was an old feel to it, but it managed to be kept clean that it looked new. The boat was large, too, not quite as large as the Argo 2, though. There was something strange about seeing this ship here, though. It was Greek and Roman styled, like it was a ship straight from Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter. Why would that kind of ship be here in Florida?

Nico shook his head to keep the thoughts from piling in his head; he wasn’t going to start worrying now, not when they were going to enter the Sea of Monsters.

He looked behind, and noticed Ariel was watching the ship, also. Nico suddenly realized she barely talked except for one time all the way here, and she must have been thinking about what her mom said earlier.

“C’mon, Ariel,” Nico said, taking her hand and leading her up the ship. “It’s time to enter the Sea of Monsters and kick some hairy butts.”
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Chapter 36: Percy

Percy took in the fresh smell of saltwater. He sighed, and looked out into the ocean. They had just left Florida; the buildings getting tinier and tinier. By tomorrow, they would probably enter the Sea of Monsters, according to his sea instincts.

He was taking control of the boat, steering it with his powers. The others were doing something else, he noticed.

Annabeth was beside him, reading a new book. He shook his head slightly, wondering how she could even manage to read. Percy barely made it through the night without falling asleep reading his “engagement gift” from Annabeth.

In one of the seats on deck, Leo was tinkering with some small metal object that looked like a bomb to Percy, but he didn’t ask. Leo looked like he was working on that intently, since he wasn’t even talking or humming or whistling like he usually does.

Off to the railing of the boat, Jason was green, looking like he was going to puke. Piper was next to him, softly rubbing his back in small circles. She was muttering something to him, and Percy guessed she was trying to Charmspeak him into not puking; that would be a good idea; Percy didn’t want this ship to get ruined.

And finally, the “new lovebirds” (aka Nico and Ariel), were listening to music it seemed on Nico’s iPad.

Percy turned his attention back to the sea. It calmed him, and made him feel like home; of course, that wasn’t the case for Green-faced Jason.

There were a lot of things on his mind, though. The more Percy thought, the more his thoughts became jumbled up together.

‘What did Ariel’s mom mean when she said she wouldn’t be here anymore in a day?’ He thought.

‘What’s going to happen in the Sea of Monsters?’

‘What’s going to happen to me and Annabeth?’

‘Why haven’t we been attacked by monsters in more than twenty-four hours?’

Percy tried to push these thoughts out of his head, focusing on the vast ocean ahead of him. The clear, blue water, the smell of the saltiness, the big telkhine that just passed by…

‘Wait, what?’ He thought, looking over the railing to see more closely if he was right, or if he was just hallucinating.

“Percy, something wrong?” Annabeth asked, coming towards him.

Suddenly, a telkhine three times its normal size jumped on deck along with two others.

Everyone stared at the humongous monsters, surprised. Then, Percy slashed one with Riptide, but it didn’t dissolve like it should have.

He cursed; why didn’t it dissolve right away? Percy didn’t have time to answer his own question, because the telkhine he had attacked lunged at him, but he managed to sidestep it and stab Riptide in its back.

It was a pretty good stab, and would have dissolved any normal monster on the spot. But, Percy realized these three large telkhines weren’t normal; it would take much more than stabbing to dissolve them.

“I think they ate too much Rocky Road ice cream…” Leo muttered, gathering fire from his hands and throwing it at one telkhine. It hit the monster, but it was still alive.

“Dammit! Why is it taking so long to kill these things?” Jason said. Percy knew this was a serious situation, since Leo didn’t say anything about their “language.”

“They probably have been mutated or something,” Annabeth said, and Percy was glad for the reassurance that his Wise Girl knew something, at least. “It might take a long time for us to kill them off, but we can do that, right?”

Percy had no doubt that they could. So, he charged the first telkhine, slashing and stabbing with Riptide, mostly going on offense. The telkhine barely moved, staying put, and even though Percy could see some cuts and gashes from where he attacked, the monster still hadn’t dissolved.

Percy then tried a different tactic. He willed the ocean to come to him, making a mini hurricane; he attacked within it, spraying the telkhine with water while slashing with Riptide about a million times. His arms were starting to get tired from the constant slashing, but finally, after what felt like years, the telkhine finally dissolved into dust.

