The Heroes of Olympus Olympus reads the Son of Neptune

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All rights to Rick Riordan (duh)
Hope you enjoy!

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. I can't believe this forum is like...3 years old now. How is that possible?! *feeling of nostalgia washes over me*
Anyways, end of my rant. here are a few lil' things to keep in mind while posting/reading this forum:
1) Uh, this is more like a random PJO community / occasionally post chapters forum now. So, anything PJO related is welcome.
2) People have asked me if they can post links to their stories here. A year ago I probably would've said no. But looking at the circumstances now, SURE! Go for it (: just don't spam the whole forum with links to your stories. If you want, send the link to me and I'll put it in this description.
3) ANYONE CAN POST CHAPTERS. As long as it's in chronological order. eg. You can't just go from a Percy arriving at Camp Jupiter to Percy saving the eagle. Follow the immediate next paragraph that they will read (: No length requirement or whatsoever, 'tis all fun

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link anybody? kgirl thnx fr agreeing to continue!
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sorry it is short, I was tired.

Farther West, San Fransisco Bay glittered under a silvery haze.
“He is sooooo poetic!” sighed Aphrodite dreamily. Ares cleared his throat again.
“Ares, catch!” snicked Travis Stoll as he tossed a Halls pack to the God of War.
“Oh, I’m going to blast you with my-“ started Ares angrily, but Hermes finished.
“-bazooka?” he grinned, revealing the gun he ha stolen.
Ares sighed, defeated.
Past that, a wall of fog had swallowed most of San Fransisco, leaving just the tops of skyscrapers and the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.
“Zeus, tell your sky to stop swallowing ‘Frisco!” cried Annabeth harshly. “I prefer my hometown to stay away from god’s mouths, if you know what I mean!”
“10 bucks you aren’t even from San Fransisco!” teased Connor Stoll.
Annabeth smiled at him, like she knew something he didn’t.
A vague sadness weighed on Percy’s chest. Something told him he’d been to San Fransisco before. The city had some connection to Annabeth- the only person he could remember from his past.
Annabeth smiled triumphantly as Connor flipped a bill into her outstretched hand.
“Fake money, Connor!” exclaimed Hermes gleefully. “That is my boy!”
“That is illegal!” muttered Athena. “It clearly says in By-Law 134, State Law 46, and Regional Law 57!”
Annabeth frowned as the rest of them groaned.
“No, no, mom!” she snapped. “It is State Law 64! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!”
It was Zeus’s turn to cough loudly. Ares tossed him the Halls.
His memory of her was frustratingly dim. The wolf had promised he would see her again- if he succeeded on his journey.
“I guess he is not going to see you again, Annie!” remarked Leo. Athena beamed at the thought.
Should he try to cross the bay?
“Isn’t that a superstore?” asked a puzzled Hermes.
“No, that is The Bay. Percy is talking about the bay!” explained Athena.
“Say what?”
She groaned and got ready for another explanation.
“NO MOM!” cringed Annabeth. “I will explain!”
Everyone groaned again.
“Chill, guys!” yelled the daughter of Athena. “I am way quicker then my mother!”
She began her explanation.
“…………and that is the difference between The Bay and the bay!” finished Annabeth. Athena scowled,
“Daughter! How could you be so brief with your explanations?”
Annabeth looked ashamed. Neither mother nor daughter realized the boredom struck demigods and gods dozing off beside them.
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Awesome love the Athena and annabeth part and thanx for posting
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hey, hey! no insults! anyway its awsome! i still havnt read the son of neptune so if anybody has the link to it plz give!

