Anyone else wanna see some Calyspo action?
Read this first: I haven't read the Mark of Athena in a while, so if I quote a fact and it's wrong, please go ahead and tell me. These are my theories, so go ahead and state your own. Don't be rude just because you disagree with my theories, or someone else's.

We have about 7 months until the House of Hades. If any of you guys read Mark of Athena, then you were probably screaming and bawling at the huge cliffhanger. (What? Only me? Okay.) What I'm wondering is, what happens next in the series?

Obviously, Annabeth and Percy fell into Tartarus and are going to try and seal the Doors of Death on that side. RR confirmed Percabeth scenes. (Woo! :D)

Jason's probably gonna step up as leader now on the Argo, so we'll get to see if he leads the Argo to shi-, I mean, if he leads to Argo to close the Doors of Death on the earthly side.

What is the House of Hades? Hades mentioned it before, in the Last Olympian, if I remember right. This is what I got from the PJO wiki: The House of Hades is an underground temple in Epirus, Greece, dedicated to the god Hades and his wife Persephone. The mortal side of the Doors of Death is located in Greece, while the other side of the portal is entered through Tartarus in the Underworld.

More likely than not, they're going to have to battle a giant, god comes in to save them, something tragic happens, then bam. Horrible cliffhanger and another year of sobbing.

Who's going to be the god to save our heroes this time? My theory is that there's going to be a giant guarding each side. The House of Hades is a temple dedicated to Hades and Persephone, but hey, RR likes to tease us. It might be Hades to save the heroes, because Nico's now along for the ride. (He's still there with them, right?) I don't know. Even with Gaea threatening to destroy everything, I don't see Persephone giving any shits. Hades is the most likely choice to save them on the earthly side.

I think that Calypso's the one to save them on Tartarus's side. RR said that she's going to make an appearance soon, but he couldn't say anything else or it'd be too much of a spoiler. Maybe she ended up in Tartarus somehow? Calypso is the daughter of a Titan, and I think she's the goddess of noise or something, but she has an immortal status. Combined with the powers of Percabeth, you now have a defeated giant. (Calypso with Percabeth? Won't that make some lovely awkward scenes?)

Now, let's talk more about Tartarus. When monsters get sliced, where do they go? Yep, you guessed it. Percabeth's in for quite a ride.

Ready for the last topic? Remember when I said that Nico's apart of the crew now? I'm not sure what part of the prophecy this applies to, whether or not it's about defeating Gaea or just leaving together, but we don't have seven half bloods on the quest anymore! Including Nico, we have eight. I think that before they reach the House of Hades, or before they go and defeat Gaea once and for all, someone will die. Or Nico leaves, but I'm more stuck on the dying part. (An oath to keep with a final breath? Maybe that means something?)

What do you guys think? If someone dies, who do you think it'll be? Agree or disagree with my theories? Do tell :3