The Heroes of Olympus The Mark of Athena*

blackNblue posted on Oct 06, 2011 at 01:32PM
Title: The Mark of Athena

Rating: C, I guess, maybe T?

Main Characters: Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Reyna, Leo, Piper, Frank, Hazel

OC: Mac the Shark, Stephanie, more to come :)

Synopsis: People from Camp Half Blood had finally reached Camp Jupiter! What do you think will happen? Will they unite and fight with each other, or will they kill each other? Find out in The Mark of Athena* by blackNblue. :D

Disclaimer: I don't own PJO, HOO, All rights to Rick Riordan

A/N: Please comment! Thanks :D So guys, I have decided to write a fanfic about the third book in the heroes of Olympus. If you have not yet read the Son of Neptune, try not to read it because it will have lots of spoilers and stuff. So yeah. I don't own TLH, SON, this is all Rick Riordan's
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the whistle / sword thing is a spinoff of the stygian icwe whistle for Mrs. O'Leary in series 1, book 4
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Quintus(Daedelus) gives Percy a dog whistle made of Stgyian Ice.... battle of the labyrinth..
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Chapter 37

Percy's POV

I leaned onto the railing, thinking about the prophecy, the mark of athena, Annabeth. My trailed back to camp half-blood and camp jupiter. How are they doing? Are they trying to act like two civilzed camps and unite, or are their differences set them to fight?

Great, now I sound like Annabeth.

I remembered what Reyna, Hylla, Lupa and Chiron asked me before I left. To find the most valuable possession of King Romulus that his brother, Remus stole it.

Instantly, I wished I hadn't agreed to their request. How the Hades was I supposed to find something I don't know about??

I sighed. I thought that after the titan war, I would live a peaceful life and die an old man, like what the fates showed me. I guess I was wrong.

I sensed movement next to me. I turned to see Steph leaning onto the railing. Without meaning to, we made eye contact.

"Umm..." I said. "Hi?"

"Hi," she said, a little nervous, I think.

I turned and looked out into the sea. The sea always calmed me, even with its strong waves. Finally, I thought. Its about time we passed the continent and got into the sea. With the sea beneath me, it feels a lot safer to fly.

"What was Annabeth saying?" Steph suddenly asked."The mark of Athena?"

I was about to answer, but then, the sea turned into ice, the whole boat turned into ice and it began to snow.

Something was very, very wrong.

Almost everyone slipped until I was the only one standing. That when a woman appeared out of nowhere. She was pale, but there was something in her that was, well...cold. She spoke, "My, my. What do we have here? Jason, Leo, Piper, nice to see you again." She grinned evilly.

Puzzled? I guess you could say that.

The she came near me and touched my cheek. Her hand was like made from ice, "So this is the famous Percy Jackson. I've heard a lot from you."

"Who are you?" I managed to say, desperately trying to stay warm.

"Khione," Jason growled.


Preview alert! I'll finish this when I have time =)))))
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Nooooo kill Khione!
Oh wait she is a goddess nooooooo!