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Characters by RR: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, Jason Grace, Nico Di Angelo, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, Connor and Travis Stoll and Katie Gardener and all major gods, the fates, chaos, all the titans and gaints along with gaia and ouranos(uranus)

my added charecters:Callum Richardson(new son of athena),

Plot: this is after the war they defeated Gaia and the giants. The Stolls, Callum Richardson and Katie are planning to prank Annabeth (for a joke) the only person the Stolls couldn’t prank because it was too hard but this time it works, Annabeth gets really angry and looks for the Stolls she finds Callum and he calls Annabeth the dumbest Athena child that has ever lived and said “you probably got all of that stupidity of your stupid mortal dad or maybe you’re not Athena's daughter after all” after he said that Annabeth gets really angry and tries to kill him she nearly does but suddenly four bright flashes and there they were Athena Hermes Zeus and Poseidon. They never let her explain what happened and she get banished. Percy defends her and is banished along with annabeth. Every one turns on her except Percy and he told the gods if she's banished I'm too and so they are both banished and find the fates. the fates tell them to go to Alaska. and so they did read on to find out what happens when they go to alaska.
when they go to alaska they meet a suprising person read on to find out who you should know if you have read the pjo series, percy proposes to annabeth and they decide to make an army of demigods. after 15 years percy has 3 children with annabeth and 3 other children but 2 with aphrodite and 1 with artemis. to find out more read on i hope you enjoy reading this.

percy's elite army leaders:
• Paul McKidd (son of Artemis)
• Sammy Valdez (son of Apollo)
• Josh Cole (son of Apollo)
• Maria Mitchell (Daughter of Aphrodite)
• Andrew Valdez (son of Hephaestus)
• Perceus Valdez (son of Hephaestus)
• James O’Conner (son of Hermes)
• Luke Johnson (son of Hermes)
• Charlotte Green (daughter of Iris)
• Martin Smith (son of Poseidon)
• Jane Jackson (daughter of Hades)
• Brian Brown (son of Styx)
• Jack Watford (son of Ares)
• James Watford (son of Zeus)
• Adele Jones (daughter of Zeus)
• Isabella Valdez (daughter of Aphrodite)
• Elizabeth Watson (daughter of Nyx)
• Kelsey Kirkwood (daughter of Ares)
• Katie gardener (daughter of Hectate)
• Jack Johnson (son of Poseidon)
• Michael Jackson(Son of Apollo)
• Charles Autumn (son of Zeus)
• Mohammed Richards (son of Artemis)
• Austin Richards (son of Artemis)
• Hazel Brook (daughter of Hades)
• Jessica Mars (daughter of Hera)
• Xavier Santos(son of Ares)
• Santiago Black (son of Triton)
• Roger White (son of Bianca)
• Leonardo grace (son of Thalia)
• Ryan Valdez (son of Leo and Isabella Valdez)
• Bridget Jackson (daughter of Perceus and Annabeth)
• Lyanne Jackson (daughter of Annabeth and Perceus)
• Salina Valdez (daughter of Sammy and Hazel)
• Jamie Jackson (son of Perceus and Annabeth).

Percy sons/daughters and their mothers:
Jamie, mothher is Annabeth
Samantha, mother is Artemis
Beauty, mother is Aphrodite
Lyanne, mother is Annabeth
Bianca, mother is Aphrodite
Bridget, mother is Annabeth

Leo and Isabella, Lesabella, are already a couple
Annabeth and Percy, Percabeth, are already a couple
Thalia and Nico, Thico, are going to be a couple
Hazel and Sammy, Sazel are going to be a couple
Bianca and Perceus Valdez, Percianca, are going to be a couple
Paul Mckidd and Beauty Jackson, Peauty are going to be a couple


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Enjoy my story please comment and give suggestions
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