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Title: The Regretted Choice by hollistergurl (me) and MisterPerfect1
Rating: C
Main Characters: Reyna, Hylla, Circe, Bellona, Jeremiah White, Carrie James, Nathan Balderas, and Autumn.
OCs: Jeremiah White, Carrie James, Nathan Balderas, Autumn
(more to come?)
Synopsis: Reyna and Hylla had a tough life since birth. Hylla, the older one, had taken care of Reyna ever since their mom abandoned them and their dad died. But when a mysterious woman promises to give them a better life, should they refuse? And what dangers might lay ahead in the mysterious island...?

Disclaimer: Everything from Percy Jackson and the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus belong to Rick Riordan.

MisterPerfect1 and I will take turns posting a chapter.

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MisterPerfect1 will be posting next.


Being a twelve-year-old is NOT fun.

Especially if you have a fifteen-year-old sister bossing you around everyday, since you were four.

That’s kind of what life is like for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister, Hylla, but she’s just so… unlike me at times. We both have long, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. But, even though she won’t admit this, Hylla’s easier to fall in love with guys.

Yeah, I’m only twelve, but I feel like I’m fifteen.

Our parents abandoned us since birth—Hylla says they didn’t really “abandon” us, but I think of it that way.

I don’t even know my own mom.

Our dad died when I was like, two, so I barely knew him.

Hylla’s been taking care of me ever since, and we live in our mean Aunt Kathy’s apartment—not the best place to live if you don’t like rats, old dusty furniture, and a really loud grandfather clock.

That’s another thing that’s wrong with my life: living with Aunt Kathy.

I think I’d rather go die in a hole.

She treats me like a rat, but loves Hylla for some reason. I have no clue what she sees in her that she doesn’t see in me, since we’re almost the same except for the love part.

Which is kind of what led to Hylla technically being the one taking care of me, since our Aunt usually goes out and parties and gets drunk and doesn’t come home for days.

It’s been like that since we moved in with her, I think.

But there’s one thing I like about living with Aunt Kathy; it’s the school I go to.

Especially going to school with Nathan.

He’s like my best friend, along with Autumn; Hylla’s boyfriend is Jeremiah, and all they do is make out… ugh.

Sisters these days.

The school’s not so bad, but I have trouble concentrating and always get pulled out of classes for misbehaving—I have ADHD and dyslexia, so that basically makes me a troublemaker.

But being in the same room with Nathan is fun, since he’s hilarious, the class clown; Autumn’s so nice and shy, basically a follower, unlike me; I like to take control and action.

It’s why I’m president of the student government, even though I’m only in the 6th grade—Hylla was so angry, she had a RAGE FACE on when she only got elected to secretary; you could bet I laughed at her sorry face.

I don’t like Jeremiah—something about him, it just doesn’t seem right. He and my sister kiss all the time, and it’s always uncomfortable for me when I come home and they’re kissing on the couch—so I just go over to Nathan’s or Autumn’s house, spending my time there for most of the day, until I have to go home for dinner.

One thing I know for sure that me and Hylla both have in common is our leadership and strength; we’re both strong-minded, and both of us are born to be leaders; that’s what our Principal told us—except she said if we would try to get into less trouble, she’d like us more.

Someday I’d like to escape my life, bringing Nathan and Autumn with me.

Maybe Hylla. Just maybe.

“Reyna, I’m going out for an hour with Jeremiah, can you stay here alone?” Hylla calls out to me from downstairs.

I sigh; she’s almost fifteen, and has been going out with Jeremiah a lot lately—what they do I have no clue, but I’m sure they’re not playing Monopoly.

“Sure, sure, whatever, leaving your twelve-year-old little sister, is totally fine, sure.”

“Reyna, you’re such a pain in the butt. I’m leaving, I’ll be back by nine.”


I punch my stuffed teddy bear that now is all ripped up—a gift from my mother, Aunt Kathy tells me.

I’d like to punch my mother in real life, too. Abandoning us, what a coward.

What, was she afraid to take care of us?

I try to push these thoughts back in my head—sometimes I tend to get a little angry, especially when Hylla leaves me alone; I already feel lonely enough in my life, so why can’t I have something that’s always there for me?

Even Nathan and Autumn sometimes leave me out, and they go hang out somewhere else with me.

I’m such a loner sometimes.

Sometimes I don’t mind it, but nights like these when I’m thinking about my mom and Hylla and my dad and Aunt Kathy, I wish someone were here with me, just for company.

I sigh, trying to focus on my Language Arts homework—God, these homophones were killing me.

I got up and huffed, slamming my workbook on the desk—dyslexia’s gonna kill me someday, jumbling all those words up.

I go downstairs to punch the punching bag that we have—it’s a way to get my mind off of things.

I change into lighter clothes, grab a water bottle from the fridge, put on my boxing gloves, and start punching the red bag like it’s my mom, Hylla, Aunt Kathy, Jeremiah, anyone in my life who I feel has failed me.

Punch. Take that, mom.

Punch. That’s for leaving me alone, Hylla.

Punch. Punch. Treating me like a rat, Aunt Kathy? Punch. Punch.

Punch. Punch. Stealing my sister away from me, Jeremiah? Punch. Punch.

Soon enough, I feel better and start to get a little sweaty, so I sit down and rest a bit, then get into the shower.

