Ah, fan fiction... What can I say about fan fiction? Its a great escape when done properly, and perfect for those oh-so-long periods between books. So, for those of you who write these great escapes, there are rules, just like the rest of the spot, that need to be followed. If you'll kindly read below we will go over these simple, common sense rules, and then you can get back to writing!

1.Chapter stories should go in the forum. Short stories (one chapter stories/one shots) go in the articles. It is annoying having to search out articles to find the specific chapter you are looking for. By keeping chapter stories in a specific thread it is less confusing, less troubling, and a whole lot easier for people to navigate and find the chapters they are looking for.

2.Please use proper grammar/spelling. Nothing can bring you out of a story more than trying to understand what the author is saying. If you would like someone to review your piece for you to make sure it is virtually mistake free, or you just want someone to let you know if it sounds good, send me a PM.

3.No crossovers! Sorry guys, but Edward Cullen and Zoey Redbird have their own series' and their own fanpop spots, so please keep all non cannon characters far away from here, unless they are original characters. The only series' that should be included in your Heroes of Olympus fanfics are PJO and HoO. If you want to write crossovers, please visit a different spot or site, Fanfiction.net is a good place for crossovers! Any Crossover fics that we find will be reported.

3.NO LEMONS! No one wants to read a story about nothing but doing the dirty, so please save your lemons for another site. If Lemons are posted they will be reported. You have been warned.

4.Do not abandon your stories. I look at stories like children, abandoning them is wrong, and it is annoying to get into a story and never get to finish it because someone got lazy or bored. If you don't plan on finishing your story, then don't publish it.

5.Please put a rating on your story. We never know who is reading our stories. We wouldn't want a little kid reading something we wouldn't want Grandma to see, would we? Please use the rating system below:

YC- suitable for kids age 5 and up (No violence, bad language, or adult themes.)

C-suitable for age 10 and up (Mild violence, no bad language and no adult themes.)

YA-suitable for age 13 and up (May contain violence, and some bad language)

T-suitable for 15 and up (May contain violence, bad language, and some adult themes)

M-suitable for 17 and up (May contain violence, bad language, and adult themes)

6.Please use an informational form. Although creativity cannot be contained and is sometimes sloppy, please use a proper form for the informational part of your story (the part that lets everyone know what your story is about and all that jazz.) Please use the form given below. (This does not pertain to short stories, please see the form below the first one.)

Title: [Your Title Here]

Rating: [Rate your fan fic. here]

Type: [Please put what genre you think your story falls into, you can use multiple genres.]

Characters: [Please put the central characters here. If one of them is of your own creation put OC]

Synopsis: [Put a brief description of your story here, you don't have to give away the ending, but let people know what they are getting into]

Disclaimer: [So we don't get in trouble here, please give R.R. (or whoever deserves it) credit]

A/N: [Put your author's notes here. They can pertain to the story or they can be dedications]


Rating: [Please rate your story here]

Disclaimer: [Give credit where credit is due.]

A/N: [Put your Author's notes here.]

7.No bullying. This really pertains to people who comment on your story. If you comment on a story, please be nice, and if you insist on criticism make it constructive. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all! Violators will be reported!

8.Let us know when you publish a story or a chapter! Go to the wall and post a brief message to get the news out that your story is up! Don't be obnoxious about it though, don't spam or anything, one message will do it.

9.HAVE FUN! Your story is just that, yours. The whole point of fan fic (in my opinion) is to have fun and get all those crazy thoughts out of your head. Don't let anyone push you around. You do not have to accept requests, you do not have a deadline for publishing, and there are certainly no limitations (other than the ones above) on your story. If someone is trying to tell you anything different, report them or let me know.


Although nothing makes an author feel greater than having someone tell them what they like about a story, they still want to know how well the story was received by everybody. That's where ratings come in. You know how to rate an article, but when you post a chapter fic in the forum, there is no way to rate it. I've devised a system to let the authors of chapter fics know just how much you liked a piece. So, you know those emotes at the bottom of the reply form at the bottom of the page? Well, they are nifty little things. So my idea is that depending on how well you like a chapter in a fan fic you choose an emote that is equated with numbers on a rating scale (1-10.) The Scale is as follows.

1-Angry (the angry face)This is the worst rating

2-Sad (Has a frown...not the crying face)

3-Hmmmm (has a half frown)

4-meh (no smile, but no frown...straight line)

5-monkey (It's a monkey...)

6-smile (The regular smiley face)

7-big smile (The face with the big ear to ear grin)

8-cool (The face with the sun glasses)

9-kiss (The face with the puckered up lips)

10-heart (Self explanatory) This is the best rating

If you want to make an author feel especially happy, give them a prop. Use the comment prop, and let the author know what you like!

These rules are here to make our reading adventures fun, safe, and easy. I'm not trying to be mean, so please don't hurt me. If you have any complaints or you think I missed something send me a PM or post it in the comments. Happy fic'ing. Go. Read. Enjoy.