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hollistergurl posted on Nov 30, 2011 at 12:50AM
This is the Heroes of Olympus Talk show! Me (hollistergurl) and nicecatch42 will cohost this, but you, the commenters, can give us ideas or suggestions and we'll post it on our interviews.
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Authors' Note 1/2/12: There are 3 people running this in this rotation: hollistergurl (me), universalpowa, and nicecatch.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Rick Riordan.. duh :P

to EVERYONE reading and commenting on this forum. you guys are AWESOME LIKE PEANUT BUTTER! <3

and to everyone else who is reading and commenting on this! me and my cohosts appreciate a lot! :D

nicecatch42 has been gone for some time, and there is a contest. the details are stated in comment #18 on page 29.
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over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
So Hollister will post and then I, Travis Stoll, will interview Coach Hedge! PLZ suggest some questions I can ask him!
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
”No Jason, you can’t smack him on the head!”
“Why? That will make the audience laugh!”
“Well, YEAH, but that’s not the point of this talk show!”
“I won’t hurt him!”
“Uh huh, yeah, sure, and I’m Sarah Palin.”
“You’re not Sarah Palin.”
“I was joking Lightning Boy! Now go off the stage I think we’re live—“
Oh, hey folks! Um, sorry ‘bout that, um, technical difficulty. Well, I’ll just get back to my intro. Welcome to the Wackiest Talk Show on the planet! I’m Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite! And no, I don’t like makeup. I’ll be filling in for Travis today, he was originally going to host this first interview, but apparently he got in some BIG prank war with Connor, so we’ll just see how that turns out. Anyways, we have a special guest today. Drum roll please!

*drum roll*

Meet Octavian, descendant of Apollo, augur at Camp Jupiter, and leader of Cohort 1!

Stupid graecus talk show…

Erm, Octavian, could you save the Greek talk for later? Yeah, thanks. Anyways,--

I was forced to come here! The other people in my cohort forced me to, cuz it’s not like I’d even want to be here in the first place.

Um, okay then… Anyways Octavian, when and why did you start hating Greeks?

Ha! That’s a silly question! everyone knows that answer; not like YOU would, since you’re a graecus.

I need specifics Octavian! Or else, I’ll bring in my special body guard to rip you inside out, just like you do to your stuffed teddy bears.

Uh-huh, like I’m really scared of this person.

If I were you, I would be scared for my life.

Psh, this is why I don’t talk to Greeks. They ask silly questions, have no common sense, and don’t appreciate powerful Romans!—like me!

That’s cuz you’re not that powerful.


Well, I heard from Reyna you once passed out on a quest when you saw a bee.

I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Reyna with my secrets…

So you admit you really did pass out when you saw a bee?

NO! Now would you hurry up with my interview, I’m going to be late on my date.

Ooh, who are you meeting up with?

None of your business!

C’mon Octavian, don’t you want to tell me, Piper? C’mon, tell me. It’s an honestly good question!


Oh, oops! Looks like we’re out of time for today, folks! Tune in for next time, and someone find out who Octavian is going on a date with!
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over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
Awesome! My turn!
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
Hello, People of the HOO Talk Shooooow! Lets hear you get loudddd! And no, I can't join you in Mindless Screaming because Connor knocked my molars out during a prank! Fear not-I got him back! Just a reminder NOT to check out what I put in his locker-it involves a love note and a drunk giraffe! So, our guest for today issss..........COACH GLEESON HEDGE!

Hello, people! *flexes muscles* I will be signing the autographs later, please, please, hold your applause!

*cricket, cricket...*

Uh...that was awkward! So, lets relieve the tension with a question! Coach Gleeson, what is the origin behind your name?

Really, I have no idea-maybe it is because Coach Hedge makes his fans smile with glee! Ha-ha! Get it? Glee?

*more crickets*

Uh...I think your 'glee' effect only works with Nellie...

Don't bring my ghost-wife into this! LOL! Get it, GHOST! Because she is an aura, and I called her a ghost! I am soooo funny!


Coach, please let the poor insects rest there chirping wings! Good! Now, in Piper's recount of her story, you are described as idiotically violent! Is this true?

Violent? I am a peace loving satyr-wait, why are you smiling, Travis? Why? Do you think I am violent? DIE! DIEEEEEEE!

Violent? Why would I think you were violent? (epic sarcasm)

DIE! DI-Yes, you are right! Why would you think I am violent....

Alrighty, Hedge, what is your favorite food?

Well, my old Mama Goat always used to cook me a nice bowl of steamed grass and marinated topsoil with a nice, hot cup of rainwater for a drink...yup, that is my favorite meal!

Uh....I guess they do say that organic stuff is, you seem like a healthy eater-what would you recommend to all your fans out there? What should they eat?

Ahem...well, my only tip is to get the proteins in your diet! Sources include staplers and little children *licks lips*. You also need to get your daily amount of calcium-I recommend eating grass next to the NEILSON factory. And, for dessert, treat yourself to some delicious dead grass!, the last question, as submitted by Leo Valdez! Everyone give a big hand for Leo-not literally, Tyson! YEAH! Ok, your question is....why do you use a baseball bat to keep order?
Well, it reminds me of my days in the BBL, the Barnyard Baseball League. I led that league in Home Gallops twenty years in a row, and I was the best catcher, even if I did eat the field a couple of times! Basically, it reminds me of my glory days!

