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Okay, so I know your all probably rolling your eyes right now thinking "another one? She probably doesn't even know how to write." I'm going to prove you all wrong. I'm actually a good writer. Good enough to know myself that I'm good. Obviously, there is always room for improvement but I love to write and so i will.
This is my version of The Mark of Athena. Hope you all enjoy!

Rating ( ratings): K+ (preferably 13 or over. I'm no RR, so there might be mild swearing. Really mild.)

Characters: Percy, Frank, Hazel, Piper, Leo, Jason, Reyna and Annabeth with occasionally Thalia, Nico, Tyson, Octavian, Ella and Grover.

Main Characters: Jason Grace, Percy Jackson.

Genres: Adventure, humor (i hope :P), Romance/drama (nothing intense, dont worry), slight hurt/comfort theme.


Summary: Seven Half Bloods shall answer the call. But what happens when they meet? It's hard to get along with someone when you feel like they've stolen your family. Will Jason and Percy manage to put aside their differences and lead this quest? Six down - one to go...

Disclaimer: All rights (c) Rick Riordan

-- xharrypotterx (Potter for short) ♥
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over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
Epicly awesome! (favorite word, don't ask)
You seem like a veteran around Fanpop, so I don't doubt your abilities.
Post soon! Do you have a posting schedule or something like that?
Couls you read my forums, too?
This is my best one:

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Oh, and I think the self-proclaimed organizers of this club would want you to post this on The Fanfic (it is a club) rather then here, but that is your choice :D
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over a year ago crazyperson22 said…
Sounds good
over a year ago xharrypotterx said…
AN: Okay so, since I have no idea who should be telling the story, I'm just going to keep changing it up. No order, I can change it whenever but I will write the POV's name on the top of the chapter.
Jason Grace
As the ship descends the earth seems to be coming up on its own. Jason tried not to look at it that way, because if he did he would start thinking of Gaea, and there was no way he wanted that old sleepy hag to ruin this moment for him.
He knew that just moments from now he would see his family… his first family.
And he knew that no matter how much time he had lost with them, Leo and Piper had made up for it.
Piper. A pang of guilt seemed to make Jason’s heart weigh ten pounds more than it should.
But why did he feel guilty? He and Piper hadn’t been dating.
But that just made him feel worse. In Piper’s old memory created from the mist, he and Piper were supposed to be together… and Jason wouldn’t really mind… But he knew seeing Reyna could change all that.
Before he knew it, the war ship had touched down.
A feeling of uneasiness filled is stomach. How was he going to explain himself to the Romans? Showing up after six months? He was their Praetor. He was supposed to have been there to protect him during the battle against Polybotes.
He felt like he had failed them. He felt like he had lost his sense of duty. And suddenly he hated it. Not the fact that he couldn’t protect them, but the fact that he felt guilty about it.
How could he have been there? Hera or Juno- whatever- had made sure he was away from his camp. This was her fault, yet Jason felt guilty. It was ridiculous.
Jason hadn’t realized he was shaking until Piper put her soft hand on his shoulder.
“Jason… It’ll be all right. If they truly are your family, they’ll forgive you and take you back in.” She said her soothing tone. It was so persuading and dreamy, just like her ever-changing eyes and everything about her. Her chocolate brown hair with cute thin braids, her perfectly shaped lips and all her other amazing features seemed to be spirits of her will. They all seemed to be persuading him to let his guard down… that it would be all right …
Jason snapped out of it and looked at Piper in shock.
“Did you just…?” Jason asked, now shaken from the inside as well. It took a moment for Piper to realize what he was asking.
“What, No! Jason I would never…” She looked appalled by the accusation, and for a second Jason actually thought, she’s a good actress. Then he suddenly felt tremendously guilty.
Leo walked in, perfect timing as usual. His curly back hair was ruffled up from being out in the wind. Jason’s must have been messed up too, since he had spent most of his time outside on the sky deck. It had made him feel better, until they got closer to their destination. Jason didn’t want to see Camp Jupiter. He felt like he would throw up with the queasiness he felt.
Leo’s expression was solemn, which was new. That meant something bad.
“You’d better get out quick.” He said anxiously.
The look in Leo’s eyes told Jason there was no time to decide. They needed him right now, for whatever reason. It may be small, but Jason was willing to do anything right now, to lift the fifty pounds of guilt off his shoulders.
Jason stood up.
“Let me introduce you two to the Romans.”

AN: So far so good? plz comment ppl! :D
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
Awesome awesome chappie! Haha poor Jason..........well, I don't like him that much, but whatever
Post soon!
When will you post?
over a year ago xharrypotterx said…
Please give some constructive stuff :)
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
Oh, sorry lol
So............just make it a bit longer, I guess
and put a lot of action, but this was like a prologue, so you are exempt from action in that chappie.
And at the beggining, you wrote it in you wrote like,
Jason eats the cookie.
and then in the rest of the chapter, you wrote in the better style, pastence
Jason ate the cookie.