He looked around and saw that the other two fatties were still there, but the others were making progress.

Ariel, Nico, and Leo had ganged up on one telkhine, and the monster already had fifty bows in its body, along with some cuts and burnt marks from Nico’s sword and Leo’s fire. It was still there, though, and Percy knew it would take fifty more bows, and a million more cuts and burnt marks for it to finally be gone.

Annabeth, Jason, and Piper were fighting the other telkhine, but they were having the same progress as the other. Annabeth was nowhere to be seen, and Percy kept on randomly seeing cuts here and there, which meant she was using her invisibility cap. Jason wasn’t as green as he was before, but Percy could tell he wasn’t at his strongest. Sometimes he missed the telkhine by mere inches with his gladius, but he managed to strike the monster every time he summoned lightning. Piper, on the other hand, was charmspeaking; to whom, Percy didn’t know, but he could see Jason’s shoulders get less tense and he was straightening up, returning to his normal color, which meant she was helping them.

Percy was torn for which side to help, since both were at the same progress. Both sides were doing the same; the telkhines didn’t seem to budge from their place one bit.

After a moment’s thinking, Percy walked over to where Annabeth, Jason, and Piper were fighting, and slashed with Riptide, cutting through the telkhine’s leathery skin.

Jason and Piper looked at him gratefully, and he could feel someone pat him on his shoulder; Percy immediately knew that was Annabeth.

They continued fighting at the same speed for what seemed like forever, and Percy could tell the day was starting to turn into evening; it was 4:45 according to his watch.

Realization struck Percy. They had been fighting for almost an hour, and the ship hadn’t moved one bit. In that hour, they could have been closer to getting to the Sea of Monsters. Now, he realized that these three fat telkhines were merely a distraction. He noticed on the other side of the ship, Ariel seemed to momentarily hesitate before launching her bow. Their eyes met, and Percy knew she was thinking the same thing as he was.

‘The monsters are trying to delay us from going into the Sea of Monsters.’ Percy thought, and he knew Ariel was thinking the same thing.

But what was he supposed to do? Help his friends kill the telkhines and delay the trip even further? Or steer the ship and tire out his friends?

Percy’s instincts told him to steer the ship, but his loyalty kept him hesitating for a moment longer.

He looked at Ariel again, and she nodded to him, her head slightly tilted towards the steering wheel.

Percy looked at his friends “fighting” the telkhines; this was just to slow them down. He walked away, steering the ship closer to the entrance where they would face Charybdis and Scylla.

‘There better not be any more monsters eating Rocky Road ice cream,’ Percy thought, ‘Or else this quest is going to take forever.’
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Chapter 37: Ariel

Ariel had a thousand questions in her mind, all buzzing in her head at once. They had finally finished fighting the telkhines, and it took them more than an hour.

In the middle of the battle, she knew why these fatties were here to “attack” them. They were here for a distraction, to slow them from entering the Sea of Monsters. Ariel had tried to make eye contact with anyone to see if they noticed that, too, and she had finally caught Percy’s attention, thankfully.

Now, she was tired out, her hands and arms bursting with fatigue. Her hand had some blisters from where she used her bow, but she was glad of her special weapon, since it never run out of arrows.

Ariel was hungry, too, and she could tell the others (especially Leo and Nico—they looked like they were going to eat each other’s heads off) were, too.

But not only was she hungry, she was tired. In a daze, Ariel told everyone she was going to take a nap, and went downstairs to a room, and flopped down on her bed, immediately falling asleep.

In an instance, she found herself in a dream.

Ariel was looking at an old plane, one they used in the early 1900s. She gasped, because inside, was Amelia Earhart and two other people.

“We are going to have to go through Charybdis and Scylla.” Ariel saw Amelia say to the other two.

“But there is a clear opening right there! Why go through all the trouble when there is a clear opening in front of us?” One of the two asked.

“It could be a trap.” Amelia replied, focused on the path ahead of her.

“I agree with Henry,” Said the other of the two. “We could get killed trying to go through Charybdis and Scylla; Chiron wants us back in time.”

‘Chiron?’ Ariel thought. ‘How do they know about Chiron? How do they know about Charybdis and Scylla?’