When I come out, I dry my hair and change into shorts and a V-neck t-shirt, my hair in a ponytail; I look myself in the mirror, wanting to be more beautiful and graceful like Autumn.

We’re both skinny, but I’m more muscular, my cheekbones defined and all that—it’s annoying sometimes, because I wish I was more like a weak-skinny-girl type.

I look at the clock—8:55. Only five more minutes until Hylla comes home.

I mindlessly play with my hair, trying out new styles, trying to become a little more girly—it didn’t really work.

Suddenly, the door bell rang and I jump.

Why would Hylla ring the door bell?
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Guys, this is a must-see!

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Awesomene story.
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Chapter Two

Jeremiah, my boyfriend, drove me back to my aunt’s house. He had such an awesome red Porsche that made anyone (everyone) at school jealous. I still couldn’t believe we were going out, but then again, I do. Besides being one of the most popular girls in school, why wouldn’t he go out with me? “Thanks for the ride,” I said, kissing him on the cheek.

Handing me my jacket, he said, “No problem. Are you busy tomorrow?” His hand traced down my cheek. I love the way he always touches me gently.

“Of course not.” I lifted one of my eyebrows. “As long as it’s with you, I’m always going to be there.” Jeremiah’s hand, sliding to the back of my neck, pulled me near. We were about to kiss when—the front porch lit up.

“Yuck!” It was Reyna. She held our front door ajar, her face etched with disgust. “Can’t your mouths stay away from each other for at least a second?”

Giving Jerry an apologetic look, I turned around. “What now, Rey?”

“One, don’t call me that; and two, get your butt in here. This is important!” I wave good-bye to Jeremiah and rushed into the house. I had to use all of my self-control not to strangle Reyna.

That could’ve been a very good kiss! I thought. As I walked in, I flung my jacket onto the coat rack. Reyna had already run into the living room. I had to admit: this place was a mess. If we had more money, I would’ve hired someone to reconstruct the entire house. Where was Extreme Home Makeover when you needed them?

“This is why I needed you so badly,” Reyna said. Before us stood a middle-aged lady with frizzy black hair that flowed over her shoulders. Her eyes were pitch black and held a calm, steady gaze. Everything about her made my nerves to start tingling. Danger! Danger! was like a neon sign, flashing in my mind.

Involuntarily, I took a step back. “Who are you?” I choked out.

The woman stood. She was surprisingly tall. The hem of her long black robe touched the floor, hiding her feet. She looked like the floating Grim Reaper’s wife. “I am Circe,” the woman said, spreading her arms in a somewhat welcoming gesture, “the Great Sorceress, user of magic.”

<Sorry, guys, for the short CHAPTER! I was busy working on my Mark of Athena. I promised Monica that I would add more romance.>
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Wow, xavier, just wow. I never knew you wuz teh mushy type.
I can never look at you the same again... xD
:O Circe? Already? Seems a little early for that. And Reyna and Hylla are daughters of Bellona.. They'll probably like have fighting instincts that make tehm fight Circe
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AWESOME! post soon i cant wait to see what happens next!!
over a year ago MisterPerfect1 said…
What's wrong with being mushy. I only write that way because I have to fit in with the characters--which are girls.
And I've been reading some Cassandra Clare novels, so I guess I've started writing like her.
over a year ago Kronos429 said…
But she has action too...
Shadowhunters never stop being aweshum
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hope you like the chapter :D

Chapter 3: Reyna

As soon as the door bell rang, I knew that it couldn’t be Hylla. She would have the key, unless her dirty boyfriend stole it. Which was a possibility, as far as I knew.

My heart had beat faster when the door bell rang, because who would be at our apartment at 8:55 PM? Surely not Girl Scouts selling Girl Scout cookies. Either way, I wouldn’t have answered them, because I hate Girl Scout cookies.

I carefully approached the door, peeping out the little hole in our door—there was a middle-aged woman with black, frizzy hair, wearing a long, flowy black robe. Somehow, she made that look work, even for her age. In fact, she looked more like twenty-something, with no wrinkles and perfect skin.

She didn’t seem TOO bad, and I was already pissed with Hylla, so I just decided to go against her rule of not talking to strangers. Sometimes strangers are okay, right?

Still, my hands were shaking as I touched the doorknob, opening it slightly.

When the door was slightly ajar, I stuck my head out, and the woman smiled.

“Hello. Is this the residence of Hylla and Reyna?”

“And who are you?” I asked, trying to keep my voice level, my face expressionless—I wasn’t sure if it worked or not.

The woman smiled. “My name is Circe. I’d like to talk to you and your sister.”

“Well, you’re going to have to wait, because she’s not here yet,” I stated, about to close the door on this creepy yet sweet woman.

She smiled again. “I can wait. May I come inside?”

“Umm…” I trailed off, nervously twisting the doorknob—if I let this strange woman I didn’t even know in, Hylla would SURELY kill me.

“Don’t worry, she won’t hurt you,” Circe assured me, letting herself in—rude much?

“Uhh, what are you exactly here for?” I asked, uncomfortable; was I supposed to offer her coffee or something?

Circe seemed to read my mind. “No, I don’t need coffee, thank you. And you two, you and Hylla, both of you are… special. You’d be the perfect assistants.”

“Assistants? As in a job? Okay, lady, I’m only twelve and Hylla’s only fifteen! How do you expect us to work for you?”

