The Heroes of Olympus The Mark of Athena*

blackNblue posted on Oct 06, 2011 at 01:32PM
Title: The Mark of Athena

Rating: C, I guess, maybe T?

Main Characters: Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Reyna, Leo, Piper, Frank, Hazel

OC: Mac the Shark, Stephanie, more to come :)

Synopsis: People from Camp Half Blood had finally reached Camp Jupiter! What do you think will happen? Will they unite and fight with each other, or will they kill each other? Find out in The Mark of Athena* by blackNblue. :D

Disclaimer: I don't own PJO, HOO, All rights to Rick Riordan

A/N: Please comment! Thanks :D So guys, I have decided to write a fanfic about the third book in the heroes of Olympus. If you have not yet read the Son of Neptune, try not to read it because it will have lots of spoilers and stuff. So yeah. I don't own TLH, SON, this is all Rick Riordan's
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Chapter 35

Percy's POV

Woah, Thalia got kindnapped? That's nearly impossible. It's like Hera finally getting along with Annabeth. I could only think of one person that would kidnap her (aside from Hera) and that's Gaae. She's really gonna pay for this. First Nico, now Thalia.

Annabeth called another meeting, this time concerning Thalia. Everyone sat around the table with grim faces. Even Steph was there, though she barely knew Thalia. She looked at me, and for a moment, I felt something weird. It's something at the back of my mind is saying, no shouted..DEMIGOD ALERT, STAY AWAY, DANGER!!!

I looked away and tried to focus on the meeting.

"We should save her," Jason said, forming a ball in his fist.

"Chill, man. We will," Leo said, his eyes serious. Maybe because he likes Thalia. Did anyone tell him she's off-limits? I noticed Hazel was staring at him, probably trying to convince herself that this guy is not Sammy.

"Right now, both Thalia and Nico should be our first priority," Annabeth said, trying to stay calm. But I could see the anger in her eyes. "We should not let the dirt lady take the people close to us. We won't let her get away with it."

I was about to say something smart, when I felt myself fall. Before I lost conciousness, I saw their worried faces. Then I heard someone say," Percy?? What's happening??!! Get some nectar!"

Then darkness closed the scene.

I felt like my soul was ripped from my body. I saw the streets whiz past me. My sight was disoriented, as I saw the building swirl in front of me. I felt like someone made me squeeze through jelly. It felt like shadow travelling, only different. I closed my eyes as I tried to block the dizziness I felt in my head. What was happening? I asked myself. Then I stopped moving, but I still kept my eyes shut, afraid of what I would see.

"About time you got here," An all-too familiar voice said.

I opened my eyes to see Thalia, with her hands on her hips and Nico taking deep breaths.

"Thals! Nico! What..How..Did Gaea kidnap me too?" I said as I hugged them both. Then Thalia kicked me.

"Ow! What was that for?!" I said as I rubbed my side.

"Don't be silly, Kelp Head! The dirt-lady doesn't even know you're here. Well, I think she doesn't." I rolled my eyes at her. "The thing is, Nico did his thing, and sent your soul here, to talk to us. So I don't anyone can see you but us."

"So I'm here, but at the same time, I'm not here?" I asked.

"Yeah," Nico said. "Sort of like that."

"Wow, you're awesome, little bro!" And I ruffled his hair as he yelled,"Hey!"

That's when I took a good look at them. Hades, they look horrible! They have wounds all over. I touched Thalia's hand and concentrated. When I opened my eyes, she was all healed. I turned to Nico and did the same. I didn't know I could also do that in spirit form.

"Wow, Percy, thanks.." Nico said.

"Yeah, so back to business. What is this place?" I said.

"We're on some mountain, in Rome. Near the original River Tiber. At least, that was what the cyclope guard was talking about." Nico said.

"Okay, guys, just say put.. We'll save you.."I said.

Then with that, the scene faded. I closed my eyes, expecting the Argo II to come on focus. Instead, when I open my eyes, all I can see is Gaea. She still looked

"What do you want?!" I literally glowled.

Now, now, Perseus. Are you sure you want to provoke me? 'Cause I can kill you right now

"I'm not afraid of you." I said, as she threw a dagger at me, which I managed to dodge. Although it scraped my arm a little wait, make that a deep gash. I winced, since it really hurt.

I would really love to kill you right now, but sadly I cannot. You will play a very valuable part in my plan, my little pawn. You even absorbed some of my powers when you saw my true form.

I closed my eyes and imagined her crumbling to dust. I hated her so much. I mean, I will never be part of her stupid plan. When I opened my eyes, she was gone. Instead,

I saw the worried faces of my friends.

"Percy!" Annabeth cried as she hugged me. I hugged her back, running my hand through her long blond hair.

"How long was I out?" I asked.

"About an hour..What happened? Steph told us you were talking to Nico and Thalia," Jason asked.

"Yeah. Nico summoned my soul so I can talk to them. How did you know?" I asked Steph. She just blushed and said,"Just a feeling."

"So? Do you know where they are now?" Jason eagerly asked.
"Yeah. In a mountain in Rome. Near the original Tiber," I said.

"Great! Let's hurry," He said.

"What happened to your arm?" Annabeth asked. I saw that the wound was there.

"Um, I had a little talk with Gaea. She said something disturbing.." I said.

"What?" She asked.

"Um guys," Frank said nervously. "Hate to ruin the moment, but there's monsters."

We turned to see monsters flying our way.
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