Amelia looked troubled. “I do not know; something about that clear path into the Sea of Monsters just seems too easy, no?”

Henry looked impatient. “It is the faster way and we have got to go to camp soon. Why delay the quest even further? They need our help now, and you are making this harder on them, Amelia.”

‘They’re demigods,’ Ariel thought. ‘That explains it.’

Amelia looked torn apart, but then she sighed and gripped the handles in the airplane tighter. “Alright, we will go through the clearer path, but I am warning you: this does not feel right to me.”

Ariel watched as the plane veered out of the way where Charybdis and Scylla would be, and into another path that led into the Sea of Monsters.

As soon as the plane entered the path, it seemed as though it would be easy to get in. That all changed though, because it crashed into a jagged mountain, the air foggy and hard to see through. Ariel could hear the three curse in Ancient Greek, and saw Amelia try to take control of the plane and to try to get through the mountains into the Sea of Monsters.

But suddenly, there was only one direction the plane could go, and that was into a swirling chasm.

Ariel watched in horror as the plane was sucked in, never to be seen again. The foggy air closed in around her, and she woke up, hitting her head on the low ceiling of the small room.

She cursed silently, then looked at her watch; it read 12:00 AM, meaning she probably missed dinner.

Ariel sat up and tried to think about what she saw, but she couldn’t form the thoughts in her head, distracted by her grumbling stomach.

She left the room, climbing upstairs to the deck, hoping to find a grand buffet waiting her. No such luck though, except there was a plastic box with her name on a post it note waiting for her.

Ariel cautiously approached it, wondering if it was a trap. After kicking it with her shoe so many times it made a dent in the plastic container, she picked it up, and started to read the post it note.

Hey sleepy head,
You missed dinner, you poop.
But no worries, being the hot and amazing person I am, I left you some leftovers (half a turkey sandwich—me and Leo fought over the other half after we finished five other sandwiches).
I’m not a cannibal.
Oh, and there’s dessert in there; not sure if you’re a vegan or afraid of cows, but we found some chocolate truffles in Piper’s box (apparently she got some chocolates for Valentine’s Day last year—probably not the only gift she got from Jason *cough* making out *cough*; not sure if they expired, but chocolate can’t expire, right? Well anyways, there’s one of them since me and Leo finished half the box).
If you don’t believe me already, I’m not a cannibal.
Sleep tight, Arrow Head (not my idea for your nickname; it was Leo’s).
~The AwE$oMe aNd $o Ho+ N!c0 DiAnGeL0
(in case you can’t read that: The Awesome and So Hot Nico DiAngelo—duh.)

Ariel rolled her eyes, but smiled as she opened the box and devoured her half turkey sandwich and chocolate truffle (she was going to scold Nico and Leo later about eating too much).

Once Ariel finished, she felt like she could actually concentrate on her thoughts from the dream.

Why did Apollo give me that dream of Amelia Earhart? To show me the truth on how she disappeared?

Highly unlikely; I bet Apollo barely knows who Amelia Earhart is anyways. It has something to do with the Sea of Monsters, I think, but what?

Amelia wanted to go through the original way of entering the Sea of Monsters: through Charybdis and Scylla. But that Henry guy noticed a different path, one that seemed to have no obstacles along the way, at first. But then, there were jagged mountains and a chasm that sucked them in and they disappeared.

But why show me this? Why show me their mistake?

What is Apollo trying to tell me?

Ariel felt helpless; she wasn’t getting many answers from her thought process (which wasn’t much of a process anyways.)

There was another thing Ariel realized; she hadn’t had a vision in a while, but she was sure of something: she would get one again.

Even after her nap, she felt her eyelids drooping, her mind ready for the vision that would come soon. So, Ariel hazily went downstairs to where she slept, flopped down, and closed her eyes, ready.

Before she saw the vision though, she heard Apollo’s voice.

Be ready.

‘Be ready for what?’ Ariel thought, as darkness closed around her and she felt the vision coming closer.
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Chapter 38: Ariel

When her vision first started, Ariel saw nothing but darkness. But then, the darkness cleared, and she saw the ship that they were on.