Circe smiled mysteriously. “I wouldn’t say it’s actually a… job.”

“Then what is it?” I asked, becoming more and more suspicious. Before Circe could say anything more, I heard a car pull up in our driveway, and I opened the door and ran outside to find Jeremiah and Hylla home.

“Yuck!” I said, seeing as they almost kissed—how disgusting. “Can’t you mouths stay away from each other for at least one second?”

“What now, Rey?” Hylla replied, and I could see she was pissed off that she didn’t get her kiss—too bad.

“One, don’t call me that; and two, get your butt in here! This is important!” I said, and ran back into the house, not even checking if Hylla was following—she probably would, though.

“This is why I needed you so badly,” I said, looking back to see that Hylla had flung her jacket on the couch, looking ready to explode.

Circe stood up, and I saw Hylla take a cowardly step back, and I smirked—I knew that I didn’t look that cowardly.

“Who are you?” She choked out, and I had to restrain myself from not laughing hysterically.

“I am Circe,” Circe said, spreading her arms in a somewhat welcoming gesture, “the sorceress, the user of magic.”

“Wait, you use MAGIC?!” I asked, my voice sounding high-pitched, my eyes wide open in shock—I heard Hylla gasp, and looked her way to see she looked confused as well.

Circe chuckled. “As much as it is hard to believe, it is true.”

“But… but I thought those weren’t real! They’re… myths, right?” Hylla asked, taking a step forward now next to me, almost protectively—I didn’t like that; pssh, I could take care of myself.

“Are they, though? I’m here in front of you, after all, so does that mean I’m a myth?” Circe asked, smiling warmly at us.

“I… I’m not sure,” Hylla stuttered—that was the first time I ever heard her sound so unsure, so I knew that this was much more serious than I thought it was.

“Why are you here? What do you want with us?” I asked, much more strongly than Hylla sounded—if my sister was going to be weak, then I had to be strong for both of us.

Circe seemed to notice the difference between mine and Hylla’s voice. “We have been short on employees at Circe’s Island, and I need the strongest, bravest, smartest young women to work for me. They must have leadership, too.” When she said the part of the leadership, Circe looked directly in my eyes, and I could see jealousy flash across Hylla’s face.

“Circe’s Island?” I asked, keeping my voice steady—I didn’t want to work for anyone, and we couldn’t just leave this apartment, this town, our lives.

“It doesn’t matter what it is, or where it is. We’re not leaving here, no matter what,” Hylla stated, her voice strong, her brown eyes dark and proud—she sounded like herself again.

Circe smiled. “Ah, but you haven’t heard more about you, more about me, and more about the Island.”

“We don’t need to know anything, thank you. Now would you mind leaving? Reyna needs to go to bed,” Hylla said again, going towards the door and gave me a little push towards the stairs.

I turned around. “Wait,” I said to Circe; Hylla glared at me, “I want to know more about what you are… and what other things we need to know about ourselves and your island.”

Circe smiled. “I knew you would be the one to ask that, Reyna; always curious.”

“Just tell me then get out of here,” I said strongly. “And why don’t we sit down, that’ll be more comfortable.”

I led the way to the table we used to eat dinner, getting out three cups and pouring some coffee in them. Hylla came next to me, grabbing the cups.

“What are you doing?!” She hissed in my ear, glaring at me. I wasn’t intimidated.

“She obviously knows a lot about us; so I wanna hear what she knows.”

“You seriously don’t think she’s someone bad?”

I shrugged. “Not sure yet. Just give her a chance, Hylla; I wanna know more about this island and myths and stuff.”

“Fine,” she grumbled, grabbing the cups from me. “But if she turns out to be bad, you’re the one to blame.”

I nodded. We went back to the table, and Circe gladly accepted the coffee.

“Well, we have much to discuss, no?” She said, winking.

“Just tell us, we don’t have time for nonsense,” Hylla stated, glaring at me.

Circe smiled. “Oh, you have much to learn, both of you. First thing’s first—you two are demigods.”

Hylla and I looked at each other—was this woman crazy?

“And,” Circe continued, smiling again, like she knew an inside joke and we didn’t, “your mother is the Roman goddess of war—Bellona.”
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over a year ago MisterPerfect1 said…
But right now, I've been trying to write stories with less action and more dialogue and drama. So I thought this story might help out. And hopefully, more romance. I just like trying something new... :]

Awesome chapter, Homie! ;D
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over a year ago Kronos429 said…
oh, mkay then.
Circe is not the goddess of magic....
Sometimes I wonder if you SKIP parts when you're reading, hollister.
HECATE is the goddess of magic. Circe is just an immortal that was Hecate's student or somethin. Maybe Circe's Aunt....?
The point is, she learned under Hecate; yes, she is immortal, but she's not a goddess. nuff said.
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
^ but MisterPerfect1 said in chapter 2 that she's the goddess of magic...
and i don't skip parts when i'm reading, gossh. :P stop being so judgamental of me sometimes...
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big smile
Ahh! How did I not know about this???? Lol. Love it post soon!!
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Oops. I must have mixed things up. I guess I was thinking of Hecate when I wrote that chapter. I'll change it.
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its awesome btw!
and i forgot to comment..opps!
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I'm judgmental, deal with it
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MisterPerfect1, it's fine, lol :)
Krnos429, i can tell. :P
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I can't.
Sometimes, I think judgemental people are just jealous of others. But now, I'm not really sure...
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Im sorry if I hurt youh feelings.
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Chapter Four (cont.)

