The Heroes of Olympus SoN my version!!!

RachelDare14 posted on Jun 19, 2011 at 06:56PM
Hi everyone!

This I what I think the next book could be like! All characters except Danny Craig, Lizzy Atkinson and maybe more, go to RR.

Percy Jackson:Poseidon
Reyna Colt:Mars
Dakota Morris:Bacchus
Bobby West:Mercury
Hazel Adams:Minerva
Gwen Forest:Venus
Danny Craig:Apollo
Lizzy Atkinson:Vesta
Abigail Moss:Vulcan
Cally Oldman:Juventa
Genevieve Saunders:Sybil/Oracle
Annabeth Chase:Athena
Thalia Grace:Zeus
Jason Grace:Jupiter
Piper McLean:Aphrodite
Leo Valdez:Hephaestus

Also this story will be going along at the same time as Jason and co are on their quest. So they won't feature much except in dreams.

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over a year ago athena305 said…
Can't wait!
over a year ago RachelDare14 said…
Chapter 1

Percy PoV 

I woke up in the middle of a big, dark tunnel with a golden sword pointed at my neck. 
    "Di Immortales! What is wrong with you?!" I cried. I mean, can you blame me for that?
     "State your name and purpose at Villa Romanus!" said a girl with a golden helmet. 
     "I'm...I'm... I don't know who I am?! Who are you?" I whispered. 
      "Reyna Colt, daughter of... Wait what?! You don't know you you are?" the girl replied. 
      "No. I can't remember anything about who I am, where I am or how I got here. Where am I?" I tried to explain "and why did you say daughter of and then just stop?"
      "Never mind. You will come with me now to be tested by Lupa at Villa Romanus" Reyna ordered. 
       "Villa Romanus?? Lupa??" I wondered what on earth she was talking about!
       "You shall see when we get there. Now walk!" she demanded.
        "Yes Miss!" I murmured under my breath. 
As Reyna marched me through the tunnel I thought about what I had said earlier about not knowing anything and I realised it was completely true. I knew nothing. All I could remember was a beautiful face. She had grey eyes and wavy blonde hair. But when I tried to remember her I got a piercing pain behind my eyes. Before I knew it we broke through the end of the tunnel and into the daylight. Standing before us was a massive Coliseum and I almost stopped right there but Reyna kept frogmarching me all the way into the 'camp'.  

Well, here goes. Enjoy and any advice will be very welcome!
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over a year ago precious211 said…
big smile
hey this is very good!!!!!!
post soon!
over a year ago dezzypoo said…
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that was AWESOME post soon
over a year ago RachelDare14 said…
Thanks guys! I'll probably post later today because it's 5am at the moment.
over a year ago athena305 said…
Love it!
over a year ago LeoValdez456 said…
what country do you live in because where i live two hours ago was 2:22 pm!
over a year ago LeoValdez456 said…
btw its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Awesome it's 4.29 where I live. It's all so confusing because you get people saying it's like summer break for them when it's like winter for you.
over a year ago green-art-ac-pj said…
It's awesome!! Oh and wanna no what times it is?? I'll
Say military

00:12 am early huh? 12: 12
over a year ago Emil5634 said…
That was good Rachel!
over a year ago RachelDare14 said…
big smile
@LeoValdez456-I live in England. You?
@Every1 else-thanks so much fir reading!

