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All rights to Rick Riordan (duh)
Hope you enjoy!

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. I can't believe this forum is like...3 years old now. How is that possible?! *feeling of nostalgia washes over me*
Anyways, end of my rant. here are a few lil' things to keep in mind while posting/reading this forum:
1) Uh, this is more like a random PJO community / occasionally post chapters forum now. So, anything PJO related is welcome.
2) People have asked me if they can post links to their stories here. A year ago I probably would've said no. But looking at the circumstances now, SURE! Go for it (: just don't spam the whole forum with links to your stories. If you want, send the link to me and I'll put it in this description.
3) ANYONE CAN POST CHAPTERS. As long as it's in chronological order. eg. You can't just go from a Percy arriving at Camp Jupiter to Percy saving the eagle. Follow the immediate next paragraph that they will read (: No length requirement or whatsoever, 'tis all fun

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over a year ago percabeth13 said…
*Good morning!!!, here's my post*

" it's pretty late," Athena said. " we should rest up for tomorrows day of reading."

they all wandered out of the throne room and to their palaces ( demigods to their guest rooms)
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
Some one needs to write what happens overbite or something
We need to shake it up a little I mean sure half theeople reading are gods but they still have to sleep right?
It makes it more exciting
over a year ago MythicLover said…
Nice idea.....
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
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over a year ago Jasonfan44 said…
I will do the over night stuff. If thats okay with everybody else
over a year ago demigods4ever said…
that's fine just post soon!
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
Fine I'll post
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
You can do the dialogue here thx!

" goods morning everybody!" Apollo said as they all filed in the throne room the next morning." beautiful sunrise this morning, if I do say so myself."
" you would say that you being the god of the sun and whatnot."Artemis replied.
" hey it's not whatnot, it's poetry and song and medicine and red cows ( *and probably some other stuff too that I can't remember rite now*)
" hey let's keep reading shall we?" Athena said and picked up the book.

reyna stood . Se paced in front of the banners. Hr metal dogs watched her go back and forth. " even if you're not an enemy," she said," your not a typical recruit. The queen of Olympus simply doesn't appear at camp,announcing a new demigod. The last time a major god visited us in person like that..." she shook her head . " I've Only heard legends of such things. And a son of Neptune... Thats Not a good omen. Especially now." 
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over a year ago Jasonfan44 said…
Alright u do the SoN words and I do dialougue. Or anybody can to the SoN words

Nico got up and tried to run away again, but this time, Hades waved his hand. Over Nico' s seat was a black bar
" You are not leaving this time Nico DiAngleo!" Hades shouted at son. Nico sat back in his chair. "Guy," Nico said. "Swear on the River Styx you guys wont be mad at me!" everyone swore except for Annabeth, Connor and Travis(they were still 'missing'). Thunder rolled in the distance and Nico relaxed for awhile as Athena read.
over a year ago percabeth-bcz7 said…
big smile
haha.. i see why he wanted to leave :P please someone post soon!!!!!!! :D XD
over a year ago swimmergirl7 said…
Love It!!
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
whats wrong with neptune?" Percy asked." and what do you mean'especially now'?" hazel shot him a warning look
over a year ago dramaqueen1999 said…
I love it!! I could probably post soon, unless percabeth13 has something already.
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
I do but it's short.
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
Reyna kept pacing." you've fought medusas sisters, who haven't been seen for thousands  of years. You've agitated our lares, who are calling you a  graecus. and you wear strange symbols- that shirt,the beads on your necklace,what do they mean?"

" we'll..." Travis started.
" the first bead,the one with a trident was from his first year-
"when Percy was claimed by me!" posiedon interrupted Connor beaming with pride for his favorite son.
" the bead with the golden fleece is from his second summer when he saved me and clarisses butts from that cyclops." Grover said
"watch it!"clarisses growled
"and he saved my life by-"
" getting the golden fleece" piper interrupted Thalia as she remembered what annabeth told her in their tour of camp.
"yes" annabeth said " the bead with the maze on it was from when we travelled into the labarynth" 
"and we found PAN! Then he-he-he he died!!!!"
Grover exclaimed then started,Rachel and Annabeth went to comfort him because they were there(although Nico looked a little uncomfortable).
"two thousand years of searching and when we finally found him he died!" Grover said between sobs.when he finally calmed down, Clarisse said
"the last bead, the one with the empire state building, was from when we had to save the gods butts!"
"not true!" Zeus shouted.
"is too!"clarisse said. Zeus growled and reached for his master bolt.
" yes.yes.yes" ares chanted
"ok let's get back to the book alright?" Athena asked.
"aw,it was just getting good!" ared complained
"too bad" she said and started reading.

Percy looked at his tattered orange t-shirt. It might have had words on it at one point,but they were too faded to read.

"It said'CAMP HALF BLOOD' seaweed brain! " annabeth shouted through her tears." please remember camp, your friends, me! Don't forget me! " annabeth said as if no one was in the room she started to sob"I miss you. I'm dying inside with out you here next to me. You were the only one who I could count on to make me smile" she started rocking back And forth shaking with each sob. "I-I-I love you, sea weed brain " she whispered. "and not because of Aphrodite, or because my mom doesn't approve. I love you because you make smile when I'm having a hard day , I love your green eyes your messy black hair the way you hide us away at the bottom of the canoe lake with a bubble of air." she was still sobbing
"let's take a break ok?" Thalia asked and they all went on break.

( outside throne room)

"this is all your sons fault! If it weren't for your son annabeth would be happy"Athena glared at posiedon
"this isn't Percy's fault! It's aphrodites!"posiedon replied.
"how is it my fault?" Aphrodite asked.
"you made them fall in love!" Athena yelled
"they would have fallen in love on their own anyway. I only sped up the process.and besides didn't you hear annabeth? She loves him 'not because of aphrodite'."Aphrodite stated "if anyone to blame it Hera."
"" Hera demanded.
"you took percy to a different camp with out telling anyone! MY SON! You took him to a roman camp.ROMAN! What do you think will happen to him when they find out he's Greek?" posiedon thundered {sea god thundering? He- he funny} Jason was walking by and answered the question
"they might kill him. They don't trust Greeks."
Annabeth overheard what Jason  said.
"WHAT!" she shrieked new tears replacing the old dried up ones.
"oh, " Jason paled"annabeth how much of that did you hear?"

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn!
Got carried away with the dialogue
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over a year ago percabeth13 said…
Total cliff hanger! Hahahaha dramaqueen1999 you can post next!
over a year ago dramaqueen1999 said…
Really?!?!?!?!?! *cue Aphrodite squeal and jumping up and down from excitement* YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!


Oh, um...awkward!
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
post....this is sooooo addicting!!

someone post soon!
over a year ago dramaqueen1999 said…
AGH! I just spent an hour typing, and then everything disappeared!!! AFGHARGLOAHWRGLOHESORGHSERHGAOOUIDGOWERTRR­GAI­GJA­EPI­HRG­AIE­HUG­EAQ­IHQ­%IY­HJA­ERT­HNT­IN!­!!!­!!
over a year ago dramaqueen1999 said…
I'll still post though, probably tomorrow 'cuz my computer is evil and erased all that and i have to do it again.
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
Ok I trust that it would be good c
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over a year ago MythicLover said…
Cool wonder whats going to happen......
over a year ago dramaqueen1999 said…
Ok, im picking up where percabeth13 left off!

"She heard all of it, you ignoramus!" Athena fumed.
Everybody stared at her except Annabeth. "...what?" Poseidon asked.
"It means an extremely ignorant person, a simpleton," Athena supplied.
"...what?" Poseidon asked again. Everyone was still looking at Athena.
"Oh, you are the saddest bunch of thick-headed fools I've ever seen! Except you, Annabeth, dear, obviously. You really do not know what any of that means?" The "sad bunch" shook their heads.
"Ugh, it means an idiot!" Annabeth exclaimed.
There were a bunch of "ohhh!"s and one "HEY!".
"I thought it was a kind of dinosaur..." Poseidon muttered. Even Annabeth cracked a smile at this.
"Let's go read now, shall we?" Athena took advantage of the lightness of the moment. They all filed back into the throne room.

"Okay, everybody, I want to read!" Zeus declared it like it was a huge announcement.
"Um...why?" Hermes asked.
"Because...I am the god of the sky, lord of lightning, and KING OF ALL OF YOU! WHY SHOULD IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO YOU?" Zeus yelled with a blinding flash of lightning.
"I always said he should be the god of dramatic arts..." Poseidon murmured, but loud enough for everyone to hear.
"I hear ya, bro!" Hades hollered, shooting Poseidon with a finger gun.
Now everyone stared at Hades. "What...was that?" Demeter looked at Hades in disdain.
"Oh no....I have been contaminated with my son's infectious usage of modern day slang terminology! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he yelled, clutching his throat and falling to the ground.
"Uh...I guess you two can share drama..." Poseidon decided.
"I'm just going to read now..." Athena stated.
"What? No, but I wanted to read!" Zeus pouted.
Athena just glared at him and began reading again.
He should have thrown the shirt away
weeks ago. It was worn to shreds, but he couldn't bear to get rid of it.

"Awww!" Aphrodite cooed.
He just kept washing it in streams and water fountains as well as he could and putting it back on.
"Okay, I take back my 'Awww!'....Ewww!" Aphrodite shrieked.
As for the necklace, the four clay beads were each decorated with a different symbol. One showed a trident.
"Okay, is he seriously going through these? Right after we just did?" Nico asked.
"He didn't hear us go through them, Death Breath!" Thalia exclaimed.
Nico blushed.
Athena coughed. Suddenly, Zeus threw the Ricola package at Athena. "HA!" he exclaimed. Athena just glared at him again and kept reading.
Another displayed a miniature Golden Fleece. The third was etched with the design of a maze, and the last had an image of a building-the Empire State Building?
"YES!" all the campers with that bead hollered.
-with names Percy didn't recognize engraved around it.
"Um...he can't hear you..." Leo said sheepishly.
The beads felt important, like pictures of a family album, but he couldn't remember what they meant.
"I never thought about it that way..." Connor pondered. Everyone stared at him.
"A Stoll brother...thinking?" Nico burst out laughing.
"What? We are very thoughtful people!" Travis exclaimed.
"Yeah, and your dad has never stolen anything!"
"Point taken..."
"I don't know," he said.
"Not the first time..." Thalia muttered.
"And your sword?" Reyna asked.
Percy checked his pocket. The pen reappeared as it always did.

"THAT...IS...SO...FREAKIN'...AWESOME­!&q­uot­; Leo exclaimed.
He pulled it out, but then realized he'd never shown Reyna the sword. Hazel and Frank hadn't seen it either. How had Reyna known about it?
"Stalker!" the Stolls, Leo, and Hermes sang.
Too late to pretend it didn't exist...He uncapped the pen. Riptide sprang to full form. Hazel gasped. The greyhounds barked apprehensively.
"What is that?" Hazel asked. "I've never seen a sword like that."
"I have," Reyna said darkly.

"Ooohhh, mysterious..." Connor said.
"Like zombie cough drops!" Travis said.
"Dude, you brought those..."
"Oh, yeah...right..."
"It's very old-a Greek design. We used to have a few in the armory before..." She stopped herself.
"Wait...that Rain girl-" Dionysus started.
"Reyna," Athena corrected.
"Yeah, whatever. That Rain girl said that Greeks were old. Ooohh, does anyone else think that Aphrodite must have had some work done?" He finished, laughing.
Everyone one stared at him, and Aphrodite was absolutely fuming. Athena wisely kept reading.
"The metal is called Celestial bronze. It's deadly to monsters, like Imperial gold, but even rarer."
"Ooohh, that means I have an old, antique weapon-" Travis began.
"Almost as old as Aphrodite!" Dionysus interrupted, and then collapsed in another fit of laughter, narrowly dodging a stiletto whizzing past his head.
"Imperial gold?" Percy asked.
Reyna unsheathed her dagger. Sure enough, the blade was gold. "The metal was consecrated in ancient times, at the Pantheon in Rome. Its existence was a closely guarded secret of the emperors-a way for champions to slay monsters that threatened the empire.