So just proofread that stuff
Other then that, your first chappie was awesome :)
POST SOON! or I will swallow the Argo II!
over a year ago percabeth-bcz7 said…
awesome chapter!! POST SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
over a year ago Nemisis said…
Really good i like it umm.. is it rude to ask you to read mine , i hope its not heres a link
over a year ago xharrypotterx said…
Percy Jackson
Percy couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the same dragon head. The same dragon head that reminded him of friends that he just couldn’t think of without feeling the whole world drop on top of him.
His arms slipped of Hazel and Frank’s shoulders as he walked toward the ship. Roman demigods assembled themselves in a sort of semi circle formation as the ship landed in the center of the Via Praetoria.
They filled in all the way to the back of the crossroads, and some even had to back up against the Principia .
They were all armed and ready to fight the moment he or Reyna gave the word.
The only thing in the world that worried him right now was that Annabeth would be upset with him, not showing his face for six whole months… that and Octavian, who could screw things up at any second if he felt like it.
But Percy had to believe that Octavian was smarter than that, which wasn’t as hard as it should have been.
The ship landed and there was silence despite the fact that the whole area was flooded with people.
Percy saw Tyson among them, who was armed, but had not braced his weapon. He was looking around, confused as to why everyone was getting ready to attack. Percy was worried he would do something to turn the Romans against him.
The silence stretched on as no one came out of the indoor decks.
Percy was worried the Romans would get confused, panic and attack.
But then he remembered that they were Romans, and with Reyna watching them, that was quite unlikely.
Suddenly they could hear footsteps coming from the other side of the ship.
Yup, that’s how quiet it was. And now it was quieter, and the tension rose and the Romans braced themselves for the worst.
The whole body of demigods gasped as one when a blonde kid - around Percy’s age – stepped out onto the sky deck and leaned against the bulwark.
Percy didn’t know who he was, but he did recognize him from his dream, and he had a pretty good idea.
What shocked Percy was that he was wearing a Camp Half Blood orange T-shirt.
He should have felt relieved that this guy, if he was Jason Grace, had made peace with his Greek family, but he didn’t. He felt something else.
It took Percy a moment to realize that it was jealousy. He shook the feeling off.
“Romans,” The boy said in a loud and steady voice, “We come in peace. Do not attack. I am your Praetor and you will obey my orders.”
Shit Percy thought.
This guy thought he was still praetor. If he knew that Percy had practically stolen his job, what would that do? Percy had a feeling that the two of them would have to lead this group of seven. How were they to do that if Percy was already stealing his job and feeling jealous of him at the same time? That wasn’t the best foot to get off on.
He heard a commotion somewhere nearer to the boat. He could see Octavian and a few of his loyal demigods (more like slave demigods) shouting in disapproval, pointing at Percy.
Jason looked confused. He turned toward Percy, studied the cloak and looked away.
If he felt anything about losing his position as praetor, he didn’t let on.
“You must cooperate with me,” He continued, just as demandingly, “If you want to survive what’s coming. You must cooperate with us.” He gestured behind him, and Percy hadn’t realized that there was a whole group of demigods on the ship too. Not as many as on the ground, but still quite a few.
They stood behind him, and you could tell that they were there for him. They respected him and were loyal to him.
Percy felt like he had just lost his family to this guy.
And the most wounding thing was that Annabeth was among them.
He suddenly began to worry that he had lost her too… really lost her.
Then he felt ashamed. Annabeth wasn’t like that. She would never do that to him.
He should be happy, like he had been a few minutes ago, that Annabeth was here.
She didn’t seem to notice him, but she was looking around and squinting. Percy was anxious to get her to notice him
He want to scream out I’m over here! he wasted to run to her and sweep her off her feet. He just wanted to be with her, talk to her, hold her, kiss her…
Any dread he had been feeling for Jason and the task ahead of them vanished as the longing for his girlfriend – his best friend- took over.
A guy with curly black hair and wild eyes – Leo, Percy remembered – stepped forward. He looked even more restless in person then in the message.
“If you ever had any respect for Jason, you’ll lower your weapons and hear us out.” He sounded like he was challenging them to shoot, which proved that he knew nothing about the Romans. It wasn’t the smartest thing to do.
But slowly, members of the fifth cohort, friends who had listened to Percy, started to lower their weapons.
Percy knew it was his to turn to speak.
“Lower your weapons!” He barked. He had had no idea he could sound so strong, but then again Percy usually did underestimate himself.
He glanced at the ship, and as he had predicted, Annabeth had noticed him. She looked utterly stunned.
Percy looked back to the Romans.
“It is not a scheme. They are here to create peace. If, in fact, it is a scheme against us, I will…” His voice wavered as he glanced at the boat, but he regained it quickly enough to make it unnoticeable, “I will stand by my word to fight with you.”
Demigods from other cohorts started to lower their weapons as well. Octavian obviously didn’t like this.
“That is, before I kill you!” He shouted.
There were some gasps from the people on the ship, and it wasn’t only because of the death threat. Percy had just declared that he would fight them if he had to.
He couldn’t look up. He couldn’t see who else was there. He couldn’t face which one of his friends had heard what he had just said.
“Enough!” Reyna shouted. Her voice was the firmest from everyone who had spoken so far, “There will be no more of this! Get off that ship and speak! Explain yourself!”
Percy realized that Reyna was speaking directly to Jason. She made it seem like she was talking to everyone, but Percy understood. And by the look on his face, so did Jason.
Reyna had practically just said Where the fuck have you been for six months?
Jason stepped away from the bulwark and descended the bronze steps that had unfolded themselves when the ship had landed.
Leo and the other girl from his dream followed him with full confidence that this was the right thing to do.
They probably didn’t realize that the Romans would have the better advantage if they stepped off the boat.
They didn’t, but Percy knew Jason did. Why he was playing out what Reyna had asked him to do, Percy wasn’t sure.
He probably felt the same as Percy. He probably felt like he had lost his family to Percy and now he would do anything to prove that he deserved them back.
Slowly, other demigods got off the boat and Percy finally took a good look at who was among them.
Percy wasn’t sure what to feel. He felt hurt, but at the same time so relieved and happy. He would be indecisive until he actually had a good talk with his old friends, he realized.
Jason set his foot on the ground and suddenly, the whole world seemed to be shaking. Percy saw the face of a sleeping woman somewhere far in the mountains. It was so barely visible; it could have been his imagination.
But Percy knew it was real.
And then the face was gone, and the shaking stopped.
There was a bright flash at the point between the Greeks and the Romans, and then a six foot tall woman was standing there, in chocolate brown robes that matched her hair.
But she wasn’t a woman, she was Goddess.
“Minerva…” Hazel whispered from somewhere behind Percy.
But Percy knew better. He took a good look at the grey eyes that were so like Annabeth’s. They were boring into him.
Athena.” Percy corrected.

