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The fans pick: Callie/Brandon
Callie/ Brandon
Callie/ Wyatt
The fans pick: Loved it! Can't wait to see more.
Loved it! Can't wait to see more.
I'll watch a few more, but it doesn't look promising.
The fans pick: No i dont like her
No i dont like her
She is great
The fans pick: Nahh they belong together... (if this is your answer you have no heart...)
Nahh they belong together- ......
No. Now that you say it that...
The fans pick: Yes of course
Yes of course
No way
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skustovsky said …
i love the fosters very much, indeed. but he most of all i love jude and connor. if i had possibility i'd have chatted with the guys played these parts to know if there was difficult to play such roles. Posted 3 months ago
Jeliame said …
Welcome to Jonnor fanclub! ♥ anyone who ships Jude and Connor can join :-3 Posted 4 months ago
big smile
pinky666 said …
I love the fosters its my absolute favorite show of all time sine I started I hate when the season ends but can't wait till a new one begins. I feel connected with the fosters from the drama to the troubling times an the love. I love the actors specially the lesbian couple that's my favorite part I can't wait to see where the show goes keep it going please.

Sincerely a true fan, Crysta F. Posted 7 months ago