Then, she saw the entrance to the Sea of Monsters—through Charybdis and Scylla. What she also saw unsettled her—the path that Amelia and her two companions took before, that was there, too.

She could see tiny figures inside the boat—people, and Ariel knew that was she and her friends. It looked like they were arguing though, because she could hear the faint sound of shouting.

Suddenly, the boat veered off course and started going through the other path, the one that led to the jagged mountains and chasm. Ariel wanted to scream out, to warn them, but she couldn’t in a vision.

Suddenly, she was engulfed in darkness again, wondering what had happened to the boat. When the darkness cleared for the second time in her vision, Ariel found herself looking at the mouth of Charybdis.

Except, she could barely see her mouth. There was a swirling mass of buildings famous around the world, and Ariel realized this seemed a lot like the vision she had a few nights earlier.

Around Charybdis were six people, and they were firing all sorts of things at both Charybdis and Scylla—the two who were closer to Scylla were dodging her, trying not to get eaten. One seemed like she was talking to the monster, and Ariel had a feeling that was Piper. She also noticed some of Scylla’s heads go slack from lightning, and Ariel guessed that was Jason who did that.

On the other side of the battle, things were different. Four people were attacking Charybdis, but one of them was staring, doing nothing. The others were going on full attack mode, and Ariel noticed one lone person closer to Charybdis than anyone else shoot an arrow inside. The person took a step closer, and suddenly…

Ariel was pulled back into darkness, as she realized her vision had ended.

She woke up with a start, banging her head on the low ceiling for the second time that day. She looked out the small window in her cabin, and noticed that the sky looked foggy and gray, which dampened her mood even more after having her vision.

Ariel got up, and noticed her watch read 8:00 AM, meaning the others were probably up also. She went upstairs to the ship’s deck, and she was right; everyone else was already up.

“Hey, sleepy head, come to join us for eating?” Nico asked, raising his eyebrows and motioning her to sit down next to him. She joined them, looking at the five pieces of toast in the middle of their circle.

“How’d you guys get food?” Ariel asked, suspicious.

Annabeth shrugged. “There was a kitchen downstairs, and it had a few pieces of toast left. It’s not poisoned, no worries; we already checked.”

That wasn’t the problem for Ariel, though. There was something wrong with this ship—the way it just stood there looking untouched in the docks in Miami, like it was meant for them; or more like it wanted them to board on the ship.

What was also bothered her was how there was food in the kitchen—who was on here before them, and why did they leave food? How did they know that there were going to be new people riding this ship?

Ariel caught Nico’s eye, and he mouthed something like, Not my idea. She shrugged back, and he split a piece of toast, one for her and him.

“Finally cutting back on food?” She asked him, smiling slightly.

He rolled his eyes. “I told you, I’m not a cannibal.”

“Mmhmm, I believe you.”

“You’re bad at sarcasm. What makes you think I’m a cannibal?”

“Oh, I dunno; maybe because you had a ton of food on that day at the strange breakfast diner, then the next morning, five pancakes, and yesterday night you had like what, four turkey sandwiches?”

“It was five; get your facts right, geez.”

Ariel rolled her eyes, but she managed to calm down—a little.

Nico looked at her again. “Something’s bothering you; I’m semi-talking with my mouth full and you’re not telling me to ‘watch my manners.’”

“It’s not that, it’s… never mind.”

Ariel wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t want to tell anyone what happened in her vision. Maybe it was because it felt safer to keep it to herself. Maybe it was because she was too scared to say.

Or maybe it was because she wanted her vision to be wrong.
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Chapter 39 Part 1: Ariel

Ariel looked thoughtlessly at the ocean ahead of her. According to Percy, they’d get to Charybdis and Scylla in less than ten minutes.

She could feel her hands shaking as the boat was getting closer and closer; why was she so nervous?

Ariel looked at the others; no one else seemed as nervous as her, all of them doing their own things.

She still couldn’t understand her vision, why Apollo showed her this. Plus, she was still thinking about what her mother said to her the day before.

Ariel was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice at first that the ship suddenly veered to its left, towards a familiar looking path…

The others looked surprised, too. Ariel looked up from her daze and looked at where the ship was going, and instantly felt herself go pale.

