Hey Guys this is The Golden Tear so far the hole story!!! I hope to add more soon!!! and if this ever becomes a book I'll put every body who read it's names to my "thank-yous" I love all of you guys!!! you made my story what it is today always best friends and or Sisters I love u guys!!!

"I woke up and I heard sreams,sreams of people in the room next
to mine. I ran quickly to the closet were I had hide my gun and I
it took all the couage I had in me to go into that room and i'm
thrilled I did I had saved three lifes A womans and two amazing
childrens lifes." I wiped off the tear that was crawling down my
cheak. "As I was walking in to the room I heard a mans voice
Mr. Deans voice say drop the gun Eve or or die so I looked up
and shot I shot him I shot Mr. Dean" I said and than blew my nose
into the tissue the acward lady had handed me and I contenude "I
realized what I hade done and I'm stell happy I did it as I said
before three wonderful lifes would not be here today if I had not
shot" I thaught I saw the Juge wipe a tear of her cheak and as I
looked over at her she said " please contenue" so I did "As the
police got there I had the children David and Molly safely in my
arms and the mother Rebecca Hillmen was on the bed crying and
thinking me for saving them so the police came in say the dead
man said this is Thomas Dean the convicte and then he told me
thankyou for saveing this family and he said to apper in couart
today as I did" I finished. And the Juge looked down at me and said
"thankyou my ruleing will be after the short break." I walked into
the hallway and huged Molly and David and I said "Lison guys I love
you and if I cant adopt you then we will find away to be together I
promase!" And they both shook there head and said "yes Eve" And
before I new it we were back in the court room wating the verdict
And the juge juge Rosie Morfine said "congrateulatons Miss. Allen
you have full cousty off Molly and David Hillmen and if you wish
there last name may be changed to Allen" I said "thankyou and I
would love that" So Molly, David and I walked out of the court room
with a smile on our face Molly said "finnaly the batell between you
and my old mom is over" and David said " yeah I no I'm so happy to
be able to call you mom" And I said "well i'm So very happy to be able
to call you my kids" And we walked into the parking lot and got our
car and we drove home And it was geting late so we picked up dinner.
And when we got home I put the kids to bed and I took a long hot bath
and then I herd Sreamimg from the nabors house And I ran from the
bath room to the front door and I saw police at every corner and then Molly was to my side
she asked me "Eva I mean Mom What is going on?" And I got
down on one knee were I could see her eye to eye she has the
most buetifull Green eyes I have ever saw and I said "Molly
babydoll you don't have to call me mom if you'r not ready to, and
I really don't know what happend" and I started to walk to the
kitchen to get her some warm milk to help her back to sleep and
then I asked her "Molly are you happy that I adopided you?" And
she said "Yes EvaI'm very happy I would never want to go back
with my other mom Eva you are my mom and I love you" and I
looked down at her and I said "Molly you have no idea how much
I love you" and I gave her a huge hug and i told her "Molly I don't
no what made you'r mother give yall away but I'm happy she did
because now I have you" And Molly said "I'm happy too Mommy"
And then I took her warm milk to her room and I read her a
bedtime story and right after I finished I told her "Molly I have a
gift for you and David okay?" and Molly said "okay" and went to
sleep I walked out her room her pink and white room that used
to be my brown office and I said "I hope she likes the gift" And I
Walked over to Davids room that was the guest room and said
"I hope he likes his gift also" and I walked into my bedroom and
sat down on the bed and I looked in the mirror and I said "looking
more like a mom every day" and then I layed down and closed my
eyes and relized I did not lock the door so I got up and ran to the
door and locked it and right after I did that I herd the doorbell
ring and I went to the door and it was My cusion Liz well Elizabeth
but we call her Liz so I opened the door and I said "Liz is that you"
and she said "yes Aunt Eva" and I told her "come on in and get
warm" and she walked in I asked her what she was doing here and
she said "well I was hopeing to live here" And I said "oh oh okay
and I said "Liz I have two children and I don't know if I can find
you a room" and she said "can't I sleep on the coutch" And I said
"I guess so but well talk more in the morning and I looked at the
clock and it said 3:05 am So I got liz some blankets and I went to
bed And I asked liz " watch every ones and a while to see whats
going on with the nabors okay?" Liz said "okay" and I went to
sleep. Then at 5:07 am Liz was in my room wakeing me up saying
"I know what happend to the nabors "Someone killed Mrs. Frendlen" she spoke soft like velvet or silk
and with that pice of infomation I jumped out of bed and walked
into the dinning room and to my serprice Molly and David were in
there with Cheese my hamster Molly got up from the floor and said
"Mama Eva I can't belive you have a hamster" "yeah I do well that
was you'r gift I guess you got it early" and than Liz said "Oh Eva
i'm sorry I thaught it was okay to play with Cheese and then
Molly woke up so I let her play I'm I'm so sorry" I told Liz "it's alright
honey" and I said "So I wonder who killed her?" and Molly and David
said "Killed who?" and Liz said without thinking "killed Mrs. Frendlen"
I said "it's okay kids we are all fine so let go play with cheese in the
living room alright" they all three replyed "alright" "school
will bw fun it starts tomarrow!" I said as we walked in to the livingroom
David said "Mama Eva why do we have to go to school" and Molly
ansered for me by saying "because we need to learn so when we get
older we can have an awsome job" and David asked me if that was
true and I said "yes Molly knows why" and Liz butted in and said
"Eva I need well I need to well um" I said "well spit it out" and she
said "I need to find a job" and I said "oh well okay we will start
looking tomarrow" and she said "well I already have one but it's
at the place you used to work at and I work with Steve" Steve is
my exboyfriend he dumped me for a yonger woman and I said
"oh okay" and she said "it ain't going to be werid right?" and I said
"know" evrn though I was thinking how could she how could she
and the we herd the phone ring so i got up and I went to the phone
picked it up and said "hello?" and The vioce on the other side said
"hey Eva it's it's well no one important just do as i say "And no-one will get hurt" I said "oh oh okay?" the vioce said "now
Eva I see Liz has came to town and you wouldent want anything to
happen to little Liz would you?" "well no" and he said "good start
repeting me now yes I'll be there right away" "yes I'll be there right
away" and he said "good now come to the cofe shop on the corner
of Wallens street my employey will be wating for you" I said "alright"
and then I huge up the phone, then I called the nanny Mrs.Plan and
said kids me and Liz have some arrens to run so Mrs. Plan will be here
okay?" the kids said "okay" then David said "Mama Eva can we go
yo the park when you and Liz get back?" And I said "yes we can" and
then Mrs. Plan was in the driveway with her Van takeing up all the
space then we herd Liz's phone ring and she said "Hello this is Liz"
and I could not overhear the conversation So she hung up the phone
and said "Eva I can't go withyou I have to do something" I said "okay"
and walked out the door and said "Liz you will have to take the bus"
She said "I know" and got her bus pass" I got in the car and carefully
tryed not to hit the van and i made it out without a dent in ether car!
