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Opinion by gwendiamond posted over a year ago
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Percy Jackson (He was born to play PJ)
'Sup fanpoppers! This is MY dream cast. Don't go making rude comments because I chose a particular actor/ actress that you don't like. Go make your own dream cast. Who's stopping you? Hope you like it!

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman

Annabeth Chase: Alexandra Daddario

Grover Underwood: Brandon T. Jackson

Thalia Grace: Paloma Kwiatkowski

Luke Castellan: Jake Abel

Jason Grace: Alexander Ludwig

Piper McLean: Lacey Chabert

Leo Valdez: Jake T. Austin

Hazel Lévesque: Kelsey Chow

Frank Zhang: Ryan Potter (Thank you to hatelarxene!)

Octavian: Sterling Knight

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Bella Thorne

Reyna: Kaya Scolendario

Tyson: Douglas Smith

Nico di Angelo: Name Unknown

Bianca di Angelo: Unknown (please suggest in comments)
News by leo_di_agelo posted over a year ago
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HERE IS MY POINT-I THINK LEO IS GOING TO DIE! THERE! I SAID IT( I just killed my self doing so but) I SAID IT!

sorry for making this so short but this all i could think of so far..

here is my proof-


Gaia said that she would get her revenge-
i know this doesn't count as much as she said that to everyone but she thinks that he is the one to die first. She has been plotting his death for much longer. what if this is because she knows that he is also the one to stop HER?! That would be an awesome scene and all but.. that would also mean that all the monsters would be mad... that is not good at all.

'an oath to keep till final breath'-
this is another obvious one because we are all scared of it. he swore on STYX! yet what if he died trying to rescue her? There are a billion ways for RR to make him die! The possibilities are endless!
Opinion by Spikegilfer1997 posted over a year ago
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(Derived from a youtube comment I made on CassjayTuck's HoH review.

Jason: Disliked
Piper: Disliked
Leo: Liked
Jason dealing with amnesia seemed to just be a way of saying Rick needed to iron out the character concept. Piper did not feel heroic in the slightest and her MacGuffin power did not help.

Percy: Liked
Frank: Borderline
Hazel: Borderline
How I felt about Frank and Hazel at the time, although looking back both are super badass, fighting giants and willing to die for the greater good respectively.

Percy: Disliked
Jason: Liked
Annabeth: Disliked
Piper: Disliked
Frank: Liked
Leo: Liked
Hazel: Liked
Percy's anger toward Leo felt completely unjustified, unlike Jason who actually lived in New Rome being calm. That and Jason's levelheadedness boosted him to number one in my book. Annabeth didn't feel like she had these great challenges for what is essentially her book. The MoA gauntlet was really easy, the ending had a spike in difficulty that left my uncertain about how I felt. That and she was giving the...