"Blah, blah, blah..." Leo said.
We used to have more weapons like this, but now...well, we scrape by. I use this dagger. Hazel has a spatha,
"Say what?" The Stolls asked.
a cavalry sword. Most legionnaires use a shorter sword called a gladius. But that weapon of yours is not Roman at all. It's another sign that you're not a typical demigod.
"Well, duh! Percy is no where near normal!" Nico exclaimed. All of the half-bloods who knew Percy nodded.
And your arm..."
"What about it?" Percy asked.
Reyna held up her own forearm. Percy hadn't noticed before, but she had a tattoo on the inside: the letters SPQR, a crossed sword and torch, and under that, four parallel lines like score marks.

"Kind of like Jason's..." Piper pondered.
Percy glanced at Hazel.
"We all have them," she confirmed, holding up her arm. "All full members of the legion do."
Hazel's tattoo also had the letters SPQR, but she only had one score mark, and her emblem was different: a black glyph like a cross with curved arms and a head. Percy looked down at his own arms. A few scrapes, some mud, a fleck of Crispy Cheese 'n' Wiener, but no tattoos.

"Yeah, 'cause he is a Greek!" Clarisse yelled.
"Again, talking to the book..." Nico murmured.
"Shut up."

Okay, if you want I can continue after this!! Hope y'all like it!!
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
That was awesome I Relinquish the writing to you until you say otherwise dramaqueen1999.
over a year ago Jasonfan44 said…
Okay, I'll Post but I will take it back from Nico's perpestive on the break.. if that okay with everyone, then skip ahead to where DQ1999 stopped,okay.

During the break, Nico tried to pry off the black belt that was overlapping him. He even tried to use his powers to lift it. "Hazel," He muttered, eyes full of tears. His voice soothing and soft. The others, went to get food and whatnot. In the distance he could hear fighting. He wiped his eyes, as everyone came back.
"Yeah, 'cause he is a Greek!" Clarisse yelled.
"Again, talking to the book..." Nico murmured.
"Shut up."
"Why don't you make me? Huh?" Nico said trying his best to be a gangster in a seat. Everyone except Nico and Clarisse laughed. Hermes, Apollo, Leo, Connor and Travis, were crying and rolling on the floor laughing. Jason, Piper, Thalia, Annabeth, and everybody else, held their stomachs. "Oh, I WILL!" Clarisse shouted and ran, with Maimer. Nico cowered(or as much as you can cower while sitting in a seat) with fear. Nico dared himself to look up. What he saw was nice. Clarisse was in chains, far away from Nico. Nico happily sat back, and watched the amusement of Clarisse, trying to break her bonds. That amusement look, didn't last long............

If i can post that part, I'll be glad too. CliffHANGER HA
over a year ago the-time-thief said…
Hilarious!!!!!!!! Post soon! Love it.
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
You are good too so by a show of hands how many of you own a copy of the son of Neptune?
over a year ago Jasonfan44 said…
*raises hand* I lost it though.......................... SWIMMERGIRL YOUR EVIL CLONE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!! Post soon whoever, and try not to post dialgue to when Percy sees Nico, I have something planned for Nico...... *GRINS EVILLY* MUHHAHAHHAMUHAHAMUHAMUHAHUHAHMUHA
over a year ago percabeth-bcz7 said…
*raises hand* but.. im not very good at writing... if youre thinking about that... just saying.... :)

i reeeally dont mean to be poushy, since i dont write myself, but someone please post soon!!
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
I'll work on some tomorrow but I can't post till around 4:30...don't worry jasonfan44, I probably won't get that far...
over a year ago Zelda4Efas said…
*raises hand also* Yep, got it, it is swesome, but I wish i got the original cover art. Stupid people who provide my country with different coverarts. >_>
over a year ago swimmergirl7 said…
*wishes could raise hand* my dad doesn't believe in buying books."get them out of the library! How many times r u going to read it!" so annoying
over a year ago Zelda4Efas said…
Hah! my dad thinks so too, but my mum lets me get them luckily, when I finished he asked if we could sell it yet and I'm like "NO! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!" xD
over a year ago swimmergirl7 said…
Oh. Lucky u. My mom has her iPad so she doesn't care about regular books. I mean she reads them but...
over a year ago dramaqueen1999 said…
*raises hand* Yup, I have a copy! Normally my parents r like "Well if they have it in the library then why do you need it?" but I bought this one myself 'cuz I couldn't wait for 1) the library to get it and 2) the wait on the book ('cuz there was already like 45 days and it wasn't even there yet!)
over a year ago ImAnnabeth said…
hey its percabeth im not at home and its 5:30 here wow. sorry i havent posted yet im in the school musical and rehearsals just started so looks like there till 5 untill further notice again sooooo sorry :(
over a year ago MythicLover said…
I got it the day after it came out. I wish everyone can have one:(

I can post a paragraph from the book but no comments....
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
I'll post tomorrow I promise I'm so sorry I totally forgot! Rehearsals again tomorrow till 5 but I'll try to squeeze something in tomorrow morning or something...again I'm sorry.
I'd post now but it's 10 here and my dad thinks I'm asleep.

-yours in demigodishness,
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
I got it the day it came out. Finished it two days later. Now obsessing over mark of Athena.
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over a year ago percabeth13 said…
Jasonfan44, I hope you know that in the book nico is about 9 pages away....
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
"so you've never been a member of the legion.," reyna said."these marks can't be removed. I thought perhaps..."she shook her head, as if dismissing an idea.hazel leaned forward. "if he's survived as a loner all this time, maybe he's seen Jason

All eyes on jason... AGAIN!!!

she turned to Percy. "have you seen a demigod like us before? A guy in a purple shirt, with marks on his arm-"
over a year ago Piper_ofArtemis said…
rockin!! i have the book but i suck at wrighting... on the books thing, i buy just about any book i want for myself by saving up babysitting money... my parents dont get me books even tho my mom buys like 20 at a time (on sale) for her, my sis and grandma to all share. my dad doesnt really care... wow i have never been able to truthfully say that my dad doesnt care about something. this is awesome!! =) k, im out!!
over a year ago Jasonfan44 said…
Jason looked at his arm, along with everybody else. He looked from his arm and smiled sheepishly. "Why didnt you tell us?" Leo asked. "I didn't know!" Jason shrieked like a girl. "Dude, calm down you sound like a seven year-old girl, no offense." Leo said, choosing his words carefully. He didn't like passing out, and people punching him "I do not!" Jason protested, his face red as an apple. "You kinda do," Travis said, agreeing with Leo. "Wow TRAVIS agrees with someone other than Connor and his half-siblings!" Jason said, turning the attention away from him. Everyone, even Travis, laughed. "I do," Travis said, "Because I trust them.

over a year ago dramaqueen1999 said…
Haha i <3 it!! Im sry, i'll probably only be able to post on the weekends 'cuz im in the school musical too! And rehearsals just started running to 5 too!!! percabeth13- what musical r y'all doing??
over a year ago percabeth-bcz7 said…
big smile
haha! loved all that! please post soon!!! :D XD
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
Into the woods
over a year ago CalebChase said…
smeone post plz
post post post post
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
im thinking of starting my oun mark of athena.
what do you think?
and jasonfan44 and dramaqueen1999, i would love it if you would be my co-writers.
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
Click here link if you want to read my version of the mark of Athena!!!
over a year ago dramaqueen1999 said…
big smile
Into the woods? Fun!! OMG u r so sweet!! :):):):) If u r sure, i can definitely try to be your co-writer!
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
Thanks dramaqueen! Ps i'll call you piper because dramaqueen is her nickname. ( unless you have anything against me calling you that.) hey could you post the next part? That would be really helpfully.

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over a year ago Jasonfan44 said…
I could help too, when makin this account I meant Jason Derulo not Jason Grace, if you want call me the most awesomenest person ever......................................­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­. NICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S If you want
over a year ago alice20000109 said…
Post pleaz!
over a year ago universalpowa said…
someone post!!!
although *raises hand* i have the book....:P
over a year ago MythicLover said…
ANYONE can post even if your not good.....
over a year ago itsjustamonster said…
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sorry if any one was going to post. im new here and im not sure if its any good.

“Hazel.” Reyna’s voice tightened “Percy got enough to worry about.” “Like he would have a enough brain cells to remember how to worry.” Thalia whispered a little too loud. “So, so true.” Conner said through fits of laughter. “Shut up.” Annabeth muttered though she doubted anyone heard her. Percy touched the point of his sword and Riptide shrank back into a pen. “I haven’t seen anyone like you before, who’s Jason?” “he is!!” Leo stood up and pointed at Jason. Everyone tried to suppress their laughs. Leo looked around confused apparently he didn’t get that he just talked to the book again. Reyna gave Hazel an irritated look. “He is…he was my colleague.” She waved her hand at the empty chair beside her. Jason looked down sadly as if he remember sitting in that chair next to Reyna back when they were together. “The legion usually has two elected praetors. Jason Grace”- “he dosen’t get get the grace hint!” Thalia grinned “oviously not he lost his memory!” Annabeth snapped “Jason Grace, son of Jupiter was our other praetor until he disappeared last October.”

sorry if it is short i might not post any thing else soon but i'll try :)
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^ no it was good but u should try bolds and italics or underlines to make it easiar to read

and u do bold by [b ] and end what you want in bold with [/b ] without the space at the end of the brackets
for italics, use i and u for underline :P

thx :D

wow fail....i just did the bolds wrong by putting an "i"

fail for me.... XP
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over a year ago dramaqueen1999 said…
Hey! umm...ok im gonna post now...yeah...

Percy tried to calculate.
"Oh, no...this won't be good! Everyone, COVER YOUR EARS!" Travis and Conner jumped behind Nico's chair.
"You guys are mean friends..." Piper muttered.
He hadn't paid much attention to the calendar out in the wilderness, but Juno had mentioned that it was now June.
"You mean he's been gone eight months, and you still haven't replaced him?"

"He might not be dead," Hazel said. "We haven't given up."
"Good! HE IS RIGHT HERE!" Leo realized he was talking to the book again and his ears turned pink as he sat down.
Reyna grimaced. Percy got the feeling this guy Jason had been more to her than just a colleague.
Now it was Jason's turn to look embarrassed.
"Elections only happen two ways. Either the legion raises someone on a shield after a major success in battle-and we haven't had any major battles-"
"Yet! Percy is there, so he is bound to bring trouble with him," Thalia said.
[/b]"-or we hold a ballot on the evening of June 24, at the Feast of Fortuna. That's in five days."[/b]
"They have a feast for tuna?" Travis asked, confused as usual.
There were some snickers as Athena read the next line.
Percy frowned. "You have a feast for tuna?"
"Fortuna," Hazel corrected. "She's the goddess of luck. Whatever happens on her feast day can affect the entire year. She can grant the camp good luck...or really bad luck."
Reyna and Hazel both glanced at the empty display stand, as if thinking of what was missing.

"THE GOLDEN EAGLE!" Jason yelled.
"Okay, uh, thanks for letting us know..." Thalia patted his shoulder.
A chill went down Percy's spine. "The Feast of Fortune...The gorgons mentioned that. So did Juno. They said the was going to be attacked on that day, something about a big bad goddess named Gaea, and an army, and Death being unleashed. You're telling me that day is this week?"
over a year ago MythicLover said…
That was fuuny post soon!
over a year ago pjnadia said…
sweet! someone post soon pzl!!!!!!
over a year ago percabeth13 said…
That was really good! Sorry I haven't been on for a while I couldn't find time. I don't actually have anything written yet,but when I do I'll post.
over a year ago itsjustamonster said…
over a year ago itsjustamonster said…
ok so i have the book and i could post next if you want me to. and thanks i also liked yours piper (is it ok that i used your nick name) well i have something ready i just wanted to make sure just in case someone else was posting.
over a year ago JosephineSilver said…
Hey, I'm pretty new here, but can I post after you, itsjustamonster?

