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aanniiee_ posted on Sep 23, 2008 at 01:03AM
I've never seen this movie and I'm not really familiar with the story. I'm also a Christian, but I'm not here to pass judgment or anything. I was just wondering what elements of the story are the supposed anti-Christian ones? Like, how is this against the Church. I don't mind spoilers either, hahaha

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over a year ago kaitimay07 said…
There are somethings in the other books of the series which deal with trying to kill the almighty. It also introduces original sin, and other concepts like it
over a year ago K5-HOWL said…
People just naturally think because something is called Daemon(old way of spelling demon) its against God but what those people dont understand its just a natural play-out of the story. The souls are called damons to explain why Ms.Coulter beleives they give us eevil horrible thoughts. Also because religon beleive witches are evil yet in this story the witches are good and help the hero. :P