So I got up to the cofe place and I looked in the mirror and put some
of my pink rose lipstick on and I walked out to the shop and to my
serprize Liz was in there wating for me so I walked in and I set down
and I said "Liz what are you doing here" and Liz said "uh uh Eva?" I said "yeah it's me Liz oh my goodness Lis
Steve set you up" and then Steve walked out from behind the counter
and said "yea verry good Eva" Liz said "um Steve what are you doing
here you said I needed to getsomething for you" and Steve said "yeah
you need to get Rebecca's kids back to her" and then Rebecca walked
out from the bathroom and said "Eva give me my babies back" I said
"No never not after what you did to them" and she said "what did I
ever do to them but give them life" I said "you no what you did Rebecca
you told Mr. Dean that it was okay to kill them as long as her never
hurt you how could you, you you are evil and you deserve to die"
Rebecca said"I would watch you'r mouth if I were you I have a gun"
And Liz said "So you and Steve are together now?" "Steve what about
what you said to me that you loved me and that after we got reed of
Eva we could get marryed and have a family of our own" I said "Liz
I always new you were no go and by the way if i get out of this alive
then you are moving out" "And if you die" said Liz "Then The Kids go
to A family friend" then Rebecca butted in "not if all you'r family is
dead!" And Then Liz said "Steve I'll be on you'r side let me live" and then
she kissed him on the cheak, and it broke my heart to see her do that to
me but I did not show no fear then Liz pulled out a gun and said" ready
to die ......." and then she
shot and hit Rebecca in heart. Rebecca's last words were "tell the
kids I love them" and then she died. I looked at Liz with shock and
said "Liz baby put the gun down" Liz looked at me "Why should I
I could kill all of you and all I would do is go to jail why stop now"
"because Liz I am you'r aunt and I love you" "yeah that's what my
mom said before she kicked me out" and she shot me in my leg and
she ran to my car and took my car and she was down the rode and
that was the last thang I remember before it all went black I
remember hearing Steve say "I must leave they will blame me for it
all, all I did was kill you'r nabors" I woke up looking at the celing of the
hospital I looked to my side to see Molly and David and my Mom there
and then the doctor walked into the room and asked me how I was feeling
and I said "fine but alittle confuzed um.... why am I here" the doctor looked
at me confuzed and said"you don't remember?" and then I said
"well yes and no I remember some but not all" he said "oh okay"
and he said "well you'r fine" and then he winked at me I felt like
he was flurting with me I liked it he looked very nice and then my
mom said "sir, you no she just lost her boyfriend and you seem real
nice" I said "mom he's probly married shut up" he looked so red and he
said "no no I'm devorsed but would you like to go out sometime" I said
"sure" and the kids started to sing "Eva and doctor sitting in a tree
k-i-s-s-i-n-g" and the doctor said "well i guess you would like to know
my name?" I said "yeah that mite be usefull" and he said "my name is
Kyle Whess and you are?" "I'm Eva Allen wonderful to met you"
"I feel the same for you" "hey mom can you take Molly and David
to get come icecream?" I asked "yeah come on Grandma" the kids
said "well okay" she said and they walked out of the room. then Molly
and David ran back into the room and said "Mama Eva I'm happy you'r
okay" and they gave me a hug and ran back into the hallway to join
Grandma! "So were do you wanna go?" his amazing vioce asked me
and I said "you'r pick" he said "well wendsday night when you can leave
it can be a serprize, unless you want to spend that time with you'r kids"
I said "how about we all go out" and he said "alright and I think it's
amazing what you did for those kids you'r mother talks alot" I said
"yeah I know she does and thankyou it's the best thang to ever happen to
me" and he told me "I can't be you'r doctor now becouse we are going out"
I said "that's alright" and he said "Dr. Wellch will be taking over and I should
tell you she is my ex wife" I said "thankyou for telling me" and I felt
jelusy and then he walked out of the room and I started to miss him
and he looked at me throw the window and smiled and I layed there
waiting for the next time I could see him. I waited untellI thaught the hole thang was a prank
but then Kyle finally can in the room and said "I'm sorry Eva there
was a millon paschens you must of thaught I stude you up" I said
"yeah I kinda did but it's okay you'r here now" and then my mom
and Molly and David walked back into the room. Molly said "Mama
Eva we got you an icecream!" and David said "yeah if grandma dident
eat it all" and Mom said "haha very funny the only thing missind is
the cherrys David and Molly" David said "Mama Eva hates cherrys"
and I was happy david was talking he hasent talked much lately!
I asked I mom to take the kids home and she did she said "Eva
we'll be back tomarrow" I said "alright mom thankyou" and then
Kyle said "Eva I dident want to say this in front on the kids" and then
he took a long plauls and I thaught he was breaking up with me and
he said "Eva Steve called and he said if I don't stay away from you
he said he will kill me or you and i would never want that to happen to
the kids or you I think I love you but I think we should be apart for a while"
"are you sure you don't want just to dump me?" and he said "No Never I I I Love
you and I want you to be safe" and I said "the only way I could ever be safe
is if I'm in you'r arms" and he said "are we moving to fast?" I said " I
don't think so" and she smiled at me and he said "Eva I promise we will date
but not now I don't want to die or for you to die okay?" "I said "Kyle Our love will
protect us but if that is what you want then okay." and he said "I really don't want to
get hurt again that's why I havent been in here all day and because of the pasents but
but you have been on my mind all day" "Eva I really do love you" "kyle please don't play with
me" "I'm not" "Kyle I love you too!" and then I heard gun shots Kyle said "I told you he would
come he hyerd me to kill you but Eva I feel inlove with you now he will kill us both" " Kyle
I forgive you for that and I told you if our love is true then we will be okay" "kyle said okay"
and then He got up on and locked the door and layed on the bed and held me "Eva go to sleep
my angel he wispered in my ear" and then I heard steve say "Kyle is the Job done" Kyle wishpured in
my ear and said "none of this is true" "yes sure she is dead i'm cleaning up" "Good good my boy" Steve
said and then Kyle snuke me out of the hospital and into his car and he
ran to my house and said "I'll go get the kids and you'r mom" and he ran to get them and then we drove.
