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Article by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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1. Aoi-san♥

2. I have to say that u r a pretty, pretty lucky bastard to get him. I guess it would be that rare for u to get him but whatevs. . . Anyways, Ruki is the sexy lion vocalist of the GazettE.

3. I got this too ( www.fanpop.com/spots/the-gazette/articles/189905/title...ory )

4. Reita would probably fall in love with you.
For him, love is pure. No illusions. He needs someone to hang out with. He wants to be himself when you're around.
Accept him the way he is, otherwise it won't work.
But he's a good guy anyway, so he's easy to accept, isn't he?

5. You have the sexy lead singer himself, Ruki
Fan fiction by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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{Story} -So, blonde,-man, behind the ice-cream fridge, smiled at you,-What kind of flavour do you want? -Peach, please,-you smiled him back. It's nice, when everyone is smiling at you. You are happy. You just dumped your freak boyfriens, 'cuz he tried to rape you at your friends party. Ofcourse, you're a bit sad, 'cuz it ended up like that, so you went out and came at ice-cream caffee. You took your ice-cream and put change into your pocket. You looked around, looking for a free seat. Lucky you, there was one table left. You walked there and sat down. So, you started to eat your ice-cream when suddently some impudent guy sits infront of you, trembiling the whole table. -Hey, you freak! Look how are you sittind down!-you shouted at him. -Sorry...,-you heard sad and quiet voice,-I'll go somewhere else... You felt bad about shouting at him. -No, I'm sorry. Sit here if you want,- you smilet at him and looked at his face. You recognised him at once, but you stayed calm. -What's wron?-you asked him when he *sigh* again[srr, forgot thet word ^^ '] -No, nothing,-he turned away from you, but you perfectly could see that he's sad. -Oh, c'mon. I can see that something happened... He looked at...
Opinion by Sasunaru120 posted over a year ago
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He’s my idol. my inspiration. He’s like a big brother for me. Someone, i can trust. I’m so thankful for him. (big thanks to his parents who have made him! xD) well, there was a not-soo-good time in my life, i was depressed and sad for a long time. But then, i started listening to The GazettE, i knew them at this time already, but i wasn’t that interested before, cuz i just was too young, i think. Well, i changed, and i became a big Gazetto fan 2009.

I’m fascinated by his lyrics. god, they’re really brillant! For example, these emotions in Taion, bath room, saraba, pledge..(and more…)Just breathtaking. And live even more better! I always shiver when i watch ruki singing such emotinal songs live. I can’t really describe in into words. I feels like the sound get’s into your heart and you just have to cry. I love to feel it this way.

But there’s another thing i love about him. His personality. He’s such an amazing person. Well, nobody’s perfect, he as well, he’s just a human. but i don’t care about. Ruki had a tragic life and his parents weren’t support his love to J-rock music. But he kept belive in his dreams and see what?...