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Chibi Piper
Chibi Leo.
Chibi Jason
Chibi Hazel
Chibi Frank
Chibi Percy
Chibi Percabeth
Chibi Annabeth
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What does 2013 say
Tribute! This Is War
Heroes of Olympus C'Mon
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The fans pick: Leo!!!!
The fans pick: Leo
Someone back at camp half...
The fans pick: Sammy is Leo`s grandfather or they are some how related
Sammy is Leo` s grandfather or...
Sammy achieved Elysium but...
The fans pick: Percabeth
The fans pick: Artemis/Diana
Artemis/ Diana
Apollo/ Apollo
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hpfangirl29 said …
Ok so I'm on the first Heroes of Olympus book, The Lost Hero, right after Piper got claimed by Aphrodite and Leo went in the woods and his childhood was explained. Can someone please talk to me about this series? I love it :) Posted 2 days ago
Joak-24 commented…
About the series in general? It is simple awesome, life changing ( at least kinda for me), it gets better and better with every new book and... well, idk, great characters, if you have read before the percy jackson series you would like it even more and watch out for spoilers! 2 days ago
hpfangirl29 commented…
Yeah, just about the series in general :) I love it and yes I did read Percy Jackson and I just have no words for how amazing it was. Thanks for the warning about the spoilers :) I also love how Annabeth and Rachel and other Percy Jackson characters are in the Heroes of Olympus series. It's like a mix of new and old characters and I love that about this series 2 days ago
8xchristellax8 said …
it still kinda irks me that these books are thought of as children's books. Like even though it (well, briefly) discusses homosexuality, nearly all the romantic relationships are actually interracial which you don't see a lot tbh, the plot weighs heavily on death and destruction, it can be violent... Like these books have depth and if you think otherwise then you can go swallow a ball of hair, man.
Maybe it's bc of the cartoony book cover art? IDEK Posted 10 days ago
Spikegilfer1997 commented…
homosexuality and interracial relationships being things with stigma's, not legitimate issue of morality. All the monsters turn into convenient pixie dust when slain, leaves out a lot of the rape and what not from the original myths. The best childrens stories are those that don't use their status as a childrens series like a crutch for poor writing. 10 days ago
8xchristellax8 commented…
GODDAMNIT Spike you always shoot me down 10 days ago
Joak-24 commented…
Of course i will never expect HoO to be as violent as ASOIAF, but in my opinion events such as the battles in The Last Olympian and all the way of Percy and Annabeth through the Tartarus (among others) could have been better if they were a liiiiiiitle more violent (sorry run out of synonymous), dont get me wrong, i REALLY enjoyed those moments while reading them. And yes, a "grew with the audience" style would totally fit! 4 days ago
purple_giraffe said …
i managed to convise my sister to read HoO and right now she is reading HoH. and she started before chirstmas on Lost Hero. she's a fast reader so i think she's doing it to be annoying. then she gets mad when i spoil since she is going so slow. but now she'll have wait with us for BoO. Posted 10 days ago
Phoenix_Stone commented…
I think you just ruined her life. Good job. xD 10 days ago
8xchristellax8 commented…
you ruined her life but made it better, somehow 10 days ago
purple_giraffe commented…
yeah i would have to agree. she's hates Piper, frank, etc. but not leo and Percabeth. 9 days ago