The Fanfic The Regretted Choice

hollistergurl posted on Jan 24, 2012 at 11:41PM
Title: The Regretted Choice by hollistergurl (me) and MisterPerfect1
Rating: C
Main Characters: Reyna, Hylla, Circe, Bellona, Jeremiah White, Carrie James, Nathan Balderas, and Autumn.
OCs: Jeremiah White, Carrie James, Nathan Balderas, Autumn
(more to come?)
Synopsis: Reyna and Hylla had a tough life since birth. Hylla, the older one, had taken care of Reyna ever since their mom abandoned them and their dad died. But when a mysterious woman promises to give them a better life, should they refuse? And what dangers might lay ahead in the mysterious island...?

Disclaimer: Everything from Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus belong to Rick Riordan.

MisterPerfect1 and I will take turns posting a chapter.

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Hey! I finished reading it!! It IS AWEZOME!!!! LOVE IT POST SOON!!¡¡!!
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over a year ago MisterPerfect1 said…
Chapter 8: Hylla

I really didn't think that was necessary when Circe kicked open the door. But once I walked in, my opinion changed.

Emptiness. That's what I saw. The lights were off and their was a certain eerieness that lingered in the air. I looked reassuringly at Reyna (which was a first on my list), but she had the same look on her face as I.

"C-Circe, what now?" Reyna asked. Good thing the door was still opened, because inside the house was pitch-black.

When Circe didn't answer, I looked back at her. Was something wrong? Forget leaving the door open, Circe's eyes were glowing like a lighthouse. In my opinion, that didn't seem to help to boost up my confidence.

Then Circe lifted a finger as if someone had said something. "Monsters," was all she said before she began to walk around.

I hated how her back made an arc and her movements like she was hunting for some prey. Now that you mentioned it, Circe seemed to resemble a cat. I shivered. Did I mention that I hate cats?

The words Why were we here? kept flashing through my mind. I shoved the thoughts away and, without volition, grabbed Reyna's hand. She twitched as if with disgust, but then clung onto it as if she were hanging from a cliff.

"Girls, follow me." Circe didn't even turn to face us. All she did was give a slight wave and then walked into the shadows.

I gulped. "Ladies first," I said nervously, pushing Reyna forward.

Reyna looked up at me with a smirk on her face. (It looked forced.) "You know you just called yourself a dude?"

I nodded. "Wait, what?!"

Reyna laughed. "Who cares; let's go!"

Then someone screamed. And sadly, I recognized the voice.

Reyna stopped and turned to face me.

This was the first time we've ever had a telepathic link. But it was obvious; none of us could forget that voice.

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Circe daughter of Hecate, awesomeness!!! Post soon
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hey guys,
i know i said i would probably post tomorrow..
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i was so busy today! but i'll try to get some done tomorrow, then maybe post on Monday or Tuesday
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Chapter 9: Reyna

A telepathic message with Hylla? That must mean something.

We both knew who the voice was—Autumn, and she sounded terrified, which made me terrified.

I nervously fidgeted with my hair, which was in a fishtail braid—hmm? Since when had my hair ever looked like that?

I glanced at Hylla, and noticed that her hair was in a fancy chignon—since when did THAT happen?

“Ah yes, well, when you’re going to be in a fight, you should dress for the occasion, no?” Circe asked, smiling our way.

I rolled my eyes—I did NOT like being dressed up as if I were some Barbie doll. “So there are definitely monsters in there? Where IS Autumn?”

“Well, that’s what we’re trying to find out, yes? Now shush, keep quiet.” Circe whispered, as we followed her down a long, dark corridor, hopefully towards where we heard Autumn scream.

I could hear our light footsteps tapping on the glossy floor; some doors were open, but when I peeked inside, no one was in there. The usually bright house seemed haunted now, and I shivered.

Towards the end of a hallway, I heard some murmuring; Hylla must have heard it too, because she glanced my way and nodded. I tapped Circe on the shoulder, gesturing to the door on my left, where the murmuring was coming from.