-JosephineSilver, The-Hero-of-Olympus
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over a year ago itsjustamonster said…
Reyna’s fingers tightened around the hilt of her dagger. “uh oh Percy’s going to die.” Travis muttered “why is that?” Thalia said a little concerned, not for Percy but that Travis has gone crazy. “What? That’s like rule number one for demigods never upset girls who can kill you.” A couple of snickers across the room before Thalia started to read again (she is reading right oh well she is now.) “you will not anything about that outside this room.” She ordered “I will not have you spreading more panic in the camp.”

ok its really short and all of a sudden my cumputer froze it won'y load the page propaly so everything i posted an hour ago it says i posyed a minute ago so im really sorry if someone already posted this part so sorry
over a year ago itsjustamonster said…
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yes you can post i'd love it if you would.
over a year ago demigods4ever said…
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over a year ago universalpowa said…
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"So it's true," Percy said. "Do you know what's going to happen? Can we stop it?"
Leo tilted his head to one side. "Why does he want to know?"
Connor grinned at him. "Just wait for it, my man," he said. "If the reason is what I think it is, you are in for some classic Percy."
Percy had just met these people. He wasn't sure he even liked Reyna. But he wanted to help. They were demigods, the same as him.
"Not quite the same," Jason muttered.
annabeth shot him a look that quite clearly said shut up.
They had the same enemies. Besides, Percy remembered what Juno had told him:
"Gasp! The amnesiac remembers!" Travis exclaimed.
Hermes looked at his son. "I cannot believe you just said gasp" he said.
Annabeth snorted. "I can't belive he knows a word as big as amnesiac"
All the gods and demigods nodded in agreement. Travis looked insulted.
it wasn't just this camp at risk. His old life, the gods and the entire world might be destroyed. Whatever was coming down, it was huge.
"NO FREAKING DUH!" Was heard echoing around the entire camp.
"We've talked enough for now," Reayna said. "Hazel, take him to Temple hill. Find Octavian.
Jason gritted his teeth. Gods, I hate that guy, he thought.
On the way you can answers Percys questions. Tell him about the legion."
Tell me about the legion, Jason implored. His memory was still a bit patchy.
"Yes, Reyna."
Percy still had so many questions he felt like his brain would melt. But Reyna made it clear the audience was over. She sheathed her dagger. "Good luck with the augury, Percy Jackson," she said. "If Octavian lets you live,

"WHAT" Yelled every greek Half-Blood in the near vicinity.
perhaps we can compare notes...about your past"
Annabeth noticed the small hestation at the end of the sentence. Reyna, she mused. It somehow sounded familiar. Where have we met her before? she wondered.

ON THE WAY OUT OF CAMP, Hazel bought him a cherry muffin and an espresso drink from Bombilo the two headed coffee merchant.
"I am liking this girl," Annabeth and Posiedon said in unison, then blushed.
Aphrodite nodded at Annabeth. "Anyone who saves your one true love from certain starvation is good in my books," she said dramatically, completely ignoring the sea god. "I like her too."
Percy inhaled the muffin. The coffee was great. Now, Percy thought, if he could just get a shower, a change of clothes, and some sleep, he'd be golden. Maybe even Imperial Golden.
everyone snorted at the completely lame pun. It sounded as if a nation of many pigs had taken up residence at camp.
He watched a bunch of kids in swimsuits
"PERVERT!" Connor and Travis yelled. Some people, (Read: Everyone) gave them weird looks.
"What?" Connor asked.
"Yeah," Travis agreed. "We can't be funny?"
Annabeth snorted.
"That wasn't funny,' Piper translated.
and towels head into a building that had smoke coming out of a row of chimneys. Laughter and watery sounds echoed from inside like it was an indoor pool - Percys kinda place.
Posiedon nodded sagely.
"Bath house," Hazel said. "We'll get you in there before dinner, hopefully.
'What is that supposed to mean?" Annabeth asked.
"That your boyfriend smells," Clarisse said.
Aphrodite shuddered. "All the more reason to like this Hazel girl."
You haven't lived until you've had a Roman bath."
Connor and Travis looked at eachother in horror.
"you mean.."
"We're dead!"
They ran off, screaming in terror.
Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Idiots" she said "I'll be back in a minute."

Sorry, can't post any more right now.
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Percy sighed with anticipation. As they approached the front gate, the barracks got bigger and nicer. Even the ghosts looked better-with fancier armor and shinier auras. Percy tried to dechiper the banners and symbols hanging in front of the buildings.

"Where are the cabins you guys sleep in?" Thalia asked.

Jason shook his head. "We don't sleep in cabins, well sorta."

"You guys are divided into different cabins?" he asked. "Sort of." Hazel ducked as a kid riding a giant eagle sweeped overhead.

All the demigods stared at the book. "You ride giant ealges?" Leo asked in disbelief.

"You people ride pegasus." Jason countered.

"Pegasi." Poseidon corrected.

Connor rolled her eyes. "Yeah, but Pegasi are meant to be ridden, eagles aren't."

"Wow, Connor actually said something intelligent!" Katie said.

Everyone did a round of clapping.

"We have five cohorts of about fourty kids each. Each cohort is divided into barracks of ten-like roommates, kind of." Percy had never been great at math,

"No duh, im the reason why you were passing algebra." Annabeth muttered.

but he tried to multiply.

"At least he tried." Nico said.

"You're telling me there's two hundred kids at camp?"

"Wow, he actually got that right, he did get it right, didn't he?" Thalia asked.

"He got it right."

"Math, the Bane of my existence." Travis said

"Roughly." "And all of them are children of the gods? The gods have been busy." Hazel laughed.

"Uh, oh, he made Hazel laugh, you know what that means." Connor said.

"What does it mean?" Leo asked confused.

"Well you see, Percy is like a magnet when it comes to girls. They just walk up and talk to him. Almost all the time they flirt with him, and he knows it,-but he doesn't flirt back." Travis said quickly, looking at an inraged Annabeth.

"So he basically has the opposite problem of Leo." Nico confirmed.

"Ye-HEY!" Leo Protested.
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"not all of them are children of major gods. there are hundreds of minor roman gods. plus, a lot of legacies-second or third generation. maybe their parents were demigods"- "what?" yelled all the demigods excluding jason. "why?" athena said in an annoyed voice "dose that surprise you?" before reading again. "why dose that surprise you?" people snorted at the similarities. Percy wasn't sure. the last few days he'd been so worried about surviving day to day. the idea of living long enough to be an adult and having kids of his own-that seemed like an impossible dream.

ok its really short but i have a book report to do so unless someone else posts i will post the rest soon.
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"Seems like that for all demigods," Annabeth muttered. "At least the Greek demigods."
All the demigods nodded their heads in agreement. "WOW!" Nico shouted. "CONNOR AND TRAVIS HAVEN'T PULLED A PRANK IN A LONG TIME! THAT IS A NEW RECORD!" Everybody, not including Connor and Travis, (who looked as if they did pull a prank), looked at them in shock. "Well that streak is about to end," Travis whispered to Connor, who gave him a sly grin in agreement. "In 5,4,3,2,1."
Then something blew up. That something was Leo's chair. Leo groaned, fire danced all around him. "CONNOR! TRAVIS!" Annabeth shouted, annoyuce tracing in her voice. Connor and Travis weren't there. Poseidon drenched the flames and Apollo flashed out to heal Leo.
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"these legos-" "oh course he would say that!" thalia laughed "legacies." Hazel corrected "uh oh annie looks like someones replacing you." travis snickered "shut up." she grumbled "they have powers like a demigod?" "sometimes, sometimes not. But they can be trained. All the best Roman generals and emperors you know,"- "well percy dosen't know any cause hes greek !!!" leo muttered from the floor. "eehem!" athena stared daggers at him. -"they all claimed to be descended from the gods. Most of the time they were telling the truth. The camp augur we're going to meet, Octavian, he's a legacy, descendant of Apollo. He's got the gift of prophecy, supposedly." "Apollo, dose he have the gift of prophecy?" "mmmm...."Apollo closed his eyes and began humming something that sounded like Ke$ha, then he opened them and said "yep." popping the 'p'. "supposedly?" Hazel made a sour face. "you'll see."

ok its extreamly short dont remind me. but other than that i feel like no one else is posting then i get impatient and i post i really dont want to take up thde whole thing so someone anyone post please. k thats it for now by!! ;)
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That didn't make Percy feel so great, if this Octavian dude had Percy's fate in his hands.
Jason grimaced. "Poor guy..."
Annabeth was wringing her hands together nervously.
"So the divisions," he asked. "the cohorts, whatever-you're divided by who your godly parent is?"
Hazel stared at him. "What a horrible idea!"

"HEY!" They all protested, even Jason.
"No, the officers decide where to assign recruits. If we were divided according to god, the cohorts would be all uneven. I'd be all alone."
"Dude, Percy did that for four freakin' years!" Travis exclaimed.
"Four years?" Jason was amazed. It had been lonely for just a few months. He couldn't even imagine four years.
"Well, he had Tyson from time to time, but..." Annabeth trailed off. They all knew it hadn't been long.
Percy felt a twinge of sadness, like he'd been in that situation. "Why? What's your ancestry?"
"Pluto!" Jason suddenly yelled. Everyone looked at him. "What? I'm starting to remember!" Nico started fidgeting nervously in his chains when he said that. "Pluto..." Jason started muttering to himself, as if something was pulling at his memory, but he couldn't get to it.
Before she could answer, someone yelled behind them, "Wait!"
A ghost ran toward them-an old man with a medicine ball belly and a toga so long he kept tripping on it. He caught up to them and gasped for air, his purple aura flickering around him.
"This is him?" he panted. "A new recruit for the fifth, perhaps?"

"He better be! We need someone better than Dakota..." Jason began murmuring to himself about kool-aid.
"Vitellius," Hazel said. "We're sort of in a hurry."
The ghost scowled at Percy and walked around him, inspecting him like a used car. "I don't know," he grumbled. "We need only the best for the cohort. Does he have all his teeth? Can he fight?"

"Well, no duh!" Conner exclaimed.
"Does he clean stables?"
"Yes, yes, and no," Percy said. "Who are you?"

"Wait, wait, wait. Yes he does! Annabeth, don't you remember? When he cleaned those demon horse stables?" Nico interrupted.
"How could I forget?" Annabeth said.
"Wait...what? Demon horses?" Leo asked, confused.
"When we were on our quest through the Labyrinth-" she started.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. You mean the Labyrinth?" Piper asked.
"Yeah. Anyway, we stopped at this ranch, and the guy running it, Geyron, was holding us captive, and Percy told him that he would clean these stables that hadn't been cleaned in thousands of years for carnivorous horses if he would let us go. He had to do it by sundown, and he, well, he did."
"How?" Leo asked disbelievingly.
"Long story..." Annabeth said.

Okay, I know, weak ending. But now universalpowa can post!!
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Percy this is Vitellius.”

“I remember!” Jason yelled.
“What?” Travis asked.
“He was--nope nevermind. I just forgot.”
Cue facepalm from everyone else.

Hazel’s expression said: Just humor him.

“Ha!” Connor yelled. “He’s reading expressions!”
“What does that have to do with anything?” Annabeth said.
“Um...I don’t know.”

”He’s one of our Lares;takes an interest in new recruits.”

“Yes he does.” Jason muttered.

On a nearby porch, other ghosts

“LARES!” Jason yelled.
Leo and the others didn’t bother to tell him he was arguing with a book.

snickered as Vitellius paced back and forth, tripping over his toga and hiking up his sword belt.

“How can a ghost pace?” Leo asked dumbly.
“Lares. LARES!”
“Fine! How can a lares- happy?- pace?”

”Yes,” Vitellius said, “back in Caesar’s day-That’s Julius Caesar, mind you- the Fifth Cohort was something! Twelfth Legion Fulminata, pride of Rome! But these days? Disgraceful what we’ve come to.

“How so?” Leo asked.
“Were going to find out.” Annabeth said wisely.
“If you guys keep interrupting however, that may not happen.”

Look at Hazel here using a spatha.Ridiculous weapon for a Roman legionnaire-that’s for calvery! And you, boy--you smell like a Greek sewer. Haven’t you had a bath?”

Piper and Aphrodite went “Ewwww!” and then Piper muttered “Gods. I did it again.”
Thunder from Zeus.
Ares coughed, wanting more action.
Guess who got a free package of Ricola.

“I’ve been a little busy fighting gorgons,” Percy said.

“Never google the gorgons.” Annabeth said.

”Vitellius,” Hazel interuppted, “we’ve got to get Percy’s augury before he can join. Why don’t you check on Frank? He’s in the armory doing inventory. You know how much he values your help.”