we drove toOklahoma and kyle said "Eva,Molly,David and Mrs.Allen I'd like to welcome you to my vacation home" and I hugged him and said "thank you" and he smiled and said "you are my love" "and you are my love" Molly and David said "ewe" and and my mom told them to go look at there rooms and I saw that cheese was hagging out of Molly's pocket and kyle said "Molly put cheese in a box" "okay" she said joyfully and
her and David ran inside then kyle got down on one knee and I thought he was tying his shoe. Then he said "Eva will you marry me?" I said "yes I would love to marry you!" he stud up and put the beautiful ring on my finger! He must have got the ring when we were sleeping!"Kyle it's beautiful" then kyle learned in to kiss me and I said "no no no lets wait tell our wedding day!" He said "okay it's whatever you want" And I smiled at him and said "can you find me a wheelchair s you don't have to carry me everywhere?" and he said "you are my heart I love to carry you but if you want that then I will get it for you" "thank you and can you take me in side I would love to see the house" "sure" he said "Kyle it's amazing I love it" "I'm happy you like it it's haft yours because I'm all yours" he said and all I could see when I looked in his eyes were love! molly walked into the room and said "Kyle you have a pool!" and Kyle said "why don't y'all go swimming?" and she said "May we Mom" "ask grandma if she will watch you" "okay thanks" then she yelled "David ask grandma if we can" "okay" then grandma walked out of the bath room and said "I will watch you" and I said "Kyle can you take me to my room" "sure" and he sat me on the bed and said "I'm getting in the shower I'll be right back okay?" and I said "okay" and then he walked out of the room and i turned on the TV until I herd.......... David sreaming and as I tryed to get out of the bed to get to him I feel and hit the floor but I managed to crawl all the way to the living room witch from there I say my hero Kyle jump into the pool to save David from drowding! And then the man of my dreams walked into the living roomand picked me up off the floor and said "Eva what in the world are you doing out of bed baby I want you to get well" all I could say was "wow Kyle you are amazing" he said "no I'm not you David and Molly are!" then David ran into the room with big tears in his eyes and I said "Honey go lay down on the couch untell you feel alittle better and I promise I will get you some swimming lessions" "No mom I want Kyle to teach me and will you set on the couch to?" "sure I will honey and you should ask Kyle if he'll teach you." "okay Mom" and then my mother walked into the room with tears in her eyes saying "Eva I'm so sorry I could not get to him fast enof please forgive me and David I'm so sorry me and Molly were in the shalow side and he jumped off the diveing bored and it all happend so fast I'm so sorry" I said "mom it's not you'r falt get over it" "alright deer" she said and David said "grandma it's not you'r fal its my falt and tell Molly it's okay and ask her if she will watch TV with us please" "alright" "hey Kyle" David sreamed "yeah little pal" he said and "if it's okay with mom I'll teach you how to swim" "okay thankyou hey mom" "yeah" "can Kyle teach me?" "ofcourse and please go get Mom and Molly for me Kyle if you don't mind" "ofcourse I don't mind Baby" and he walked out to get them and as they all walked back into the room I said "Guys I no we have an anasment to make" "okay what is it" they all said and kyle and I said "were getting married!" and Molly said "hey mom can I be the flower girl?" "hey Mom can I be the ring bearer?" "orcourse you guys can!" and then My mom walked off with a disaproved look on her face! So I.....asked Kyle to take me to her room and lay me on the bed. So as Kyle picked me up and took me to her room I told him "even if my mom disapproves I love you" "I love you to" and then he walked into the room and laid me on the bed and he walked out I said "thank you" and he smiled! "Hey Mom what's wrong?" "Nothing" "there has to be something just tell me" I said "well baby I just don't want you to move into this so fast I would hate for your heart to get broken" "I know mom but I think he is the one" "yeah that's what I thought about your farther and then we got a divorce" "I know Mom but that's different you have to trust me and if you are right you can say I told you so okay" "I don't no" "I do, believe me Mom" "I'll try" she said even tho I new she was lying "Mom really try" "fine" I felt a little better with that one. "Kyle" I yelled and he came running into the room "can you hep me up?" "of course Honey" and he took me to the living room and sat me on the sofa and I said "Kyle can you go find the wheelchair" "sure I'll be back later" "alright thank you" "I love you I'll be back" "I know I love you" and he walked out the door. I feel asleep on the couch waiting for him and then I herd a dog barking and I saw a Golden Retriever and a wheelchair and he said "Eva I hope you don't mind but he was walking down the road all by him self so I got him for Molly and David is that okay?" "sure" I said "hey Kyle can you call all my bills and cancel them and maybe try to sell the house?" "well I already have I hope that's okay and all your things are in a storage unit" "oh okay you are amazing" "no you are!" Then Molly and David walked into the room and said......"Oh my word what is that" "A dog silly" said Molly "oh I new that" and Molly stared to laugh and say "Hey Mom what is a dog doing here?" "well Molly your mom said you can keep the dog" kyle answer for me. "Awesome" they said and I told them "Hey guys give it a name" "okay um...... what about Fred?" said David "no how about Max" said Molly "maybe what about Danger" said Kyle and the kids said "yeah I like that what do you think mom?" "I think his name is Danger!" I said and then Kyle put me into the wheelchair and told me to practice So I did and I got really good at it! and I wheeled over to the window and I saw The kids and Kyle out there with Danger and I saw The way Kyle looked at them I new he loved them Then I herd The phone ring so I wheeled over to pick it up "Hello?" I said waiting for a reply and I herd someone say "Is Kyle there?" "yes hold please" I said and I wheeled over to get him I yelled "Kyle" "yeah honey" he said "you have a phone call" "okay I'll be right there" and he walked to the phone and said "Hello?" I couldn't over hear so I only herd Kyle he said "NO don't you hurt them" "Please" "it's me you want please" "okay I'll get the money to you I promise see you there" and then he hug up "Eva I told you we should have never got together now I've put you in danger" and the dog came running in looked at us then he walked back out "Baby who was that on the phone" I asked "Steve" "oh Kyle baby we will be okay" "I can't believe what I have done" "you have done nothing" "yes I have I did this to you I made you come here I'm sorry" "baby it's fine what did say about money?" "he said he will leave you alone if we can come up with 50 thousand dollars" "Oh" I said scared then I remembered what my dad gave me when I was little "Kyle Kyle Kyle guess what" "what" "I have the money" "really?" "yeah it's in the bank go get it give it to him" "alright I'll be back" "Okay" and Then I told the kids to come in and I said "Kids get Danger" he was barking hard and then a Man in A mask came out of the bushes and ran up to the door and Me and the kids Locked all doors and ran up stairs to get Grandma and the Man Kept yelling....."were's the money?" the kids and danger ran
up stairs to call 911 and I told Grandma to go with them! I wheeled
myself over to to my bedroom to get my gun were I always hid it in
the closet, this reminded me of the night I killed Mr. Dean, very slowly
I put the gun under my shirt and I wheeled my self over to the door and
I said "my friend" I did not want to say feance because if I did and if this
man was steave then he would kill us for sure! "my friend is takeing the money
to Steave" "OPEN THIS DOOR" the man yelled he changed his tone back to normal
"Okay" and I opened the door. "were are the others?" he asked "upstaires I don't want them
yo get upset please let them stay upstaires" "alright but I'm waiting for you'r friend to get home
to see if you are lying" he said "Oh oh Okay?" I said hafeheartly "were is you'r cofemaker?" He asked
"beside the toaster" I said "will you make me a cup?" "sure" I said "thank you" He said it surpriesd me
"ofcourse" I said wondering what will happen next! I got the water and I put it in the cofemaker and I
started to think of away to get out of this mess! I finally pulled all the nerve out of my body and I started to
sing! I sang A song that I wrote in my head! I do that when I'm nervus. I sang "you better finure out who you
want to be before you die. I'd hate to see you leave this world not knowing who you are. I only wish that I could
live longer and maybe I would be stronger as a person if I lived a little bit longer" "um exuse me what are you doing?"
the man asked me "I'm singing" "yes I no that but why?" "I had that song stuke in my head" I said "Oh well it's very pretty"
"thankyou" "who sings it?" "I made it up" "well you are very talented" he said with a smile "thankyou" I said bashfully! this is
what I wanted I wanted no I needed him to start talking maybe that would keep me alive longer. So I kept on going "do you have kids?"