"Wait, Balogna?" I asked.

Circe looked like she was about to slap me. "Bellona," she repeated. "Well, I'm not surprised. Most of her children act this way."

"Are you calling me dumb?" Reyna stepped forward. "You can call my sister dumb, but when it's me, then—"

Circe waved her hand—and Reyna went mute. It was like she had become a human popsicle. She just there with her mouth wide open. This was the happiest day of my life.

I turned to the woman. I guessed she couldn't be that bad. "So what do you want?"

"Haven't I said it already." Circe reached into her black robe and pulled out. . .her hand. It was empty.

"Cool, a hand," I said.

Then she turned over her open palm and pulled out a brochure from thin air. "Here," she said, throwing the brochure at me. "This tells you everything you need to know about Circe's Spa."

"Wait, you never told me it was a spa!"

But with a snap, she vanished in a pillar of smoke. The snap must've re-animated Reyna because she said: "—you've gone too far, chica."

But I ignored. I opened the brochure and looked through it. Then I looked throughout the room. Our house was a trash dump. But this spa could mean a new beginning. A clean beginning.

Without hesitating, I grabbed Reyna. "Where are we going?" Reyna asked.

"To a place where all your dreams come true," I replied.


"No, even better."

And with that, I ran into our rooms and I started to pack.
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awesome :D
now i gotta start the chapter.. tomorrow, though, lol
so, i'll probably post tomorrow.. or Thursday.. or Friday.. or Saturday (depending on how fast i type up the chapter)
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Will read this later because my brother has his music playing.
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"even better
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
i have the chapter done, but i need MisterPerfect1's okay to post it, but he hasn't responded to my message yet.. but will post as soon as i do get his OK. :)
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
hope you guys like this chapter :D there's a twist at the end..
and this is #3 on the Popular Content!
thanks so much guys for your comments and reading this :D me and MisterPerfect1 really appreciate it!!!

Chapter 5: Reyna

I officially thought my sister was bipolar.

First she’s scowling at me, saying this Circe woman was bad and mysterious and whatnot, and a danger and she doesn’t want to go to her island.

And then when I’m unfrozen—which felt REALLY weird—Hylla’s suddenly rushing to our room to pack to the island.

So what changed her mind?

“I thought you didn’t want to go,” I grumbled, hating how she was just dragging me up the stairs like I was a rag doll, and she was the hyperactive little girl who owned me.

Hylla just dragged me along, into our room—did I mention I hated sharing a room with my fifteen-year-old sister?

Her makeup was all over the room, and she had most of the room—she claimed since she was the one taking care of me, she got the bigger portion, and I only got a small portion, enough for my bed, my clothes, my desk, and dresser.

Hylla went to her side of the room and got out her small travel bag.

She turned to me, tapping her foot expectantly. “Well? Aren’t you going to start packing?”

“Since when did you suddenly want to go to this island?” I asked, getting impatient myself.

“No reason.”

“Tell me! I have a right to know since I’ll be going there too, against my own free will.”

“We’re going there. That’s it, okay?” Hylla said, turning back to put more clothes in her bag.

“Why do you want to leave? I thought you would miss Jeremiah—“ I tried not to gag on that last part, “—and all your other friends.”

I could tell I hit a soft spot—Hylla stopped packing, dropping the shirt she was about to put in her bag.

She sighed, turning to face me, and I was surprised that she didn’t look angry at me, but rather… sad.

“Reyna… I just want to know more about us. Maybe this island can give us some answers, more about our parents. And… all those strange moments we encountered.”

I shivered—ever since we were little, Hylla and I met some strange people, people who in my mind, tried to kill us.

Like when I was four and she was seven, we were at our local playground, and there was a HUGE dog chasing us around, except it was growling and huffing and puffing, like it wanted to actually catch us and eat us up.

And then when we were at the grocery store, there was this strange hissing sound by the vegetable section, and it was coming from some woman wearing a bulky coat, and she was coming towards our way—but luckily we dashed out of that section.

Ever since that day, I haven’t gotten near vegetables.

And that one day last year when it was really cold, and there was this guy following me and Hylla around—it looked like he was breathing out ice, and his skin complexion was almost blue.

“But… what about leaving our friends?” My voice cracked—I didn’t want to leave Autumn or Nathan, the only two friends I had.

“Trust me, Reyna, I don’t want to leave Jeremiah… but this could mean a new life for us, to start over clean and fresh and new,” Hylla spread her arms around, making her look like a spastic newborn bird trying to fly. The moment was too serious that I didn’t even burst out laughing.

“I… I guess. And she said something about us being demigods? What is that…?”

Hylla sighed. “I don’t know, which is why I want to go there for some answers—plus it’s a spa that we’re working at.”

I groaned; now I knew the REAL reason why Hylla wanted to go—she wanted to go for the spa and get her nails done everyday, not for our “new life.”

“Reyna, it’s not what you think,” Hylla said, eyeing me carefully. “I DO want to go to start a new life, but I didn’t want to go at first to work like a slave—a spa might actually be fun, you know?”

I grumbled. “Only you would care about something like that.”

