1) Be considerate. That means there will be NO POSTING of any inappropiate, violent, or hurtful things in comments, links, videos, images, forums, articles, picks, quiz questions, and answers. If you truly feel the need to intentionally hurt someone's feelings or say something vulgar, do it through Fanpop messaging or better yet, DON'T SAY ANYTHING MEAN AT ALL. That kind of rude behavior does not belong on a public fan club. The golden rule of kindergarten DOES INDEED apply here:


2) No plagiarism. DO NOT steal anyone's links, articles/forums, or pictures/videos. They may have worked very hard on getting it there and for someone to pass their hard work off as their own is very hurtful and inconsiderate. Have some respect for the work of other people, and if you like it, admire it. DO NOT STEAL it.

3) Avoid repeats. This isn't always easy to do, you may be excited to get a link, video, article, or pick up and accidentally repeat one. It's happened to me dozens of times, but it is annoying. TRY to avoid repeating something, but like I said, don't stress if you do.

4) Contribute. If you think to yourself: "You know, someone really ought to change the club's ___________" [insert problem here. ie: title, description, icon, banner, etc.], please let me know. Also, I would love to know of anyone who continually posts spam or inappropiate/rude comments and such (in that situation, please send me a message, don't publicly post the complaint). Whether you post an article/pick/forum, or send me a message, I would love to hear feedback and what I can do to improve the club!

5) Spread the word. Tell your friends about the club! We can never have too many fans!

6) Most importantly: HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE CLUB.

Thanks again everyone! :-)