I asked "No I only have one a son Jonny" "How old is he?" "Jonny is twelve" "really my son is to maybe they could be friends" "are you saying my
kid can't make friends?" he said he was getting angry "no no I was just saying that we just moved here and My son David has no friends" "Oh well
maybe" "what is you'r name?" I said "Phil" he said "I like that name "thankyou I hate it" I got him his cofe and I wheeled it over to him "here you go" I said "thanks" he said "how do you like you'r coffe?" "black" "okay so were are you from?"
and he started to tell me about his life "what about you" "I'll tell you in a moment I need to use the bathroom" "okay hurry' "okay" and I wheeled my self to the bathroom!
and I called my mom's cell phone and I said "DO NOT CALL THE POLICE" "okay" she said "stay upstairs to" "okay" she said I said "love you" and hung up I flushed the toilt to make it
look like I had went to the bathroom and I wheeled myself back into the dinning room and started to talk! Then the door bell rang! It was none other then.........Kyle! I was amazed to see him as him walked into the door I could see that something was wrong very wrong! As he walked in the living room door I could see a knife at his neck and it was not there by chose! Steve stepped out from behind him he said "AH-HA Eva if I kill your love you'll have to come back to me" "Wait"I said if I go back to you now will you leave him here?" I said "it's a possibility why?" "if you will let me go get my bags we can go now and no harm done, no body no anything" "what about your kids?" he said "I'll leave them here" "deal, hurry go get your bags"
"okay I'll be right back" and I got all the power in me to stand up and walk up stares and I got to the kids and I said "hey baby's Mom loves you I'll be back soon! and Molly give this to Kyle okay" "okay" she was to sleepy to understand "I'll leave it on the night table okay?" "okay" she said I looked at them for a short second think who knows how long before I could see my angels again! I hope my plain works I rain over to get a pen and paper and I started to write.
Dear Kyle
I love you! and I always will! Please find away to find me! You and The kids are all I have and I love you! please come to get me please if you really love me please! I love you and only you and the kids I love you forever love

I hope he knows I love him! I ran over to my room and I got some clothes and I got a bag and I ran down stairs back to the arms of sure death! I looked at my love and I knew he was heartbroken If he only knew I was doing this for him! as we walked out of the house I turned to him and mouthed "I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU" "ME TO" he said! if only that could carry me to the next day "what made you change your mind baby?" he asked me "The way your eyes shined" I said trying to keep my lunch in my tummy! I all I could do is think of My angels and My Love Kyle.

We drove and drove until morning I saw him set the knife down onto the dashboard I saw him approach the fast food place so as he ordered I grabbed The Knife and i slid it into my pocket maybe this was the only was to stay alive! We got to his home and he got out of the car and ran over to my side of the door and he tried to kiss me that's when I did it I stabbed him! right in the heart all I could say was "I DON'T THINK SO" "YOU BITCH" he said to me as his last words then he died! I called the police and I asked Phil to please not hurt me he said he was going to set me free and I thanked him i said "Phil you are my best friend" "you are mine to" I felt like he liked me not just as a friend but i was not going to say anything I wanted to get home alive...... Then I looked down to see if Steve was dead and I took the gun I had from the closet and I shot him right in the heart to make sure he was dead! Phil looked at me and said "Eva you are the most amazing person I have ever met" "thank you" I said. The cops pulled up and wrote down some names asked me for my side of the story and then they told me I could go home! So I did!It was 12:09 am before I got home as I walked in the house I saw Kyle laying on the couch he had a piece of paper beside him at first I thought he killed himself but then I walked over to see what the paper said it said WAYS TO GET EVA HOME and it most have had 100 ways on it! I woke Kyle up and He said "Eva how did you get here" "I killed steve baby I'm fine" "come lay beside me" he said okay I set right down and laid my head on his chest and I fell asleep.
I felt as if Kyle were staring at me the hole time but I liked it! I felt safe and I hadent felt safe in a while! as I woke up to the smell of bacon in the morning! I opened my eyes to see Kyle in My apron and he was cooking up a storm! I love a man that can could even if he could not cook I would love him thow! The kids walked down stairs and yelled "MOM MOM YOUR HOME YAY" then my mom walked down stairs and said "WERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" "sorry mom I was.......