She shrugged. “Whatever. Just start packing, we’ll leave tomorrow; and I’m making sure we say goodbye to everyone.”

“Really? So I’ll get to say bye to Autumn and Nathan?” I asked excitedly, jumping up and down on my toes.

Hylla actually smiled. “Yeah, I figured you’d miss them… I’d miss Jeremiah, too.”

I rolled my eyes—was that all my sister cared about? Her relationship with Jeremiah? I didn’t think he was right for her; something about him, it just bothered me.

“One question,” I said, grabbing her attention again.

“Yes?” Hylla asked, but I could hear the impatience in her voice.

“How are we gonna get past Aunt Kathy? And where IS this island, exactly?”

Hylla stopped packing and looked at me—I could tell she didn’t know this part yet.

She nervously twisted her hair. “The getting away from Aunt Kathy part is easy—all we have to do is slip out of the house before she wakes up, which is obviously going to be a piece of cake since she gets up at like, two.”

“Well yeah, ‘cuz she’s like, drunk,” I grumbled, rolling my eyes.

“Yeah. But, I’m not exactly sure how to get there…” Hylla said nervously. “Circe didn’t actually say anything about transportation—she just said to look at the brochure.”

“Well then look at the brochure!” I said, rolling my eyes—was my sister that stupid?

“Reyna, I doubt the brochure would have anything about directions, not to mention plane tickets,” Hylla said, rolling her eyes as well—I wonder who’d win in a rolling eyes competition.

“Well, you could check, you know.”

“Reyna, you’re not the boss of me.”

“You aren’t the boss of me, either.”

“Technically, I am, and I’ll find my own way of getting to the island. Now just pack, and I’ll wake you up tomorrow at six,” Hylla said, glaring at me then turning around to pack her own stuff, while I grumbled and got my own small travel bag.

I kept thinking about the island, the mysteries of it—I could finally start a new life, and I wasn’t sure how I liked that.

“I’m going downstairs for a while,” Hylla grumbled, going out of our room and down the stairs.

I sighed a breather—sometimes if me and Hylla are in the same room together, it’s like two nuclear bombs in the same room, which isn’t a pretty sight.

I was humming for a while, enjoying the peace and quiet for once, and finished packing pretty fast—or what I thought was fast, because when I looked at the clock, it was 10:00 PM, and Hylla had been downstairs for over half an hour.

I decided to see what was taking her long, going down the stairs.

“Hylla?” I called out, since I couldn’t hear anything but the refrigerator running.

“Hylla? Is this some sort of prank?” I yelled again, trying to see where my sister was.

I entered our living room, and said, “Hylla—“

I stopped talking though, because as soon as I flicked on the lights, I see my sister tied up and gagged, with Jeremiah holding a knife to her throat.
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A new collection of short stories set in Percy Jackson’s world, plus character profiles, new artwork, and more!

Included in the Demigod Diaries:

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A classic first-person Percy Jackson story, the first since The Last Olympian. In this adventure, Annabeth and Percy's date is interrupted by the god Hermes, whose staff has been stolen by a fire-breathing giant. This cannot be good . . .

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Chapter Six (cont.)

"Wh-what's going on?" I recognize Reyna's voice. I try to move but remember Jeremiah still had me tied up. A little twitch sends a drop of blood trickling down my neck. I groan, pleading with Reyna to stay back with only my eyes.

"What's happening?" Reyna attempts to walk forward, but stops as Jeremiah looks up at her.

Jeremiah says, "Wait. You never told me your sister was here."

That was true. I had totally forgotten about her, really. After Jeremiah had wrung the doorbell, everything had happened to fast. I remember him standing at the door step holding a rose. I was so overjoyed--What? I always react that way when I'm around him. I lunge at him and give him a big hug.

Then the next thing I know, he's pushes me into the wall, and I pass out.

"Let her go!" Reyna shouts. I try to tell her to stay out of this, but my words come out in muffled gasps. But it was truly my fault. If I hadn't had gone out with him, this all wouldn't have happened.

But I push that thought aside. I have to save Reyna, I tell myself. But how?

Then, from the corner of my eye, I see Reyna inching toward a lamp. And that's when the idea hit me.

If I could distract Jerry--why do I keep callin' him that?--then maybe Reyna can knock him unconscious before any harm is done. Reyna must've seen the determined look on my face, because she grins slightly.

Time to get to work.

I twist myself out of Jeremiah's grip and roll across the floor.

"What in the--?" Jeremiah says, running after me. Soon, his back is to Reyna; his attention no longer on her. And Reyna strikes.

She swings the lamp in a mighty arch as if she had trained her entire life for this. (I have a feeling she sort of did.) There is deafining crash! and glass shatters everywhere.

Jeremiah falls to the ground and lays still. Reyna unties me and I quickly run to Jerry--until I remember that he was the bad guy. He was the one that had been using me all this while.

Reyna grabs my hand. "C'mon, Hylla, let's go."

I take one last look at Jeremiah's limp body before letting Reyna drag me out of the house. She quickly hails a taxi. And as we ride in it, I wonder, Why Jeremiah had done that?

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Chapter 7: Reyna

I take a deep breath, looking out at the night sky; hitting Jeremiah with the lamp felt good, and I had felt an adrenaline rush.