AN: I’ll post the next one ASAP 

over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
It was awesome.
I love how Percy and Jason are so....mad at eachother? Anyway, I hate Jason, so.....yeah............
Just some tips, try to limit the swearing, or at least censor it, otherwise not as much people will read.
Post soon! I like ASAP!
over a year ago xharrypotterx said…
Reyna studied the Goddess. She wasn’t roman that was for sure. She wore a Greek dress, and her war helmet wasn’t imperial gold. It was celestial bronze.
Athena,” Reyna heard Percy say.
Suddenly, all the Greeks were kneeling. All of them except Percy.
That was expected.
But Reyna knew better than to tick this Goddess off.
“Romans, Kneel!” she ordered, going down on her knees herself.
She saw Percy kneel from the corner of her eye as well. She figured it was because he knew what was best for him. She wouldn’t want anything to happen to him…
“Romans,” The Goddess boomed, “Greeks! I come baring a message from Olympus. ‘The Mark is burning’.”
She gave Percy a look that made it clear she expected him to understand. But if Percy got anything, he was pretty good at hiding it. He looked like he’s just been hit in the head with a club.
Then, just as suddenly as she had appeared, Athena was gone.
Reyna glanced at Percy, who was avoiding her eye. Hazel whispered something to him and he nodded.
That made Reyna as curious as ever. She knew that Hazel, Percy and Frank had figured out more on their quest then they had let on.
Reyna was also a little jealous. How had Hazel and Frank ended up the ones to be a part of this Great Prophecy? Did Reyna even have anything to do with it? As much as she hated it, she knew she didn’t like it because it hurt her ego.
Was she really as important as she always thought she was? Meeting Percy Jackson and had changed that thought a little.
He was so easy going and funny. He seemed to have lived life to the fullest at only sixteen. Reyna wasn’t like that. She was so much more reserved.
She had all these responsibilities and she had never got the chance to be a normal teenager like Percy. She never got to do what should have been important. That was being a kid.
She realized what she was jealous of was the friendship the three of them had. She had lost that kind of friendship with anyone when she came to camp Jupiter.
That was until she met Jason.
“We know about the Prophecy of Seven,” Jason said, regaining himself from the shock of the current event that had taken place. Everyone else was still shocked and a hum of talking had broken out. Jason was trying to get their attention.
“We also know about Gaea. We are here to help.” Said a blonde girl who had walked down to stand right beside Jason. She had curly hair and the exact same grey eyes as the Goddess. Reyna figured she was a daughter of Athena. She had a sort of power in her voice and storm in her eyes that everyone, even Octavian, stopped the commotion listen in respect.
“Hera – or Juno as you call her – claims that we must work together to get the Gods to fight with us. Only then will we be able to defeat Gaea. You all have probably heard this already, but I’m going to tell you again.
“Juno stated that to bring the Greeks,” She gestured behind her, “and Romans,” She gestured in front, “together, a change in leaders was necessary. This explains the past six months for us all. Jason Grace arrived at Camp Half Bloods, about six months ago when Percy Jackson disappeared. He remembered nothing of his past. Not even his name. The Gods of Olympus had completely cut off contact in that time period. Their contact is still limited. Hera had been taken prisoner. Jason, Piper and Leo were taken to camp by me and given a quest to go free her. They succeeded. When the quest was over, we assumed – correctly - , that Percy Jackson had been taken to Camp Jupiter. Jason’s memory has come back to him now, and we are here to create peace. Jason, Piper, Leo and Percy are a part of the seven, this much we are sure of.” The girl concluded and stepped back, allowing Jason to speak. But he was staring at her in awe, just as everyone else.
The power of her voice was so intense, even Reyna felt a strong respect for her just by listening to it.
“Now that you know our story, all we ask for is yours. We can work this out, figure out who will accompany us on the Argo II and travel to Greece.” Jason spoke.
There were many gasps in the crowd.
“Rome,” Percy spoke up, “Before Greece we must travel to Rome.”
All eyes turned on Percy.
Percy looked at Reyna and an Understanding passed between them.
Reyna turned around and bellowed “Retreat back to the Barracks, or wherever may be our current occupation! You have no business left here!” She ordered.
Slowly, in files mind you, the demigods retreated. They didn’t look happy about it, but there was no refusing Reyna once she had spoken.
Percy went straight up to where Jason was standing, about three feet away from him. Reyna watched intently, not wanting to miss a single detail.
Percy spoke in a superior manner that Reyna found quite attractive.
“Bring not more than five demigods of your choice into the Principia. Understood? Five demigods you trust enough to know the details of this quest.”
“Understood,” Jason assured him.
Reyna found the whole scene to be mocking her. It was obvious the two were not about to get along. There was Jason, her long time companion and best friend. And then there was Percy, the boy who just showed up and earned her respect and fancy.
She felt like she would have to choose between the two of them. And that would leave them unsettled with each other. That wouldn’t be good for the quest.
Could she be that person? The one who was the distraction? The one who would divert the Hero’s path? That was not her intention.
Percy made his way to the Principia. The only Romans left were Hazel and Frank, who followed him there. And then there was Octavian. He came, trying to get in front of Percy but Reyna stopped him.
“What are you doing? What if something goes wrong? You need me in there!” He protested.
“Percy?” Reyna asked for his approval.
“I think it would be best that Octavian stayed out of attacking distance.” Percy said.
“I won’t hurt anyone!” Octavian assured Reyna, not even bothering to acknowledge Percy.
“It’s not them I’m worried about.” Percy said, and walked on. Reyna had to hold back a smile. Percy had a way of putting her in that situation.
“Sorry Octavian, but you can’t go against Both Praetors.” Reyna said, and she followed Percy as Jason picked out his five demigods, excluding himself.
Suddenly, Reyna felt the same way she had when Percy had come back with Eagle in his hand. She knew something good was coming for her, despite the horrible quest ahead of them. And she knew it was going to be because of Percy.