“PERCY!” She screamed, causing some curious looks from Percy and glaring from Annabeth. “TURN THE SHIP AROUND TOWARDS CHARBYDIS AND SCYLLA, NOW!”

Percy looked confused, and then tried to move the steering wheel to its right but it didn’t budge. Why wasn’t it budging?

“Geez, Ariel, why the screaming? It’s not the end of the world yet.” Nico said, rolling his eyes.

Ariel could feel some panic rise up and tried to talk as calmly as she could. “The path the boat is taking us through leads to a chasm.”

Everyone fell silent. Then, Annabeth spoke up. “How do you know?”

“A vision came to me last night.”

Ariel could tell Annabeth knew she was holding something back, but she didn’t push for more information. Instead she said, “How do you know the vision’s right?”

“Because they’re always—“ Ariel started to say, but stopped herself. How did she know her vision was right? Just because her past ones always turned out the way they were shown doesn’t mean this one would be the same, right…?

The ship was getting closer and closer to the jagged mountains, Ariel could see. She tried to calm down, trying to find a reason for everyone to know that there was a chasm ahead of them, waiting for their death.

Ariel thought back to when they first saw the ship, how it was just there in the Miami docks, with no one near it or noticing it; it was Greek-styled too, and Ariel doubted anything like that would be in Miami.

She thought back to this morning, when Annabeth said they found leftover pieces of toast in the kitchen—why were they there? The food wouldn’t be there unless someone was on this ship before, and left it.

And now, she was thinking to how Percy couldn’t control the steering wheel; why was that? Ariel wasn’t much of a thinker, but she could feel the idea coming together.

There was a reason why the ship was just there, why the food was just there, and why Percy couldn’t control the ship—someone was expecting them to come on here.

Ariel took a deep breath, and it seemed like she had a minute before the ship would run into the mountains; she looked straight at Annabeth and said, “Because the ship is rigged for us to take this path, away from Charybdis and Scylla; it was just sitting there in the dock in Miami, and why would somewhere like Miami—where Snooki and the whole other Jersey Shore gang went—have a Greek styled ship? And why were the pieces of toast you found for breakfast just there? They had to get there, be from somewhere, right? And then, Percy couldn’t control the steering wheel as soon as we were pulled into this path—this ship is destined for us to go into this 'easier' path, instead of going through Charybdis and Scylla. It’s destined for our death.”

She could feel the chill in the air, letting that sink in to everyone. There were only a few seconds left until this ship would crash into the mountains, and Ariel could see the top of the peaks of some.

Finally, Annabeth let out a breath and stared into her eyes, unmoving. “I still don’t think that there’s a prob—“

Percy cut her off. “I agree with Ariel,” He stared at Annabeth, who crossed her arms and glared at him. “Get off this ship, now; we’ve got ten seconds til we bump into those jagged mountains, and then we’ll be deep fried.”

“Err, bad joke Percy, but I’ll obey your orders, O Great One.” Nico said, grabbing Ariel’s hand and leading her to the edge of the ship.

Ariel took a deep breath, then jumped off the ship with Nico, plunging into the deep, dark ocean.


Ariel resurfaced, gasping for breath. Nico was right next to her, clinging on to her hair, which hurt.

“Ow, ow, ow, Nico!” She said, trying to remain calm; she couldn’t see the others.

“Hey, I’m not a good swimmer! And I know Dory said to ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming,’ but I’m not a good swimmer!”

Ariel was confused. “Who’s Dory? What’s your relationship with her?”

Nico just stared at her then burst out laughing, taking some gulps of water with him. “Dory’s a fish who forgets things in Finding Nemo, you know, the fish movie?”

Ariel shook her head, clearly confused. She let Nico still cling onto her hair, even though she could barely swim with him hanging on for his dear life.

Her arms started wincing with pain pretty badly soon though, and Nico wasn’t being much of a help; he was hyperventilating next to her, almost close to ripping her hair out.

For what seemed like forever, Ariel couldn’t see the others; then, she saw a glimpse of blond hair, and swam towards it faster, hoping it was Jason.

When she reached him, it was Jason, just looking really… sick. He was greener than he was before, hyperventilating just like Nico was. Maybe it had something to do with overeating.