As soon as we had got into the taxi, Hylla started breaking down, and I had no clue what to do—plus, the taxi cab driver didn’t ask for any money at all, nor did he ask us what two teenagers (okay, I’m twelve, but still) were doing alone at over ten o’clock at night.

To make it worse, we left all our stuff back at the apartment, and I’m pretty sure Hylla wouldn’t want to go back there and see Jeremiah unconscious on the floor.

Which, by the way, I doubted that he would still be unconscious, because something about Jeremiah seemed inhuman.

That Circe lady better pay for our flight expenses somehow, because I am NOT going to do all the work of getting a plane.

I glance at the taxi driver, and I can’t see anything about what he looks like; plus, I have no clue where he’s taking us, either.

Usually I would be tired at this time of night, but the adrenaline rush I felt when I attacked Jeremiah made me hyper, and I couldn’t sit still either.

I glance at Hylla, and she’s kind of curled up in a ball, not talking or looking my way, just staring out the window—she knew I was right about Jeremiah being mysterious and weird, and now I get to rub it in her face; but being the nice sister I am, I decided not to brag it to her yet, since it was an emotional night.

I glance out the window again, and realize that we’re on a familiar street—Autumn’s.

Hylla still doesn’t notice anything as we stop in front of Autumn’s house, which looks dark and empty.

“Err, sir? Not to be rude or anything, but what are we doing here?” I ask the taxi driver, fidgeting; what if the taxi driver’s like Jeremiah—inhuman?

The taxi driver turns around, and I’m surprised to see that it’s a woman—in fact, not just any woman… it’s Circe.

“Well, I am offended—did you just call me sir?”

“No, m-ma’am.”

“Good, because the first lesson you two need to learn is to not trust boys—especially you, Hylla,” Circe says, taking off the cap she was wearing and staring at Hylla, who barely even looks up.

“And don’t think you’re the only one who needs to learn to not trust boys—Reyna, you need more practice on that too.”

I was offended. Since when was I boy-crazy?

Circe just chuckles. “Oh, don’t you think you have some feelings for Nathan? But boys, they’re all the same—useless, and they get all the credit in the world. Think about all the female heroes! Amelia Earhart, Pocahontas, Sacagawea! Those men couldn’t have done it without women, and what do we get? No respect, whatsoever.”

It was kind of scary seeing Circe rant about men and boys—I mean, I knew Jeremiah was one not to trust, but Nathan? He seems so harmless.

Circe chuckles again. “Ah, Reyna, you have so much to learn. But first, we need to pick up another friend of yours.”

“Who? Autumn? Why? Is she coming to the Island with us?” I ask, getting excited—at least I won’t have to be alone with my moody sister.

She smiles. “Yes—Autumn too, will be coming to the Spa with us; but first, I have business to attend in that house. Come along, and be ready for what you see.”

I’m somewhat confused—be ready for what? What could I possibly see inside that I should be ready for?

Either way, I grab Hylla by the hand and drag her out the door, walking behind Circe to the front steps of Autumn’s house.

It’s a nice two-story house, and I’ve been in here before—Autumn, too, has an abusive guardian (except for her it’s an uncle), and she’s been taking care of herself for a long time. She’s two years older than me, the same age as Nathan, and I always tag along with them whenever we hang out. I’m not sure if they mind or not, but we always seem to have a good time, so I guess not.

Circe rings the doorbell, beckoning us to be quiet. It’s silent and dark inside the house, and I’m not sure if Autumn’s even in there—but Circe stays put, and after a minute or so, she breaks down the door and flicks on the lights.
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Chapter 8: Hylla

I really didn't think that was necessary when Circe kicked open the door. But once I walked in, my opinion changed.

Emptiness. That's what I saw. The lights were off and their was a certain eerieness that lingered in the air. I looked reassuringly at Reyna (which was a first on my list), but she had the same look on her face as I.

"C-Circe, what now?" Reyna asked. Good thing the door was still opened, because inside the house was pitch-black.

When Circe didn't answer, I looked back at her. Was something wrong? Forget leaving the door open, Circe's eyes were glowing like a lighthouse. In my opinion, that didn't seem to help to boost up my confidence.

Then Circe lifted a finger as if someone had said something. "Monsters," was all she said before she began to walk around.

I hated how her back made an arc and her movements like she was hunting for some prey. Now that you mentioned it, Circe seemed to resemble a cat. I shivered. Did I mention that I hate cats?

The words Why were we here? kept flashing through my mind. I shoved the thoughts away and, without volition, grabbed Reyna's hand. She twitched as if with disgust, but then clung onto it as if she were hanging from a cliff.

"Girls, follow me." Circe didn't even turn to face us. All she did was give a slight wave and then walked into the shadows.

I gulped. "Ladies first," I said nervously, pushing Reyna forward.

Reyna looked up at me with a smirk on her face. (It looked forced.) "You know you just called yourself a dude?"

I nodded. "Wait, what?!"

Reyna laughed. "Who cares; let's go!"

Then someone screamed. And sadly, I recognized the voice.

Reyna stopped and turned to face me.

This was the first time we've ever had a telepathic link. But it was obvious; none of us could forget that voice.

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Chapter 9: Reyna

A telepathic message with Hylla? That must mean something.

We both knew who the voice was—Autumn, and she sounded terrified, which made me terrified.

