The Heroes of Olympus ☛The Mark of Athena☚

kgirl925 posted on Oct 04, 2011 at 03:31PM
Title: The Mark of Athena
Rating: erm... like 12+
Main Characters: Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Reyna, Leo, Piper, Frank, Hazel
OC: none yet
Synopsis: [in progress and may never come out :P]
Disclaimer: All rights to Rick Riordan
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over a year ago DaughterofEris said…
At least that prophecy rhymed!

Post Soon!
over a year ago poseidon_4evr said…
Ahhhhh!!!!!! I can't wait!!!! POST POST POST!!!
over a year ago darkrai6543 said…
good story
over a year ago kgirl925 said…
^^ IKR! it took me like 15 mins to write the chapter, but 10 mins just for the
so i guess it's 3 more people....ooooo
over a year ago poseidon_4evr said…
Mine counts right?^
over a year ago kgirl925 said…
next chapter will be LEO pov!!!
sorry Percy, taking a break from you
over a year ago kgirl925 said…
here is what i call an "extra".

[note. This is Narrator pov.]

“Hera! You are horrible! I wish I never had you as a wife! Snooping around and helping those pesky demigods – that just proves you don’t trust me, woman! I can handle this. The demigods will not help. Olympus must be closed, and those demigods must not receive any more help from us!” Zeus yelled.

“You do not understand the true meaning of family, Zeus. The Greeks and the Romans have now successfully combined, but they still need further guidance. We can only kill a giant by working together with them. You know that.” Hera said, standing her ground.

“Yeah? Well perhaps this time is different. I have sent Artemis, Apollo and Ares to hunt down all monsters that may join Gaea’s side. This time, we will not fail. This time, we do not need the demigod’s help. They are just little monsters that get in our way. You have gone over the edge, Hera. Sending little Percy Jackson to the Roman camp and my son to the Greek camp has already made me very angry! You dare make me angrier? And plus, you’re known for hating demigods, so why help them? ” Zeus said, and lightning crashed down.

“If you do not allow me to help them, Olympus will fall. I’m just jealous of them – I can’t have affairs with mortal men because of you, stupid. You will surrender to Gaea and you’ll have no chance to get angry at me. Are’s counterpart, Mars, has realized this. At least he’s smarter than you. Perhaps it’s time to trap you in a net again. I’ll see on working about that.” Hera said, and disappeared in smoke.

so, i hope you enjoyed that little piece. again, it's not a chapter but it's what's going on while the main characters are doing their own thing (do you get that?)
ADIOS! still not 8 comments total from different people, so I guess tomorrow (if I can) or the day after.
over a year ago lolipop426 said…
big smile
Thank you that was awesome post again soon! (are you going to put the extras on your story too?)
over a year ago bornhuntress said…
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Omg!!! Just caught up!!! This is amazing!!! Love It!!! U have real talent for writing and hooking people up!!! Awesome story! And thank for posting about the MoA because the cliffhanger that RR made was killing me!!! Post soon!!!!
over a year ago unknownquestion said…
YES PERCABETH WILL PREVAIL!!!(( I was catching up on comments) and by the way cute extra and and past posts and seriously in gone a few hours and I come back to 4 new pages!! I was Like woah... * read * yeah anyway we finally decided on a movie :( twilight won :( well sorta now we have to hand put permission slips and junk like that. Post soon and I just realized you say adios or ciao on alot Ot your comments maybe I should come up with a trademark word Or signature... How bout this?

over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^oooooooooooh, intense signature lol
Those were awesome chapters. I love how you brought in the Labyrinth
I posted on JLP (Jason leo piper read the son of neptune)

over a year ago kgirl925 said…
twilight? the first one? :0 a lot of people like it
lol intense signature! i agree, nicecatch! AWESOME gonna see right after i psot this
let's have a look...
BAI-BAI! until next time, people! (next time, meaning tomorrow) LOL
over a year ago unknownquestion said…
For second I thought you said bye bye but nope all well see ya later until next time when you post


P.s. Sorta mysterious now that I look at it
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Awesome chapters
over a year ago deathtothefake said…
did you write this or just copy from the mark of athena?
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago deathtothefake said…
did you make this up yourself or just copy mark of athena?
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Huh the mark of Athena how can she copie that it's not even out till next year
over a year ago Thepegasusrider said…
nice story and kgirl925 we are the same I am also studying 3 exams for tom.
over a year ago saffroney said…
big smile
nice chapters,
cya 2morrow :P
over a year ago arcrylicgal said…
POST POST POST POST ! i just woke up ... -.-
SEE HOW YOU GOT ME HOOKED KGIRL!?1 dont let me down!
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over a year ago kgirl925 said…
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XVI: Leo

LEO WOKE UP to see Piper's eyes stating at him. Piper backed away with shock, and Jason laughed.

"Leo, you passed out!" Jason said. "Piper was trying to charmspeak you to wake up and just as she was about to start you woke up."

"Had a dream." Leo grumbled. 

"About what?" Piper asked.

"Leon...some kind of giant." 

"I've heard of him." Jason spoke up. "He isn't exactly the most powerful one, but after all, he is a giant. But his name isn't Leon, in English it translates to Leo..."

"Great. So it's Leo VS Leo, huh. Well, what are you guys waiting for? Let's get on this quest already." he said.

A girl in a purple cloak came in, and she gave Piper a murderous look. "Jason, you ready yet?" she said.

Jason turned to look at Piper and Leo. "Let's go then."

As they walked towards the ship, it was awkwardly quiet, until Leo remembered something.

"Guys, we have to bring Grover with us! I just remembered...."

"Why?" Jason frowned.

Leo shrugged. "Hera told me so. So what is it? Do you know where he is?"

Suddenly, a voice whispered behind them, "He'll be coming to you."

Jason jumped in shock, and they looked around but no one was even close to them.

"Someone's stalking us." the girl in the purple cloak said. "I can feel it."

They looked around yet again, but there was no one there. Leo had the strange feeling it was Annabeth's voice. But why would Annabeth be following them?

Will finish later
over a year ago ninjagirl77 said…
good chapter! post soon!
over a year ago darkrai6543 said…
awesome, post soon!
over a year ago kgirl925 said…
I just did the math...if you read above "chapter policies"...
Turns out I still owe you guys 3 chapters....
They will come in good time! Like this afternoon...or tomorrow afternoon...but I will make up for it!