A lot of people argue about who is the best dancer on the the team. So my opinion is that first on the bottom of the pyramid would be nia. I think she has potential but not with the ALDC. Next would be Mackenzie.Her tricks are really cool but her front Arial she like twists or something and soon she is going to wake up realize that she is not like a baby and then say crap I need to learn how to actually dance. Next is Kendall because I think she could be a great dancer if she actually put some effort into it. Then good old maddie. She is a great dancer but she would totally win a lot less if Abby treated everyone the same and gave them fair solo's. Then is brook. I love brook she is so flexible and she makes it look so easy. I also think that she has the feeling in her dance and she makes it mean something to her unlike Mackenzie.Second to last is Paige. Abby should seriously give Paige more of a chance because she is amazing. Sometimes I scream at the TV Abby use Paige's talent instead of giving her emotional breakdowns. On the top is Chloe. She is my favorite and she is like the best dancer there so yay!!
Abby is insane