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The fans pick: Yes
Haven't read it yet
The fans pick: Yeah, and please make it like the books this time
Yeah, and please make it like...
Yes! The movies suck!
The fans pick: Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson
Annabeth Chase
The fans pick: Leo Valdez
Leo Valdez
Piper McLean
The fans pick: Percy's water powers
Percy's water powers
Leo's fire powers
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The Heroes of Olympus Wall

Luv-U-Percy said …
Hello all!! New to Fanpop. Anyone wanna be my friend?? Posted 1 month ago
Percy4eva commented…
Hi 1 month ago
Fangirl521 said …
Is it just me, or does no one give a damn about this fandom anymore? It's all Divergent and Maze Runner and Hunger Games and all that stuff, but people forgot about Percy. I love Percy so much, I'll never forget this fandom. But apparently everyone else is forgetting. What a shame, Percy went through Tartarus and SURVIVED, defeated Gaea AND Kronos, almost became a God, and yet apparently there are now over 5,000 fans in this club and it seems like hardly anyone mentions his name anymore. :( Posted 1 month ago
8xchristellax8 commented…
prob bc the series is over??? it is sad tho 1 month ago
Percy4eva commented…
Percy & leo are my fav if it makes you feel any better.... :) 1 month ago
Fangirl521 said …
You know what I just realized? don't monsters need, like, all of their dust to reform? Where is the smart demigod that just scoops up a bit of the yellow dust and puts it in a Ziploc bag? Where's that kid? Posted 2 months ago
Kaity253 commented…
idk 2 months ago
PiperMclean7732 commented…
I know right! I mean Annabeth (i think?) says that I'm just like then get a couple of ziploc bags! 2 months ago
olympianglory commented…
If you put dust of lots of different monsters in one bag, would it make a new monster? 1 month ago
Fangirl521 commented…
that's a terrifying thought, @olympianglory 20 days ago