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The General
The General
The General
The General
The General
The General
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The General Lee By Johnny Cash
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The General Lee Wall

JamesMsgirl said …
I love this club. I love The Dukes Of Hazzard and The General Lee. I got to get in one once. I got to get in one when I was down at Charlet, Noth Caralina at Lowes Speed Way. I freaked out when I saw the General Lee. I ran over to the General Lee. I loved geting into it. I got my picture taken in the General Lee. When I got out of the General I said that I felt like Daisy Duke. I hope that I get to get in the General Lee again soon. Posted over a year ago
Jons_mate_Kate commented…
They are sweet cars! It wouldn't be hard to make a clone of the General either, if I found a decent 69 I'd fix it up, drop a 440 in it and paint it up that hot rod orange and put the decals on it! over a year ago
cwargo said …
Bring back the 69 Charger! So many have been destroyed. Finding them is hard, and affordable is next to impossible. Pledge to this wish, and let Dodge know we are ready for the retro cars. Posted over a year ago
JamesMsgirl commented…
I totally agree. over a year ago
cwargo commented…
This was actually my wish. You should go check out the site. Pledge money to it. Pledging is free. You're only charged if the wish actually comes true! over a year ago
Jons_mate_Kate commented…
I really wish the same, but those older cars would never pass today's safety standards or emission laws. Best we can do is keep them alive, restore them and preserve them for future generations to enjoy. over a year ago
cwargo commented…
If you actually go check the wish out your worries would be relieved. For it's just the shell that needs to be re-released. The engine and interior even is subject to current safety standards. Go check it the wish out. Pledging is free so an support and we might just make it happen! Thanks for writing! over a year ago