The Fanfic A Monster Worth Fighting for (PJO and HoO by Pink-Bookworm and Simcool)

pink-bookworm posted on Mar 24, 2012 at 05:44AM
Tittle: A Monster Worth Fighting for
Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure
Rating: T just to be safe
Disclaimer: we do not own anything except one character and the plot.
Synopsis:Alright well what I've thought of so far is; when Annabeth gets siriously injured trying to collect a new Demigod so Percy and a few friends go on a quest to find this monster that has just like come into the world just the last few months. Could this be why Annabeth is not getting better?
This is a work in progress I'll fix it up a bit later.
Jason Grace son of Jupiter
Percy Jackson son of Poseidon
Leo Valdez son of heap beasts
Piper M'CLean daughter of Aphridite
Malcolm son of Athena
Thalia Grace daughter of Zeus
Sibyl daughter of Athena
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over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Me too. Alright I'm posting the first chapter soon.
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Chapter 1: Sibyl
Today started out like any other day.
Me waking up getting ready for school but it didn't quit end the same as it usually would.
Well maybe I should tell you what happened.
I was walking home from school like I would always do when I saw my worst enemy, Tayla Summers.
"Oh look who it is the I'm so smart girl", Tayla laughed with a smirk on her face.
I growled but ignored her completely not wanting to get into a fight with her.
All the sudden I felt these large arms around me that did not feel like those of Tayla's who's were long and skinny not big, fat and scaly wait scaly that's definately not right.
I turned my head and saw this huge monster type of thing with green, slimy scales and a big huge face that had three eyes and the horn of a rhino.
"Ahhh", I screamed with terror.
"Put me down".
The monster laughed a big deep laugh.
"Why would I Sibyl it's me Tayla Summers and he's I'm a monster".
I twisted, wriggled from side to side and punched her with my little hands but it was no use the monster was way to strong and I just couldn't get out.
Well goodbye sunshine and hello death.
I closed my yes ready to be squished to death when I felt the arms that were around me let go and I fell to the ground.
I scrambled away as far as I could looking back at the now wait its a pile of dust and a girl with blonde hair on the ground with a big slash across her chest.
Oh no what am I going to do this girl she is injured I can't just leave shr here to die she saved my life.
Hang on do I know this girl she looks nearly a replica of me except my hair is black.
Oh my this was my child hood best friend form before she ran away from home and now when I finally find her again she is dying.
I attempted at getting up but I couldn't it hurt my stomach where the hands of the monster had been.
I lifted up my shirt and saw the handprints of the monster that used to be known as Tayla Summers and blacked out.

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over a year ago Simcool said…
Here is the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Sibyl
I woke up with pain at my waist, and I hear people?
But they sound too far away.
Someone picks me up.
I try to lift my head to look but I pass out from the pain…
I feel someone shaking me.
I look up to see a boy with an anxious look on his face.
"Thank gods you're awake. Chiron quick she's awake!"
I feel my waist, no pain.
I sit up and see a man with a horse bottom running up to me.
"Okay how do you feel, I'm Chiron the camp director."
"What? I'm at camp? It's not summer."
For the next serval minutes Chrion and the boy, Percy Jackson try to tell me about this so called camp.
As usual I start to freak out but I look to my left and see a girl lying on a bed.
She has a big band aid going around her chest.
It's stained red, blood.
I feel like puking.
Before I could, I notice her knife.
I look at her closely and remember the whole Tayla Summers incident.
Percy looks at me with a weird expression on his face.
"Yeah that's Annabeth, my girlfriend. How do you know her name?"
I start to tell him how me and Annabeth were friends before she ran away.
That's all he could say at my remark.
We all look around and Annabeth try's to get up.
"Annabeth! No lie down your hurt badly."
Percy grabs on to Annabeth's hand and looks relived but concerned.
He looks at her and brushes her hair to the side.
"What kind of monster was it Annabeth?"
"I don't know any monster like the one I saw."
She quivers and Percy puts a blanket over her.
I had to say something.
She saved my life. 
But most of all I have to see if she remembers me.
She looks over, studies me for a second and her eyes widen.
"Sibyl I thought you died!"

Sorry it took so long to post.
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over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Great chap Sim I'll post later.
over a year ago Simcool said…
Okay cool
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
great my ipad is messed cant get onto iot for some reason any way so im posting on the computer and if there are missing capital letters and stuff its because im on the computer.
over a year ago Simcool said…
Oh I hate it when that happens
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Yeah my mum is going to ring up about it today.
Chapter 3: Percy
I was surprised when the new camper said she new Annabeth as a child.
It was just kind of annoying since Annabeths never told me she ever had another friend except Thalia and Luke and now Annabeths goes and almost dies.
I sighed.
I looked at Sibyl and back to Annabeth and raised my eyebrow.
"Oh shall I explain then".
"Yes I think you have a lot of that lie how on earth do you know my girlfriend?"
"We.l first things first I met Annabeth when I was three my father was best friends with her father and from there me and Annabeth became really close until one night we were having icecream with our parents and and Annabeth finish it off I can't say it".
"Well then me and Sibyl went across the road to the park and well Sibyl she got hit by a caramd when that happened that's when I actually rant away because well I thought she was dead And that just meant for me I didn't have anything left there so naturally I ran without even thinking that Sibyl would be alive".

(will do more later just gettin distracted at the moment)
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over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
lol sorry about my one sentenced chap i was suppost to write preview but anyway rest will be up soon.
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Wow I need to post so sorry will post when I get some motivation here.
over a year ago malandcar said…
plz post soon! and i like chapters better without previews so ya........
anyway you should do a claining next
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Yeah sorry I haven't posted yet and that was meant to be a whole chapter not a preview but I was at school.
over a year ago Simcool said…
big smile
Come on Shai I know you have it in you!
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Haha your in luck Sim.