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Don't You Want Me

Lights- Nellie Veitenheimer

Shake it Out- Shanna Henderson Cover

Blackbird Cameron Mitchell

We found love <3

Don`t you want me.

Milkshake/Moves Like Jagger LIVE.

Wurlitzer - Short Film - Blake Jenner

Michael's Video Diary: Glee-ality

Mario's Video Diary: Glee-ality

Blake as Cameron - The Glee Project

Dani Shay covering "Love the Way You Lie"

TGP2 - Tonight Tonight

Mario's Video Diary: Actability

Michael's Video Diary: Actability

Blake's Video Diary: Actability

Tonight Tonight Glee-ality Music Video BAD Quality

The Glee Project 2 "Perfect" Music Video

Michael's Interview with KingMacRadio

Keep Holding On - Marissa and Shanna

Keep Holding On - Shanna Henderson

The Glee Project 2x10 - Perfect

shanna`s keep holding on

The Glee Project Perfect Music Video

quinn mentors the tgp

We Found Love - Dani & Nellie Cover

The Glee Project - Reactions to Getting Called Back

We Found Love - The Glee Project 2 Cast

All Clips of Charlie Lubeck Singing - The Glee Project 2

All Clips of Mario Bonds Singing - The Glee Project 2

Abraham Twists His Ankle - The Glee Project 2

All Clips of Abraham Lim Singing - The Glee Project 2

Keep Holding On - Abraham Lim

One Year of RockOnGleeProject

All Clips of Nellie Veitenheimer Singing - The Glee Project 2

Keep Holding On - Nellie Veitenheimer

The Glee Project 2: Supertease!

The Glee Project 2 "We Found Love" Music Video

Alex & Lindsay eat cream off of Hannah

Video Diary: Tenacity

Video Diary - Tenacity

abraham`s tenacity video diary

blake`s tenacity video diary

TGP1 - Sexuality Bonus - In the Booth

TGP1 - Generosity Bonus - Lindsay & Damian

The Glee Project 2 - Eye of the Tiger Music Video

Nellie extended LCP rehearsal - If I Were A Boy

Nellie and Blake extended LCP rehearsal with Nikki

TGP2 - Eye Of The Tiger [Low Quality]

TGP2 - Tenacity Promo - Australia