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Opinion by satigon posted over a year ago
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Ok so I get I left u at a total cliff hanger and all so I'm going to continue were I left off:

Benee had to go to the hosptital thing-o-bober, and stayed there for about 3 days. When she came out again tons of people thought she was daugter of Aphrodite (ya know cause she is so dang hot!). Her and percy don't get along to well though, I think he's jealious he's not the only one any more.

Anywho, I tried to get her attention a few times... setting fire to my hair, running around the Ares kids (not a good idea by the way. They have anger issues), hanging out with percy more, all in total failure. She barely even noticed me! I swear she is hotter then little miss ice demon (you have to read my other adventures to understand), in other words, WAAAY out of my league.

I thought about talking to Perce about it, but decided not to. Him and Benee argue about EVERYTHING! Its nuts. So I turned to Annabanana aka Annabeth. She said "Be yourself, then again, don't. You might scare her away before you get to talk to her." Thanks for the note of confidence annie. (Don't tell her I said that, or she will shove me in a blender!)
Fan fiction by annabeth_piper posted over a year ago
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Percy Jackson FIGHTS Polyphemus the Giant

Percy paces the purple carpet. Percy also known as Percy Jackson, pierces the crowd of purple toga wearing preators in New Rome; Camp Jupiter, sword in hand ready to pulverize Polyphemus if he dares to attack the Athena Parthenos, located in the Athena Pavilion. Besides him is his best friend Piper McLean, in her hand is her dagger Katopris. With the help of Piper, Goddess Persephone, & Lord Pluto/Hades Percy will push Polyphemus back into the pit of Tartarus! Or all 4 of them will pulverize Polyphemus, because you can only defeat a giant with a God's help! "I am Percy jackson" thought letter P. "destroyer of giants with a god's help! I will defend Camp Jupiter." I pray to my father Poseidon, to provide me with the Curse of Achilles. As I hear the giants approach panic runs through my bloodstream. I must perform this task in order to return to Camp Half-Blood; my home. "Will I pass this task? or will Camp Jupiter be left in ashes? Nope I will not let this camp die because of me!" I run to my...
Opinion by Alex13126 posted over a year ago
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Found this on Tumblr. If you don't like spoilers, don't read. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I managed to get this much from the australian google books link preview. I actually don’t know if it’s in order, but I’m pretty sure it is. I couldn’t get any more story from before or after the exert. I really don’t know if it’s true. I think it’s been hacked as I doubt this would be in it. Or maybe someone posted a fanfiction on a google books review? I also have no idea what the ‘1’ means. It could mean Rachel for all we know. This exert’s narrated from Jasons POV as well. But here it is. Please tell me what you think-

'Welcome to Salona,' Favonius said. 'Capital of Dalmatia! Birthplace of Diocletian! But before that, long before that, it was the home of Cupid.' The name echoed as if voices were whispering it through the ruins. Something about this place (…)

Jason had never thought much about Cupid. He’d certainly never thought of Cupid as scary. Even for Roman demigods, the name conjured up an image of a silly winged baby with a toy bow and arrow, flying around in his diapers on...