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All the characters belong to Rick Riordan I do not own The Mark Of Athena it rightfully belongs to Rick Riordan


The seven
The gods
The camps
The monsters

Summary: The seven unite to save the gods and some boundaries are pushed Gaea is rising and the seven need to stop her.
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over a year ago horse22133454 said…
The Mark Of Athena

"The wheels on the bus go round and round round and round the wheels on the bus-"
"Shut up!" Piper and Hazel interrupted Leo's song.
"I was feeling that one you know" I said smiling.
"Are the girls the only mature ones?" Reyna asked.
"Let me see" Leo said "lets go shopping" he said in a high voice I snickered "no."
"I think the roman guys and girls and the Greek girls are mature not the Greek guys though" Jason said.
"Guess what Jason" I said.
"What?" He asked.
"Were cousins so your related to me" I said "you might catch the craziness you too Frank cause were like great great great great great great great great great half brothers."
"Can't you pull a radio out of your tool belt Leo" Reyna said.
"I'm not going to" he said.
"Why?" She asked.
"Cause of some people" he said "Reyna" he said through coughing I focused on the road then looked up at the sky a warship loomed over a city.
"Hey Leo" I said.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"I found your ship" I said pointing at the Argo 2 I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the army they were gaining and fast I looked at my speed 50mph "hang on."
"Why?" Frank asked to late I floored the gas and we sped towards the city.
"Jason make us go into the air" I shouted over the winds they started to pick up and our truck was lifted off the ground and towards the ship we landed on the deck and Annabeth rushed out. I got out of the drivers seat and I turned towards her she ran towards me and slammed into me with a hug I hugged her back but my arms got sticky and wet as I pulled away I noticed it was blood. Annabeth's blood.

Sorry it took me so long I had a writers block for a while
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over a year ago demigod324 said…
Awesme chappie why is annabeth bleeding
over a year ago horse22133454 said…
I'll say at the beginning of the next chapter
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over a year ago demigod324 said…
Why did i have a feeling you would say something like that
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over a year ago horse22133454 said…
The Mark of Athena

A spider woman walked out of the doorway and then a few other spider people I drew my weapon along with Piper, Leo, Frank, Reyna, and Hazel Percy pulled Annabeth back behind us. I went forward with Leo and Frank on one side each the Hazel, Piper, and Reyna were right behind us. Fire grew on Leo's hand Frank turned into a bear and a nugget of gold flew over the side of the boat almost hitting the spider lady Leo asked "isn't your name like arasomethin?"
"Arachne?" I asked.
"Yeah" Leo said Arachne laughed a very freaky laugh I shot lightning at a spider that came to close for comfort.
"The seven shall die today" she said Leo burst into flames.
"Try firepower for your taste" Leo said shooting a little fire ball the size of my fist at Arachne she move pretty dang quick Frank roared and attacked. I moved forward and shot lightning Hazel ran in slashing at Arachne and Piper was talking calmly about Arachne biting herself in the leg. Reyna was dealing with
the spiders that would crawl towards Percy and Annabeth. Waves drenched Arachne and not to mention the ones that were fighting her I slashed at Arachne's back leg and then she screeched spinning around her fangs coming to close for comfort they hit Reyna's arm she withdrew and ran into the halls of the Argo 2. Following the hurt daughter of Bellona I heard Leo and Piper shouting at each other but I kept running through the halls as I heard a laugh following me.
Reyna screamed up ahead and I flew towards the scream hitting a very sticky string but Reyna was perfectly fine standing by the door with a dirt lady by her.


Annabeth was eating some ambrosia and muttering about spiders as I went around deck helping up the fallen seven. Jason was the only one along with Reyna that had run into the corridors a few minutes later Reyna's scream echoed up onto deck without thinking I ran down the halls. I heard Piper screaming "Percy stop don't go down there!"
I ran into a room Jason was floating in the air and Reyna was smiling snidely in the corner she said softly "Percy Gaea has so much more to offer then the gods join me with Gaea and Arachne won't hurt you."
"Well I would but you see I'm allergic to dirt ladies who try and destroy gods the doctor told me to stay away from those kind of people" I said shrugging.
"Percy she is saving the world from gods greediness" Reyna barked then Jason blasted her with lightning Arachne leaped at Jason and fire blasted her away she let out one last squeal and then turned to dust. Leo, Frank, Piper, and Hazel stood beside me Reyna screamed "Percy help."
"Percy sit" Piper said calmly I sat frowning she said "now stay there while we kill the girl who tried to ruin two peoples love lives."