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Opinion by darange posted 7 months ago
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hello, this is my Dremcast for the Heroes Of Olympus Series, this is MY opinion, so your thoughts might be diffrent then mine but this is my list:

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman

Annabeth chase: Anna Sophia Robb

Nico Diangelo: Moises Arias

Thalia Grace: Kaya Scodelario

Piper Mcclean: Emma Roberts

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Bella thorn

Frank Zhang: Nathen Kress

Hazel levesque: Zendaya Coleman

Reyna: Vanessa Marano

Leo Valdez: Jake T Austin

Octavian: sterling knight

Jason Grace: alexander ludwig

coach hedge: Patrick Gallagher
Opinion by ALN07 posted 7 months ago
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So I found this on Tumblr:

"JEYNA: A juicy, wonderful, marinated steak with our chef, Rick Riordan, holding it two feet above your head and subtly telling you you'll never get it.
JASPER: A plate of sweet-and-sour chicken with the sweet being made of absolute cuteness and the sour being relationship problems.
FRAZE: An adorable cupcake with your favorite animal made of icing giving you puppy-dog eyes made of icing, until our chef puts a candle in it and "accidentally" sets the entire cupcake on fire when he misses the candle.
LAZEL: A very yummy chicken nugget that you just ache for more of.
PERCABETH: A very homey, familiar food, like chicken noodle soup,that is made delicious by spices that your friends added to it. Then our chef, again, comes over and says he forgot to add a spice, then proceeds to dump an entire bottle of vinegar into your soup, making it overflow onto the table, along with your feelings, as he watches you and your friends cry."
Opinion by PyroAA posted 8 months ago
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Alright, hello there peeps. It is I, PyroAA. Something for you all to note: I'm not exactly the most patient or nice person on earth, so if I seem mean or impulsive in this little rant of mine, I apologize. Now let's move on to the rant.

*WARNING: Probably contains spoilers.*

So, something I've noticed is that a lot of people don't like/despise/hate Jason Grace. And let me, as a fan of every single one of the Seven, point out as to why the reasons most of the fandom has given towards the topic of hating Jason Grace is RIDICULOUS. I'm serious. Majority of the reasons are so freaking stupid/immature. Let me give you a couple of examples, followed by my arguments/responses.

1. "Jason Is A Cheap Copy Of Percy"
Alright, let me tell you people this. Jason is NOT a copy of Percy. Obviously, there is a lot of prejudice going on with the Percy fangirls/fanboys. Jason is serious. Percy is sassy/funny/sarcastic. Yes, both Jason and Percy share traits - for example, both are brave. But come on, aren't ALL HEROES SUPPOSED TO BE BRAVE? Yeah, sorry, I had to use caps there. Annabeth, Frank, Leo and Hazel, they're all brave. Honestly, Jason is...