what was I going to tell her I did not want to tell the kids and I did not want to worry my mom what should I say "she went back to clear up the bills and every thing" Kyle said "oh well Eva you could have just said so "yeah mom you did not have to give Kyle that letter if you were only doing that" said Molly "yeah but I wanted him to no I loved him molly" I said trying to come up with better lie even though it really was not a lie because I did want him to no that I loved him and only him! I walked over to the kitchen and my mom asked me what I was doing out of my wheelchair and I said "kyle told me to start trying to walk" "oh okay" said my mother! I got a piece of toast and a pancake and set down at the glass table and started to eat with my children on both sides of me david looked up and smiled and said "Hey mommy when are you and dad I I I mean Kyle going to get married" "David you can call me dad and molly you can to put you do not have to okay" "okay" they both said "soon I hope" I said trying to answer Davids question. I told the kids to ask grandma to take them to the park and she did so me and Kyle had some alone time! I told Kyle I loved him and he said "Eva I love you but why did you kill that man he could of hurt you I was coming to save you" "I know but why are you so mad?" "you could have gotten hurt" "I know but I'm okay lets not fight okay" "Sure Eva lets just put all of our problems to the side see how long that works then get divorced like I already have. Eva I love you way more then I ever loved her I never want to lose you" "I love you to Kyle and lets settle the problem I don't think we will ever get divorced okay" "okay" we talked and talked about it and then he said "Eva I'm sorry for being mean please forgive me" "of course I forgive you if you will forgive me" "I do" "I do to" I said and then he walked into the living room and pulled up his pointer finger and moshed me to come her so i did. we sat down on the couch and watched a movie that made me cry and he held me like I was a baby he held me tight and I felt safe again safe in my loves arms then the phone rang it was grandma calling from the hospital Molly had broken her arm.....As Kyle and I ran to his car all I could see was blackness seroundig me
the feeling that my child was hurt and I was not there it broke me it felt as if it was three hours before we got there but it was only 15 minites! as I ran to get to my baby I could hear the crys comeing out of the other rooms witch just made my heart bead harder I could could feel my blood pulshadding throw me I walked into the room and I saw my sweet sweet angel laying there looking up at me she smiled that smile that can melt my heart and all I could to was burst into tears No madder how much I loved Kyle I would aways love my kids more and he new that and he did not care that I would leave him in a heart beat to safe my child no madder how much pain it would put me throw I loved my two babys more then life it's self and nothing in this word or unfurse could change that! As Kyle walked into the room to see me laying on the floor with a huge pile of tears setting in a puddle right beside me all I could do was stand on my feet and ask him "how can you love me even after the kids are the number one thing to me how can you stell care about me and love me if you'r not number one but only number two?" "I just can I love love the kids the same way you do they are number one and you are number two we feel the same and that is what makes our love so strong!" "Hey Mom can me and Dad go to me cafitera and get some hamburgers and chocalate milk?" David asked "Sure" said kyle with a true sign of love kind of smile! Then david and kyle left the room smileing and laughing! I looked at my baby girl smiling up at me and I asked her "what happend sweet heart" she looked up at me and looked up at me and she looked like she was worried I would be dissapoted if she told me "go ahaid" I said she looked down and started to talk then got interupted by grandmas snorring and then she coutenud "I was hannging on the monkey bars and I saw this really cute guy and I keep on looking at him and I looked so long that I feel on my arm and then he ran over and asked me if I was okay so I said yes and said thank you then he was like so you'r cute and I said well you are to them I tryed to stand up and then that's when my arm started to hurt so then I told granma and she took me here but good news is I got his phone nuber" Then she pulled her eye brows up and down and smiled " I said so what's his name" "his name is João Jonny in english he is from Portugal and he is twelve just like me he told me his dads name was phil" Phil my friend I never new he was from Purtugal! Then My mother woke up saying "Eva I'm so so so......." sorry" She said with tears starting to run down her rosie red cheeks "Mommy don't worry Molly is okay"
"yeah grandma I'm fine happy as can be" Molly said looking at me like please don't tell her what I said mom! I winked at her and she smiled! Grandma said "okay Molly I'm sorry" "it's okay granny" "okay" Mom said. Kyle and David walked into the room holding a strawberry shake for Molly a chocolate one for Mom and a vanilla one for me! "thanks" I said "thank you" said my mother and "aw thanks guys" said Molly! "your welcome" said the boys. and then the doctor walked into the room it was Dr.Fellem My mom's ex boyfriend "Hey Rebbecca" the doctor said "Hey handsome" My mom said back to him. This made me mad very mad! "so what happend Molly?" he asked. Molly looked at me giving me the same look she had before "I fell" she said. "oh well we will have to put it in a cast and we'll call it a day okay?" "Okay" she said smiling then Dr. Fellem started talking to my mom and David asked Kyle "why can't you take care of Molly?" "because I do not have my tools at home" Kyle said! I started to really get mad when Dr. Fellem asked my mom out for lunch so then I said "Hey mom we can double date" "sure" she said and Kyle whispered and said "Eva I don't want our first date to be under jealousy" "Then we can go on a date tonight and then it will not be our first date okay" "yeah" Molly and David said "we have always wanted a babysitter!" "Okay" Kyle said even though he was still unhappy "will you go on a date with me tonight" He asked me "Sure I'd love to" I said blushing! "Can I help you get ready mom?" "Who else would help me silly" I said "okay" she said laughing then I turned to see my mom and Dr. Fellem I say him pick up her hand and kiss it. "URG" I said out loud trying to pretend I did not I saw him look over at me and smile I always new he was trouble! I hated that man and I always will "What In The World Is Your Problem Yong Lady?" she asked me as soon as he left "I HATE THAT MAN" I screamed hoping he herd me! Then Kyle,David, Molly and I walked out of the room and demanded another doctor and we got one to! This time the doctors name was Mrs.Kellum and she looked about the same age as me and I saw Kyle look at her the way he looks at me and I walked into the hall with huge tears in my eyes and Kyle fallowed me asking "whats wrong baby" "Don't you baby me Kyle I saw the way you were looking at her how dare you say you love me WE ARE OVER" "No No No Eva I did not mean to please believe me I love you and the kids more then anything in this world please please please I begging you please believe me PLEASE I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU PLEASE" "Okay but you no I'm so easy to break" "I'm sorry and I never meant to hurt you I did not no I was looking at her funny are you jealous?" "YES I mean Hell no I mean maybe I love you so much and I could never stand my heart to break like this please mean that you love me" "I do mean it I love you and only you you are the other half to my heart you are my bandage when I fall you are my tissue when i cry you are MY LIFE I love you and I'm sorry" "I'm sorry to" then I hugged him tight and said "do you mean it?" "yes I do" he said and then he kissed my ear! I walked back into the room and I saw the Dr. giving Molly and David a piece of candy and a sticker and I saw that Molly had her cast on and that Davids tug was Blue from the piece of candy and I looked at Kyle look at me and I saw love true undying full passion fire type of love the kind you only get the chance at one in the life time my fairytale had come true! Then I saw my mom walk bye her face red saying "WHY DID YOU CHANGE DOCTORS?" "BECAUSE THERE OUR KIDS AND JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK THAT A MAN COULD ACTUALLY LOVE YOU MAKES ME MAD" "I'M MOVING OUT" "GOOD" "I KNOW I"M MOVING IN WITH GORGE" she said just to break my heart so I said "DON"T YOU DARE COME CRYING TO ME WHEN HE BREAKS YOUR HEART" "I WON'T" she said I said "I'm sorry mom I did not mean that but she just keep walking" I could feel the tears coming.....