Piper and Leo were with him, but Percy and Annabeth were nowhere to be found. Ariel exchanged a glance with Piper, and she shook her head. Leo was taking stuff out of his tool belt while floating (Ariel had no clue how he could do that without drowning), and it seemed like he was making something.

It was quiet for a while, the only sounds of Nico and Jason hyperventilating. Then, Leo screamed, “Huzzah!”

Piper looked at him. “Who says ‘Huzzah!’ anymore?”

“I do. And I made just what we need—an inflatable boat!”

Jason looked at him. “You can make those?”

“Yes I can, Green Lantern.”

Jason frowned. “First of all, I’m not a lantern, and I’m not green, either.”

“Check yourself in the mirror, Lightning Boy. And Green Lantern’s that superhero from that movie, you know, Green Lantern?”

“Never heard of it.”

Leo gasped, “What?!”

“Yep. Now just set the boat in the water before I puke all over you.”

“Gee, everyone’s so pushy…” Leo said, but did as he was told. As soon as the boat floated on the water, Nico let go of Ariel’s hair, and both he and Jason scrambled to get on. Meanwhile, Piper, Leo, and Ariel just calmly got on, waiting for Percy and Annabeth.

Piper looked around frantically, “Where do you think they are?”

Leo just looked at her. “Do you need contacts?”


“Percy and Annabeth are right next to you.”

Piper spun around, and was face-to-face with Percy and Annabeth, who were breathing heavily.

“Oh, hey guys.”

Percy snorted. “You don’t sound too happy to see us.”

“What? No, I was just—“

Percy chuckled. “I was just kidding, dude, chill.”

“How am I supposed to chill if—“

Leo clucked, shaking his head at Piper. “You’re becoming too much of a Drama Queen, Beauty Queen; is the Aphrodite cabin rubbing off on you finally?”

Piper glared at him, but shut up.

“What took you guys so long?” Ariel asked, as Percy and Annabeth got in their tiny inflatable boat; everyone was basically smushed together.

Annabeth looked down at her hands, while Percy shifted uncomfortably.

“We had some um, technical difficulties.”

“That took ten minutes?” Nico asked, finally breathing right again.

Percy glared at him, not answering. Instead, he said, “We should get going to Charybdis and Scylla; I can steer the boat by moving the water towards them.”

Everyone nodded, the boat moving in silence. Ariel could feel her heart beat faster, the closer the tiny boat was getting to the two monster sisters.

It seemed like a long time until they could finally see the outline of the mouth of Charybdis; Percy let out a big sigh, and then said, “Well, ready to face the dentist’s worst nightmare?”
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Chapter 39 Part 2: Ariel

Ariel took in a breath as soon as she could see both monsters clearly. Looking at Scylla terrified her—the monster snatched away the spare backpack Piper had carried with her, almost taking Piper with her.

And then, there was Charybdis, which was a whole ‘nother level.

Annabeth had told her about Charybdis, how she was basically a dentist’s worst nightmare, and now, Ariel could see why. Her mouth was wide open, sucking in everything from the ocean, then after a minute, spitting it all back out. She caught a glimpse of her teeth—if she could actually call it teeth—and they were disgusting; full of seaweed and really yellow.

Looking at that made Ariel want to puke all over Nico.

The tiny little boat got close enough so that they were in clear sight, and Ariel slowly took out her bow, getting ready to distract both monsters to enter the Bermuda Triangle.

Except, as soon as she took out her bow, a whole army of monsters—about one hundred—suddenly appeared, charging them all at once.

She could hear Nico curse, and Ariel half-expected Leo to say something about “bad language,” except, he never did, so she knew that this was serious, even for Leo.

She raised her bow, aiming for her victims; she took one arrow out, then another, then eight more, barely fitting ten in one whole bow. Ariel slowly pulled back her finger, then let go, the arrows arcing over the monsters’ heads, shooting them exactly where Ariel had hoped for.

Her movements felt slow, but Ariel knew there was a lot of fighting going on around her—Nico was beside her, again, fighting with his sword against telkhines (who were much smaller than the fat ones) and hellhounds.