I nervously fidgeted with my hair, which was in a fishtail braid—hmm? Since when had my hair ever looked like that?

I glanced at Hylla, and noticed that her hair was in a fancy chignon—since when did THAT happen?

“Ah yes, well, when you’re going to be in a fight, you should dress for the occasion, no?” Circe asked, smiling our way.

I rolled my eyes—I did NOT like being dressed up as if I were some Barbie doll. “So there are definitely monsters in there? Where IS Autumn?”

“Well, that’s what we’re trying to find out, yes? Now shush, keep quiet.” Circe whispered, as we followed her down a long, dark corridor, hopefully towards where we heard Autumn scream.

I could hear our light footsteps tapping on the glossy floor; some doors were open, but when I peeked inside, no one was in there. The usually bright house seemed haunted now, and I shivered.

Towards the end of a hallway, I heard some murmuring; Hylla must have heard it too, because she glanced my way and nodded. I tapped Circe on the shoulder, gesturing to the door on my left, where the murmuring was coming from.

Circe just smiled slightly, approaching the door—it was closed and seemed locked, too. She put her ear to the door, listened for a bit, then kicked it down.

Hylla and I rushed inside, and out of instinct I kicked something in front of me—turns out I made the right move, because it was some thing with one eyeball that was running towards us, and I had kicked its eyeball, sending it falling backwards with a thud.

Circe clapped lightly, then flicked on the lights. I squinted, the bright lights adjusting to my eyes after being in the dark.

When my eyes finally adjusted and there were no bright spots flickering across, I saw someone who I definitely DID NOT want to see, and I bet Hylla didn’t want to see him either.

“Jeremiah.” I growled, seeing him over Autumn, who was sprawled across the floor, likely unconscious.

He smiled evilly, and came closer to us. “Well, if it ain’t my two favorite people: Reyna and Hylla. Come to hit me with a lamp again?”

“Do you want me to?” I growled, putting my hands on my hips—beside me, Hylla was just staring at him, motionless. Circe was going around the room fighting off monsters, not paying attention to us; go figure.

Jeremiah just smiled, like he was being amused. “I’d rather see you beg at my knees for forgiveness.”

I snorted. “Yeah, like that’ll happen; hurting my sister and best friend in one night? Oh yeah, sure, I’ll beg at your knees.”

He snarled. “Why must every demigod use sarcasm towards me? It frustrates me; all of you puny little things are annoying, but soon, Kronos will be rising soon, and Krios will bring down that wretched Camp Jupiter.”

I was confused. Kronos? Krios? Were they two brothers with the same letter of their name? And what was Camp Jupiter?

He snarled at me. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know anything, demigod. I could crush you in a minute, what with you having no weapon whatsoever.”

I was being ticked off by this guy—seriously, did he think I was that weak?

“Do you want to try me then? Or are you too scared of getting hit by a lamp?” I growled through clenched teeth.

Jeremiah took out a sword, smiling evilly. “Oh, this will be fun for me.”

My heart beat faster when he took out that sword, swinging it towards me—I jumped aside, Hylla no longer beside me; she was tending to Autumn, putting some stuff in her mouth.

Jeremiah moved fast, like a wind storm, and he looked like one, too. My instincts just took over, me dodging his blows and slashes like I was meant to do this all my life.

Behind me, I heard a hissing noise and felt dust on my arm, golden dust. I realized that a monster had vaporized right behind me, leaving a sword and shield behind. I picked those up, meeting Jeremiah’s blow with my own, pushing hard against his blade.

He grinned. “Not bad for an amateur, but still easy to defeat.”

He took his blade away, aiming for my right. I swung my sword towards that direction, but that was my problem; it was a fake, and he swung to my left, a cut now on my stomach, bleeding.

I stifled a scream, wincing. I wasn’t going to let this jerk push me around, think that he could beat me; no, I was going to win.

Jeremiah just laughed. “You’re defiant, but foolish. You can’t win, not at all.” He struck his sword against my shield, and I lost the grip on it, now defenseless. I meekly swung my sword at him, any movement hurting my ribs, my legs, everywhere.

He laughed loudly, meeting my sword easily. His eyes glinted evilly, showing victory. “I guess it’s the end for you. Too bad, you would have made a nice girlfriend.” I closed my eyes, getting ready for the blow, when I heard a shriek, the shrieking getting fainter and fainter, and now it just sounded like squeaking.

I cautiously opened my eyes, and before me was not Jeremiah holding a sword, but a hamster squeaking loudly, gnawing on my shoe.
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Kony is a man that needs to be arrested but cant be found. he kidnaps children in their sleep and forces them to kill their own parents. he then uses the girls as sex slaves. he uses the boys as soliders for himself. he has been doing this for years.
many innocent kids are tortured and/or die! we need to spread the word so that more people know about this. the more people know about this then we can arrest him. please help spread the word, HELP STOP HIM.
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Chapter 10: Hylla

"Hylla, get me a jar--quick!"

I got up from tending to Autumn and quickly ran into the kitchen. That's where they put jars, right?

I slapped myself, trying to focus. My sister and best friend were both about to die, and all I was doing was getting Circe a jar. Wow. How heroic of me!

I pulled open the fridge, almost dismantling the door. Autumn was a very organized person. If you've ever heard the saying YOU JUDGE A PERSON BY HOW NEAT THEIR FRIDGE IS, then you'd know what I mean.