slowly at there own passe each one that dropped to the floor felt like a brick had been taken of my body only to be thrown back down as the next started to crawl down my cheek. I could see only the shape of objects as the darkness started to enter my world and the only light was at the very other side of the earth but I kept running for it. The light was my Kyle and My children. I could regret what I had said to my mom for the rest of my life or i could go and apologize even though the wound would steel be there at lest there was a bandage to hold bad the blood from escaping. "Eva?" "Eva?" "Eva?" I could hear whispering in my ear "yes" I said trying to take the worry away. "What in the world is wrong with you, the kids are starting to get worried" Kyle whispered each word started to get louder and louder. I taught to myself if I keep acting like this my children will be scared half to death I need to stop tell later when I'm on my own. "who want's to go out to eat" I said holding the tears back "Me" yelled David "Me too" said Molly "Me three" Kyle added trying to get me to laugh."you guys pick were" "McDonalds" They said "okay lets go" I added and we got in the car and on our way there I called My mother begging for forgiveness. She forgave me, after I said I'm sorry like a hundred times. "Are we stell going on our dubble date?" she asked "sure" I said with pure loath "I love you mom bye" "bye" "wait what do you want to eat?" "nothing i had dinner with Dr. Fellum" "okay" I said "bye" she said "bye" click and i knew she had only done that to make me mad "kyle guess what my mother and him went out" "calm down honey" he said "okay" I said "so were are we going tonight?" "any were you want angel" "okay" I said "who is watching us?" the kids asked "how about that lady docotor" David said "okay I'll give her a call and she said she would so we wnet home and got ready and then on Kyle and I's walk out the door she yelled "NICE BUTT Kyle" "EXCUSE ME" I said mad as hell! "I said he has a N-I-C-E B-U-T-T!" "GET THE HECK OUT OF MY HOUSE" I yelled! "okay but you should no I'm Steave's girlfriend Annabell and now I no were you live so I'd leave if I were you" "GET OUT BITCH" "okay okay take it easy" and she walked out "pack every thing hurry go" Yelled Kyle to the kids and they ran up the stairs "I'm sorry and by the way you have a really nice butt Hon" I said "thank you Baby" "you'r welcome" I said smiling then i ran to my room and packed every thing and Danger walked out of the house dug up a bone and jumped into the car I could not help but laugh! I grabbed up Kyles things and we were on our way! The worst part of the trip was that Danger kept barking at cheese! We drove all night until we reached.....Tennessee. I woke up to the smell of pancakes! Kyle must have stopped for food on the way! "Hey Mom guess what" "what baby" I said steel waking up "Dad let us pick were we went to" "Really" "yeah" said David "awesome" I said! and then I looked over at molly she was asleep on top of Danger. She looked like an angel. "Molly was up but she went back to bed" David informed me "Sorry about the pancakes Eva there probably cold David wanted some so bad so I got him some" Kyle spot soft "oh thats okay. Do you need me to drive?" "Sure just let me pull over" "okay" I said I got out of the car and looked at the sign that said Welcome to Tennessee! as i opened the door on the drivers side i herd Kyle say "I have picked out a house for us to live at okay" "okay" I said "it's only a mile from here okay" "okay" I said getting nervous! I kept wondering what it would look like would it be white or blue maybe yellow or beige! i could not imagine! as I pulled into the drive way I saw a beautiful dark brown home better then any thing I've ever saw I loved this home and i wanted it to be my home forever! I told Kyle "Kyle I want to live here forever okay I'm going to get a job and so are you okay and the kids will go to school and have a fairy tale life okay and I want our wedding in the Fall okay that means we have one mouth to plain okay" "whatever you want baby I need you to be happy" Kyle said! I walked to the front door and I opened it and I walked inside my new home I loved it it had all wood floors and the living room, oh it was a pretty light green almost mint but litter then that color i loved this home and all about it I would treasure this place for the rest of my live I hoped! the Molly ran up to me with big tears in her eyes "what about Johnny?" she cried "I need him" "you have his phone number hurry go call him" "okay" she said the David ran up with cheese in his arms and with danger by his side "go find your room" I said and he ran up the steps and yelled back down "there are seven bedrooms, one for me one for Molly one for you and dad one for grandma and who else?" "I don't no honey" I said "who else Kyle" "well I want more baby's if that's okay" "of course it is I've always wanted a big family" I said "Oh crap we forgot Grandma" i said "no we did not Her and Dr. F are on there way and Molly" he said trying to get her attention "And Johnny and Phil are coming to" "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" she said "really?" "really" kyle said and Molly ran over to give him a huge hug and then she kissed me on the cheek!"Dr. F and Phil and Johnny are living next door and grandma is living here" "oh grate" I said with out thinking! I hated that my dad had left me when I was young and I did not want a new DAD! Then Dr. F and Mom and Phil and Johonny pulled in and Molly was out the door before you could say Ice and she ran to Johnny harder then any thing in this world I knew she loved us more but she loved him to. David ran out to hug grandma and Kyle hugged me tight and said in my ear "I wish our wedding could be sooner" "me to" I said and then I hugged him tighter I felt save again Untell.....
I saw David sitting in the swing crying, "Kyle I have to go see what's wrong with him" I said unwrapping my arms around his body I could feel that feeling come back, I ran to David. "David, Baby what's wrong?" "Johnny and Molly" he sobbed "I don't like that there getting together I wish they would have never met he's taking my sister away" he said while the tears kept running down his face "And Mom I hate to cry" he added "David never be afraid to cry because some tears can be golden, David my mother always told me that and it's the truth" "okay mom" he said trying to smile "come on in and lets get you cleaned up Baby" and we walked into the house and I got some tissues and I wiped his nose and I got a wet cloth and I wiped him off then I hugged him tight and my safe feeling came back! I realized I was only "safe" in the arms of the people I loved! then I let him go and I asked him "David will you go and unpack your room?" "sure" he said and he walked off! "Molly" I yelled I needed to talk to her. "yeah mom" "come here honey we need to talk" "okay?" she said and she said on the couch and I said "were is Johnny?" "outside" she said "okay Molly your making your brother feel left out he thinks you don't love him anymore and he thinks that Johnny is taking you away from him" "Oh really well I'll have to talk to him" she said looking unconsidered "Molly" I yelled "little girl I will ground you now go talk to your brother" "okay sorry mom" "it's okay" and she walked up the steps and I walked up then too to see how she was doing and she was looking out the window smiling and waving at Johnny "molly go to your room now and don't come out" "I HATE YOU" she said then she ran off to her room! I went down stares and told the boy to go home. then I sat on the couch and cried and cried until My Kyle came to me "what's wrong Eva?" he asked I said nothing then he set down beside me and held me tight and told me 'every thing would be alright" but I new it would not be because......I new she meant it, Every word she said she looked at me with cold black eyes and said I hate you I've read all the parenting books but none of them said anything about this pain! and No I'm