Meanwhile, Percy and Annabeth teamed up together against the dracanae and Hyperborean giants, while Jason, Piper, and Leo were against the Laestrygonians and Cyclopes.

The number of monsters soon decreased to eighty, then sixty, then forty, and now, twenty were left. Ariel guessed Charybdis and Scylla could sense the monsters losing pretty badly, because as soon as there were ten left, she could hear a wind howling so loudly, Ariel thought her ears were going to explode.

And that sound was coming from Charybdis, who wasn’t just sucking in remnants in the ocean—no; just like the vision Ariel had seen, the monster was sucking in major monuments: the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Taj Mahal.

As soon as the last monster was finished, everyone gaped at what they were seeing before their eyes: basically the whole world was being sucked into Charybdis’s ugly dental nightmare mouth.

She could see Annabeth and Percy exchange glances; how were they supposed to get into the Bermuda Triangle now?

For a whole minute, everyone stood in silence, watching the horror in front of them; Ariel could see Yankee Stadium getting sucked in, too. She would miss watching those baseball games.

‘But wait,’ Ariel thought to herself. ‘Isn’t Charybdis supposed to spit out all that stuff now? I’m pretty sure it’s been over a minute…’

Ariel shook her head, trying to think of a plan (not something she’s really good at). There was just something wrong about this picture, this whole quest. What were they supposed to expect in the Bermuda Triangle? More chaos from monsters than this?

But how exactly were they supposed to get into the Bermuda Triangle? It isn’t like Charybdis will hand them out Girl Scout cookies and let them pass through for free. That was just a dream.

Ariel bit her nails, trying to think. It had been at least over a minute now, and Charybdis was still sucking in everything, and Ariel could feel herself lose some balance, too.

‘Think, Ariel, think, the prophecy…?
The chaos of monsters has invaded,
The final chapter of Olympus must be raised.
All is in the hands of mixed families,
And to the sea of monsters is where the battle lies.

Aha! The prophecy never said the Bermuda Triangle, it said the Sea of Monsters, and the battle is obviously this… and that the outcome is in the hands of a child of mixed families, but who?
Nico… Greek. Percy… Greek, but spent time in the Roman camp. Annabeth… Greek. Jason… Roman but spent time in Camp Half-Blood. Piper… Greek. Leo… Greek.
And me... Greek? But my mom was from Rome, and Apollo met her in Rome.
Is that what the prophecy means?’

Ariel tried to make sense of this, ‘The prophecy calls for a battle in the Sea of Monsters, and it never said that that would lead to the Bermuda Triangle.
Meanwhile, the world is probably coming to an end now, and Charybdis’s mouth is getting bigger and bigger, and will possibly explode of overeating.’

Something turned in Ariel’s head. The world is ending, and everything will possibly explode from Charybdis overeating.

‘That’s it! Dammit, Ariel, you’re so stupid, why didn’t you think of this before?’ Ariel scolded herself, and apparently she was talking kind of loudly, because Nico gave her a look like, “You’re not on some medication, are you?”

“Everyone, I have a plan. But, I’m not sure it makes any sense, but just listen, okay?” Ariel said, grabbing everyone’s attention from Charybdis sucking in Fenway Park. Ariel knew she would definitely not miss the Boston Red Sox.

“Well…?” Annabeth asked, and Ariel could hear the impatience of her voice, a grudge in it. Did she do something wrong?

“Well, I was thinking… the world is probably ending right now, right? And the prophecy never even mentioned the Bermuda Triangle, just a battle in the Sea of Monsters. And we’re technically in the Sea of Monsters, right?”

Silence. Ariel took that as her cue to continue. “So anyways, Charybdis hasn’t been spitting out anything for the last, oh I don’t know, five minutes? And I’m pretty sure her mouth’s gonna explode soon from overeating, since I doubt she can hold a hundred buildings at once. And I was thinking, you know that thing in the back of your mouth, the thing that looks like a punching bag?”

“The uvula?” Annabeth asked, tapping her foot impatiently. That was getting on Ariel’s nerves.

“Yep, the uvula. Well, if you like, touch it, you throw up, or at least barf some stuff out, right? Well, if I could get close enough to—“

“And why should you do it?” Annabeth asked again, intervening. She was still tapping her foot.

