First I am going to say non of these characters belong to me. They are all copyrighted to Rick Riordan.

Chapter 1


First of all this spy thing was not my idea. When Carter suggested it I even laughed. We might just as well announce our existence because if we are caught spying we look like we have a hostile intent. I laugh quietly to myself as I stalk the three demigods through the streets. I heard them refer to themselves as demigods. I think it seems a touch ego-istical to me. Anyway they creep through the streets of Brooklyn warily. I follow them cautiously. Then they stop at a door. Another shadowy figure slips out. They begin a heated conversation in whispers. I am too far away to hear it but I bet it's full of the information that Carter wants. Too bad i'm not willing to put myself at risk to get it. They begin to move again through the narrow streets. I follow wordlessly. Suddenly the quiet is shattered by a roar. The figures split up and one of them pulls a pen out of his pocket. A pen! What can a pen do against a monster? Recklessly I throw myself out of te shadows towards the fight. I pull my staff and wand out of the Duat and prepare for combat. Calling out a word of power I shoot the creature in it's massive chest with a bolt of pure energy. As it goes down I see it's humanoid build and it's one eye. A cyclops! How can it be a cyclops when cyclopses aren't in tthe egyptian ledgends? Calling out another word of power i point my wand in the direction of the "demigods a hierogliph appears in midair. A watery blue light shimmers in front of them. Then I tap my magic reserves but find them perilously low. There is energy left for just one more spell. "Ha-di" I yell and as the energy of the spell drains for my body the world goes black and I pass out.
It's short but the others will be longer. Hope you like it please comment.