Hey guts sorry for the long wait.... This ones for Jacobblackfan23 and Ashesandwine and Halloula

As I walked off the plane I searched for a sign to tell me were I was. Nothing. just Kyle soft loving hand leading the way..... "were are we?" I asked.
"Spain" his voice seemed so deep in other thoughts. We were approaching a hotel. The heat of the sun layed peacefully on our backs I felt the sun's heat sink into my bones. he picked me so easily of the ground "welcome home... for now at least" his soft rose lips said to me. I was so breathless from the heat his soft touch crassest my face. I closed my eyes and felt the wind roll over my body as he layed me on the bed. I opened my eyes to see his shirt resting peacefully beside me. "I'll be right out I'm going to get in the shower okay?" "sure" I said. steel amazed by his unremarkable beauty. I turned on the television trying to get my mind of his amazing beauty. before I new it I was laying beside him he was holding my hand and telling me how lucky he was to have me. he'd never understand I was the one who was lucky. I awaited the kiss that was coming until I couldn't anymore I told him "close your eyes" any I leaned in and my lips touched his mouth I never wanted to come up for air but I new I had to let him go for that second and then I was back face o face with him again......
this was the hotel