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Opinion by -Wednesday- posted over a year ago
fan of it?
fucking do shit my god
this was only to wake y'all up
i just really want this whole anime thing to work! just think about how cool we could be we be like so cool like strider cool or some shit seriously guys lets do this
it has always been my dream to make an anime but i suck n shit so i think this might be my closest chance so far and im sure some of you share the same dream so why not make that dream happen
we will fucking do this
we have the skills and shit to do it so we will
i will motivate you all through swearing
we have alotta stuff so far
our first theme will be worlds end dance hall and both me beast and i think panda too have ideas for the opening
the second season which there will be a second season will be game addicts or something i have ideas for that one
i think the ending some might be that one really annoying song that pissing me off ideas for that ? i dunno
i have a really great idea for the plot i will be posting soon
Article by MissChicky97 posted over a year ago
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*I’m thinking this is probably standard for all of us… sitting in school and doing the typical bored student things. Pencil tapping, drawing doodles on your class work, etc.*
*The teachers and students other than the main character can just be grey outlines, unless we want to draw them?*

NOTE: *I’m very quiet around my peers at school, I don’t speak unless spoken to*
The school day should involve me visiting a couple of classes and acting bored, tis what I do. If we’re feeling creative, we can add in the one part where I eat lunch by myself. Choir should be one of the classes I go to, make it happen.
When I get home I usually pick up a soda (Faygo? XDD) from the fridge and go into my room. Like everyone else, I fling my backpack into the corner… and open up my laptop. (I don’t have a desk… I just sit on my bed because it takes up 75% of my room.)
I open three things, as usual. (Fanpop, Facebook, Pesterchum)
Guide by -Wednesday- posted over a year ago
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I just thought it needed more details..... the other one I deleted.

Name: Madeline
Username: -Wednesday-
Birthday: October 10, 1998
Possible theme song: The Game of Life or iNSaNiTY.

Hair color: Dirty blonde/ Light brunette with blonde highlights.
Hairstyle: Just above shoulder length. Flips out a bit at the ends in the back. Parted to the left. Quite messy. Always down. Drawn with a curl on the back of hair in part, like in Hetalia.
Eye color: Brown with a tint of red.
Height: 5"8
Build: Very slim and boney. Has no muscle or strength, but this is slightly wrong. (See powers section.)

Bodywear: A tight sliver gray tee shirt that reaches over hips. A purple cami is occasionally visible under the tee shirt. The shirt has a black upside down Libra sign on it. Also wears dark turquoise jacket. No hood on it, but a tall collar.
Legwear: Long flared pale blue jeans. The jeans are to long and drag under heels, so the ends are ripped. The jeans are a bit large.