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gods Read the Demigod Files  swiftwater 595 68575 over a year ago
The End. : The Quest of The Staff of Earthly Delights  _Dmar5_ 1 105 over a year ago
The Patron of Death  i-am-evil 6 302 over a year ago
Magic's Journey  kkw1700 487 13115 over a year ago
House Of Hades  SonOfNeptuneJay 78 2667 over a year ago
Getting to know Spikegilfer1997  Spikegilfer1997 7 116 over a year ago
red vs blue: Rise of the AI  blackreaper17 2 261 over a year ago
Getting to know us  SamValdezLuv 9 215 over a year ago
The Protogenoi’s Assistant  son_of_cratus 1349 72690 over a year ago
Ask a Character Why (?)  Alex13126 8 446 over a year ago
Anaklusmus16's Heroes Of Olympus  anaklusmus16 1722 112839 over a year ago
The Son of Neptune  HecateA 3455 854197 over a year ago
The Travels  ConnerandTravis 4 664 over a year ago
what do u think tson will be about  othinnotodin 1 319 over a year ago
Drabbles 'N Stuff  AwakenShadow 15 945 over a year ago
The pull of the abyss. (Extremeriordan's HoH fanfic)  extremeriordan 13 442 over a year ago
The Worst Monster: highschool  flamemouth27 38 9475 over a year ago
duck duck goose of the gods  SamValdezLuv 2 121 over a year ago
Crazy Dimension  lovethegreeks25 2 293 over a year ago
dont read this. read the discovery its the same thing  SamValdezLuv 2 538 over a year ago
Stalker's Mark of Athena  icuSTALKER 310 21446 over a year ago
Percy, Hazel, Frank, and Reyna read The Lost Hero  annabeth397 7 634 over a year ago
Clarisse's Story - KatieK101  KatieK101 537 17000 over a year ago
The House of Hades By Karaoke_Leo.  Karaoke_Leo 194 42840 over a year ago
Cute Percabeth Moments.  falloutboys 3 633 over a year ago
The war is OVER. It's time to KICKBACK and ENJOY. ROLE PLAYYY!!!! :D join now ..this is gonna be FUN  percyposeiedon3 5 254 over a year ago
A Hopeful Future  fjclay823 41 4253 over a year ago
Greeks meet Romans ! Percy meets annabeth and Jason meets reyna !!!  percyposeiedon3 196 25765 over a year ago
Camp Jupiter Reads THE LOST HERO  JosephineSilver 66 3983 over a year ago
My Greatest Weakness  SeaBrat 5 168 over a year ago
Make Your Own Roman Hero  parras2 289 8486 over a year ago
The House of Hades 1  TheIceDemigod 35 35019 over a year ago
ʊ Calamity Clarisse ʊ  KatieK102 4 124 over a year ago
The Vanquished Heroes  shubham06 478 28464 over a year ago
HoO reads the MoA  Q_cake123 3 341 over a year ago
Everyone in the HoO series read the MoA .............for those who were interested i have already posted the first chappie .......sorry for the wait  lalalaudrey 6 1227 over a year ago
Rebellion-if Giea won  percyfan568 17 1017 over a year ago
A Summer To Remember  SeaBrat 2 174 over a year ago
The Mark of Athena by percyjackson25  percyjackson25 19 1042 over a year ago
Karma is a bitch, bitch.  leevan1207 7 786 over a year ago
The Ruins of Rome  LeosGirl 2554 81965 over a year ago
Kids and Demigods Do Not Mix  RomanGreekDemi 1 329 over a year ago
Hedge vs the Badger by Spikegilfer1997  Spikegilfer1997 6 254 over a year ago
What do you think will happen to Percy and Annabeth, will they survive the fall in the pit?  bieber-epidemic 6 597 over a year ago
WILL ANNABETH AND PERCY DIE- LILLY  bieber-epidemic 1 285 over a year ago
