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I am going to write my own version of Mark of Athena. I hope you all enjoy it! I have titled my fanfiction as The Road to Rome.It is the same as Mark of Athena – only that I have changed the title so that it will seem more like a fanfiction and not like I am trying to write the actual book.

And I have gotten a point from the official mark of Athena chapter – Jason wearing the Praetor robes because it is necessary for my story.You’ll see why.

All rights for the Heroes of Olympus series belong to Rick Riordan and co.
All the names of characters,the setting of Camp Jupiter,the amazing mythical creatures and the character themselves are creations of the genious Rick Riordan. All credit goes to him!

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Chapter one:


Jason was nervously walking back and forth on the ArgoII, pondering over the things that had happened to him in the last eight months.

Waking up in the middle of a bus with a super-hot girl who claimed to be his girlfriend and a mischievious weird boy who claimed to be his best friend had been weird for Jason in the beginning. But eversince having returned from his first quest ever at Camp Half-Blood, Jason had grown to like Piper and Leo much much more than before. They were like a family to him now.They were the best side of the ordeal Juno had put him into.But unfortunately Jason couldn’t tell the same for the others at Camp Half-Blood. He still felt like they didn’t completely trust him. He hadn’t voiced his views out but he knew it. He couldn’t blame them though. Who would trust a boy who had come from another Camp belonging to another world(atleast to them as they had never known the existence of Roman demi-gods). But he didn’t care much about that part now.

Over the months, Jason’s memory had come back. He could, now remember every single significant thing that had happened to him back at Camp Jupiter. He remembered his friends Hazel,Bobby,Gwen,Dakota,his arch enemy Octavian and all his deeds against Jason. He could remember Reyna now. Reyna had been his co-Praetor.Jason remembered how they had worked together to bring down the Titans and how he had started to feel there was something more than just friendship between them. He knew that Reyna had the same thoughts too. But neither of them had spoken out their thoughts. They had both stood at the brink of starting a relationship. But then everything had been shattered. Jason had never gotten around to tell how he really felt about her. They had not even had any real relationship at all. But still the thought of meeting her made Jason anxious and a little guilty. Even if he hadn’t had any solid relationship with her, he was worried whether Reyna had other thoughts.

What if she hadn’t given up on him? But again,Jason thought he was being unfair in her case. How could he blame her for still liking him if that was what she did now?

But then, would his feelings themselves change once he saw her? He wouldn’t have been so confused if he hadn’t met Piper. Earlier on he had restrained himself and kept away from her knowing what she had seen was an act of the mist. But after their quest they had come closer. Jason loved Piper and Piper loved him back too. He could not leave her. They were on such close terms that everyone at Camp Half-Blood called Piper his girlfriend openly.

But he had doubts about how things between him and Piper would turn out if ever they managed to get out of the mess of the Giant war and what not? Would Piper accompany him to Camp Jupiter or will she ask him to stay at Camp Half-Blood? She had no problems there as she belonged there. But try as he might, Jason could never think of that place as his family. His true family was Camp Jupiter. That was were he had grown up, learned to fight, learned the ways of a true warrior, the place where he had been respected and honoured and loved by people. Camp Jupiter was his real family and he belonged there.

Apart from his messed up feelings about Piper and Reyna, Jason had a more pressing matter ahead of him. Going back home. He couldn’t stop getting worried about what will happen. Will they hear Jason and his friends out? Or will they attack once they see the ship itself? Would they accept him?

Leo had sent his message scroll – the modern one which he himself had designed but Jason doubted if that would prevent the Romans from attacking the crew.

Being the son of Hephaestus, Leo could create anything. Leo had been the mastermind behind the Argo II. They had worked months and months for this moment but as it came closer, Jason couldn’t help but feel soemthing was going to go wrong. He had dressed himself up in the clothes of a Praetor hoping that it will remind them more of what Jason meant to them. He didn’t want them to see him as someone different and panic. He wanted to be there in front of them as he had always been. He hoped that, this way they would hear him out. They would believe him. All he could do was hope for the best.

He turned around to see Piper,Leo,Annabeth and Rachel all looking as nervous as him.More people had wanted to come, but Annabeth had insisted that the ship alone was enough to make the Romans mistrust them without having about thirty people coming out of it. But she agreed on taking Rachel along as she might speak out a prophecy anytime.

Piper said, “Don’t worry everyone. Everything is going to be alright!”
As soon as she said that Jason felt a reassuring feeling. Ofcourse everything was going to be fine! He thought. But after a few moments even that feeling melted away as Piper’s charmspeak wore off.

Annabeth was muttering the plans to herself going through them again and again. Leo walked around in a crazy way checking if all the gears and other parts of the ArgoII was alright.Rachel just stayed quiet and stared out at the sky.

The size and grandeur of the ship worried Jason as much as they amazed him. What would the Romans make of that huge warship.Surely they weren’t going to take it friendly. But there was no going back now. They had to go face them now.It was the only way.Besides,Percy Jackson was there and Jason couldn’t help being worried of what would have happened to him there. If Percy was in trouble, it was Jason’s part to save him out of it. Only he could convince them Percy was no an enemy.
As all these thoughts went around again and again in his head, the ArgoII flew over a valley. At ones the horns sounded. His friends back at Camp Jupiter must have spotted them. Jason felt a mixture of excitement and panic. His stomach was twisted in a tight knot.

Leo made the ship descend down. They had planned to land near the river Tiber (which Jason had told them about). The ship slowly descened, suddenly things went completely wrong.