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hey, guys. sorry i haven't posted. i lost track of what's going on and i've been so buys with hw and stuff, so when i get my book back and get the stupid home computer to work, i'll post.

again, i'm sorry.
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over a year ago chocolate10 said…
I'll post-here where we left off.
It was tempting
"Of course it was!" Leo said. "Why wouldn't it be?! Gorgons or bay? I CHOOSE LIFE!"
"Shut up!" Piper said while throwing a rock at Leo.
He could fee the power of the ocean just over the horizon. Water always revived him. Salt water did the best.
"Well duh it does." Thalia muttered. (I forget is thalia here?) Annabeth scowled at her.
He'd discovered two days ago when he had strangled a sea monster in the Carquinez Strait. If he could reach the bay, he might be able to make a last stand. Maybe he could even drown the gorgons. But the shore was at least two miles away. He's have to cross an entire city.
"How exhausting!" Aphrodite exclaimed. "Well yeah running through a city isn't easy." Annabeth said. Aphrodite scowled.
He hesitated for another reason. The she-wolf Lupa had taught him to sharpen his senses-to trust the instincts that had been guiding him south.
"That's very good advise coming from a wolf." Athena said.
His homing radar was tingling like crazy bow. The end of his journey was close-almost right under his feet. But how could that be? There was nothing on the hilltop.
"Nothing on a hilltop.. that sound strange to anyone?" Leo asked. "No it's a hilltop." Piper remarked.
The wind changed. Percy caught the sour scent of reptile.
"Gorgons!" Annabeth shouted, achieving some eye rolls.
A hundred yards down the slope, something rustled through the woods-snapping branches,crunching leaves, hissing.
"HA! I knew it was gorgons!" Annabeth said proudly. "Nerd." Leo said under his breath. Athena glared at him.
for the millionth time, Percy wished their noses weren't so good. They had always said they could smell him
"That bad, huh?" Leo said. Annabeth through a rock at him. "Hey!" Leo said rubbing his head.
because he was a demi-god - the half-blood son of some old roman god.
The place was filled with laughs all the suden. "Wow, bet you're glad to hear that!" Leo said. "But they're all old!" Jason said. The gods huffed. "Not that old...."
Sorry I have to stop now! I have (GRRRR!) homework.
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hey i'm gonna try.....

over a year ago violalover said…
Percy had tried rolling in mud
"wow, he must be really dirty boy" said Leo "shut up Leo" snapped Annabeth "he lost his memory if you have forgotten. He doing his best he can"
[b]splashing through creeks[b/]
"wouldn't that just make his smell stronger?" said connor "omg, connor just made a intelligent statement. good job connor." said leo slapping him on the back. "it wont happen again i promise." said connor. annabeth and athena just rolled their eyes.
[b]even keeping air-freshner sticks in his pockets so he'd have that new car smell;[b/]
"now that's just stupid" said connor ans leo in prefect unison. "sorry annabeth, but i have kinda have to agree with connor and leo" said piper indigently. annabeth gave them an annoyed look while stifling a laugh.
[b]but apparently demigod stink was hard to mask[b/]
"i was just thinking..." started connor "oh, no. hes thinking again the last time he did that it did't end well." interrupted piper. "as i was saying" said connor glaring at piper "if demigod stench is that hard to mask, how hard is it to mask god stench?" "Hey, i dont smell" exclaimed Aphrodite "do i?" "i know who really smells... mister fish-face over here" said Hermes "I DO NOT SMELL!!!!!!! you better watch your *** the next time you go any where near the ocean Hermes!!!!!" Ares coughs again and Zeus throws the package of Halls back to him "you need 'em more than i do"
[b]He scrambled to the west side of the summit. It was too steep to descend.[b/]
"that must be a steep hill" said leo
[b]The slope plummeted eightyy feet, straight to the roof of an apartment complex built into the hillside[b/]
"sweet!" said connor
[b]Fifty feet below that, a highway emerged from the hill's base and wound its way toward Berkeley. Great. No other way off the hill. He'd managed to get himself cornered.[b/]
"o m g it's a hill. JUST WALK DOWN IT!!!!!!!!! i didn't think he was that stupid" "[b]HE'S NOT STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE'S I FRICKEN BUILDING RETARD!!!!!!!!!!![b/] now leo coughs and Ares throws the package of Halls to him with no comment.

sorry got to do homework. i might do another one tomorrow if you like this one. :D
over a year ago violalover said…
oops annabeth says "HE'S NOT STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE'S I FRICKEN BUILDING RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Oh, nice!!! Thanks for posting!!! Somebody please continue!!!
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post soon! and whats a package of halls????
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Halls are coughdrops
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