Circe just smiled slightly, approaching the door—it was closed and seemed locked, too. She put her ear to the door, listened for a bit, then kicked it down.

Hylla and I rushed inside, and out of instinct I kicked something in front of me—turns out I made the right move, because it was some thing with one eyeball that was running towards us, and I had kicked its eyeball, sending it falling backwards with a thud.

Circe clapped lightly, then flicked on the lights. I squinted, the bright lights adjusting to my eyes after being in the dark.

When my eyes finally adjusted and there were no bright spots flickering across, I saw someone who I definitely DID NOT want to see, and I bet Hylla didn’t want to see him either.

“Jeremiah.” I growled, seeing him over Autumn, who was sprawled across the floor, likely unconscious.

He smiled evilly, and came closer to us. “Well, if it ain’t my two favorite people: Reyna and Hylla. Come to hit me with a lamp again?”

“Do you want me to?” I growled, putting my hands on my hips—beside me, Hylla was just staring at him, motionless. Circe was going around the room fighting off monsters, not paying attention to us; go figure.

Jeremiah just smiled, like he was being amused. “I’d rather see you beg at my knees for forgiveness.”

I snorted. “Yeah, like that’ll happen; hurting my sister and best friend in one night? Oh yeah, sure, I’ll beg at your knees.”

He snarled. “Why must every demigod use sarcasm towards me? It frustrates me; all of you puny little things are annoying, but soon, Kronos will be rising soon, and Krios will bring down that wretched Camp Jupiter.”

I was confused. Kronos? Krios? Were they two brothers with the same letter of their name? And what was Camp Jupiter?

He snarled at me. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know anything, demigod. I could crush you in a minute, what with you having no weapon whatsoever.”

I was being ticked off by this guy—seriously, did he think I was that weak?

“Do you want to try me then? Or are you too scared of getting hit by a lamp?” I growled through clenched teeth.

Jeremiah took out a sword, smiling evilly. “Oh, this will be fun for me.”

My heart beat faster when he took out that sword, swinging it towards me—I jumped aside, Hylla no longer beside me; she was tending to Autumn, putting some stuff in her mouth.

Jeremiah moved fast, like a wind storm, and he looked like one, too. My instincts just took over, me dodging his blows and slashes like I was meant to do this all my life.

Behind me, I heard a hissing noise and felt dust on my arm, golden dust. I realized that a monster had vaporized right behind me, leaving a sword and shield behind. I picked those up, meeting Jeremiah’s blow with my own, pushing hard against his blade.

He grinned. “Not bad for an amateur, but still easy to defeat.”

He took his blade away, aiming for my right. I swung my sword towards that direction, but that was my problem; it was a fake, and he swung to my left, a cut now on my stomach, bleeding.

I stifled a scream, wincing. I wasn’t going to let this jerk push me around, think that he could beat me; no, I was going to win.

Jeremiah just laughed. “You’re defiant, but foolish. You can’t win, not at all.” He struck his sword against my shield, and I lost the grip on it, now defenseless. I meekly swung my sword at him, any movement hurting my ribs, my legs, everywhere.

He laughed loudly, meeting my sword easily. His eyes glinted evilly, showing victory. “I guess it’s the end for you. Too bad, you would have made a nice girlfriend.” I closed my eyes, getting ready for the blow, when I heard a shriek, the shrieking getting fainter and fainter, and now it just sounded like squeaking.

I cautiously opened my eyes, and before me was not Jeremiah holding a sword, but a hamster squeaking loudly, gnawing on my shoe.
over a year ago universalpowa said…

lol, well nao i see where Circe got her obsession with gineapigs! :D
lol speeliingg faillll :P

and even tho u just posted hollister...
lol awesome chapterrr :P
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Post soon!!!!!! That was epic!!!!! Haaha guinea pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!
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