AN: Yeah, check on Camp Half Blood Wiki. Reyna does have a thing for Percy. Don’t worry though, it’ll be Percabeth in the end game, but I did promise not-so-intense drama right? ;) And then there is “Jiper” or “Jasper” or whatever to worry about…

over a year ago Tartarusfire3 said…
Great job. Also, I hope this isn't spam, but could you check out my forum? link Its another Mark of Athena fanfic. Its not as good as yours but still.
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over a year ago xharrypotterx said…
AN: Yup, yup… the chapter all you Percabeth shippers have been waiting for…
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth couldn’t get over the shock of what Percy had said. I will stand by my word to fight with you.
Would he really have fought them? Would he really have fought his own family… or even her?
Annabeth wasn’t sure, but at that moment she knew things had changed. She didn’t know whether it was for better or for worse, but they had changed.
And she still wasn’t sure about how she felt when her mother had shown up… and that look she had given Percy.
Annabeth had thought she had it all figured out, but there were some things even she couldn’t understand. But she would. Whatever it took, she would not be away from the action, she would be at the center of the battle field and the loop. No more being kept in the dark for her.
Annabeth didn’t even have to ask Jason, or seek his approval as she went to stand next to Leo and Piper, indicating that she was going to be in the five. Jason didn’t protest.
“Okay. Two more…” He waited a minuet then said, “Thalia, Rachel come with me.”
Thalia wasn’t a surprise, but no one had been expecting Rachel.
She looked at Jason, eyes wide with bewilderment.
“M-me? “ She stammered.
Wow. Catching Rachel Dare off guard was a pretty hard job. Jason had definitely pulled a stunt there.
“Yes. You’re the oracle, hence you’re important. You should be in the loop too.”
Annabeth had to admire his way of thinking. Maybe he was really was fit to be a leader. More fit than Annabeth had realized.
Jason made his way down the crossroads and into the Principia.
Annabeth, Leo, Piper, Thalia and Rachel followed.
“Can you believe what he said?” Thalia asked. She had taken permission from Artemis to take a vacation from her lieutenant duties especially to accompany her brother on this quest. She was pretty brave and bold, walking into a quest like this without thinking twice. But then again, that was Thalia.
Jason stepped into the marble floored room, decorated with banners and medals.
Annabeth saw how organized everything was with the Romans. They were so disciplined and paid respect to all important demigods. It was a proper army. No “everyone is equal.” Everyone may be equal, in ways of fairness, but there was always a prey and a predator. The Romans seemed to understand that, and honor their most powerful predators, just as Annabeth would.
She suddenly felt a new found respect for the Romans.
Percy and Reyna were seated in chairs at the back wall, wearing matching purple cloaks and togas.
Annabeth felt proud, seeing Percy like that. He deserved a position like that. She was glad that the Romans had realized his potential.
A few ghost, shimmering with purple light, rushed into the room carrying coffee bean colored chairs. They set down eight in total around the table where Percy and Reyna sat.
The desk was cluttered with papers and jelly beans. Jason touched the desk with his fingers, and it was evident that he would miss being praetor. Annabeth had a suspicion that he would miss his companion more…
“Romans and Greeks alike,” Reyna started, as they all took their seats, “we are here now because we have a difficult task ahead of us. And to accomplish anything, we must unite. We must train together, and pick our heroes carefully to accompany the seven on this journey to defeat Gaea. Any objections?”
No one stood. She was right.
“I believe we know who the seven are,” This time it was Percy who spoke. He sounded graver then Annabeth had ever heard him. She knew it was because that was how he needed to act, to sound in command.
“You claimed that Leo and Piper were a part of the seven. I think it’s obvious the Jason and I are too. And so are Hazel and Frank.” He gestured toward the chubby-faced boy and African girl.
They looked a little unsure, but also honored. She realized their reactions were quite the same. They must have been pretty tight friends to have been influenced by each other like that.
“But that’s only six…’ Leo said in a bemused manner.
“Wow Leo! You counted! Even higher than your high score, which was like, three!” Piper teased.
Reyna obviously didn’t like it when people goofed off during meetings because the look she gave them was deadly. Even Piper, who never really listened to anybody, shut up.
“I know,” Percy continued at Reyna’s approval, “We have one demigod left… and we have no clue who he or she is…”
“Well, if it’s one thing I’ve learned; the fates never fail.” Said the one named Hazel.
“Hazel’s right,” Jason agreed, “If we’re going to find this demigod, we will. Maybe he or she will come to us; maybe a god or goddess will lead us in their direction. Whatever the case may be, we have to focus on the now right now.”
“One more thing…” Piper added slowly, addressing Percy, ‘You said we had to go to Rome and then Greece,” She looked at Jason, “Are we really going to?” She asked him.
