This is the dress Eva is going to go to the date in
This is for halloula,ashesandwine, and jacoblover23!

So I walked over to the door to answer it. I said Hello? and the young lady with the cake in her hand said "Hello I'm Beth. I'm your neighbor and I wanted to welcome you to town" "thank you I love your dress" I said "thank you" she said blushing I asked her to come in. she can in a sat down on the couch and said "you have a wonderful home" "thank you" i told her. "Kyle can you visit the school that Molly and David and Johnny with be going too and make it were they can start on Monday?" "I would love too and I'll take molly to get her cast off too" "thank you" I said and he walked over and hugged me tight and I said "It is very wonderful to met you it's nice to make friends" "why yes it is" she said in response. I herd the car start and drive off then David walked into the living room and looked at Beth then me then smiled and went to his room. "Beth I am planning my wedding I would love some help if you don't mind" "know know I don't mind I'm a wedding planner myself" she said I smiled and pulled out the folder I was keeping all the plans in and in about 4 hours we had the hole thing planed and she said that we could go and look for the dress tomorrow! then she left and as she was walking out the door I asked if she could please an order for all the wedding things and make the calls and other things and that I would pay her "you don't have too" she said "but I want too" I said and she left. I saw Kyle and Molly coming so I looked at her arm and it looked the same as before the cast! I was happy to have her back! "Kyle" I spoke easy and soft "How about we have that date tonight?" "I would love that" he said "Molly will you ask grandma if she can watch you?" "sure" she said and she ran over too there to his house urg I hated that man Mr.F I wish he could fall of the face on the earth but I would keep my mouth shut! Molly ran back and said it was okay and I went to my room and picked out the perfect dress and then I got dress really slow then I walked out the door with the love of my life holding my arm and I herd mom Yell......
This is Beth