Yes! I'm pretty sure I'm the first person to give an analysis of The House of Hades! *accomplished

So, to give you some sustenance for another year's wait, I've decided to analyze the book.

First of all, what the Hades was that ending? Literally. I'm pretty sure we all silently cried as we read it. Especially since the whole thing could've been prevented.

The most disturbing thing to me is a passage earlier in the book, on page 382. Percy is having a dream, and at the very end Gaea tells him "Enjoy Tartarus, my little pawn." Did she KNOW he was going to Tartarus? Or was it just an empty statement to scare him? I don't think Gaea can just know he's going to fall down into the pit. Annabeth wasn't even planned to go.

And what's this about Percy being a pawn? Gaea has said it since The Son of Neptune, and none of us know what she means. Arachne said it was a long, HARD fall to Tartarus. Being the loyal, noble Percy he is, I have a gut feeling he is going to protect Annabeth from the force of the fall, and break his back or something in the process. Either Annabeth gets hurt, Percy gets hurt, or they both get hurt. And there's no way he is letting Annabeth get hurt.

The Athena Parthenos. How is this supposed to kill giants? Do Athena's eyes light up and make stuff go boom? I sure hope so. And how is it supposed to heal the rift between the Greeks and the Romans? I mean, yeah, the Greeks will be happy, but why would the Romans be happy that something they stole got stolen back?

Piper and Jason. I am beginning to get the feeling that Piper is beginning to feel dissatisfied with Jason. He's too perfect, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. And Hercules said something about sons of Zeus/Jupiter. Two of Hercules's wives already died. I sense trouble for Piper, one way or the other.

Frank-Hazel-Leo Love Triangle: We all know Frank and Hazel made it official in The Son of Neptune, but she's beginning to stray towards Leo. I still think Frank and Hazel will remain a couple, due to the whole fire stick trust thing.

Nico, Nico, Nico. Words can not describe how much I hate him. All he does is pout, get captured, and tries to get sympathy for being just plain stupid. Enough about how much I hate him. Percy told him to lead the others to Epirus to close the Doors of Death. So a skinny goth kid is supposed to lead them now? Fat chance.

Plus, there's the whole thing with Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus. Nico was almost driven insane, which probably sums up the place for ya. We all know they are gonna make it, but I'm not sure at what cost.

Did you catch the whole thing with Leo's fortune cookie? By opening it, he saved to lives, Frank and Hazel. An eye for an eye. Save two lives, lose two lives. So maybe Percy and Annabeth will die after all???

*I will probably add more to this later, since I gotta go to bed. I hope you enjoy!