Everything was organized in color and the type of food it was. Even the the report cards and A-plus quizzes were hung up in chronological order.

Why wasn't Reyna like this?

Luckily, Autumn used a lot of jars (no clue why), so all I had to do was empty the contents into the sink and clean up the junk inside.

But then again, I could just make a Jeremiah suffer by making him a moldy, smelly, year-expired home. Though I doubt Autumn's family would be that disorganized with their expiration dates, but, whatever the food was, it still smelled pretty bad.

I quickly ran back into the room. Things hadn't seemed to have gotten any better. And by that, I meant Reyna hadn't gotten any better.

I looked at Autumn, checking if she was well. She was okay. Her eyes were wide and hazy, as if she had just seen a nightmare. But nothing we couldn't fix.'

Reyna wasn't a deep sleeper, because when I tried to shove her back into the real world, her eyes never fluttered open. Something was wrong.

I looked at Circe. She nodded. Reyna's shirt was blood-stained, but her wounds were healed. I think Circe had left them like this for a reason.

"I guess it's time to go," Circe said. I handed her the jar with Jeremiah in it. He was scurrying around, trying to get out. I smiled. Revenge never felt so good.

Circe snapped her fingers. There was a sudden flash. I had to rub my eyes until my vision refocused.

"W-where are we?" I asked.

Circe appeared behind me. I almost screamed. "We are on a boat," she said. "Headed to...(dramatic pause)...Circe's Island."
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Chapter 11: Reyna

The summary of my life: basically it sucks.

I have no clue how long I’d been out after my fight with Jeremiah; days, weeks, months? Surely not that long, I hope.

When I wake up, I feel groggy and groan; something about where I’m laying down feels rocky and bumpy, like we’re on water.

I manage to sit up, my head throbbing; as I regain focus, I see we’re on a boat, and wonder how we got out of Autumn’s house.

“Ah, you’re finally awake! Come, join breakfast,” Circe says, motioning me to come over to their little circle where she, Hylla, and Autumn sit.

Hylla takes a glance at me, shaking her head. “You’re stupid, you know that, Reyna?”

“Gee, thanks. I feel so much better,” I grumble, plopping down next to Autumn, who’s quietly chewing on her piece of toast.

Circe sighs. “Ah, what you did was either very brave or very stupid; I’d say a mixture of both. Obviously demigod blood courses through your veins, or you wouldn’t be able to survive the ambrosia and nectar we gave you.”

Ambrosia? Nectar? They sounded like exotic fruits to me, and I had no clue how exotic fruits could help me at this moment.

“It’s like medicine, Reyna,” Hylla explains nonchalantly, like she knows everything there is to being a demigod. “It’s food to the gods though, but if we eat too much of it, we’ll burn up.”

“Oh, fun, exotic-sounding names that burn me up. How fun,” I say sarcastically, grabbing a piece of toast and shoving it in my mouth; I hadn’t realized how hungry I was.

Circe glares at me. “This is no time for being sarcastic, Reyna; being a demigod is a tough thing, and I can’t have any of you injured. Not that you will, being safe at my spa.”

“I still can’t believe I have to work at a freaking spa,” I mutter, avoiding anyone’s eyes.

“It’s better than going back there, Reyna. You were always the one who complained about home, so why are you complaining about going to a spa that keeps us safe?” Hylla asks, a touch of annoyance in her voice.

Because I don’t know anyone there? Because I’m going to a spa and have to work there? Because I can’t fully grasp being a demigod?

I think all these things, but I don’t say them out loud; I can’t have Circe, Autumn, and my older sister thinking I’m too weak to take on being a demigod.

“If it makes you feel better, I can work with you,” Autumn says quietly, the first time she’s spoken this morning.

Circe nods her approval. “I’ll put you all in the same shift and such, and we’ll do some training; you’re all going to be powerful women some day, not needing men.” The last part she spits out, glaring at Autumn, who blushes.

“Autumn doesn’t have a boyfriend,” I blurt out, speaking in defense of Autumn; she had a rough night when we went to her house, and Circe is treating her like this?

Circe now turns toward me. “You shouldn’t be talking, Reyna. You don’t know your friends fully like you think you do.”

There’s a silence, and I glance at Autumn, raising my eyebrows. She’s not looking at me, just fidgeting.

I turn towards Circe. “So what do we do at the spa?”

She smiles proudly. “Oh, you just work at the spa, and you train to become great women in history, just like I am. No men allowed; we are ridding them, got it? No more thoughts about boys, or else you’re kicked out from the Island.”

I gulp; Circe sounded deadly towards the end, as if being kicked out of the Island meant certain death—but that couldn’t be it, could it?

We’re silent again as the boat cruises along; I have no clue where we are, what sea or river we’re in, but the wind starts picking up.

Circe smiles, motioning for us to look closer. As I squint, I notice two figures—one is sucking things in its mouth and spitting them back out, while the other is randomly snatching things from the ocean.

Realization dawns on me that I am looking at monsters—monsters like Jeremiah, except a hundred times more terrifying.

I glance at Hylla, and she looks determined, almost, to get to the spa unharmed; Autumn looks nervous, and Circe is just smiling, which is creeping me out.

Circe glances at us, slightly smiling. “Well. You girls ready to go through Charybdis and Scylla?”
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