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The fans pick: Alicia
The fans pick: Ugh i hate it so much, no one ever can replace Will for me ...
Ugh i hate it so much, no one ever can replace Will for me ...
 Matt is really doing a great job and he's growing on me
The fans pick: Peter: Come on, don't give up on me.
Peter: Come on, don't give up...
Alicia: You slept with my best...
The fans pick: Alicia:U are not the injured party here./Will:Oh what and u are?/Alicia:I am, yes
Alicia: U are not the injured...
Peter: She's my wife / . Will:...
Peter: Would you let it go?...
Alicia: Say something that'll...
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evermindforever said …
Is it spoiler if I comment on how much I liked this season's plot twist?
They make an argument without words about the penal system that would make Michel Foucault proud.
Plus it made me think a lot about the lawyer's ethics. Excellent season starter! Posted 2 months ago
MoniBolis commented…
Yes, it was a great season opener 2 months ago
evermindforever said …
Can't wait to see David Hyde Pierce in season 6! Posted 3 months ago
evermindforever commented…
next week! yay! 1 month ago
big smile
MoniBolis said …
So this is it, the season finale tonight! I don't know what to expect anymore. But I'n sure it will be good Posted 7 months ago