“Annabeth...I think your being replaced as Percy’s ‘Wise Girl’ ‘cuz that was pretty clever.” Leo snickered.
Leo couldn’t move after that having Annabeth’s gleaming knife up against his throat.
“Nothing to see here,” Annabeth said sweetly. “just keep reading.”

The ghosts furry purple eyebrows shot up.

“Dude!” Travis exclaimed to Connor. “Remember that time we dyed the entire Ares cabin with purple dye and they never figured out it was us! It was soo funny!” He stopped talking when a hoard of Ares campers were glaring at them.
Hades coughed, wanting to hear what happened next.
He only got a package of Ricola.

”Mars Almighty! They let the probatio check the inventory? We’ll be ruined!”

“What’s a probatio?” Leo asked Jason.
“You’ll see.” was his only reply.

He stumbled off down the street, stopping every few feet to pick up his sword or rearrange his toga.

“Klutz much?” Apollo joked.
No one laughed of course.

”O-h-h-kay,” Percy said.

“Okay?” Leo asked.
Jason coughed.
He got cough drops.
And the cycle continues.

“Sorry,” Hazel said. “He’s eccentric, but he’s one of the oldest Lares. Been around since the legion was founded.”

“That’s old.” Leo said, his eyes like saucers.
“No duh.” Clarisse muttered.

“He called the legion...Fulminata?

“What’s that mean?” Everyone turned to Jason.
“It means ‘armed with lightning.’”
“Keep reading. Please.”

[b] “‘Armed with lightning,’” Hazel translated. “That’s our motto. The Twelfth Legion was around for the entire Roman Empire. When Rome fell, a lot of legions just disappeared. We went underground, acting on secret orders from Jupiter himself:

On cue, everyone turned to Zeus.
“What?” he asked in false innocence like Travis and Connor always did.

stay alive, recruit demigods and their children, keep Rome going. We’ve been doing it ever since, moving around to wherever Roman influence was strongest. The last few centuries we’ve been in America.”

“Ohhh Annie girl, Your being replaced!” Travis squealed.
“Shut your can before I kick it.”
“Feeling violent today?”
Travis couldn’t talk the rest of the day because his mouth was blown up from being punched in the face.
And yes, Annabeth was in an extremely violent mood today.

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As bizarre as that sounded, Percy had no trouble believing it. In fact, it sounded familiar- “no duh! Cause he hasn’t been living in western civilization for the past four years!” Clarrisse yelled, Zeus coughed earning him the Ricola “THAT IS ENOUGH!!!!” as he zapped the ricola with so much voltage it also burned through the table. Then Travis took something out of his pocket at threw it at zeus’s face and the Ricola cycle continues. Athena saved that Ricola by reading again. like something he’s always known. “that’s because he ha-“ Jake Mason slapped his hands in front of leos mouth so they could read the book instead of talking to the book. ”and your in the fifth cohourt.” He guessed “which probally isn’t the most popular?” Hazel scowled “yeah. I joined up last September.” “so just a few weeks before that jason disappeared.” Percy knew he hit a sore spot “no duh!” thalia yelled Hazel looked down, she was silent long enough to count every paving stone. “now that is long!!” leo said “come on.” She said at last. “I’ll show you my favorite spot.” “ooooh annie someones REALLY replacing you!!” conner taunted two minutes later he was just like his brother They stopped outside the main gates. The fort was situated on the highest point in the valley, so they could see pretty much everything. The road led down to the river and divided. One path led south across a bridge, up a hill with all the temples. The other road led north into the city, a miniature version of ancient rome. “you know these romans are starting to sound full of themselves.” Annabeth pointed out “are not!” yelled Jason “are too it just proves they are cause your too stubborn to attmit it. Jason sat down quietly.

Ok its short I always make short ones. Well there just about to go to the temples and many people have tempers. The stolls can not speak and the ricola passing continues!!!:)
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Unlike the military camp, the city looked chaotic and colorful, with buildings crowded together at haphazard angles.
"Oh my gods! Annabeth, Percy knows a big word! Happy...hap hackey sack...what?" Nico said, startling everyone because he had been so quiet.
"Haphazard, having no plan or order," Athena spouted.
"Oh-h-h-kay. Thanks for letting us know..." Hermes said sarcastically.
Even this far away, Percy could see people gathered in the plaza, shoppers milling around in an open-air market, parents with kids playing in parks.
"Wow," Annabeth said dreamily. "They have families there?"
Athena grimaced at the resemblance of the next words. "You've got families here?" he asked.
"In the city, absolutely," Hazel said. "When you're accepted into the legion, you do ten years of service. Most demigods go into the mortal world. But for some-well, it's pretty dangerous out there. This valley is a sanctuary. You can go to college in the city, get married, have kids, retire when you get old. It's the only place on earth for people like us."

"YOU SAY THAT NOW! Dun dun duuunnnn!" Leo yelled.
"They can't hear you, Leo..." Jason said.
"So yeah, a lot of veterans make their homes there, under the protection of the legion."
Adult demigods. Demigods who could live without fear, get married, raise a family.

The demigods all looked awestruck. "Why isn't Camp Half-Blood like that?" Travis complained, gaining the ability to speak again.
Percy couldn't quite wrap his mind around that. It seemed too good to be true. "But if this valley gets attacked?"
Hazel pursed her lips. "We have defenses. The borders are magical. But our strength hasn't been what it used to be. Lately, the monster attacks have increased. What you said about the gorgons not dying...we've noticed that too, with other monsters."
Hazel looked away. Percy could tell she was holding something back-something she wasn't supposed to say.

"Well, it is obvious why he can tell. Annabeth and Chiron did it all the time to him. Gods, even I could see how annoyed he got," Conner said.
"It was for his own good! What would you have done if everyone thought that prophecy was about you?" Annabeth snapped.
That shut him right up. A shadow crossed all of the older campers faces, remembering it.
"What was it?" Piper asked. Jason and Leo looked equally curious.
"A half-blood of the eldest gods,
shall reach sixteen against all odds
And see the world in endless sleep
The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap
A single choice shall end his days
Olympus to preserve or raze." Annabeth knew it by heart.
Everyone flinched. "He...he thought he was going to die?" Piper stuttered.
"And so did everybody else," Travis added.
"Wow...that must have been seriously awful," Jason said, with Leo nodding.
"It was," was all Annabeth said.
Everybody was silent, thinking about what it would have been like to be in that position. "Let's continue reading, shall we?" Athena decided finally.

Okay, I'm going to bed! Sorry it is short!
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“It’s complicated,” she said “my brother”- nico tried again to get out of his chains, but no one noticed. –“Says Death isn’t-“ She was interrupted by an elephant. “AN ELEPHANT!!!!!!!” the demigods hollered while Jason just blushed and said “yes, an elephant.” Someone behind them shouted, “Make way!” Hazel dragged Percy out of the road as a demigod rode past on a full-grown elephant covered in black Kevlar armor. The word ELEPHANT was printed on the side- “Obvious much?” Thalia asked of his armor, which seemed a little obvious to Percy. “Thalia, I think you’ve been percy-ified.” Jake Mason joked “you did not just say that!” thalia yelled the elephant thundered down the road- “now how can a elephant thunder?” Zeus wondered “can we go one sentence without getting interrupted I swear the next person that talks will die?!” Athena yelled, everyone was silent. and turned north, heading toward a big open field where some fortifications were under construction. annabeth opened her mouth to say something about fortifications and architecture but closed it remembering her mothers warning. percy spit the dust out of his mouth “what the-?” “Elephant.” the laughter could have been heard miles away despite athenas warning. “SILENCE I KILL YOU!!!” this just caused another round of laughter and Athena got ricola in front of her “how about I read.” Thalia said trying to stop laughing. Athena passed the book ands glared at the ricola like trying to figure out the best way to maim it. “yeah, I read the sign. Why do you have an elephant in a bulletproof vest?” “war games tonight,” Hazel said “that’s Hannibal-“ annabeth started laughing while everyone stared at her. “whats so funny?” leo asked “Hanni-Hannibal was a man in ancient times that if you were smart you would know why im laughing.” “well im not smart miss. Know-it-all!”leo yelled back then relised he just insulted himself and sat down. if we didn’t include him, he’d get upset.” “we can’t have that.” Hazel laughed. “HE MADE HER LAUGH AGAIN!!!” Travis shouted “ANNIE GIRL YOU ARE SOOOOO BEING REPLACED!!!!” Conner yelled two minutes later both brothers were tied up and gagged and annabeth had the ricola. It was hard to belive she’d looked so moody a moment ago. Percy wondered what she’d been about to say. She had a brother. Yet she had claimed she’d be alone if this camp sorted her by her godly parent. nico, again tried to get out of the chains. While everyone thought “maybe she has a half brother who can see through the mist.” Grover suggested “hmmmm maybe…” Athena said percy couldn’t figure her out. “he can’t figure any girl out. Hes completely oblivious when it comes to girls.” Annabeth muttered She seemed so nice and easy-going, mature for somebody who couldn’t have been more then thirteen. But she also seemed to be hiding a great sadness, like she felt guilty about something. “percy seems really good at reading emotions.” Piper commented Hazel pointed south across the river. Dark clouds were gathering over Temple Hill. Red flashes of lightning washed the monuments “aww poor monuments.” Annabeth said in blood colored light. “Octavtain is busy,” Hazel said “We’d better get over there.”

good? bad? longer? shorter? ok the hannibal thing my sister told me that story a long time ago so correct me if i got wrong. and someone post the next part soon! and i posted it before an hour im so proud of myself!! :)
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"Octavian?" Leo asked. Cue face palms. "What?" This time it came out as a a shriek. "You sound like a girl!" Connor said laughing. Nico tried to fall out of his chair, but the black bar restricted him. "How about another break?" Nico asked, heads turning his way. Annabeth looked at him wearily. She knows I'm stalling. A part of his brain said. You have them on an oath! Then Annabeth looked away, and Nico relaxed. Don't continue reading! PLEASE! But Athena kept on reading.
Compared to Neptune's toolshed, Jupiter's temple was definitely optimus and maximus.
"What does that mean?" Hermes asked, hoping one of his sons could answer and not Athena or Annabeth so they couldn't go into an hour debate about the word. Luckily it was Jason who answered.
"If you were listing it means the 'best and the greatest' in Latin." Jason answered, the Latin meanings popped in his head better than the Greek translations.
Hermes nodded fully embarrassed.
The marble floor was etched with with fancy mosaics and Latin inscriptions.

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On the way, they passed some goat-legged guys hanging out on the side of the road.

“Of course he doesn’t remember.” Grover muttered. “Just totally forget everyone except his girlfriend.”
He coughed when he saw everyone giving him death glares.
He got the cough drops.
It became a game of hot potato.
From Grover, to Annabeth, Jason, Leo, Piper, back to Leo, Travis, Connor, Clarisse, to Ares, to Aphrodite, to Hades, to Zeus who blasted it into a smoldering pile of ashes.
Satisfied, he sat back and ignored the strange looks.
”Hazel!” One of them cried.

Uh-oh. thought Annabeth.

He trotted over with a big grin on his face. He wore a faded Hawaiian shirt

On cue, everybody turned to Poseidon.
“I can see where this one got their fashion sense.” Aphrodite remarked.
“Wannabees.” Poseidon muttered angrily.

And nothing for pants

“NUDE!” Leo yelled.
Thalia dragged him out and didn’t come back for a long time.

except thick brown goat fur. His massive afro jiggled. His eyes were hidden behind little round rainbow tinted glasses.

Grover snorted. “Hippie.” Ares said.
Athena coughed, and everyone waited for the exchange of the cough drops, only to remember and glance at the pile of ashes on the floor.

He read a cardboard sign that read: Will work sing talk Go away for a denarii.

“Whats a denarri?” Leo asked.
“A roman money thingy.” Jason said simplifying it.

”Hi, Don,” Hazel said. “Sorry, we don’t have time-” “Oh that’s cool! That’s cool!”

“See? Hippie.” Ares snorted. “Too happy.”

Don trotted along with them. “Hey this guy’s new!” He grinned at Percy.

“No duh.” Connor said, finally regaining the use of his mouth.

”Do you have three denarii for the bus? Because I left my wallet at home, and I’ve got to get to work and-”

“Not likely.” Grover laughed. “We satyrs are afraid of buses.”