“I don’t know,” Jason said honestly, “But I do know that we should listen to him,” he indicated Percy, “and do what he asks us too. If Roma is our first stop, to Roma we shall go.”
Piper nodded and slowly turned her eyes to the floor, lost in thought.
Annabeth spoke up, “So now that we’ve settled that, when do we leave? We already have all our best campers from Camp Half Blood, and now we have to-”
“Is Clarisse aboard the Argo II?” Percy interrupted. It wasn’t a rude one. He had been lost in thought and spoken automatically. Annabeth didn’t mind.
“Yes, yes she is.” She assured him.
He nodded his approval, “Good. Continue…” He avoided her eye the whole time.
“As I was saying… now all we have to do is gather the best roman demigods and we’re good.”
“We leave as soon as possible,” Jason said, answering her earlier question.
“Alright then, it is settled. We make our team and we will be off.” Reyna said. And then her expression turned sad as a realization dawned on her face.
“I will not be able to accompany you.” She said glumly.
“What? Why?” The one named Frank demanded, “Um, I mean… why?” he said it in a less harsh manner, as if he were frightened by Reyna.
“Because she can’t, as a praetor, leave the camp unattended.” Hazel said, as the realization flashed in her eyes too.
“But what about Percy?” Frank asked.
“He is an important part of this prophecy,” Reyna protested, “and he should be the one to go. I should be the one to stay… again…” her last word was barely audible.
Annabeth chanced a glance at Jason, and her suspicions confirmed. He looked guilty and hurt by her words.
“It is not necessary, sister…”came a voice from the back of the room. Everyone turned their eyes onto a woman who looked a lot like Reyna, wearing a black leather jump suit and a gold belt with the labyrinth pattern on it.
She looked so familiar, but Annabeth couldn’t quite put her finger on where she had seen her.
“Hylla, no…” Reyna protested.
“Why not? It is the least I can do for my little sister. You go on with them, where you belong. I’ll look after your camp. I won’t let you down, I promise. The Amazons like it here anyway…” She smirked, though Annabeth didn’t get what was so funny.
“Perfect. It’s settled then.” Percy stated.
“No, Percy it’s not -” Reyna tried to protest, but Percy put his finger on his lips.
“Ssh. It’s settled.” He told her. His expression said you know you want this so why turn it down?
Reyna actually stayed quiet after Percy removed his finger. Reyna hadn’t struck Annabeth as the type to take orders. She gave orders.
But looks like that was another thing Annabeth hadn’t really noticed about Percy till today. He was influential in many ways.
Annabeth noticed that Thalia and Rachel hadn’t said a word. That was shocking, coming from Thalia but not from Rachel. She was the observing type. Thalia was the rebelling type. But Annabeth figured Thalia agreed with everything they were saying, hence no reason to rebel.
“Well then, I guess we can sleep in for the night?’ Jason asked Reyna, as if he were scared she would make him sleep in the grass.
“Hazel, show the girls to the to the guest room. Frank, you take Leo.” Reyna told them.
“Yes, Reyna,” They said in union.
“What about the rest on the ship?” Jason asked.
“Tell one of the ghosts to escort each demigod to a spare bed in the barracks.” Reyna told Hazel.
“Yes, Reyna,” She said, getting up.
“What about me?” Jason asked the next one like a child would ask his mother why his brother got all the candy and he didn’t.
“You sleep in your room.” Reyna told him, like it should have been obvious. Under different circumstances it might have been, but even Annabeth knew that “his room” would mean the Praetor’s. He wasn’t one of those anymore.
Jason looked at Percy skeptically.
“It’s all yours.” Percy assured him. Jason nodded, still confused.
“Come on,” Hazel told the girls, including Annabeth.
Frank took Leo, and Jason headed out on his own.
“Aren’t you coming?” Piper asked Annabeth when she didn’t move.
“In just a minute. I’ll find my way.” Annabeth assured her. Piper shrugged and went on with the rest.
Soon, only Percy, Annabeth and Reyna stood in the room. Percy was looking down under the table.
Reyna, who Annabeth was pretty sure had figured out what was between her and Percy, muttered something about leaving important files in the senate house.
She rushed out the door, leaving Percy and Annabeth alone.
Percy looked up and for a minute she was just lost in those gorgeous green eyes.
Percy stood up and came to stand in front of Annabeth. She just looked at him. She wanted to tell him so much. She wanted to tell him how she’s missed him, how she’d spent every second worried, how she’d went around searching for him…
“Hey,” was all that Annabeth managed to breathe out.
Percy smiled at that, “Hi.” He replied.
And then all worry of not being able to tell him everything she felt vanished because he was kissing her. And she didn’t need to say anything.
She knew he had missed her. She knew had been longing for her just as much as she had for him.
And she knew that he would never let anything separate them again. These were the rare times when Annabeth let herself go, exposed herself completely. These were the rare times when Annabeth felt inferior to someone. And in a weird way, she loved that.
Between kisses, Percy breathed, “I never Forgot…”
AN: Hope you liked it… no more swearing now I promise. Just words like ‘crap’ or occasionally ‘arse’ because I use it as a casual swear not an insult. But no more swearing :P Please comment, otherwise reading it would mean nothing…