“Because Ariel’s the child of the prophecy.” Nico piped up, crossing his arms and nodding his head like a five year old.

Annabeth pursed her lips. “You don’t know that.”

“Well, her mom was like, from Rome or something I think, and Apollo visited her mom in Rome—“

Ariel looked at him. “Okay, how do you know all of this?”

Nico shrugged. “You talk in your sleep. Okay, so anyways, Apollo in his Greek form visited Ariel’s mom in Rome, so she’s technically like, two families, get it? And the child of the prophecy is a mix of two families, right?”

Ariel just stared at him, smiling. Of course Nico would come to her rescue. “So I was thinking… maybe the rest of you could like, distract Charybdis and Scylla, and maybe I could get close enough so that I won’t fall into her mouth, but I’d be close enough to shoot maybe five arrows to get her to err, throw up…?”

Everyone was silent, and Ariel held her breath, waiting for the others’ replies. Finally, she saw a ripple across Nico’s face, and he was smiling, and the others were nodding, even Annabeth.

“Okay, well I didn’t think this would work, but what’s the worst that could happen? So, I’ll just leave now, towards the dentist’s worst nightmare, alone…”

Nico rolled his eyes, but gave Ariel a little push of encouragement, and Ariel swam towards Charybdis. She took out an arrow, managed to stick it on the side of the monster’s mouth, and held onto one of her disgusting yellow teeth. Ugh.

Ariel tried to ignore the teeth, and instead managed to get in an upright stance, one hand on the arrow on the side of the mouth, the other with her bow.

She took a deep breath, and in one swift movement, let go of her arm that was gripping the side arrow, took out another arrow in her bow, and shot it at Charybdis’s uvula, which sent ripples through the ocean.

Ariel then quickly put her hand back on the side arrow, and again shot the second arrow into the uvula, basically sending huge tidal waves.

The next two shots were easier, and Ariel was calming down a little bit. Right when she took her hand off of the side arrow for the last bow that would be enough for Charybdis to throw up, the wind was rippling so fiercely, the waves crashing around so violently, Ariel lost her step and slipped, falling into the monster’s mouth.

Panic rose up in her, but she managed to take a bow out and stab it in Charybdis’s tongue (which sent more wind howling), and held on to dear life.

Now how was she going to complete her task?

Ariel tried to think while dodging things that kept coming in, keeping her head low. She could hear shouting outside—distant voices, probably wondering if she had survived.

She tried to think; Ariel knew she didn’t have the willpower against the incoming buildings to climb out of Charybdis’s mouth without getting smushed, so trying to notch a final arrow at the uvula wasn’t an option.

Was there something the others could do, though? Ariel doubted anyone had the accuracy to throw their sword straight on at the uvula—they’d probably end up hitting her.

But, if there was something big enough that you didn’t have to pinpoint it exactly on the uvula—possibly a bomb that would explode in the mouth, that would be a big enough explosion to damage the uvula, making Charybdis puke and such.

But where could Ariel get a bomb? No one had one, for all she knew, not even Leo, he had this other thing that looked like a bomb but—

‘Leo! Of course! That tiny thing he was always putting together through this whole quest, it looked like a tiny nuclear bomb—and it probably is.’

Ariel took in a deep breath, trying to ignore the really bad mouth breath that she was inhaling. With all her might, she opened her mouth, and shouted,
“LEO VALDEZ, BOMB THE MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!”

Silence. Ariel could only hear her breathing, and the howling of winds and crashing of waves. Then, there was shouting—Ariel could only hear bits and pieces of what was being said, something like “You can’t let her die!” and, “But she told me to!” and, “So what?”

Ariel wasn’t getting any of this, but she was hoping Leo would get the message: throw the bomb in. For what seemed like waiting forever, Ariel could see no bomb be thrown inside the mouth she was currently in. Then, a tiny little ticking thing rolled past her, and Ariel grabbed it just in time, before it got swallowed.

“Dammit, Leo, and your bad throwing accuracy…” Ariel muttered, and looked at how many seconds she had left: five.
On two, Ariel threw the bomb towards the uvula, and suddenly; there was a loud “tick” and finally: an explosion.
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