I woke up and yawned " Percy!" I yelled in his ear.

" What what's happening?!" he woke up with a start.

" Come on sleepy head" I said in a baby voice.

" Haha now why'd you wake me up" he said sarcasticly.

" You really think I dont know that you need breakfast Percy

Jackson" I said then dragged him to breakfast. I had milk, whole

wheat pancakes, and Aunt Jemima's syrup. " Percy" Annabeth

was behind us. " Hi Annabeth" I smiled.

" Hi mind of I borrow Percy" she smiled.

" Sure I was just going to practice archery" I left to the Archery

range and I went on a miny mission I was to find a way to

ambush the leader of the blue team. I finally decided to go in the

trees and throw rocks in the water to confuse them while leaping

through the trees. I found the camp and saw the leader I hopped

out of the trees and help my bow to he's throat " Got you" I

smiled. " Good job Sabrina your a natural" he said I climbed up

the tree again and leaped back to camp and I saw Annabeth

and Percy talking in whispers and I know its about me so I

stayed to listen. " Percy you can't tell Sabrina about the mission

you know that she'll want to come and we can't have her and

slowing us down" Annabeth said.

" You know she'll find out she will find a way to came we should

just let her before she try's something" Percy said at least he's

defending me. " No Percy you know we can't" she said I was so

mad I jumped out of the tree and Percy's eyes widened

" Sabrina I can explain " he said with sad eyes.

" No no explaining" I turned and walked away I am so going to

sneak out of camp to go on that mission.