Well, that is all the time we have for now! Stay tuned for my next interview....the interviewee will be announced shortly! Now, to go prank Connor-AGAIN!
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over a year ago the-time-thief said…
big smile
That was pure genius! Love it!! I was laughing so hard!! Post soon!
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
Thanks, the time thief!!!!!!!!
over a year ago grammy701 said…
over a year ago grammy701 said…
that was funny
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
Thanks @the-time-thief & @grammy701 for commenting :) nicecatch, you don't count.. :P

Hello ladies and gentlemen, people of all ages. This is Reyna coming to you live from what we call “The Wackiest Show on Earth!” Now my costars Piper and Travis have something else to do, so I’m filling in for both of them today. Piper apparently went to run a few “errands” with Jason, but I’m pretty sure all of you can guess what they’re really doing. And Travis just went into the infirmary because Connor apparently sprayed glitter all over his eyes in their prank war, which is still going on, sadly. I never really do understand why these Hermes kids do those things these days…

Anyways, back to the talk show. Today I will be interviewing Dakota from Cohort 5, purely addicted to Kool-Aid. Along with Dakota, my hounds, Aurgentum and Aurum, will be helping me interview him… Now let’s get this show started!

So, Dakota, when did you start becoming drunk on Kool-Aid?

Since when was I drunk on Kool-Aid?

Uh, well, almost always, Dakota.

Oh c’mon Reyna, you don’t possibly believe those rumors!

Well, I have to admit, Dakota, they are true.

Awww, c’mon Reyna, why you gotta be so serious?

*Music plays: Why so serious? So raise your glass if you are wrong--*

What was that???

Apparently someone decided to turn on music. And Dakota, I am not serious all the time, just when I’m doing my job as praetor.

Uh huh, and I’m always drunk on Kool-Aid.

… That’s true, you know.

No it’s not!!!! I swear, it’s not true I’m not drunk on Kool-Aid!

Then how do you explain your unsteady movements, your red lips, and your eyes looking hyper as you drink out of your flask?

What, this flask? I always drink this much, Reyna!

That explains the drunkenness…

I told you I’m not drunkkkkkk…

Do you want me to show you a video of you CAUGHT on tape being drunk?

Whaat?! Since when was this?!

Apparently Percy, Hazel, and Frank caught you going full-on drunk on Kool-Aid, and they decided to upload it on Youtube.

Wait, I wanna see this—

*Show has temporarily shut down because some idiot demigod has spilled his red Kool-Aid all over the cameras, causing the live telecast to shut down temporarily.*
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
^Oh, I don't count?
Nice chappie!
My turn?
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
yes, your turn, if you want to post right now
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
haha per genius i was laughing so hard and i still am: hahahahahahahahahahaha ( catches breath) hahahahahhahahahahahahaha...........
over a year ago the-time-thief said…
big smile
That was awesomest! One of all!! Lol! I love them all!!
over a year ago nicecatch42 said…
Ow, my eyes! Stupid Connor and his immature pranks! Its not like I was the one who stuffed the frog into his juice...hehe...Anyways, I thank Reyna from coming out of now her and damaging our cameras, and I thank Piper for...interviewing Octavian. Believe me, controlling him is harder then it, our guest for today issss......Frank! C'mon, Frankie! You can fit! Just squeeze through the door...there we go! So Frank, have you been working out lately?

Obviously! I've lost, like, 70% of my fat! My grandma would be so proud!

Sure-whatever makes you sleep at night...sooo, how is your piece of wood doing?

Oh, I accidentally burned half of it trying to get the treadmill working, and then Dakota dropped a cigar on it. All in all, it is not going well!

Its alright big guy-maybe burning the stick will burn some calories! No, no, don't turn into a glitter pack and burn my eyes-I've had enough of that for one week...So, next question...What is the smallest meal you have ever had?

Oh....I remember it like it was yesterday-I was starving, and I was on diet, so I had to restrict myself to 8 pizza boxes, 7 pops and 25 tummy was growling so loud Hazel thought I had turned into a bear again!

Poor you-only 8 boxes? My goodness, you should have called a lawyer or something!

I know!

Anyway, what is your favorite thing to turn into?

I always like turning into elephants-it makes me feel like I am in better shape then I really am!
Good, what do you have to say about Sammy/Leo Valdez?

Oh....he is a weirdo...I mean, I don't know what Hazel sees in him-he has a six pack of abs! Can you believe it? Abs? How inhumane can one get?

Two more questions....first of all, how much to you weigh?

Well, I am afraid I will never know that-you see, my scale is broken-every time I step on it, it says "One Person At a Time Please!"

Wow-stupid scale! And, the last question, submitted by Piper McLean! Your question is......if you had a penny for every time someone has made fun of your size, how rich would you be?
Probably a millionaire-heck, I could get onto Forbes Magazine!

Ok.....Well, that is all for today! Reyna or Piper, take over, and try not to break these cameras-Annabeth is already on my case, and I don't want her to get even more angry at me! Until next time!
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over a year ago hollistergurl said…
LOL nicecatch, that was a HILARIOUS interview! i'll post tomorrow :)
over a year ago the-time-thief said…
Lol!!!!!!! Hahaha! I'm laughing on the inside! The thought is what counts!! Love it!
over a year ago PJhero02 said…
It's gotta take a long time to bold all those things....
over a year ago the-time-thief said…
^^ I know right! So cool though, like how they do it!
over a year ago GreekRULES515 said…
Haha thisbis funny
over a year ago unknownquestion said…
Do you want me to write my suggestion here or to send it to one of you two?
over a year ago Kronos429 said…
this is even sounds awesome
over a year ago crazyperson22 said…
big smile
This talk show is AWESOME!
over a year ago Kronos429 said…
oh my gosh Alex :P
That last one with Frank was soo epiccc
over a year ago hollistergurl said…
unknownquestion, you can just write your suggestion here
thanks to everyone else :)