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I'll post ASAP. And abt percabeth vs Pereyna. Well, in the beginning i shipped Percabeth FTW. then I read SoN and it was all "Pereyna FTW!" and i never really liked Piper ♥ Jason.... And now i'm going thru a Jeyna phase... i'm even sketching them... (most of u noe i love to draw :P) ... so i'll kinda have to figure out who ends with who, not only appealing to me but appealing to the readers too. And im not just talking abt fanpop. I'm posting this on as well.. Link: link
and thats a big aite for fanfiction. Millions and thousands of ppl are on it. PJO is 4th most popular in the book section... and there are MANY books. and so i have to worry abt what the majority would want... but then again, if u check on, the two main characters listed for this fanfic are Percy and Jason, so u shud worry abt the couples for later... and check the title box thingy fr the forum again, i've added a summary (the same one on and I've mentioned that Percy and jason are the main characters.
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AN: Ha-ha! It’s time for the awesomeness to start! Presenting, the next chapter…. Drum roll please…:

Leo Valdez
“Well if it isn’t great aunt Piper coming to check if her little Leo is alright!” Leo said in baby voice as he saw Piper creep into his guest room. It was occupied by pretty much just him so he quite liked it. But Piper wasn’t supposed to be here. She belonged in the girls’ guest room. Then again, Piper had a way of winding up wherever she least belonged…
Piper looked at him like he was insane and said, “Great aunt Piper my-” Leo cut her off.
“Alright alright, no need to get your tongue all fiery…” Leo chuckled at his little joke. Piper was still looking at him like he was insane… not that he expected there to be any way in Tartarus that that would change.
“So why are you here?” he asked casually, flinging himself onto his bed, Piper hovering around the corner.
“I think there’s something else going on that these praetors won’t tell us about.” Piper began.
“So why aren’t you going to Jason?” Leo asked, sincerely. He was never really Piper’s friend; it felt like she just knew him through Jason. And that really sucked since he and Piper had been real friends while Jason had been a made-up memory from the mist. But he’d never dare to mention that.
If Leo had thought Piper’s expression turned cold at the mention of Jason’s name, her voice was ice.
“Jason doesn’t need to know. He probably already does and won’t tell us. He would obviously do anything for that girl…” Her voice trailed off.
“Anyway,” She said in such a perky manner - as opposed to her usual ‘life-totally-sucks’ tone– that it made Leo jump, “I came to you because I know you’ll help me.”
“And what makes you so sure of that?” If she had said it a few months ago, when they actually might have been friends, Leo would have taken it good naturedly. But now he was just irritated. Piper wasn’t joking around. She thought of Leo like her own personal robot to do all the dirty work for her.
“Because if you don’t, I’ll tell all the hot girls about you’re-”
“All right, Fine! I’ll do what you need me to…” Leo said resentfully. He should never have told Piper about that.
She smiled brightly and hugged him, and then, without a word, slipped out of the room.
Leo lay there for a long time. Something was definitely off about Piper.
For one thing, the past three months she had been ten times meaner to Leo, and a thousand times more flirtatious with Jason.
The Piper Leo knew wasn’t mean, she was just a teaser. And she was by no means a flirt.
Piper was actually really cool sometimes. Okay, most of the time.
She was a good friend for a guy, since she wasn’t all weird and girly. But the past few months she hadn’t been acting like herself at all. She’d been more like a whole different person, and only Leo had seemed to notice.
She was acting like someone in specific but Leo couldn’t quite put his finger on it.
He had almost mentioned the problem to Jason once, but had thought better of it. He would obviously defend her.
So for the time being, Leo had decided to keep this Piper-drama to himself.
Wow. Leo thought, If I’ve got Piper-drama in my life, it must be pretty messed up…
He pushed all his thoughts to one side – which made his head feel uncomfortably unbalanced – and he tried hard to fall asleep.
Tried and failed, that is.
Finally, he got fed up. He bushed himself off the bed and slipped out of the room quietly. It was nighttime now, and Leo couldn’t believe they had arrived only this morning. Time went by fast.
Leo went around a corner and into an alleyway between two cohort buildings, making sure he wasn’t spotted.
He sat down and said to himself, “Great, now what?”
Leo was like that a lot. He was always restless – more ADHD then the rest of the kids – and he just went around needing to do something, even without thinking.
So, his fingers still itching to do something, he opened his palm and summoned the heat. His palm burned for a second and a flame flickered in his hand. He started playing around with it. Making shapes with his hands against the alleyway’s walls.
A bunny, a dog, a bird…
“Hey, who’s there?” He heard a voice call right around the corner.
Leo froze, his flame still flickering.
In the light, he saw the face of the Chinese-toddler-man hybrid looking down at him. Frank, Leo remembered.
“You’re the guy-” Frank started, but he saw the fire and stumbled backwards, almost tripped over his own big feet.
“What? Are you scared of fire?” Leo asked. This one was new.
“N-no…” He said, checking his coat pocket, which turned out to be empty. This, for some unknown reason, made him relax.
“How can you do that?” Frank asked.
“It’s a special ability. I’m a son of Hephaestus…” Leo’s voice trailed off. He realized that this guy was also a part of the seven. They would have to work together, like comrades, very soon. He’d have to get to know him, Percy Jackson and the one named Hazel. And the unknown forth player in the board game of Life – Demigods. Leo figured it was kind of like the SpongeBob version only they weren’t underwater, no one lived in a pineapple, and no one was a sponge… Never mind, it’s nothing like the SpongeBob version, Leo thought.
“A son of Hephaestus, huh?” Frank asked, lost in thought. Then he snapped himself out of it.
“Anyway, you should get back to your room.” He told Leo.
“You’re here too,” Leo pointed out.
“Well… yeah… but…” Frank through his hands up in surrender, “Okay, I won’t tell anybody if you won’t.” Frank promised.
“Touché,” Leo said, impressed. He didn’t think a guy like that could be so sly.
Frank turned and walked away, back to whatever was wrong with his life, leaving Leo to dread what was going wrong in his.
But there was a new feeling of dread inside Leo now. He had gotten the feeling when Frank had jumped away from the fire.
Leo had the feeling he was going to cause an accident that even an eternity of apologies couldn’t bring forgiveness for…

AN: What’d you think? Comment everyone. I know that in the beginning I was being a little mean about Piper, but you heard Leo, she’s not acting like herself. I’m not trying to shed Piper in a bad light, this is just part of my story, you’ll see. I did make up for it when Leo said all those nice things right?

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AN: And here it is, FINALLY the next chappie!!!
Hazel Levesque

