Hi my name is Grover Underwood and um... some say that you want to know more about me so here are acouple of thing you should know...
I am 37 in human years but 17 in goat years
I am a sytar
My full name is Grover Alexander Underwood
My best friends are Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chasse
My girlfriends name is Jupinier
My favorite foods and enchilatas and soda cans
My favorite color is green because it reminds me of the earth before nasty humans trashed it
My favorite pkace is either Camp Half-Blood or Lake Placid... their are some hot naids their but dont tell Jupiner that... she would kill me
My favorite book is the book of nature
My enemie is Peter Rabbit... he is a total jerk
I am now one or the cloven elders
I saw Pan with my own eyes but sadly I watched him fade with my own eyes
I hate Cyclopses (except for Tyson)
I almost go married to a Cyclops
I used to be a prtector that is how I met Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, Travis, and Conner
Some people said that i was not going to turn out to be anything and that I should get my tap shoes ready but look at me now
I love cans i hate meat
I faint a lot
I love flowers
I have faced some of the most dangerous monsters on the earth

If you want to learn anything else about me just leave a comment below and I will answer as quickly as I can