The Heroes of Olympus Olympus reads the Son of Neptune

kgirl925 posted on Oct 05, 2011 at 09:36PM
All rights to Rick Riordan (duh)
Hope you enjoy!

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. I can't believe this forum is like...3 years old now. How is that possible?! *feeling of nostalgia washes over me*
Anyways, end of my rant. here are a few lil' things to keep in mind while posting/reading this forum:
1) Uh, this is more like a random PJO community / occasionally post chapters forum now. So, anything PJO related is welcome.
2) People have asked me if they can post links to their stories here. A year ago I probably would've said no. But looking at the circumstances now, SURE! Go for it (: just don't spam the whole forum with links to your stories. If you want, send the link to me and I'll put it in this description.
3) ANYONE CAN POST CHAPTERS. As long as it's in chronological order. eg. You can't just go from a Percy arriving at Camp Jupiter to Percy saving the eagle. Follow the immediate next paragraph that they will read (: No length requirement or whatsoever, 'tis all fun

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over a year ago myth-freak214 said…
oh.okay. sorry for the trouble.

By the way, I just got the son of neptune yesterday, and finished it today.

BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
i guess no one is posting
so ill post
i need a break from my forums
ill do half of the first chapter?
over a year ago kgirl925 said…
cant wait
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
lol thanks REAL kgirl
srry i didn;t comment on ur forum yet
been kind of busy

and i can only post like 1 page of the actual book
but it will be good
over a year ago kgirl925 said…
lol, lol
does that make sense? lol, lol?
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
maybe we should do it by the page
so each person posts by pages, not by chapters
it will be easier for everyone
over a year ago unknownquestion said…
Perfect sense (lol) I her these type of forums are hard to do so good luck
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
Chapter 2
Before long, Leo, Jason, Piper, Thalia and Nico had gathered around the book, which was in Leo’s hands.
Leo opened his mouth to read the first words when there was a freaky flash of light.
Jason blinked repeatedly, and Piper did so too.
“Wow, you guys are flirty…” laughed Leo, but no one laughed with him, because standing right behind the fire-user were 12 immensly huge figures.
Leo sighed.
“Please don’t tell me the gods are behind me.”
“Ok, I won’t tell you…” muttered Nico.
Leo growled and turned around.
“Aaah, if it isn’t my super natural extended family. Come have a seat!” he said exasperately.
“Do not joke, Leo!” snapped Zeus. “We are here to listen to a story!”So story time for the all-powerful gods began.
Leo read the first sentence.
The snake haired ladies were starting to annoy Percy.
“Thank you for the exaggerated introduction,” muttered Nico sarcastically.
“Shut up!” hissed Jason.
They should have died three days ago when he dropped a crate of bowling balls on them at Napa Bargain Mart.
“Who goes to Napa?” asked Piper, clearly mystified. “I go to Wal Mart.”
“Well,” shrugged Hermes. “I shop at Napa quite frequently.”
“Why?” asked Zeus.
“Well, they don’t have security cameras, so it is REALLY easy to st-“
Apollo snickered and Athena groaned. Leo continued with the story.
They should have died two days ago when he ran them over with a police car in Martinez.
“I wonder how he got that car…” muttered Thalia.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure the cop was too busy with his doughnuts to realize it!” joked Apollo.
Surprisingly, no one laughed.
“What? You don’t get it? Cop, doughnuts?”
“Your hopeless!” snorted Hermes.
They definitely should have died this morning when he cut their heads off in Tilden Park.
“So basically Perce is dealing with ladies that had predators in their hair, but they were squished by sporting equipment and flattened by a car, and then they lost their heads? Doesn’t sound so bad!” analyzed Athena.
Everyone groaned.
No matter how many times Percy killed them and watched them crumble to powder, they just kept re-forming like large evil dust bunnies.
“Interesting comparison…..” muttered Jason.
“Don’t laugh!” lectured Poseiden. “”Large explosive dust creatures are very deadly!”
The other gods nodded in agreement. So they had met with this terrifying creature.
He couldn’t even seem to outrun them.
“Yeah, you can’t even outrun me!” snickered Thalia.
Grover emerged from the trees.
“Shut your trap, Grace!” he laughed. “Percy has beaten you in 1037 races, not counting swimming ones!”
Thalia blushed.
He reached the top of the hill and caught his breath.
“Wow! Fantastic! I didn’t know that was scientifically possible!” cried Athena joyfully.
“What?” asked Piper.
“Catching your breath!” she cackled.
Everyone looked at her blankly.
She shook her head.
“You don’t get it! Breath is a gaseuous substance, therefor it has very miniscule physical structure, making it impossible to hold. But Percy here has defied the laws of science by actually catching his breath! I should write a paper on this!”
Hermes stared at her.
“Get a life!” he snapped.
How long since he’d killed them? Maybe two hours. They never stay dead longer then that.
Everyone looked pointedly at Hades.
“What?” he asked innocently.
The past few days, he’d hardly slept. He’d eaten whatever he could scrounge- vending machine gummi bears, stale bagels, even a Jack in the Crack burrito, which was a new personal low. His clothes were torn, burned, and splattered with monster slime.
“He can’t look handsome like THAT!” pouted Aphrodite.
Ares cleared his throat loudly.
He’d only survived this long because the two snake-haired ladies- gorgons, they called themselves- couldn’t seem to kill him either. Their claws didn’t cut his skin. Their teeth broke whenever they tried to bite him. But Percy couldn’t keep on going much longer. Soon, he’d collapse from exhaustion, and then- as hard as we was to kill, he was pretty sure the gorgons would find a way.
Everyone chorused,
“Curse of Achilles,”
Except for Ares, who chanted,
“Weakling Gorgons!”
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
well, sorry it was short and maybe lame, but i just wanted to get this thing started
over a year ago kgirl925 said…
k i think that's enough exclaimations to express how AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is. LOL
who is next?
over a year ago unknownquestion said…
Great job remember not to go word for word or else people get mad and copyright issues come in and lawyers and well not good things but doesn't mean I still don't love this;)
over a year ago Thepegasusrider said…
big smile
nice please post!!!!!!
over a year ago LeoValdez_Lover said…
I really like this idea and I loved the book. I am looking forward to reading the next chapter.
over a year ago darkrai6543 said…
good good. GOOD. GOOD!
over a year ago kgirl925 said…
Well, I did put all rights to RR but yeah try and like skip a word and use a comma instead idk but good suggestion unknown! (from now on I'm gonna call you that)
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
Love. This. :D
over a year ago lcrs50 said…
post, or i'll turn you into a dolphan.

okay, i did't spell that right, did i?

oh, well.
post it! i've allready read the book, so please post. please?
over a year ago GreekRULES515 said…
over a year ago parras said…
POST NOW! or later I don't care....or do i?
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
who is posting next? Glad u guy's liked it!
over a year ago bornhuntress said…
big smile
Cool! Please somebody post because this is awesome!
over a year ago Reyna_Praetor12 said…
yay! so i can post too?
over a year ago kgirl925 said…
big smile
Yeah! Of course!
over a year ago unknownquestion said…
Mansome comments from people are hilarious anyways post son

over a year ago darkrai6543 said…
and i have decided to hold a writing contest. anyone who wishes to nominate themselves or others will report to The giant war my version in the SoN club. it is writen by me, but please nominate!