Hazel woke up pretty early the next morning, and so she decided to be a good host and check up on the girls in the guest room.
She had to hold back a smile every time she saw the blonde girl, Annabeth. In fact she had to hold black a smile even when she saw Percy.
Let’s hit the rewind button. Last night, when Hazel had been making her way back from the guest room, she had noticed that Annabeth still hadn’t arrived. She got worried and went to check the Principia.
Annabeth hadn’t been there. She thought maybe she might have gone back to the Argo II to collect her things.
But as hazel had made her way there, she had heard noises coming from behind one of the bakery’s at the crossroads. She could have continued on her way to the Argo, as it was only a mere fifty feet away now, but curiosity, as it always does with ADHD, won over.
She walked into the alley and her mouth dropped open. She had had no idea Percy could kiss with so much… passion? Well whatever it was, Hazel had started laughing.
They seemed to notice her only then and they both seemed absolutely dumbfound.
Hazel, who couldn’t stop laughing, was trying to decide which one of them was redder. She was pretty sure she was a little red too, but not as red as them that should have been visible in the dark.
She tried to catch her breath and said, “Oh my Gods, I’m so sorry guys… Okay, um, I’ll leave now…”
She walked away giggling, leaving them shell-shocked. But their desire for one another must have won out just as her curiosity had because before she was even ten feet away, the ‘making-out-noises’ resumed.
Luckily, when Hazel walked into the guest room Annabeth and Thalia were both crashed out on a bed or couch.
The red head - Rachel she remembered – was the only one awake. But the first thing Hazel noticed was that Piper wasn’t there.
“Where’s Piper?” Hazel asked.
“She was gone when I woke up. Don’t worry, she’ll wander back. She’s a little odd…” Rachel seemed to be speculating.
Hazel found that funny, coming from a girl who had colorful paint– and vocabulary – splattered all over her jeans.
Hazel somehow appreciated that though. She wasn’t sure if the ruined jeans were an act of teenage rebellion or love for art – or both. But then Hazel noticed what Rachel was doing.
She was using a marker – Gods know where she got it from – and drawing a fine pattern onto a scrap piece of paper.
Hazel added that up with her Avril Laveign type attitude and came to the conclusion that the jeans were both the result of teenage rebellion and love for art.
Hazel liked anyone with a love for art.
“Where’d you get the marker and paper from?” Hazel asked, starting of a conversation.
“I always carry a marker around, just in case I get bored. I found the paper lying around here. I just like to keep my hands busy… best way is art…” she said, talking, but somehow giving the drawing her undivided attention.
“Same here,” Hazel said, taking a seat next to Rachel on the table.
This caught Rachel’s attention, “You’re and artist? That’s pretty cool. What’s your style?”
“Well, I guess I’m a traditional artist, just like any other,” Hazel said with a smile, “You?”
“I, don’t actually have a style… I like to paint; I like to do creative projects and art fundraisers to earn money for the needy. I sometimes I’m a traditional artist to, but my main field is in arts and crafts and those sorts of activities…” As Rachel talked, Hazel had no doubt that this girl had passion for her work.
“That is really amazing!” Hazel said, and she meant it. It sounded like so much fun! She wondered if one day, if they survived this, she and Rachel could become better friends and start some sort of Art Group.
Rachel laughed, but then her expression turned a little sad.
“What is it?” Hazel asked.
“Nothing… it’s just that… well ever since I got caught into all this demi-God crap, I haven’t been able to get back to all these things that I love doing… Like art…”
Then Hazel remembered being told that Rachel Dare was a mortal, and now she was curious to know what had happened.
And Rachel ended up telling her.
When Rachel had covered every detail of how she had gotten dragged into this mess, it took Hazel a whole two minutes to close her gaping mouth.
Percy Jackson was the reason she was here? Because she liked him.
“Well it’s not really because of Percy,” Rachel reassured Hazel, “Really; it’s because of me anyway. I was meant to be the oracle one way or another. Now I am. “
Another thing that had left Hazel’s mouth hanging, Rachel was an oracle.
So the girls kept chatting and soon, at around nine a.m., Annabeth stirred.
Right when Hazel thought she would wake up, she flopped back onto the bed.
“That’s odd… anyway,” Rachel continued her story about one of her amazing art projects but now even Hazel couldn’t concentrate.
It was stupid but, the way Annabeth had stirred, Hazel knew she was having some sort of a nightmare… in the morning, but still a nightmare.
Hazel had been right, because the next time Annabeth came around, five minutes later, she was screaming.
It was so painfully load, even Thalia, who had struck Hazel as “#1 Lazy” woke up.
Rachel, Thalia and Hazel gathered around trying to wake her up, but she just screamed and thrashed around like she was being tortured.
Then Piper walked through the door.
“What in Tartars is going on in here?” She yelled over Annabeth’s screams.
“I’ll go get help!” Rachel said, looking pale and worried. She rushed out the door and came back a few minutes later with some dude who Hazel had never seen before.
Annabeth wasn’t screaming now but she was sweating and shivering really violently.
“Michel is a son of Apollo,” Rachel explained, “He can help.”
Michel got to work. He told Thalia to get a cloth of cold water to put on Annabeth’s forehead as he tried to figure out what was wrong.
Soon, Piper left. Hazel didn’t know why but something about it seemed suspicious. She followed her out.
“Hey!” Hazel called. She expected Piper to break into a run, but she stopped and turned.
“What?” She asked.
“You know something... about what’s going on in there…” Hazel jabbed a thumb behind her, indicating the guest room.
“Isn’t it obvious? Annabeth’s having nightmares… about the Mark of Athena. She was whimpering it in her sleep just now and all night.” Piper said with a haughty edge in her voice, as if Hazel were wasting her time.
Hazel realized that Annabeth had been murmuring something, but she hadn’t caught what. And she clearly remembered that Ella had mentioned ‘The Mark of Athena’, but she didn’t remember what the context had been.
Hazel must have had a bemused look on her face because Piper grew annoyed.
“Don’t be so dim! What was the one thing your Praetors wouldn’t talk about at the meeting? Athena! She showed up, remember? And what did she say…?” Piper rolled her hands in a gesture for Hazel to continue.
Hazel remembered clearly what she had said. She couldn’t believe she had forgotten about it. She couldn’t believe they all had let her…
But when Hazel said the next words, her throat burned and someone else’s voice came out…
“The Mark is Burning.” Athena spoke through Hazel Levesque.

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AN: Already here! :D And now, drum roll for the chappie I’m going to try and make interesting despite its lifeless story-teller (I know, I’m TRYING not to ne mean to her!! Sorry! Also, I know the action is lacking but it’s just the beginning! Also, also, U guys neeeeedddd to comment on “The Fanfic” as well! Im not asking you to read it twice or something! Just reas here and comment both places: link Please!!! Otherwise, I’ll never get any comments there, do u want this fic to be a flop =(

Piper McLean

Piper stared unblinkingly at Hazel.
“Did that just happen?” she asked, unable to get anything else out of her mouth.
“I…I believe it did…” Hazel muttered, hardly even audible. She was shaking. She was back to normal, but shaking.
Piper suddenly felt something she couldn’t quite identify at first, something like the feeling of wanting to help. It was at the tip of her tongue, but a voice that sounded suspiciously like Drew’s kept pulling her back.
Instead Piper said, “Well, pull yourself together Levesque and let’s go find the others!”
Hazel looked at Piper coldly and she even looked a little hurt. Piper suddenly felt bad, but the voice in her head pushed away any trace of that.
“We have to warn them!” Piper explained, “About what happened with you! With Annabeth!”
“Yeah I got that! But that wasn’t what you were going to do was it?” Hazel asked.
She was mart. No, it wasn’t why Piper had originally left the room. But she would never tell Hazel that.
“Of course it was! Now come on!” Piper ordered her, even more annoyed.
Hazel walked a few steps them stumbled, “I…I can’t…” She breathed.
This was worse than Piper realized. She took hazel from the waist and helped her walk the rest of the way.
Piper hated today