NOT saying that I wish I would have not adopted her I'm only saying that parenting is hard! I love my baby girl and I know she loves me but she meant those words I no she did! I just hugged Kyle closer and closer until I finally told him what was wrong! as I finished telling him I saw Molly walk down the stairs with huge tears crawling down her little angle face! "ma ma Mom?" she said threw all the tears "I"m sorry Mom I did not mean it! I love you please forgive me" "Oh Molly Baby it's okay I no you did not mean it I love you to and I forgive you come here and sit beside me" she walked slowly over with her head looking down like she was ashamed "Molly it's okay baby I forgive you" I said and gave her a tickle I could see her start to smile! She sat down on my lap and I held her tight and I felt safe again! Then Kyle put his arm around me and said "I found a job! I start tomorrow and the kids can start school on Monday!" "Really that is so wonderful! I guess I know what Molly and David and I are doing this weekend! Were going school clothes shopping!" "awesome" Molly said getting happier! "Hon" I spoke soft "If were steel going to get marred I think I should start planning now okay?" "okay and of course we are getting married unless you don't love me" "I love you hon trust me" I said with a giggle! Then Molly got up and ran upstairs I knew what she was up to she was going to talk to David! "I'm going to teach David to swim next week okay?" "okay he will be happy to hear that" I said looking at the love coming out of my angels eyes! "Well I'm going to start on planing the wedding!" I said loving him back! "I want a fall wedding okay" "okay" he said "So were are you going to work?" I ask "I am going to be a construction worker!" he said I could tell he was proud and I was too "Well I'm very happy" I said with a smirk! "I have a poem for you" He said "really well please read it" "okay" he said and them he began "The way you stare into my eyes the way you hug me so tight the only reason I want to stay alive I wake up thinking of you and wondering if you steel love me too the way you talk when your in a rush the way you brush your hair the way you seem to care for me oh baby you keep me on my toes and the way you kiss my nose baby I've got my eye on you the only thing that gets me threw the day I no I'll be okay when I see you baby! it's just the way you are!" I was in tears by the time he was done "I love it" I said "I did not mean to make you cry" he said "it's a good type of cry" I laughed and then there was a knock at the door.....o I walked over to the door to answer it. I said Hello? and the young lady with the cake in her hand said "Hello I'm Beth. I'm your neighbor and I wanted to welcome you to town" "thank you I love your dress" I said "thank you" she said blushing I asked her to come in. she can in a sat down on the couch and said "you have a wonderful home" "thank you" i told her. "Kyle can you visit the school that Molly and David and Johnny with be going too and make it were they can start on Monday?" "I would love too and I'll take molly to get her cast off too" "thank you" I said and he walked over and hugged me tight and I said "It is very wonderful to met you it's nice to make friends" "why yes it is" she said in response. I herd the car start and drive off then David walked into the living room and looked at Beth then me then smiled and went to his room. "Beth I am planning my wedding I would love some help if you don't mind" "know know I don't mind I'm a wedding planner myself" she said I smiled and pulled out the folder I was keeping all the plans in and in about 4 hours we had the hole thing planed and she said that we could go and look for the dress tomorrow! then she left and as she was walking out the door I asked if she could please an order for all the wedding things and make the calls and other things and that I would pay her "you don't have too" she said "but I want too" I said and she left. I saw Kyle and Molly coming so I looked at her arm and it looked the same as before the cast! I was happy to have her back! "Kyle" I spoke easy and soft "How about we have that date tonight?" "I would love that" he said "Molly will you ask grandma if she can watch you?" "sure" she said and she ran over too there to his house urg I hated that man Mr.F I wish he could fall of the face on the earth but I would keep my mouth shut! Molly ran back and said it was okay and I went to my room and picked out the perfect dress and then I got dress really slow then I walked out the door with the love of my life holding my arm and I herd mom Yell......"Kyle phone call" Kyle looked at me with the stars he had as eyes and said "I'll be right back" he walked back to the house only for me to hear his sweet angel like voice say "hello?"
I waked on the swing and I herd my Molly walk out to ask me a question "mommy who is daddy talking too?" "I don't know" I said "Mom can I maybe go on a date with Johnny?" she spoke fast as if she would already have known the answer! "yes you can" I said it seemed to surprise her "but?" she said "you no me way to well okay I'll give you a choice I can go with you or dad can." "you" she said faster then I had expected. and she walked off blushing up to her room to write in her diary I only new this because I would have done the same. "finally" Kyle said as he walked toward the swing! "sorry that was My new boss he made sure I could start Monday then my sister beeped in and she's coming over tomorrow okay?" "okay? Sorry I have to say this but you have a sister?" "Yes she is almost like you her name is Kerri" "what time will she be here?" "8:00am is what she told me" he said "okay" I told him back I was getting nervous "you'll be fine" he said then he hugged me tight and he was keeping his promise not to kiss me until our wedding day but I was wanting that kiss more and more each day. time passed and we finally reached the restaurant! as I walked in side I saw Beth I waved and she smiled and kept eating she knew I wanted to be alone with Kyle. As the waiter walked us to our seats we sat beside a family with a crying baby I asked what her name was and the family said "Heather" "hi Heather" I said and the baby started to laugh "you have a touch with baby's" Kyle said. I had never told him how much I wanted to give birth to a baby on my own I loved Molly and David as much as I would a baby of my own but I would like to see how it felt for myself. "I have always wanted to give birth" I said "really me too I never knew how to bring it up" he said blushing and then the waiter walked over and said "may I help you?" and kyle ordered for both of us. we eat and went home and kyle said joking "it was a pleasure to walk you home" "same here" I said smiling and we went start to bed I woke up around 6:00am trying to get things ready for Kerri. and I herd the doorbell ring. was it Kerri? .............
I walked to the door opened it slowly. I felt my heart jump into my stomach. "hi" the woman said in a joyful tone. "hello" I said trying to make a good fist impression. "please come in, and I'll go get Kyle." "Wait I would like to talk to you first" the woman said "alright" I said trying to seem interested I knew if my angel was not by my side I would make a fool of myself. I walked to the living room and pointed to the chair beside of the stove and said "please sit down" "okay, so how did my brother and you meet?" she asked "I was in the hospital and he was my doctor, and as I awoke my mother was talking to him about my life" I spoke soft. "oh" she was surprised by my answer. Then my angel walked out of his room and ran over to my side and said "good morning" "good morning honey" I said "hey sis" Kyle said "hey bro" I walked into the kitchen to start breakfast. by the time I was done they had already discussed half there memories. I walked into there and said "breakfast" and we all walked back and sat and ate. Molly and David walked down the steps and Kerri said "who are they?" and that's when the conversation really took off......