”Don,” Hazel chided. “Fauns don’t have wallets. Or jobs.

“WHAT?” Grover yelled. “We do too have jobs!”
“I think Annabeth is being replaced.” Travis whispered to his brother.
“Me too.”
Leo walked in and Thalia cam back in.
Leo just sat down and looked up. “Can you guys continue reading?”

Or homes. And we don’t have buses.” “Right,” he said cheerfully, “but do you have a denarii?” “Your name is Don the Faun?” Percy asked.

The gods and demigods burst out laughing. Grover pouted. “It’s uncle’s name was Don...I think...”

”Yeah, so?” “Nothing.” Percy tried to keep a straight face.

Everyone else failed at keeping a straight face, and burst out laughing again.
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As everyone was laughing, no one noticed Travis sneak out, except Connor, of course. When they finally calmed down, Travis came back in discreetly, holding something in his pocket.
"Ok, ok, I'll continue now," Thalia said, regaining composure.
"Why don't fauns have jobs? Shouldn't they work for the camp?"
"Uh, no duh, dude! I mean, they have to...right?" Connor asked.
Don bleated. "Fauns? Work for the camp? Hilarious!"
Grover shot up. "What? WHAT?!"
"Fauns are, um, free spirits," Hazel explained. "They hang out here because, well, it's a safe place to hang out and beg. We tolerate them, but-"
"Okay, we are changing that when we get there!" Grover yelled.
Everyone else smirked at his antics. "You got it, Grover," Jason said, hiding his laughter.
"Thank you," Grover replied, sitting down.
"Oh, Hazel is awesome," Don said. "She's so nice! All the other campers are like, 'Go away, Don.' But she's like, 'Please go away, Don.' I love her!"
Everyone busted out laughing. "This hippy goat dude is hilarious!" Connor gasped.
Grover coughed offended.
Suddenly, Travis jumped up. "YES! YOU COUGHED!" he yelled, fishing through his pocket. He pulled out a package of Halls.
"What? The Ricola is back?" Zeus asked.
"NO! IT IS NOT RICOLA! Halls! Halls! Halls!" Travis chanted.
"What? But I like Ricola!" Zeus whined. Everyone else nodded their heads.
"Seriously dude. The Ricola was like a tradition," Connor said, shaking his head at his brother.
"Well, I, uh, I had some logic behind it!" Travis stuttered.
Everyone stared at him. "This," Annabeth said, "even I would like to hear."
"Ok, so you know, we started with Halls, right? So then we had Ricola, Ricola, and bam bam bam! 3 innocent packages of cough drops, just vaporized! I thought, since we only had one Halls pack, and it lasted the longest, that it would have better luck! DUH!" Travis concluded.
"That is so true!" Connor said, with Leo nodding earnestly.
Apollo sniffled and wiped a tear from his cheek. "3 packages. And that one pack of Halls! 4 PACKAGES! Just...just gone..."
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"Thalia, keep reading" Annabeth motioned with her hand helpfully, as a scorning Artemis muttered "How pathetic of men."

The faun seemed harmless, but Percy still found him unsettling. He couldn't shake the feeling that fauns should be more than homeless guys begging for denarii

"Blah-ah-ah, you go that right Perce"
"Dude, take those drops, your laugh is getting weird."
"Connor, that's an irritated bleat, if you studied saytr anatomy and habits for just a day, you woul-"
"*cough* Annabeth! *cough*" Jason earned the Halls. "keep reading sis." He finished. staring at the Halls as if he was having trouble interpreting what it was.

Don looked at the ground in front of them and gasped. 'Score!'

"wait, he scored a goal, like in soccer?" Leo asked naively.
*cue eyerolls and facepalms. And artemis once again commenting on boy stupidity.*

He reached for something, but Hazel screamed, 'Don, no!'

demi-gods and Olympians alike leaned forward in anticipation,

She pushed him out of the way and snatched up a small shiny object. Percy caught a glimpse of it before hazel slipped it into her pocket He could have sworn it was a diamond.

"A diamond?!" the demi-gods exclaimed.
"Definite score for Hazel!"
"Seriously? A real diamond just popping on the road of wanna-be Rome? What are the odds?" Travis was practically yelling. Jason scowled and snatched the book to hit Travis' head with.
"looks like we have volenteer to continue reading!" Aphrodite excitedly exclaimed. Then Hephaestus' throne exploded in smoke.
*coughing* WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS HERMES SPAWN?! Hephaestus spluttered with his beard randomly igniting and being put out. Aphrodite was moaning about getting black stains off her throne and clothes.
Jason caught a glance from the Stolls and quickly passed the Halls to Hephaestus. Before he could react Jason was already reading so he wouldn't end up being Hephaestus' next project while the Stolls hi fived each other.
"Looks like Jason participated in a prank!He isn't cardboard Roman afterall!".

'Come on Hazel,' Don complained. 'I could've bought a year's worth of doughnuts with that!'
'Don please,' Hazel said. 'Go away,'

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Jason glanced at Nico, who was clawing at his 'seat belt' Hazel is a daughter of Pluto, and Nico is a son of Hades. Jason thought. This can't be a coincidence.
"Er, Lightning boy?" Leo asked, waving his hand over his face.
Jason stopped looking at Nico, and turned his attention to Connor and Travis's seats. They were empty. Again.
"Guys," Jason said, looking around. "CONNOR AND TRAVIS ARE GONE!"
Everybody went into their positions. Hermes, Apollo, Ares, and Hephaestus guarded the thrones. Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Hades, and Hera guarded the doors. Leo 'guarded' Thalia, who was cursing at him in ancient Greek. Jason, Piper, and everybody else, did the safest thing. Which is to say they hid. The only person not hiding was Nico, who still trying to escape his seat.
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"Where are they?" Piper asked, whispering. "I don't know." Jason answered. He really wanted to find out what that slimy, skunk rat, Octavian does to Percy. "WILL SOMEBODY HELP ME!" Nico shouted. Then they was a puff a smoke. Everybody that was hidden, ducked. When the puff went away Leo, Thalia, Nico, Ares, Apollo, Hades, Zeus, Nico, Hephaestus, Athena, Hera, and Hermes, their faces were covered with clown makeup and a mark. The mark was a T and a C. The mark of Connor and Travis. "YOU JUST GOT CONNOR'D AND TRAVIS'D!" Connor sang out, emerging from the shadows. "When did you start the T and C?" Annabeth asked, bewildered. "RIGHT NOW!" Travis boomed. "NOW YOU GOTTA WATCH YOUR BACK! THE MARK WILL NEVER COME OFF!" Travis and Connor started laughing. They were laughing so hard that they were crying. Nobody knew why. Everybody(except for Connor and Travis), thought they were pulling another prank, with the mark.
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"Why do you have to prank?" Leo asked, whining. He was trying to rub off the clown makeup.
"It's the only thing we are good at." Connor answered. "We are not as smart as the Athena kids, not good at building things like the Hephaestus cabin, not good at gardening as the Demeter cabin. Also pranking is our specialty. Besides lying and thievery. We are Hermes's kids."
"Did someone prank?" Thalia asked, avoiding the word Luke.
Connor and Travis stopped smiling and laughing. Their faces were stone hard. "No he did not" Travis answered, his voice hollow.
Connor couldn't contain it.
"LUKE WAS A $$%%$^%$! HE WAS THE ONLY CHILD OF HERMES THAT GOT TO GO ON A QUEST! HE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT ANYBODY BUT HIMSELF AND ANNABETH!" Connor shouted, tears streaming down his face. He fell down on a couch stuffing a pillow over his head. Annabeth raced out of the room and went to Camp Half-Blood, to get Chiron. The only sound was Connor's crying.
Nobody dared to crack a joke. No one smiled. No one tried to comfort Connor. Nobody make a move. No one talked. Silence fell filled the throne room as Connor cried himself to sleep.
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"Lets get back to reading." Jason said eyeing the Stolls. Everyone was still tensed but they got ready to read,

She sounded shaken, like she’d just saved Don from a charging bulletproof elephant.

Everyone laughed even the Stolls and Annabeth back in with Chiron. "Typical Percy line" Thalia snickered,
"Leave it to a Percy line to take away the tension and make everything okay again." Piper muttered to Jason who nodded.
Annabeth saw the Stolls laughing and Chiron looked annoyed about being called up here for nothing,

The faun sighed. ‘Aw, I can’t stay mad at you. But I swear, it’s like you’re good luck. Every time you walk by –’

"Someones in loooove!" Travis sang, Nico's eyes flashed murderously, though no one saw.

‘Goodbye, Don,’ Hazel said quickly. ‘Let’s go, Percy.’

"And....REJECTION!" Connor yelled.This time Nico clenched his fists and asked Piper to hit Connor, "My pleasure." She said, Piper got up slapped Connor and sat back down.

She started jogging. Percy had to sprint to catch up.

"Talk about out of shape." Rachel muttered.
"At least my girls can run." Artemis said proudly.
"At least I can power the sun!" Apollo said just as proud.

‘What was that about?’ Percy asked. ‘That diamond in the road –’

"Dimond biscuit!" Leo yelled.
"What?" Jason asked.
"Never mind." Leo replied quickly.

‘Please,’ she said. ‘Don’t ask.’

"Ooooh Percy you made Hazel mad nice job." Leo snickered.

They walked in uneasy silence the rest of the way to Temple Hill. A crooked stone path led past a crazy assortment of tiny altars and massive domed vaults. Statues of gods seemed to follow Percy with their eyes.

"As usual." Annabeth rolled her eyes.

Hazel pointed out the Temple of Bellona. ‘Goddess of war,’ she said. ‘That’s Reyna’s mom.’ Then they passed a massive red crypt decorated with human skulls on iron spikes.

"Yeah." Jason said sadly.
"Iron spikes? SICK!" Clarisse said.

‘Please tell me we’re not going in there,’ Percy said.

"Wimp." Ares and Clarisse muttered.
"JINX!" Connor said.
"I was going to say that." Travis whined.

Hazel shook her head. ‘That’s the Temple of Mars Ultor.’
‘Mars … Ares, the war god?’

"Stupid!" Hera slapped her forehead, "Nice way to give yourself away."

‘That’s his Greek name,’ Hazel said. ‘But, yeah, same guy. Ultor means “the Avenger”. He’s the second-most important god of Rome.’

"I'm the first!" Zeus said.
"Yes we need to know that." Athena said.
"Yes they did."

Percy wasn’t thrilled to hear that. For some reason, just looking at the ugly red building made him feel angry.

Everyone laughed, "Yeah you make me angry to." Ares said nodding he flashed to his Mars form.

He pointed towards the summit. Clouds swirled over the largest temple, a round pavilion with a ring of white columns supporting a domed roof. ‘I’m guessing that’s Zeus – uh, I mean, Jupiter’s? That’s where we’re heading?’

"Wow Percy knows Zeus's equvielent!" Annabeth said with raised eyebrows. (A/N I know I spelled it wrong)
"You've taught well." Connor bowed.

‘Yeah.’ Hazel sounded edgy. ‘Octavian reads auguries there – the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus.’

"Octavian." Jason scowled.

Percy had to think about it, but the Latin words clicked into English. ‘Jupiter … the best and the greatest?’

Everyone clapped at least everyone who knew Percy, "He knows!" Annabeth jumped up grinning.

‘What’s Neptune’s title?’ Percy asked. ‘The coolest and most awesome?’

Everyone laughed and Poseidon said, "It should be."

‘Um, not quite.’ Hazel gestured to a small blue building the size of a toolshed. A cobweb-covered trident was nailed above the door.

"Haha! My place is better than yours!!!" Zeus said dancing.
"I did not need to see that." Thalia mumbled covering her eyes,

Percy peeked inside. On a small altar sat a bowl with three dried-up, mouldy apples.
His heart sank. ‘Popular place.’
‘I’m sorry, Percy,’ Hazel said. ‘It’s just … Romans were always scared of the sea. They only used ships if they had to. Even in modern times, having a child of Neptune around has always been a bad omen. The last time one joined the legion … well, it was 1906, when Camp Jupiter was located across the bay in San Francisco. There was this huge earthquake –’

"Woah." Annabeth said, "PERCY"S GONNA DIE!" She screamed.
"No he won't, well I don't know but..." Jason said.
"Jason....shut up." Piper said wacking him.