Pay- Per- Prophecy  maiden4ever 36 1712 over a year ago
The Son of Time  ontril86 567 25280 over a year ago
Percy In Medieval Period  shubham06 46 2647 over a year ago
Battle in the Darkness  snowflakes989 99 1718 over a year ago
HoO One-shot Contest. Enter now!  pjlover447 9 295 over a year ago
Camps read the PJO series  sonofapollo27 7 990 over a year ago
Mortals of Olympus  horse22133454 51 1367 over a year ago
New Dawn.  fjclay823 38 956 over a year ago
The Two Heroes [On Hiatus]  universalpowa 1824 137374 over a year ago
Camp Half-Blood changed my life (Jason Grace fic)  pjlover447 14 857 over a year ago
House of Hades Fanfiction  owllover911 10 2358 over a year ago
The Scariest Week Ever  LeoValdez 27 732 over a year ago
Universal's Heroes of Olympus/ Book 3- The Doors of Death  universalpowa 2634 173569 over a year ago
AWESOME things !!!  wildchild_rids1 1 335 over a year ago
Mythology Parody  jesalp15 1 274 over a year ago
talk  oracleofdelphi 7 269 over a year ago
Welcome to Paradise  pjfan1 5 170 over a year ago
Camp Half-Blood RP  LORDCHAOS 0 216 over a year ago
The House of Hades  KillerPotato_XD 11 10654 over a year ago
Rest of our lives  puggyluv17 300 16458 over a year ago
A Challenge for you...  Blaze_of_Ares 7 357 over a year ago
Percy and Dora the explorer  ihatekronos123 8 307 over a year ago
My version of "The Mark Of Athena" Closing the forum  virtus 203 30864 over a year ago
The Son of Hectate  PJrocks 100 3453 over a year ago
Unexpected  percabeth13 203 8807 over a year ago
I'm Parker Levine. You should be worried.  KatieK102 5 802 over a year ago
Camp Half-Blood rp  LORDCHAOS 1 66 over a year ago
Preyna Fanfic?  precious211 46 5452 over a year ago
NC42`s Epic Short Stories  nicecatch42 78 3576 over a year ago
Welcome to Tavian Wonderland!  8xchristellax8 41 2049 over a year ago
The House of Hades by _Ares2002_  _Ares2002_ 3 432 over a year ago
Secret  Lt_Pupster 50 2633 over a year ago
The Heroes of Olympus(Switcheroo) My Version  Nicolicious 14 257 over a year ago
The Forbidden Child  Kikat13 36 1098 over a year ago
Create your own demigod or immortal!!  humblesith 8 1388 over a year ago
Nico's Blog  Perseus54321 248 15516 over a year ago
THE ROAD TO ROME (My version of Mark of Athena)  Reyna4ever25 375 33444 over a year ago
Demigod High  ChildofZeus97 43 2753 over a year ago
Camps read Mark Of Athena  i-am-evil 11 603 over a year ago
The experiment  Emil5634 334 12896 over a year ago
Black Rain(MOVED TO CROSSOVER CLUB)  jace-lightwood 199 9202 over a year ago
Broken  FallenWings 8 347 over a year ago
The Broken Oath's  anaklusmus16 2613 218126 over a year ago
Alex Mitchell: Lost Child of Hades  Jasonfan44 71 4561 over a year ago
the unknown hero  darkrai6543 1192 42017 over a year ago
The House of Hades  kgirl925 41 8140 over a year ago
demigod predator  rjain 481 43666 over a year ago
House of Hades, Atlanta style  seaweedbrainsis 37 3567 over a year ago
When Death meets Love  percabeth_forev 17 1252 over a year ago
The Daughter of Ares  maiden4ever 6 723 over a year ago
JosephineSilver's Mark of Athena  JosephineSilver 87 2636 over a year ago
Sweet Revenge  GoRgOnxx 7 2543 over a year ago
Your own Demi-god  WiseGirl8900 35 1210 over a year ago
Continue the story (GAME)  SaturdaySurpris 0 1020 over a year ago