Kyle walked over to the side of the room, I could tell he wanted me to fallow. I walked over slowly trying not to draw attention to us. he whispered in my ear "Our wedding has to be soon Kerri has to move to Africa for her job and I need her at the wedding" "Okay hon you pick when" "are you sure?" he asked "The sooner we are marred the better" he walked to the table and I told the family that the wedding would be Sunday. I called Beth and told her. before I knew it she was a my door ready to help. we went to the wedding dress store it must have took three hours. But I found the perfect dress. Beth my mother Molly and Kerri and I had time to talk. I went to sleep the last night of being a unmarried woman. I woke to the buzzing of the alarm clock it was the day!!! I got up told Molly and Kerri to come with me and we went to get ready Beth was waiting on us in the car. I looked beautiful and so did Molly she looked like an angel and Beth she looked like an angel also and Kerri she was so pretty. We got to the Church at 12:30 pm I got changed and I was looking at the brown and gold door separating me from Kyle I waited for the music and told Molly to go with the flowers, The bridesmaids were Kerri and Beth they walked out. the door was wide open every eye in the room was on me there were at lest 300 people so 600 eyes looking at me put the only one that I could see was Kyle. he looked at me as if I were The only one here and he smiled at me as I walked down the Isle I could feel the tears coming. They would be Golden Tears no madder if they looked clear. I looked at the preacher and he said "We are all gathered here today" it was the perfect day. as time passed it got to the part were I said "I do" and then the man said "you may kiss the bride" Kyle leaned in and so did I. Our lips met that 5 seconds felt like forever ever thing was quiet my eyes were closed I felt love. it was magical and wonderful. all I new it would be. I pulled away and he picked me up off my feet and we walked out of the chapel. I was a Cinderella. But would it last forever......Kyle sat me down and told me he loved me. "I love you" I said. Molly ran outside to hug me and Johnny in a little suit ran over to her and asked her to dance "I'd love to." she said in response as they started to dance, They looked like to birds flying in the sky hopelessly in love. But I knew it would break her heart when they broke up I tried not to think of the lifeless look in her face when it was over. I just looked at my angel while she was happy. David walked over slowly he was lonely I whispered in Kyles ear "Kyle can you get David a girl to dance with?" "Sure my cousin Kealy is about his age" he walked over to a little girl with blond curls all over her little head her glass like blue eyes focused on David and she smiled she took a step and David walked over "would you like to dance?" "I'd like that" David took her hand and walked over beside Molly, A group of birds dancing in the wind. I looked over searching for Kyle then there was a tap on my shoulder. I looked over surprised to see my father. "dad?" I asked he took my hand and we walked over to the children and in my dads arms I was a princess, I had never saw my dad cry but that day he did. I looked over to see Kyle with a rose in his hand he walked over and my dad handed me to him. He put the flower in my hair. and looked at me as if i were an angel he kissed me again the same type of feelings of love came back and he said "you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that." I hugged him tighter I never wanted to let go. My mother walked out of the church with Dr.F holding her hand I looked at my father and back at my mother and then there eyes met dad walked over. Mom let go of his hand and walked to my dad. "what are you doing here?" she asked him "it's my daughters wedding" he said. I looked at Kyle and said "thank you" I knew he got my dad here. He but his lips to my ear and then he put his hand in my hair and he smiled "you know you'r my angel?" I said nothing just held on tighter I closed my eyes and I felt and tear crawl down my cheek and I looked up at him and I put my head back to his chest. He was my King and I was his Queen. As everyone started to leave I asked Kyle where we were going for our honeymoon he said "It's a surprise!" I closed my eyes again only to imagine Were my Life would take me........I awoke on a plane. Kyle sitting beside me holding my hand "were are we going?" I asked "it's a surprise" he whispered in my ear. "were are the kids?" "with grandma" he said in a reassuring tone. "guess what?" I said "what" he answered "I love you" "I love you to my sweet angel, are you cold?" he asked me because I was shaking, I wasn't I was nervous but I wanted him to hold me so I said "yes" he rapped him arms around my shivering body only for me to fall asleep in his loving arms. "Prepare for a landing" was the words I woke to. My Kyles arms steel rapped so lovingly around me.As I walked off the plane I searched for a sign to tell me were I was. Nothing. just Kyle soft loving hand leading the way..... "were are we?" I asked.
"Spain" his voice seemed so deep in other thoughts. We were approaching a hotel. The heat of the sun layed peacefully on our backs I felt the sun's heat sink into my bones. he picked me so easily of the ground "welcome home... for now at least" his soft rose lips said to me. I was so breathless from the heat his soft touch crassest my face. I closed my eyes and felt the wind roll over my body as he layed me on the bed. I opened my eyes to see his shirt resting peacefully beside me. "I'll be right out I'm going to get in the shower okay?" "sure" I said. steel amazed by his unremarkable beauty. I turned on the television trying to get my mind of his amazing beauty. before I new it I was laying beside him he was holding my hand and telling me how lucky he was to have me. he'd never understand I was the one who was lucky. I awaited the kiss that was coming until I couldn't anymore I told him "close your eyes" any I leaned in and my lips touched his mouth I never wanted to come up for air but I new I had to let him go for that second and then I was back face o face with him again......I opened my eyes to see Kyles arm rapped around me. He was so peaceful in his dreams, I didn't want to wake him. I got up moving his arm over my head and laying it in my pillow. I walked over to the kitchen were I looked for a coffee maker I saw nothing just a counter and some hard wooden cabinets. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth... "you need some serious work" I said to myself. I took my hairbrush and started to make repeating lines down my hair trying to separate the strains before I curled them. I trued on the Curling Iron and waited for it to get warm. all I could think about was Molly and Davids first day at school. I stared to worry I wanted to call them but my cell phone was in Kyle's pocket. I touched the iron to see if it was ready yet. I rapped my hair around the hot bar and released it so easy that the curl seemed to lay so perfectly down i did this for about an hour. the I moved to my face , I put some grey eye shadow on and some light red lipstick on I put the eyeliner on my eyes then i herd Kyle y hon so I hurried up. by the time i was done he was waiting in the living room area for me. "you look pretty." he told me. I smiled and said "thank you so do you." he laughed "I bet" he walked into the bathroom and I waited for him to come out "what are we doing today?" I asked "romantic dinner at the beach and..." he said "and shopping?" I added "sure" he said. I couldn't quite wondering of Molly and David. I walked over to the chair beside our bed and got out the clothes I wanted to wear for the day and got dressed. "ready?" Kyle asked. "yeah" he took hold of my hand and leaded the way again. "you make me feel like a queen." I told him "As long as I am your king" he said and then he picked me up off the ground "A queen has not to walk" he told me and I just held tight to him, he let me down in the elevator. there was a man in black seemed to be waiting for someone in their. "are you Eva?" he asked me "why" kyle asked. the man pulled out a gun and said "I have my reasons." he put the gun to kyles heart and said "get out or I'll shoot" "please let him stay" I pleaded. he let the elevator door close "I have a few questions for you........." he yelled in my face. I looked over at kyle and wondered if my king would die for me I couldn't let that happen. But what could I do?............All I could think was Molly and David, and saving his life. Then the man's cell phone rang "Hello?" he said. and in the second I got kyles belt and rapped it around his neck "put down the gun" I yelled "okay okay maybe we can work out a deal." he yelled to me scared for his life. "I think not" I yelled back "Kyle hit the emergency stop" he hit it hard and a scream like yelling filed our ears. "Call 911 okay?" "okay Eva" kyle said. "Who the hell are you?" I asked "do you remember Annabell?" how could I forget she was Steve's girlfriend. "yeah I know her why?" "I am her brother she send me here to kill you." "Where is she?" "outside waiting on me." that's when everything became black. all i could think was her hurting Molly and David. I had to kill her... I was so scared. I ended up chocking that man. "Oops" I said to Kyle. "It's alright Eva" I broke into tears. My life was going to end and worst of all so were my kids. I had to stop this it was stupid. I knew what i had to do i had to kill her. I let the elevator start again and I picked up that mans gun. I was going to end this now.......