‘You’re telling me a child of Neptune caused that?’

"No I did." Travis said.

‘So they say.’ Hazel looked apologetic. ‘Anyway … Romans fear Neptune, but they don’t love him much.’

"I do!" Rachel said.
"Team NEPTUNE!" Poseidon said bumping Rachel's fist everyone rolled their eyes. Suck up....

Percy stared at the cobwebs on the trident

"Cobwebs are made by spiders." Connor said.
"Good job Connor." Piper said nodding.
"Where's my golden star?" He said looking worried.
"I'll show you a golden star." Zeus muttered.

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Great, he thought. Even if he joined the camp, he would never be loved.
"He'll always be loved by someone. Percy just that effect on people," Annabeth said, the pain obvious in her voice. All the campers who knew him nodded sadly.
His best hope was to be scary to his new campmates.
"Well," Travis said, "he is pretty scary, at least when you see him in battle." Once again, the campers nodded.
Maybe if he did really well, they'd give him some moldy apples.
A light chuckle spread through the room. "Even at that moment, he can still be sarcastic. I want to meet this kid!" Leo exclaimed.
"Me too," Jason said.
"He seems like a cool guy," Piper agreed.
"He is," Annabeth sighed, along with the older campers.
Still..standing at Neptune's altar, he felt something stirring inside him, like waves rippling through his veins.
"Of course he does..." Thalia muttered, while Poseidon beamed.
He reached in his backpack and dug out the last bit of food from his trip-a stale bagel. It wasn't much, but he set it on the altar.
"Thank you!" Poseidon stood up, flickering between his Greek and Roman form. "Those apples had been there for 5 months!"
"Ewwwww!" Aphrodite squealed and the girls wrinkled their noses.
"Hey...uh, Dad." He felt pretty stupid talking to a bowl of fruit.
Everyone laughed again. "Of course he does! Even I would!" Connor exclaimed.
"If you can hear me, help me out, okay? Give me my memory back. Tell me-tell me what to do."
His voice cracked. He hadn't meant to get emotional, but he was exhausted and scared, and he'd been lost for so long, he would've given anything for some guidance. He wanted to know something about his life for sure, without grabbing for missing memories.

No one cracked a joke at that or made fun of him for crying. Not even Clarisse. Annabeth looked really shaken up after hearing that.
Hazel put her hand on his shoulder. "It'll be okay. You're here now. You're one of us."
Nico made a mental note to thank Hazel. He felt really sorry for Percy, but he hadn't done anything to help him. If he had known how lost Percy felt, he might have something. But he didn't.
He felt awkward, depending on an eighth-grade girl he barely knew for comfort, but he was glad she was there.
Jason seemed in a trance. "Yeah, Hazel's awesome..." Then the moment he said it, he looked like his thoughts became muddled again. He rubbed his temples.
"Jason? Are you okay?" Piper looked at him, concerned.
"Yeah, I think so," he replied. Then his head snapped up. He looked right at Nico. They seemed to come to a silent agreement. "It's just, the memories are coming back."
"Oh, that's great!" Piper said. Everyone nodded, and Nico tried to look as enthusiastic. When they started reading again, Jason looked at Nico meaningfully.
Above them, thunder rumbled. Red lightning lit up the hill.
"Octavian's almost done," Hazel said. "Let's go."

"Stupid Octavian...hate him..." Jason muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear. Annabeth started twisting her hair nervously. This guy had Percy's fate in his hands.
Compared to Neptune's tool shed, Jupiter's temple was definitely optimus and maximus.
Zeus bolted out of his chair. "YES!"
Poseidon just glared at him.
The marble floor was etched with fancy mosaics and Latin inscriptions. Sixty feet above, the domed ceiling sparkled gold. The whole temple was open to the wind.
"Ooohh, dramatic!" Travis said.
In the center stood a marble altar, where a kid in a toga was doing some sort of ritual in front of a massive golden statue of the big dude himself: Jupiter the sky god, dressed in a silk XXXL purple toga, holding a lightning bolt.
"It doesn't look like that," Percy muttered.
"What?" Hazel asked.
"The master bolt," Percy said.

"How does he know?" Jason asked.
"Percy, Grover, and I went on a quest a few years ago to get it. It was right after he came to camp," Annabeth supplied.
"And you trespassed into my territory! But it was okay, because after that I got to see that little kid beat Ares," Hades said, chuckling to himself.
"He did not beat me! He just, er, cut my ankle..." Ares faltered.
"How old was he?" Piper asked, awestruck.
"Twelve," Annabeth replied.
"Twelve?!" Leo exclaimed.
"What are you talking about?"
"I-" Percy frowned. For a second, he'd thought he remembered something. Now it was gone.

"Gods, I hate those moments," Jason muttered. Piper put a hand on his shoulder.
"Nothing, I guess."
"WHAT?!" Travis exploded. "How could he forget THAT? Even I remember everything you guys said when you came back!" Connor nodded furiously. Annabeth just looked down, sadly.
The kid at the altar raised his hands. More red lightning flashed in the sky, shaking the temple. Then he put his hands down and the rumbling stopped. The clouds turned from gray to white and broke apart.
"Octavian," Jason grumbled.
A pretty impressive trick, considering the kid didn't look like much. He was tall and skinny, with straw colored hair, oversized, a baggy T-shirt, and a drooping toga. He looked like a scarecrow wearing a bed sheet.
Everyone broke into fits of laughter. "Wow, only Percy would think of that!" Thalia exclaimed.
"What's he doing?" Percy murmured.
The guy in the toga turned. He had a crooked smile and a slightly crazy look in his eyes, like he'd just been playing an intense video game. In one hand he held a knife. In the other was something like a dead animal.

"Creep..." Piper muttered.
That didn't make him look any less crazy.
Again, everyone cracked up at Percy's sarcasm.
"Percy," Hazel said. "This is Octavian."
"The graecus!" Octavian announced. "How interesting."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Annabeth asked defensively.
"Uh, hi," Percy said. "Are you killing small animals?"
"Of course he would say that!" Thalia smiled.
Octavian looked at the fuzzy thing in his hand and laughed. "No, no. Once upon a time, yes. We used to read the will of the gods by examining animal guts-chickens, goats, that sort of thing. Nowadays, we use these."
He tossed the fuzzy thing to Percy. It was a disemboweled teddy bear.

"NO!" Apollo yelled. "Not the teddy bear!"
" realize he is doing your work, right?" Artemis asked.
Apollo gasped.
Then, Percy noticed that there was a whole pile of mutilated stuffed animals at the foot of Jupiter's statue.
"Woooww..." Leo said.
"Seriously?" Percy asked.
"That'll make Octavian mad..." Jason murmured.
Octavian stepped off the dais. He was probably eighteen, but so skinny and sickly pale, he could've passed for younger. At first he looked harmless, but as he got closer, Percy wasn't so sure. Octavian's eyes glittered with a harsh curiosity, like he might gut Percy just as easily as a teddy bear if he thought he could learn something from it.
"That," Travis said, "is so weird and...really, creepy."
"He probably would," Jason responded.
Octavian narrowed his eyes. "You seem nervous."
"You remind me of someone," Percy said. "I can't remember who."

"Probably my namesake, Octavian-Augustus Caesar," Jason imitated.
"Probably my namesake, Octavian-Augustus Caesar. Everyone says I bear a resemblance."
"Dude...that was creepy." Leo stared at Jason, along with everyone else.
Percy didn't think that was it, but he couldn't pin down the memory. "Why did you call me 'the Greek'?"
"I saw it in the auguries," Octavian waved his knife at the pile of stuffing on the altar. "The message said: 'The Greek has arrived.' Or possibly: 'The goose has cried.' I'm thinking the first interpretation is correct."

"No," Travis said, deadly serious, "it was definitely the second." His brother nodded solemnly.
"You seek to join the legion?"
Hazel spoke for him. She told Octavian everything that had happened since they met at the tunnel-the gorgons, the fight at the river, the appearance of Juno, their conversation with Reyna.

"Gods," Jason said. "Percy probably had the Romans scared out of their wits."
When she mentioned Juno, Octavian looked surprised.
"Juno," he mused. "We call her Juno Moneta. Juno the Warner. She appears in times of crisis, to counsel Rome about great threats."
He glanced at Percy, as if to say: 'like mysterious Greeks, for instance.'

"Jerk..." Annabeth muttered.
I hear the Feast of Fortuna is this week," Percy said. "The gorgons warned there'd be an invasion on that day. Did you see that in your stuffing?"
"OUCH! BURN!" Travis whooped.
"Sadly, no." Octavian sighed. "The will of the gods is hard to discern. And these days, my vision is even darker."
"Don't you have...I don't know," Percy said, "an oracle or something?"

"HA! At least he remembers what I am!" Rachel exclaimed.
"An oracle!" Octavian smiled. "What a cute idea. No, I'm afraid we're fresh out of oracles. Now if we'd gone questing for Sibylline books, like I recommended-"
"The Siba-what?" Leo asked.
Thalia snickered as she read the next line. "The Siba-what?" Percy asked.
"Books of prophecy," Hazel said, "which Octavian is obsessed with. Romans used to consult them after disasters happened. Most people believe that they burned up when Rome fell."

"Gods, she really is replacing you, Annabeth!" Travis said.
"Dude, she's an eighth grader..." Connor said.
"And your point is?" Travis asked, with Annabeth's knife at his throat.
"SOME people believe that," Octavian corrected. "Unfortunately, our present leadership won't authorize a quest to look for them-"
"Because Reyna isn't stupid," Hazel said.
"-so we only have scraps from the books," Octavian continued. "A few mysterious predictions like these."
He nodded to the inscriptions on the marble floor. Percy stared at the lines, not really expecting to understand them. He almost choked.

"What was it?" Travis asked.
"If you let me read, maybe you will find out!" Thalia replied.
"That one." He pointed, translating as he read aloud: "Seven half-bloods shall answer the call. To storm or fire the world must fall-"
"Yes, yes." Octavian finished without looking. "An oath to keep with a final breath, and foes bear arms to the Doors of Death."
"I-I know that one."

"YES!" The older counselors cheered.
Percy thought the thunder was shaking the temple again. Then he realized his whole body was trembling. "That's IMPORTANT."
"Yeah, no duh!" Leo yelled.
Octavian arched an eyebrow. "Of course it's important. We call it the Prophecy of the Seven, but it's several thousand years old. Every time someone tries to interpret it...Well, Hazel can tell you. Bad things happen."
"What's that supposed to mean? 'Ask Hazel'?" Jason asked.
Hazel glared at him. "Just read the augury for Percy. Can he join the legion or not?"
Percy could almost see his mind working, calculating whether or not Percy would be useful. He held out his hand for Percy's backpack. "That's a beautiful specimen. May I?"

Everyone nearly choked. "What?" Piper asked.
Percy didn't understand what he meant, but Octavian snatched the Bargain Mart panda pillow pet that was sticking out of his pack. It was just a silly stuffed toy, but Percy had carried it a long way. He was kind of fond of it. Octavian turned toward the altar and raised his knife.
Apollo cowered behind his throne. "!!!"
"Hey!" Percy protested.
Octavian slashed open the panda's belly and poured its stuffing over the altar. He tossed the carcass aside, muttered a few words over the fluff, and turned with a big smile on his face.

"That guy is really freaky..." Piper murmured.
"Good news!" he said. "Percy may join the legion. We'll assign him a cohort at evening muster. Tell Reyna that I approve."
Hazel's shoulders relaxed. "Uh...great. Come on, Percy."

Nico started fidgeting a lot in his chains. He looked really worried.
"Oh, and Hazel," Octavian said. "I'm happy to welcome Percy into the legion. But when the election for praetor comes up, I hope you'll remember-"
"Jason isn't dead," Hazel snapped. "You're the augur. You're supposed to be looking for him!"

"Thank you!" Jason said.
"Oh, I am!" Octavian pointed at the pile of gutted stuffed animals. "I consult the gods everyday! Alas, after eight months, I've found nothing. Of course, I'm still looking. But if Jason doesn't return by the Feast of Fortuna, we must act. We can't have a power vacuum any longer. I hope you'll support me for praetor. It would mean so much to me."
Jason laughed. "Yeah, right..."
Hazel clenched her fists. "Me. Support. You?"
Octavian took off his toga, setting it and his knife on the altar. Percy noticed seven lines on Octavian's arm-seven years of camp, Percy guessed.

