The Heroes of Olympus The Mark of Athena*

blackNblue posted on Oct 06, 2011 at 01:32PM
Title: The Mark of Athena

Rating: C, I guess, maybe T?

Main Characters: Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Reyna, Leo, Piper, Frank, Hazel

OC: Mac the Shark, Stephanie, more to come :)

Synopsis: People from Camp Half Blood had finally reached Camp Jupiter! What do you think will happen? Will they unite and fight with each other, or will they kill each other? Find out in The Mark of Athena* by blackNblue. :D

Disclaimer: I don't own PJO, HOO, All rights to Rick Riordan

A/N: Please comment! Thanks :D So guys, I have decided to write a fanfic about the third book in the heroes of Olympus. If you have not yet read the Son of Neptune, try not to read it because it will have lots of spoilers and stuff. So yeah. I don't own TLH, SON, this is all Rick Riordan's
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over a year ago Michael_1 said…
Amazing new to fanpop but ive all ready read your chapters like a billion times. Please post soon.
over a year ago percy4forever said…
Really good. Please post soon! I bet Gaea did it... Well that was sort of obvious. Wow, Jason is selfish. He is jealous of Percy and doesn't want HIMSELF to die :P
over a year ago goatlypowers said…
Ya he is kind of like a cirtian stalker I know. Well anny ways enough with spam r u gona post soon cuse I loVed it and can't wait for more wares a monkey to help you do u he of whatever while u work on the story
over a year ago v_lav said…
haha just giving tips thunderwolf
over a year ago fishhea6 said…
Evolved it please update soon
over a year ago fishhea6 said…
I meant to say I loved it
over a year ago persius said…
big smile
AWESOME keep up the good work
over a year ago unknownquestion said…
Pretty much speechless can't wait till you post
over a year ago blackNblue said…
Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was just plain BUSY. I just know I'm gonna fail Physicssssssssss! TT.TT

Writing the chapter :D Will post later..
over a year ago blackNblue said…
Chapter 19

Percy's POV

When Queen Hylla called for me, I knew I was dead.

I don't know why,but I think Hylla would kill me if she had the chance. And she has it, now.

She called for a meeting with me ALONE .

Am I freaking out?

Yes, maybe I am. Okay, here goes nothing.

I went inside. And sure enough she was alone. A-L-O-N-E. Stop it Percy! Great, I'm talking to myself. Is this the effect of being a half-roman, half-greek demigod?

The room was dimly lit and it was in my favorite color. Blue. It was big, and the windows were open so fresh air came inside the room. Actually, It made me relax a little.

I must have been standing there like an idiot, because Queen Hylla's voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

She smiled menacingly. Oh my gods, she's gonna kill me. "Oh, seriously, Percy." She rolled her eyes. "I'm so not gonna kill you. Come and sit."

I sat and stared at floor. Okay, I'm getting weirder and weirder by the stupid minute.

"Look, Percy, I know about your condition."

What? I feel like everyone already knows. I mean, didn't I swear on the river styx not to tell anyone? Then some blabs my secret and BOOM! I'm exposed. Yey.

She continued. "No, Percy, I knew it all along before you even knew it. When I was still living at Circe's Island, She and I were very close. She was like a mother to me."

I felt really guilty about destroying that island.

"Once, there was no customers, she talked with me. She said that a powerful demigod would come and destroy our island. She said he was destined for great things, he would save the world more than I could ever count. I didn't know why she said this so calmly, but I remember being mad.

Okay, now she'll kill me. I wanted to be invisible, but something urged me to keep listening.

"She also said, that he was a half roman and half greek. I asked her 'how did she know?' SHe told me, 'Hylla, I'm a sorceress, I know this things.

"And she said something that when I see you, I should warn you, remember when you saw mother earth's true form?"


"Well, you got some of her power, that's why you're eyes keep changing colors. So you can control the earth too."


She smiled. "And because of that, you're gonna be the one to kill her. If the others tried to kill her, they will have no effect, because you are the one destined to kill her."

"That's sound awfully like Harry Potter,"

She smiled, but this time it was a warm smile. "I don't know why mortals love that story. Well, Percy, that's all I want to say. Be careful okay?"

I took that as my sign to leave. As the sun began to set, I kept thinking, "WHAT THE HECK!!!!"


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over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Truly awesome
over a year ago blackNblue said…
Thanks :D
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big smile
I am proud of my sister :) This is blackNblue's sister :)
over a year ago cApsLock1 said…
i feel the same way abt my sister! so cute! sisterly love!
over a year ago fishhea6 said…
I heart it
over a year ago darkrai6543 said…
post soon, and my sisters annoying:)
over a year ago thunderwolf234 said…
my sisters in college on scholarship
over a year ago cApsLock1 said…
hey siaters are not annoying! brothers are! especially when they steal ur greek fire and hide it in ur bed, so when u lie down u get burnt......

*cue realization*

oh no! i think he stole my dry ice too!
over a year ago ninjagirl77 said…
post soon, and my brother is annoying!
over a year ago son_of_cratus said…
great chapter post soon!
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GreAt job
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my sister must be an exeption because she likes to maul me. i am seriously not kidding. and yes shee is annoying...
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My sister is pretty nice......I guess.