Percy, the girl Piper remembered as Clarisse and Jason sat around a table in Reyna’s room. Piper had expected only Reyna in her Praetor’s house. Obviously there was a meeting - to which she had not been invited – going on.
Piper expected Jason to get up and start explaining why they were here without her, but everyone seemed too distracted.
When she and Hazel walked in, everyone looked quite taken aback. They all quickly regained an impassive expression.
“Where’s Annabeth? She was supposed to be here, too.” Jason asked.
Piper looked at the lot of them miserably
Then she noticed how Jason and Percy were trying their utmost to stop shaking. They were shivering just like Hazel. And Piper realized that the same thing had happened to them.
Percy took one good look at Hazel and said, “O-oh my G-gods… It’s happened to you too…”
He was definitely trying not to look unstable, but he wasn’t succeeding.
“Do you think it happened to Frank and Leo too?” Reyna asked.
“Maybe,” Jason agreed, but he looked skeptical, “Though Piper s-seems okay-y…”
“Wait a minute,” Piper held up her hands, “Are you two talking about being…”
“Possessed?” Percy offered.
“Yeah, that by Athena?”
Jason nodded.
Piper was utterly confused now, but she didn’t show it. The last thing she wanted was too look dumb in front of perfect little Reyna. If Jason thought she hadn’t noticed they way they looked at each other, he was terribly mistaken.
“Wait, you didn’t answer, where’s Anna-” Percy started, but then Frank and Leo came bursting in, panting.
“W-we…” Frank, breathing heavily, grabbing on to a chair for support, “we saw what happened to H-hazel… same thing… with us… we came as fast… as fast as we could. We saw…saw Piper… coming…” Frank collapsed on the ground, at Leo’s feet.
“Frank!” Hazel shrieked, but as soon as she let go of Piper she almost fell, if Leo hadn’t caught her.
Everything was just suddenly too hectic and Piper’s brain seemed to be freezing.
She didn’t feel like she was in control of herself. Worse than that, she felt like someone else was…
“Annabeth,” Percy Yelled as Leo pulled Hazel back to her feet and onto Reyna’s bed, “Where is ANNABETH!”
“Percy, relax,” Clarisse soothed, quite uncharacteristically, “I’m sure she’s-”
“She’s nowhere near fine,” Piper interrupted. Percy looked up at her sharply, his green eyes piercing her with his radiant anger.
“What do you mean? What happened?” Percy demanded.
“You’d better go see for yourself…” Piper gestured to the door. Percy started to get up, shaking like an earthquake, but Clarisse pulled him back down, rather harshly.
“No way! You saw what happened to Fire-Boy and Frank just right now! I bet you they were possessed by Athena too,” Clarisse looked at Leo, “Weren’t you?” she asked.
“Y-yes…I think… I guess…?” Leo looked pretty shaken up. Piper couldn’t get her bearings. She couldn’t even concentrate on the fact that Leo and Jason needed her comfort, because her mind was clogging with every word that was spoken. It felt as if someone was trying to block it… from the inside of her head.
She tried to focus on little things, like the room. It was small, and everyone was pretty cramped up. There was a bed pushed to one side and a chest of drawers pushed to the other. Small little antiques decorated the room, which was littered with Papers and blue prints. The table pretty much occupied the whole middle. Suddenly, the claustrophobia Piper was feeling didn’t help.
“What happened to Annabeth?” Percy was almost begging now.
“She… I don’t know… she was talking in her sleep… something about Athena as well… and she was screaming… but she wasn’t waking up…” Piper managed that in little bits and pieces, but she couldn’t get it all out at once. She gave up on clearing - or trying to at least - her mind and sat down on an empty chair near the table. She put her head in her hands and tried, instead, just not to think.
“Hold on… she was screaming? Like… in pain?” Percy asked.
Something about the way Percy had said it made Piper look up. And she saw it there. He really did care about Annabeth. And oddly, it made her feel warmer. A small bit of whatever – or whoever – was blocking her thoughts melted away thanks to this warmth.
Piper felt like she had just surfaced from the water, after almost drowning. She had only caught her breath for a second before going back in, but it was enough to keep her alive for the time.
“I have to see her…” Percy said, his eyes looking at no particular point.
“And you will… once we know you are all right.” Reyna said sternly.
Piper chanced a glance at Jason. He was still shaking and he had a dazed expression on, like he was lost in another – very critical – world.
She didn’t know why, maybe because she had just cleared off a bit of confusion and felt renewed, but she took Jason’s hand. Not even under the table, but in plain sight. She squeezed it, and was surprised when he squeezed back.
Piper caught sight of Reyna and saw something she did not expect to see in someone as hard-core as her.
She was frowning, looking at where their hands touched. The Drew-voice in Piper’s head said she should feel smug, but her heart said she was supposedly feeling bad for Reyna, not wanting to have to hurt anyone like that.
And then Clarisse said something that stole away any bit of relief Piper had been feeling.
“So, didn’t you all notice the pattern? Hazel, Percy, Fire-Boy, Jason, and baby-face all collapsed at the same time. All of them, part of the Prophecy… What’s your excuse Lover girl?”
Clarisse was looking at her expectantly, and it took Piper a minute to realize what she meant. Unfortunately, when she did, realization seemed to dawn on everyone else. Jason lightly pulled his hand away.
“She’s right Piper.” He said.
Piper hadn’t been ‘possessed’ by Athena, like the rest of them had. The truth? Piper knew it had something to do with how Drew was blocking her entire being. The lie? Piper wasn’t sure why it hadn’t happened to her. Maybe because Athena didn’t get along well with Aphrodite and therefore didn’t want anything to do with her daughter. The latter hardly made sense, but Piper went with it anyway.
When she explained her theory, she knew no one was convinced, but they went with it anyway, too.
Piper had started to feel weirder as she explained had her theory. It was different from how it had been the past few days… it was weirder. Her head was spinning, her eyes were burning, and her body was weakening. But she fought to sit straight and look in control.
She wasn’t even aloud at least ten minuets feeling normal. She had just started to feel better and now she felt like she was catching a fever.
“Well,” Reyna declared, “at least we know who our seventh demi-God is…” Piper was suddenly glad she wasn’t the only one who had come to that conclusion. Most of the people in the room had been too weak and distracted to have listened to much, but this caught everyone’s attention. There was a sudden sharpness in the air as everyone listened in.
“We do?” asked Percy and Jason together.
“Of course,” Said Piper weakly, her fatigue growing with any effort she made to do anything, even breathe, “It… It’s Annabeth Chase.”
And Piper passed out a just a second before Percy went haywire, unable to except that his girlfriend would topple down the same hill as the rest of them.

AN: I know most of you don’t think it should be Annabeth. Neither do I :p but this isn’t the real book so I’m going to write what suits my story best right? I don’t think it really is Annabeth tho :P AND COMMENT here and on ‘The Fanfic’ PLEASE! :D And , yeah so u have a little idea of what is going on in Piper’s head. I’ sorry, but I’ll keep trying not to make her seem like a bi*ch, which she isn’t. It all Drew’s fault! :P

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