"Ding ding ding! You guessed correctly!" Travis yelled. "Wait...he did guess correctly, right, Jason?"
"Yeah. Each line represents one year."
"Whoa, Percy was right?" Connor acted astonished.
"Wow...y'all are really supportive..." Piper said.
Octavian's mark was a harp, the symbol of Apollo.
Travis made a buzzing sound. "Wrong!"
", that was right," Annabeth said.
"Uh, yeah."
"After all," Octavian told Hazel, "I might be able to help you. It would be a shame if those awful rumors about you kept circulating...or, gods forbid, if they turned out to be true."
Percy slipped his hand in his pocket and grabbed his pen. This guy was blackmailing Hazel.

"Wow, he is really loyal. He barely knows her," Piper noted.
"Yeah. Yeah, he is..." Annabeth said with a faraway look in her stormy eyes.
That was obvious. One sign from Hazel, and Percy was ready to bust out Riptide and see how Octavian liked being at the other end of the blade.
"Probably not very much..." Travis mused, deep in thought about if he would like it or not.
"Really?" Annabeth asked, sarcastically.
Hazel took a deep breath. Her knuckles were white. "I'll think about it."
"Excellent," Octavian said. "By the way, your brother is here."
Hazel stiffened. "My brother? Why?"
Octavian shrugged. "Why does your brother do anything?"

"Yeah, why does he?" Jason asked, glancing at Nico.
"Um...okay..." Leo looked at Jason strangely.
"He's waiting at your father's shrine. Just...ah, don't invite him to stay too long. He has a disturbing effect on others. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to keep searching for our poor lost friend, Jason. Nice to meet you, Percy."
"Um...why don't we take a break for a few minutes?" Nico asked.
"No, I want to see who Hazel's brother is!" Leo exclaimed. Everyone nodded.
Nico gulped.
Hazel stormed out of the pavilion, and Percy followed. He was sure he'd never been so glad to leave a temple in his whole life.
As Hazel marched down the hill, she cursed in Latin. Percy didn't understand all of it, but he got 'son of a gorgon, power-hungry snake', and a few choice words of where Octavian could stick his knife.
"I hate that guy," she muttered in English. "If I had it my way-"
"He won't really get elected praetor, will he?" Percy asked.
"I wish I could be certain. Octavian has a lot of friends, most of them bought. The rest of the campers are afraid of him."
"Afraid of that skinny little guy?"

"Gods, I'm really thirsty. Can I go get some water?" Nico asked, nervous.
Thalia walked over and gave him a bottle of water. "There. Now stop interrupting!"
"Don't underestimate him. Reyna's not so bad herself, but if Octavian shares her power..." Hazel shuddered. "Let's go see my brother. He'll want to meet you."
"I think I need a little fresh air, could I step out for a second?" Nico asked.
Zeus sent a blast of wind at him. "There, now shhh!"
Percy didn't argue. He wanted to meet this mysterious brother, maybe learn something about Hazel's background-who her dad was, what secret she was hiding. Percy couldn't believe she'd done anything to be guilty about. She seemed too nice. But Octavian had acted like he had some first class dirt on her.
"Like Aphrodite has on everyone!" Hermes said.
Aphrodite looked up from her cell phone. "Well, everyone tells me everything!"
Hazel led Percy to a black crypt built into the side of the hill. Standing in front was a teenage boy in black jeans and an aviator jacket.
"Must be Pluto's kid..." Annabeth mused.
"Hey," Hazel called. "I've brought a friend."
The boy turned. Percy had one of those weird flashes: like this was someone he should know. The kid was almost as pale as Octavian, but with dark eyes and messy black hair. He didn't look anything like Hazel.

"Hey, can I step out for a minute? I, claustrophobic," Nico asked, grasping for anything to get him out.
Everyone stared at him. "Dude, this room is like, the size of a football field," Leo said.
"And your dad is the god of the Underworld!" Annabeth exclaimed.
"Oh, right..." he said.
He wore a silver skull ring, a chain for a belt, and a black T-shirt with skull designs.
Nico cringed, wishing he hadn't worn those same things today.
At his side hung a pure black sword.
Nico paled as he tried to hide the sword described.
For a microsecond when he saw Percy, the boy seemed shocked-panicked even, like he'd been caught in a searchlight.
"I wonder who it is..." Travis pondered. Thank the gods he was so dense, Nico thought.
"This is Percy Jackson," Hazel said. "He's a good guy. Percy, this is my brother, son of Pluto."
Thalia nearly choked as she read the next line. The boy regained his composure and held out his hand. "Pleases to meet you," he said. "I'm Nico di Angelo."

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"NICO!" The room filled with shouts. Nico cringed. Annabeth stromedup furious than the rest. "Nico, I'm going to smack you around until your DEAD!" Annabeth screamed waving her knife like a murderer. "I have you on an oath!" Nico squeaked. "NOT ME!" Annabeth shouted. "I WAS SMART NOT YOU TRUST YOU!" The bar from Nico's seat vanished and Nico bolted for the door. Unfortunately Annabeth was faster. She dodged thrones and other campers. Annabeth stood in front of a panting Nico. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US YOU KNEW ABOUT THE ROMAN CAMP!!!!!!" She shouted in Nico's face. Nico looked at Zeus, who nodded. Nico sighed. "Well you see, I knew about the Roman camp for about 12 months. When I found out, the gods made me swear on the River Styx not to tell anyone. I found it when I was looking for clues about my family. You know, when I was in San Francisco. I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't." Nico explained. "Was that where you were when you were searching for Percy?" Annabeth asked. Nico nodded. "Also the Underworld!" He added. "I SAW YOU BEFORE IN CAMP JUPITER!" Jason shouted, causing Annabeth to be distracted. Nico slipped out. "Huh?" Leo, Hermes, Apollo, Connor and Travis asked in unison. "I remembered now! Nico, when we had senate meetings would be there!" Jason said, smiling. "I want to ask Nico more questions." Annabeth said, squinting her eyes. "Like how does he know this Hazel girl." "Well, we will find out in the book." Surprisingly Leo said it. Everyone's jay dropped and half of their eyes popped out.

Hazel felt like she'd just introduced two nuecular bombs.
"You just did," Annabeth muttered.
Now she was waiting to see which one exploded first. Until that morning, her brother Nico had been the most powerful demigod she knew.
"Probably so," Annabeth murmurered.
The others at Camp Jupiter saw him as a traveling oddball, about as harmless as a faun.
"Hey!" Grover protested.
"Hades, can you bring Nico back?" Thalia asked. "In chains?"
Hades did just that.
"HEY!" Nico said, wrestling with black chains. "I AM NOT SOMEONE TO MESS AROUND WITH!"
"Sorry Emo Boy, we wanted you to hear what your half-sister thinks of you,along with the Roman Camp." Thalia said
"I AM NOT EMO, GOTH GIRL!" Nico shouted back.
Thalia ingnored him and kept reading.
Hazel knew better.
"STALKER!" Connor and Travis shout in unison.
She hadn't grown up with Nico, hadn't even known him very long.
"No stalker," Travis said disappointed.
But she knew Nico was more dangerous than Reyna, or Octavian,or maybe even Jason.
Nico beamed from his chains.
Jason choked.
Then she met Percy.
"Annabeth I think you may want to watch out." Nico said.
At first, when she saw him stumbling up the highway with the old lady in his arms-

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Hazel had thought he might be a god in disguise. “Yes, Percy Jackson, god of stupidity, sarcasm, and being kidnapped. Very godlike.” Travis said “You forgot that was offered to be a god a few months ago didn’t you?” Thalia asked “well I’ll admit he dose have that aura of power when he’s in battle but other then that-“ “he’s a complete seaweed brain.” Annabeth finished Travis grumbled quietly about stupid Athena girls while annabeth smiled. Even though he was beat up, dirty, and stooped with exhaustion, he had an aura of power. He had the good looks of a roman god- “ohhhhh, annabeth she thinks-“ Conner started “save it.” Annabeth cut him off. with sea-green eyes and windblown black hair. She ordered Frank not to fire at him. “Thank you, I don’t like dead boyfriends!” annabeth said She thought the gods might be testing them. They are, annabeth thought actually one the evil goddess named Hera that steals your boyfriends and has stupid pet cows. She’d heard myths like that: a kid with an old lady begs for shelter and when the rude mortals refuse- boom they get turned into banana slugs. “smart girl.” Piper said

sorry have to dop homework being forced by someone almost as evil as hera the so called being of mom. this is what i have so far anyone can post from where i left off cause there is no certainty that i will get back on the cumputer. its super short i know but someone can post now!!! ***being literally dragged off cumputer**** "noooooooooo!!!!"
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Then Percy had controlled the river and destroyed the gorgons. He had stirred up the whole camp with talk about the graecus. A son of the sea god...
Long ago, Hazel had been told a desendant of Neptune would save her. But could Percy really wash away her curse? It seemed to much to hope for.

"What curse?" Jason wondered. If she'd been told this long ago, exactly how long had she had this curse? And why hadn't she told Jason and the others about it?
"Well," Annabeth mused, "Pluto is the god of riches, isn't he?" She turned to Hades for confirmation; he nodded.
"And Don the Faun-" *snickers from group* "-said that whenever Hazel walked by, diamonds and other riches appeared." Annabeth continued. "Judging by the way Hazel reacted to stopping Don the Faun-" again, more snickers, "-from grabbing the diamond, I'd suppose that has something to do with her curse!" She concluded triumphantly. For once, nobody had dozed of during an Annabeth lecture. They were all hanging on her every word. Then Annabeth started to use really big words like magnetism and ratio, getting deeper and deeper into Happy-Speculation-Land, and everyone turned back to Thalia. {A/N: It is Thalia reading, innit it?}

Percy and Nico shook hands.

Everyone leaned forward collectively, waiting for Percy to some how figure out who Nico was.

They studied eachother warily, and Hazel fought the urge to run. If these two busted out the magic swords, things could get ugly.

Athena tilted her head to the side, considering.
"Well," she said, "Perseus is a better swordsman, but Nico has the undead at his disposal. Plus, Mr. Di Angelo can Shadow Travel. And his sister is there. If they were to fight, she would undoubtedly take her brothers side. Which means..." she paused, a satisfied smile creeping over her face, "If Percy and Nico bust out the magic swords, Nico will certainly win."
Athena was so pleased with arriving at her conclusion that she didn't realise everyone had lost it the minute the words bust, magic, and swords had left her mouth.

Nico didn't appear scary

To everyone at Camp Half-Blood at that moment, Nico appeared insulted.

He was skinny and sloppy in his rumpled black clothes. His hair, as always, looked like he had just rolled out of bed.

Nico scowled and tried to surreptitiously flatten his hair. Shut up, Hazel, he tried to telepathically comunicate to his sister. Of course, no such luck.

Hazel remembered when she'd met him. The first time she'd seen him draw that black sword of his, she'd almost laughed. The way he called it 'Stygian Iron', all serious like - he'd looked ridiculous. This scrawny white boy

Entire camp lost it as they heard the phrase 'scrawny white boy'.

was no fighter. She certainly hadn't believed they were related.
She'd changed her mind about that soon enough.
Percy scowled. "I-I know you."

Hera froze. She hadn't counted on the son of Hades giving Percy a conduit to regain his memories from.

Nico raised his eyebrows. "Do you?" He looked at Hazel for explanation.

Hera relaxed a small bit. that Nico is a good actor.
Annabeth glared at Nico, who shrunk into himself, practically radiating: Don't look at me! Don't look at me!

Hazel hesitated. Something about her brothers reaction wasn't right.

"NO-FREAKING-DUH!!!!!" Entire camp glares at Nico, who wishes he could just disappear. Oh wait! He can! *poof* Nico shadow travelled out of there.
"Hades, bring your son back."

He was trying hard to act casual, but when he had first seen Percy, Hazel had noticed his momentary look of panic. Nico already knew Percy. Hazel was sure of it. Why was he pretending otherwise?

