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The fans pick: Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson
Annabeth Chase
The fans pick: frank turned into a giant goldfish
frank turned into a giant goldfish
"Yes frank, thats exactly how you beat Chinese handcuffs, you turn into an iguana
Leo Valdez
Nico Di Angelo
The fans pick: Kelsey Chow
Kelsey Chow
Victoria Justice
The fans pick: I Don't anyone to Die
I Don't anyone to Die
Leo Valdez
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nelsonsuperfan said …
it really sucks thats its over :( and i wish he would make an Epilougue, at least i could have some closure on what happens to everybody in their lives, also i was reading his blog and whatever and the new book is called Mangus Chase: The sword of summer right? and rick also commented that Mangus has the same last name as Annabeth and he said that its not a coincidence so maybe this norse mythology book could still be linked with percy and all the other demigods, i hope so Posted 12 days ago
darange commented…
maybe he is planning something for prequel with the Greeks and Egytians (maybe Romans too), because the short story for Annabeth and Sadie Kane had a little bit of potential for maybe a three book possibly four book series 10 days ago
Fangirl521 said …
When I read the BOO, when I finished I felt like part of me had died, like I was missing a piece of my heart Posted 14 days ago
purple_giraffe commented…
agreed. 13 days ago
purple_giraffe said …
it has nearly been a month since the end of this series came out! sigh . . . how time flies. Posted 21 days ago