Chapter 2
Percy PoV

Suddenly a boy with floppy, brown hair came jumping up to us yelling "Hey Rey Rey!! You got us a newbie we can prank, I mean train?!"
       And to this Reyna grinned and said laughingly "Yes Bobby, I might've got us a new half-blood and please don't embarrass yourself in front of him!"
      I had to but in there "Wait! Half-blood? What does that mean?"
      The boy called Bobby sighed. "Reyna! You didn't even explain the basics?!"
       "Well I was a little busy wondering why he was in the tunnel with no memory!" she retorted. 
       "No memory! Wooah! Anyway newbie, by half-blood we mean half human, half-god. Isn't it awesome" Bobby explained. 
       "So you mean like, Zeus, Athena, Poseidon and Ares?" I said. 
      "No! The Greek gods faded away ages ago because their weak," he said it like like he thought there was nothing worse than Greek gods. "And the roman gods took their place. So we mean Jupiter, Minerva, Neptune and Mars," explained Reyna. "Anyway Bobby I'll see you later I need to take Mr Amnesiac to see Lupa."
      "Well, good luck newbie. You'll need it!" Bobby yelled as he ran to what looked like a massive stable block. 

Reyna PoV

After Bobby left the kid looked worried and said to me again "Who's Lupa? Please tell me this time!"
     "Lupa is our camp co-ordinator. But when we meet her don't show any weakness or fear because, well, she's been known to eat half-bloods she thinks are weak," I explained
       "Eat! What type of person is this Lupa?!" he yelped. 
As he said this we rounded the corner into Lupa's den. She was currently talking to Danny Craig the show-off son of Apollo. I mean seriously, he thinks he's sooo good just because he's never missed a target but to be honest when it cones to capture the flag the Mars cabin cream them all the time. 
       "She's a wolf!" I muttered as Danny bowed and marched out. "Now bow you idiot!"
       "What?" he whispered back as Lupa turned around. 
        "Never mind. It's too late now. Just remember no weakness!" Honestly was that boy deaf or something! Suddenly Lupa started snarling at the boy and growled "You don't belong here son of Poseidon!"

Well 1 more chapter for you!
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over a year ago Emil5634 said…
big smile
That great:)
over a year ago Emil5634 said…
Oh you live in england! That's why your usually in when i am;) your only an hour behind me;P Cool
over a year ago RachelDare14 said…
big smile
Yep only an hour behind! Thanks for the comment!
over a year ago green-art-ac-pj said…
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Its awesom and Enland?? Wow, I'm just in lousy Cali
over a year ago blakerose12 said…
Omg I loved it !! ur a good writer !! Nice chapter and you live in england that's so cool I always wanted to go there I live in L.A. Boring compare to where you live :DD
over a year ago PersesJr said…
Are u British cause am one,by the way bloody chapter
over a year ago RachelDare14 said…
big smile
@PersesJr-I am British

Chapter 3
Reyna PoV

Son of Poseidon? What does Lupa mean? Why didn't she say son of Neptune? 
        "Son of Poseidon? Don't you mean Neptune Lupa?" I asked. 
Lupa paused "Of course child just a slip of the tongue." a slip of the tongue? Lupa never makes mistakes. "Now why did you bring this child here? You are supposed be on guard duty are you not?"
       "Well,yes Lupa. I was patrolling the tunnel when there was a bright flash of light and when it went, well he was there unconscious so when he woke up I brought him to you." I explained. Suddenly the boy interrupted us 
         "Excuse me. I am still here. What are you going to do to me? And what did you mean by son of Poseidon? Am I actually a half-blood?"
Oh gods! Was he actually stupid enough to interrupt Lupa and I! I mean I did warn him about the eating. Didn't I? Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Lupa pounce!

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over a year ago green-art-ac-pj said…
Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Why!!! That waz....interesting slip of the tongue wow Lupa ur smart,
Post mire more more!!
over a year ago PersesJr said…
over a year ago bstras said…
I love it! Fantastic. Brilliant. One thing I'm going to critisize is that your chapters are so short, and if you have short chapters you want to post at least twice in the same 24 hours. Plus it's summer (unless it's different in the U.K.). That's all really. One really good thing is that you have really good grammar which makes it look more "proper" and more "book-like". Keep up the good work.
over a year ago PersesJr said…
I love fish and chips
over a year ago green-art-ac-pj said…
What the that waz random

over a year ago ajatashatru said…
keep up the good work.And post regularly:)