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"Because the gods would kill him if he acted otherwise, NO-FREAKING-DUH!" Nico yelled.
Piper looked at him. "I find how you talk about yourself in the third person extraordinarily disturbing."
"Shut it, Mclean." {A?N: Is that how you spell Pipers last Name?}

Hazel forced herself to speak. "Uh...Percy's lost his memory." She told her brother what had happened since Percy had arrived at the gates.

Connor grinned. "I love the way she's phrased that."

"So, Nico..." She continued carefully. "I know, you travel all over. Mybe you've met demigods like Percy before, or..."

Athena raised her eyebrows, impressed. "The girl is sharp," she declared.

Nico's expressino turned as dark as Tartarus. Hazel didn't understand why, but she got the message: Drop it.

"We know why," entirety of Camp chimed
"Congratulations," Ares intoned sarcastically. "You all get gold stars."
Mostly everyone rolled their eyes at Ares, but Connor, Travis, and Leo exclaimed, "YES! Gold stars!"
They just got looked at. And looked at some more.
Connor and Travis realised that Ares had been sarcastic and sat down, blushing. Leo, however, had not gotten the memo, and kept looking all around him for a gold star that would never come.

"This story about Gaia's army," Nico asked. "You warned Reyna?"Percy nodded. "Who is Gaia, anyway?"

All the gods rolled their eyes. "ONLY THE EVIL MOTHER OF EARTH!!!" They all yelled.

Hazel's mouth went dry. Just hearing that name...It was all she could do to keep her knees from buckling.

Piper felt a twinge of sympathy. Poor Hazel.
Leo shuddered. He could so relate to Hazel's feelings.
Jason frowned. Buckling at the knees? Not very Roman of Hazel.

She remembered a woman's soft sleepy voice, a glowing cave, and feeling her lungs fill with black oil.

Everyone except Hades/Pluto and Nico tilted their heads to the side. What the...
Hades feverently hoped no-one would look at him. Don't look at me, don't look at me, he prayed. So, of course, Athena looked at him, a suspicious frown creasing her forhead. He attempted a smile at his niece.
It didn't work.

"She's the earth goddess." Nico glanced at the ground as if it might be listening.

The Olympians frowned and glanced down nervously at the ground like that hadn't occured to them.

"The oldest goddess of all. She's in a deep sleep most of the time, but she hates the gods and their children."
"Mother evil?" Percy asked.

Laughter erupted around camp. Put like that, the whole Gaia thing sounded ridonkulous.

"Very," Nico said gravely. "She convinced her son, the Titan Kronos - um, I mean, Saturn - to kill his dad, Uranus,

Connor and Travis lost it. "Ur anus!" They yelled.
Piper rolled her eyes. "Idiots," she said. "Keep reading, Thalia."

and take over the world. The Titans ruled for a long time. Then the Titan's children, the Olympian gods, overthrew them."

"Darn right we did!" Yelled Zeus. He turned to Hera. "C'mon wifey," he said holding his palm in the air, "gimme five!"
Hera struggled to keep a straight face as she turned towards Thalia. 'Step-daughter," she said, "continue."
For once, Thalia did what Hera asked without complaint.

"That story seems familiar,"


Percy sounded surprised, like an old memory had partially surfaced. "But I don't think I ever heard the part about Gaia."

"Of course not," Annabeth said, shooting resentful looks at the gods. "Our parents thought it better to keep that little tid bit to themselves."

Nico shrugged. "She got mad when the gods took over.

The gods snorted. "Understatement of the year."

She took a new husband - Tartarus, the spirit of the abyss - and gave birth to a race of giants. They tried to destry Mount Olympus,

"Note key word," Hermes said. "Tried"
"Note key word," Thalia said. "Shut mouth."

but the gods finally beat them. At least...the first time."
"The first time?" Percy repeated.
Nico glanced at Hazel. He probably wasn't trying to make her feel guilty, but she couldn't help it.

"Guilty about what?" Annabeth wondered aloud.
"Wait a minute," Connor said, holding up his hands in a stop everything gesture. "Does this have something to do with the curse?" Annabeth blinked.
"Connor," she said, "that was intelligent, albeit disturbing."

If Percy knew the truth about her, and the horible things she'd done...
"Last summer," Nico continued, "Saturn tried to make a comeback.

"Note key word," Hermes said. "Tried."
Thaila glared. "Need I repeat myself?"

There was a second Titan war. The Romans at Camp Jupiter stormed his headquarters at Mount Othrys, across the bay, and destroyed his throne. Saturn disappeared -" he hesitated,watching Percy's face. Hazel got the feeling Her brother was afraid more of Percy's memories might come back.

Well, at least he's being cautious, Hera grumbled in her mind.

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Loves ya,
-JosephineSilver, Daughter-of-Demeter
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"I remember charging Mount Orthys." Jason said, dreamily.

"Um, anyway," Nico continued, "Saturn probably faded back to the abyss. We all thought the war was over. Now it looks like the Titans' defeat stirred Gaea. She's starting to wake. I've heard reports of giants being reborn. If they mean to challenge the gods again, they'll probably start by destroying the demigods...."

"NO!!!" All the gods and demigods shouted. "WHY THE DEMIGODS!?!?!? WHY!???!?!?!?!!!??!?!?!" Travis shouted, fake tears streaming sown his face.

"You told Reyna this?" Percy asked.
"Of course." Nico's jaw tensed. "The Romans don't trust me.

"Why?" Leo asked.
Nico rolled his eyes.
That's why I was hoping she'd listen to you.
"Bad idea." Jason muttered shaking his head.
Children of Pluto... well, no offense, but they think we're even worse than children of Neptune. "We're bad luck."
"We have been since I was born," Nico muttered.
Most of the gods, except for Hermes, Ares and Apollo knew what he was talking about, so did the older demigods."
"They let Hazel stayed." Jason pointed out.
Leo winced, no one noticed.
"They let Hazel stay here," Percy pointed out.
"That's different," Nico said.
"Why?" Travis asked, fumbling with a powder grenade. "Does it have something to do with Nico, and the curse?" Everyone looked at him, in shocked. "You said something smart," Athena stammered. "A son of Hermes said something smart for the-" "Third time, yes." Travis finished.
"Percy," Hazel cut in,"look, the giants aren't the worst problem. Even... even Gaea isn't the worst problem.
"YES SHE IS!" Hermes and Travis shouted at the same time, causing more staring at them. Once again, their mouths were hung open.
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'The thing you noticed about the gorgons, how they wouldn't die,that's our biggest worry.'

Tch! If that girl only knew how much Gaea would like to kill us all. If only she knew just how BIG a problem it is that she's waking. Thalia muttered.

Actually Thals, if Gaea's army couldn't die, that'd be a major factor in the Giant War. Jason replied.

Oh, right.

she looked at Nico

So did everyone else. Nico cringed.

She was getting dangerously close to her own secret now, but for some reason Hazel trusted Percy.

What secret? Connor yelled.
Shut up and find out! Yelled back Annabeth.
Awww. Annie, you're just jealous because Hazel is replacing you, she even trusts him enough to want to share a deep, dark secret with him, doesn't that twist your- HEY! Travis was interrupted in his infuriating speech because Annbeth had come over and hoisted him up by the ankle.
Keep reading while the blood rushes to Travis' head. Annabeth said mutually, as if this was an interesting experiment and not a torture technique.

Maybe because he was also an outsider, maybe because he'd saved Frank at the river. He deserved to know what they were facing

Ha, of course he was an outsider, it's like his claiming all over again. The Romans are scared silly of him. Annabeth said.
Hey! Jason protested.
Um, can you let me down now? i think I'm seeing stars.
No Travis.
Oooh, a chugga chugga choo-train is going around my head parts! then he giggled uncontrollably.
Annabeth dear, I think it's time you let him down Athena said gently.
He can't afford to lose his remaining brain cells.

'Nico and I,' she said carefully, 'we think that whats hsppening is ... Death isn't -'

Death isn't what? Leo shouted
Shut up Valdez and find out Jason yelled.
And stop interrupting you two! Zeus thundered.
Apollo, fix up Hermes' son would you? as much as I know boys are disgusting, I must say licking one's shoe is abnormal, even for a boy, Artemis observed from her throne, as indeed Travis' bloodrush seemed to have left him delirious and licking his shoe.

Before she could finish, a shout came from down the hill. Frank jogged towards them, wearing his jeans, purple camp shirt, and denim jacket. His hands were covered in grease from cleaning weapons

Ugh, one of the worst jobs ever. Jason groaned.
Hey, I like polishing my metalwork thank you very much!
Hey! I enjoy polishing my metalwork!
Leo and Hephaestus had both shouted at the same time, they sat back down embarrassed while everyone laughed.
Why is Hazel paying so much attetion to what Frank is wearing? Thalia wondered aloud.
Good question. Piper said. She caused people to jump, as she had been quite quiet for some time. Unlike those mouthy boys. (Gods! *thunder* I'm thinking like Artemis! Help!)

As it did everytime she saw Frank, Hazel's heart performed a little skip-beat tap-dance-

Awwww somebody likes Fraaaank Nico sang, I've got to give her some pointers about the male race.
Nico, you can't hold down a girl, because your not the typical male, Hazel doesn't want to drive Frank away. Annabeth said
Try teach him to drool less Artemis said sarcastically.
Awwwwww... Piper Aw'ed then looked disgusted at herself.
Finally some more cutesy love! Aphrodite exclaimed.
Mom, that's a weird phrase, Piper said
Oh admit it darling, even you want to hear more about Hazels's love life!
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-which really irritated her-
Awwww. Aphrodite said in disappointment.
Since when is the feeling of love irritating? she moaned
94% of the time - Annabeth
100% of the time - Artemis
All the time - Thalia
Most of the time - Jason, Piper looked at him quizzically.
I can't even hold down a girl, despite the fact I am just that hot! To emphasise, Leo's hair caught fire.
Leo, your not that hot, it's me the chicks dig but can't get a hold of, - Nico
GET A BUCKET! Jason yelled.
Plooooooooooooosh! Poseidon supplied the bucket.

Sure, he was a good friend - one of the only people at camp who didn't treat her as if she had a contagious disease.

Why would they? she seems nice enough. Thalia speculated

But she didn't like him that way.

Sorry Annie, looks like there's still a chance you're still gonna get replaced. Travis, who had just recovered, sang.
Shut up you. She replied
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"Well can I read Thalia?" Travis asked, in one of those voices you hear on recordings of books.
Nico,Jason, Piper, Leo, Connor, and Annabeth choked.
"You want to read?" Thalia asked with caution.
Travis nodded, and plucked the book (and leaving the powder grenade in her hands), from her hands, with a smug smile on his face.
He was three years older than she was, and he wasn't exactly Prince Charming, with that strange combination of baby face and bulky wrestler's body.
"WOW TRAVIS IS READING SOMETHING OTHER THAN "PAT THE BUNNY"!" A collective of shouts. Travis's head was counting down how long it would take the grenade to explode.
3,2, 1 Travis thought. When he reached one, the grenade exploded, and anyone near Thalia, would get the Mark of Connor and Travis. The people who got the mark was Thalia, Jason, Piper, Annabeth, Aphrodite, and Poseidon.
"TRAVIS!" Thalia yelled, desperately trying to clear the mark off of her cheek.
"Chiron, take Connor back to camp please?" Travis asked, his voice hollow again. "We have to talk about a certain son of Hermes." With that Connor cried hysterically, and Chiron galloped, pick him up and went back to Camp Half-Blood.
"What about him?" Thalia asked, anxious.
"I care about him and I didn't want him to be upset if I said it near him." Travis answered, harshly.
Even Annabeth had to agree with that.

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The gods flashed out, so everyone could compose themselves. Hades sealed the doors and let Nico go from his bonds.
"Luke was like our brother," Travis said, half darkly and half dreamily. "When he went to the enemy, Connor got so mad, he aimed it at me. In our cabin, most of the time. Then we found out that Hermes still thought of him as his favorite son. Connor got enraged and I thought it wasn't a big deal."
Jason thought of when he heard the conversation between Hermes and Connor.
"Now when Connor hears, or even thinks about the past, he cries hysterically. Man, we had some great times. When we ridged the whole Athena cabin." Travis said, tired.
"I lie, that's who I am. I lie. I lied for Connor's sake. I'm a loving brother for Hermes's sake!"

Connor came back. His eyes were red, and puffy. He looked like he cried himself to sleep...... again.
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